12 Mayıs 2023

Niece Goes To College Chapter III


*Authors note: Please read chapters one and two before this as this is a continuing story. Thanks and I hope you enjoy. ReebThere was a light tap on my door, “Uncle Ronnie, can I come in?”Not sure what to do, I quickly set the laptop on the night table next to the bed and answered her, “Sure honey, come on in.”She opened the door and stood there in her gorgeous blue lingerie panty and bra set. The crotch of her panties was dark and soaking wet, a very dark blue compared to her sexy bra. She had this scared look about her as she slowly walked into my room.“Uncle Ronnie, can I stay with you tonight? I’m terrified of thunderstorms.”Not sure what to do, I let her stand there a few seconds then I patted the bed to my left and said, “Come on baby, jump in but I have to warn you, I sleep in the buff.”As she moved to the other side of the bed, she replied, “So do I.”She unsnapped her bra and let it slide off her shoulders to the floor. Looking deep into my eyes, with a devilish grin on her face, she slipped her panties down her sexy legs and quickly slid under the sheet next to me. Instantly the heat in the room doubled as she moved close and pressed her hot teenage body into mine, resting her head on my shoulder.“Hold me Uncle Ronnie. I’m so scared.” She said as she trembled slightly in my arms.Was she trembling from being scared or from sexual excitement? I knew I was trembling from the latter as I felt her hot breath on my shoulder and her soft breasts pressed into my side. I could feel her hard nipples, like fire burning into my soul. Her long legs felt like they were on fire too as they touched mine.Fuck, I was nearing the point of no return I felt pre-cum oozing from my shaft. I was torn inside as I knew this was wrong, so fucking wrong but I was so horny for my sexy niece. Suddenly, I felt her fingers wrap around my hard cock and I knew I was going to fuck my niece, I knew I was going to commit incest. My heart pounded with excitement like I never had felt before in my life……………………..Chapter IIIMy heart was pounding as I felt my niece’s small fingers lightly circle my throbbing shaft. My cock was so hard, like as hard as ever in my life. Everything in the room seemed to stop as we both only felt the heat and sexual passion of that very moment. Her fingers gripped a little tighter as she slowly moved upwards, feeling the full length, then Ataşehir escort bayan down to the base.“I’ve wanted to touch you all day Uncle Ronnie. Your cock feels so big, so hard and yet so smooth.” My niece said softly.Erica’s small hand slid slowly up my throbbing shaft, until it was just below my swollen cock head. Slowly her hand glided over the top, spreading my pre-cum over the engorged purple flesh. Her fingertips probed the tip of my cock, forcing out more pre-cum as she spread it all over my cock head. I gasped for air as her touch was driving me wild with lust and desire.As she pressed against me, her head on my chest, she stroked my thick shaft, I ran my left hand down over her smooth hips, across her soft butt flesh, cupping and groping softly. I was finally touching her bare butt flesh, her perfect smooth ass cheeks that I was stone hard for all day long. I cupped and kneaded her flesh causing her to moan softly.As I slid my hand lower, she shifted her butt up towards me and raised her leg slightly, giving me easier access to reach between her legs from behind. My fingertips felt the heat of her pussy, the warmth of her juices as I slid two fingers inside her. She moaned softly as I probed the inner walls of her pussy, sliding out to glide my glistening fingers over her erect clit. She let out a sharp gasp for air as I pressed her clit between my juice covered fingers.BANG! Thunder clapped outside as lightning lit the room.I had to see her sexy teenage body so I took my other hand and tossed the sheet off of us. Several drops of fresh pre-cum oozed from my cock as I gazed once again upon her gorgeous young body. God, she was so fucking beautiful, so fucking sweet I could barely resist throwing her on her back and driving my cock deep inside her.I wanted this to go slow, take forever so she would remember our first night together as something very special. As I fingered her wet pussy, she continued to softly stroke my rigid shaft. As if she was in a trance, she kept moving closer to my cock. The feeling of her hard nipples moving slowly down my body was excruciatingly exciting beyond belief.She was spreading my pre-cum over my swollen huge purple cock head, over and over. The sensitivity of the softness of her fingertips was reaching unbearable heights. I was so completely aroused Escort Ümraniye I felt light headed. I wondered where my little niece learned to do such an arousing thing. I arched my back slightly, clenched my muscles as more pre-cum oozed out of my throbbing cock head.“Oh my god Erica, that feels so good baby!” I moaned out.Her body kept shifting lower until I could feel her hot breath blowing softly over my swollen cock head. It felt cool as my cock head was wet with my juices. All I could see was the back of her head, her sooth back, her tanned hips and her sweet little butt as it moved closer to me. I continued to finger her wet pussy, her juices were flowing freely now as I rubbed all over until her mound was glistening.My room was full of mirrors as I love to watch my lovers from every angle. As I looked to my right, I could see my pretty teenage niece lustfully looking at my huge cock. Her lips were barely an inch away as she blew softly and licked her lips. She moved closer, brushed my cock head ever so lightly with her lips as they parted and her tongue slowly slid out.The tip of her tongue touched the end of my cock, collecting a small amount of pre-cum, leaving a trail as she pulled it back into her mouth, tasting my juices for the first time. It was such an erotic sight to behold. I clenched my muscles again, forcing more pre-cum from my cock as her tongue flicked out for another taste, only this time she caressed the end of my cock just a little bit more.Oh my god, she was driving me wild. This was by far one of the most arousing sexual experiences in my life. My fingers moved to her turgid clit, rubbing it softly as she moaned out softly. I felt the rush of air over my cock head as she moaned. We were completely absorbed with the sexual lust of the moment.My gorgeous niece moved closer as I watched her sexy lips part and my huge purple cock head glide between her lips. She moved so slowly, until I felt the heat of her wet mouth completely envelope my throbbing cock head. Her tongue moved slowly around as my cock throbbed in her hot mouth. She moaned softly as she cleaned my juices off my cock head, her eyes closed as she slowly took in more of my thick shaft.I watched her lips glide slowly downward, until she had a good 5 inches of my thick 8 inch cock inside her mouth. She swiveled Bostancı escort her head slowly as she slowly pulled back up until she held only my cock head between those sexy lips once more. She began a teasingly slow up and down motion as I was being given the best blowjob of my life, amazingly from my 18 year old gorgeous niece.I watched in the mirror her every move. It was so erotic and arousing as she began to slowly pick up the pace, building my pleasures to unbearable amounts. Her head moved lower on each pass until I felt her chin touch my pubic bone. Erica was deep throating my cock, my entire length was inside her hot mouth. I shuddered with excitement as my heart pounded in my throat.I had to do more for her so I grabbed her hips, picked her up and moved her pussy over my face. She lowered her pussy to my mouth as we moved into a sexy sixty-nine position. She moaned as my tongue slid softly up the length of her opening, grazing her protruding clit for the first time. The vibrations of her moan rippled excitement through my throbbing shaft.As my tongue caressed the folds of her pussy, I tasted her sweet juices for the first time. The nectar of a goddess in the passion of lovemaking as her juices flowed, covering my face. I could tell she was enjoying the pleasures of my tongue as she would stop every now and then, my cock head in her mouth and just moan passionately.My hands were caressing her hips, up her sides as my right hand reached up and cupped her right breast. I squeezed her nipple hard between my fingertips as she moaned loudly and shuddered slightly. My sexy little niece got aroused further from mixing a little pain with pleasure. I pinched her nipple again as she pressed her pussy down harder against my mouth as she moaned again.Releasing her nipple, I grabbed her hips, pulling her pussy down harder as my tongue thrashed her pussy. I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue across it madly. Her body suddenly tensed up as she began to shudder all over. Her hips bucked wildly as I held on and kept my mouth covering her now throbbing clit. She pulled her mouth off my cock as she moaned out loudly.“Oh fuck yessss, I’m cumming……………..” my niece moaned out.Her thighs squeezed together, gripping my head firmly between them as her body experienced wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. I sucked on her clit until she pushed me away, as the sensations became too unbearable as the sensitivity level increased beyond what she could stand. Her body was trembling and shaking all over as her body weight pressed down on me.Her right fingers were still gripping my shaft as she softly moaned, coming down from her huge orgasm.

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