11 Ocak 2023

Nothing Gets Through Ch. 12

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Nothing Gets Through Ch. 12 © 2009 All rights reserved “Hey.” Lani looked up from her laptop, blinking as her eyes adjusted from the LCD display to the real world. She focused on Dom standing in front of her. “Hi.” Her mouth went suddenly dry. “Mind if I sit?” Dom gestured at the empty chair. She shook her head. Dom sat and studied her. She was still beautiful, but she looked tired and a bit stressed. He didn’t know why—he hadn’t been able to speak to her for about three days. Since the profile had come out. “You’ve been avoiding me,” he said gently, making it almost a question. “Yes.” Somehow she found her voice. She put her hands in her lap so he wouldn’t see her fingers twisting together. “I’m sorry. It’s not, ah, not very mature of me.” “Why?” he asked. His voice was still calm, but those gray eyes focused on her like lasers. She was silent, trying to figure out what to say. “Is it because of the profile?” he prompted. Part of him was already on the defensive, but he kept it at bay. “Not because of it, exactly, but it has to do with it,” she said, amazed she could keep her voice so even. “Then what?” Dom was genuinely curious. He had missed Lani these last couple of days more than he had expected. He knew they hadn’t been seeing each other kocaeli escort all that long, but he’d come to be comfortable with talking to her and looked forward to being with her. When she’d suddenly stopped returning calls, he had been surprised. First he’d assumed she was busy; then he got suspicious and called Dee. Dee wouldn’t tell him exactly what was wrong, but had told him that it was likely—not certain, but likely—that Lani was back at the coffee shop. He’d immediately gone and the relief he’d felt when he he’d seen her at the table was almost scary. “You didn’t tell me,” she said simply. He looked puzzled. “What do you mean?” “I mean you didn’t tell me,” she repeated, feeling her heart start to race. “You didn’t tell me any of that.” Tears of hurt gathered in her eyes and Dom sat back in his chair, utterly confused. “I didn’t want to pry,” Lani continued. “I didn’t want to be one of those pushy girlfriends who turns every date into a counseling session. I just wanted to know about you, that’s all, whenever you wanted to tell me, or whatever you wanted to tell me.” “Lani, I don’t understand.” His voice was quiet but anger and panic were dueling in his gut. He felt like he was in the limbo of watching a disputed goal during kocaeli escort bayan a playoff overtime. “We talk. I like to talk to you.” “You don’t talk about you,” she said, her voice slightly unsteady. “You don’t let me in.” Dom stiffened as her words echoed Vicky’s. “I’ve let you through,” she said, almost pleading now. She even gave a small laugh. “That night I met you, you found out I was scared of rats. You know how I get scared during thunderstorms. You know how much . . . how much what happened with my brother hurts me.” “Yes, I know,” he said woodenly. “But I don’t know anything about you that isn’t in the media guide.” A tear started to fall and she stabbed at it with her hand. “I don’t think you’ve even told me your favorite color. But you sat down and told that reporter all of those things. I found out just like everyone else. Just like any other person who watches games and doesn’t know you.” She started moving mechanically, closing her laptop and putting it in her bag. “I told you I don’t like to talk about my family,” Dom said, defensiveness tingeing his voice. “You didn’t seem to have a problem with it.” “I didn’t,” she said, wiping at her eyes again. She snapped her carrying case closed. “I didn’t until izmit escort I read the profile. Somehow you could talk about all of that stuff with a stranger, and let strangers read all about it, but you couldn’t, or wouldn’t, tell me. Someone who cares about you. How could it be easier to let strangers know than to tell me?” “If you have a problem with me talking to the press, you’d better get over it.” He knew that wasn’t the point, but he was angry. Now Lani did laugh, short and rough. “Is that what you think?” She stood. Reflexively, Dom did too, although he didn’t know what he planned to do next. “Is that what you do? Change the subject to divert someone when they get close to the truth? Close to you?” She shook her head. “I care about you, Dom. I really do. But I’m not . . . not a placeholder, not someone you can go to when it’s convenient.” “I never said that!” he snapped. His gray eyes blazed with lightning. “That’s the problem!” she returned, now angry herself. “You never said anything!” x-x-x-x “Give my ticket to someone else.” Lani didn’t look up from her computer. She held the piece of paper out to Dee, who pointedly crossed her arms over her chest and refused to take it. “You still care,” said Dee. “So what?” said Lani. “I don’t want to go.” It will hurt too much, she thought. “Yes, you do.” Dee had given Lani some time and accepted her excuses for the past two home games. However, it had been about two weeks since Dom and Lani had had their fight, and Dee thought that was quite enough.

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