12 Mayıs 2023

Nymph By The Lake


It was late summer and I needed to get away, to unplug for a while. My favorite spot for this was a mountain lake at the end of a hike. I like to head up there and read in the shade of the trees. Good view with a good book in a quiet spot would do me good. So I took Friday off and headed to the mountains. At the trailhead I was greeted by an empty parking lot, which suited me just fine. An hour and a half of hiking later I was setting up in my favorite spot for reading and a bit of lunch. A few minutes into my book I heard a lone hiker coming up the trail. I was disappointed that I wasn’t alone, until I looked up. She was a dream, in a plaid short sleeve button down shirt with denim shorts that did nothing to hide her figure. That figure was curvey, from her large chest to her narrow hips and wide ass, with dark hair cascading down her shoulder to the side. Her pixie like face was the final touch to this goddess striding up the trail. I was entranced. The only thing that shocked me was she was barefoot, a real nature lover I guess, and the fairy wings coming out of her backpack. She saw me, smiled and waved. I slowly smiled and waved back, but stuck where I was seated. I was to scared to move, just in case she would run like a surprised deer. “Hello!” she said and she came closer, “Is it just you up here?” “Just me and the trees.” I replied with a smile, “No other fairies and the like up here.”“Well that is good, I want the fairy ring all to myself.” “It isn’t here is it? I mean, if you want I can move…” “Oh no, no. It is in the next groave over. You don’t have to move at all, though thanks for the offer.” “No problem. Just let me know if I can help.” I said with a grin. Her grin turned wicked and she gave me a wink. “We will see mortal.” she said as she walked off. I was able to breath again when she moved from my sight, and I wondered if I should have followed her. After a while I decided that would be too creepy to be following her unasked and tried Escort Güngören to get back to my book. I was a few chapters in when I heard some moaning. This varied in pitch at a rate to suggest that she came up here for some personal privacy as well. Well I didn’t want to be a cad and interrupt her fun. Still, it took a while to ignore the moans and get back to the book. A few more chapters in I was startled by her saying something. Looking up, she was standing near me, the top button on her shorts was undone, and her shirt was unbuttoned and tied under her breasts presenting her cavernous cleavage. I may have lingered too long on those depths as she spoke again before I could look at her face. “I am sorry to bother you, but could you do me a favor?” she said with a smile. “Um, sure.” “Could you check on me in an hour? I need a little more in the ring, and I need someone nearby to check in on me after a while to make sure I don’t overdo it.” Now I had a clear idea what ‘exercise’ she was going to be doing, but I could be wrong. Either way, it could be very pleasant to check on her later. “Um, sure.” I said as I looked at my step tracker for the time, “I am here for another hour.” “That will be perfect! Thank you so much!” “Do you want me to give you ten minutes to set up for…” “No…just come in an hour if I haven’t checked in by then, or if you hear me screaming.” “Sure, have fun.” She just smiled and winked at me over her shoulder as she sauntered away, giving me a chance to take a long look at her hourglass backside topped by a pair of bigger wings that flowed from her shoulders. The sight of which was still in my mind as I set an hour on my step tracker. I wasn’t able to get back to reading after that, I was too busy thinking about what I would do if I caught her ‘communing’. As much as I wanted to get a look at her, she didn’t invite me. My mind kept wandering to her luscious form, naked before me, dancing İnnovia Escort before me, begging me to join her, with promises of service that got more and more explicit as the daydream went on. I heard a soft clang, which startled me out of my daydream. I realized that I had not heard the usual moans from her, or any other sound up to that point. Looking at the time I see it has been forty minutes. My daydreaming had made me lose track of time! Given that I had not heard anything else, and wondering what the clang was, I decided to check up on her. I quickly packed everything up in my pack and headed down the way I saw go. She couldn’t have gone far. In the next group of trees I found her. She was back in the trees, and if I was not looking for her I would not have seen her easily through the trees. I moved slowly towards her, trying not to make a sound against the grass and ferns. As I moved through the trees I saw that she had tied herself upright between two trees by her hands and feet with cuffs attached to straps around the trees. The wings lifted up from her shoulders and draped down like blue silk butterfly wings to either side. They added an otherworldly touch to her form as they caught the sunlight coming through the trees. Her moans were audible now, if muffled. She was pulling her right hand against the strap that was tied to the tree, as if she was expecting it to come free. As I came around the last tree I saw she was in a state, with a blindfold and ball gag on, and something around her waist, and she was getting more and more frantic with her jerking of her right hand. Which ironically was moving the rest of her, wings and all, in a very erotic way. “Calm down, I am here to help.” I said calmly, “Stop pulling or you will hurt yourself, little nymph.” Her head snapped up at my voice, but she stopped pulling on the right strap. Her body seemed to relax, though her hips were still thrusting forward for some Kağıthane escort bayan reason. I approached her and looked at what was holding her right wrist. I was a cylindrical device with a timing dial between the cuff and the strap. I looked for a release button, but there was none. The soft clang may have been the device failing to release. I tried take the pressure off it to see if it will release, but it didn’t. Further poking and prodding did nothing to it. I looked for other ways to release her, but she had put padlocks at all the connection points, even the gag and the blindfold. She wasn’t going anywhere without the keys. Her backpack was there on the ground with other bondage and punishment items sticking out of it. A flogger, a strap, a paddle, and other cuffs and locks, but no keys. “Well you are stuck until I find the keys. Care to tell me where they are?” She shook her head, and kept thrusting her hips forward. Looking down I noticed that she had nipple clamps on her breasts, and a dildo that had come loose from the rope that she had tied around her waist to keep it in her pussy. It was hanging there vibrating half in, half out, giving her no relief. She was tied up and in place with no release and she wanted me to help her cum? I had always wanted a willing woman at my mercy, but I didn’t think it would be like this. Her body language made it clear she needed to cum, and she was willing to do anything for it. Time to stop being the gentleman and start taking advantage of what she is offering. “So the wood nymph would like some relief before she if freed, is that it?” Her head bobbed up and down, and her hips thrusted forward as in emphasis. “I will give you relief, but you will pay later little nymph.” I thought I saw her body shudder. But her head nodded emphatically, her hips punctuating her eagerness. “First things first, these need to come off.” I said as I pulled on her nipple clamps. Her moans told me she had not lost feeling in her nipples yet. I opened them and let them drop to the ground, then quickly started massaging the blood back into her nipples. Her screams were muffled by the ball gag, but she pushed her breasts into my hands. As I continued, her screams turned into moans, and words I couldn’t quite understand.

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