14 Mart 2023



Rita must have been one of the luckiest women alive in California. Not only did she have an illustrious career as the head of her own company, but she also managed to squeeze in an intimate relationship for the past three months. But it didn’t just end there. She had found herself a boyfriend, but she didn’t have just one. She had two. It became an unusual pairing that defied all odds. At the age of forty-one, Rita had found two young boyfriends who proved to be good company.

Travis and Glenn were both nineteen years old and had a deep fascination with older women. Travis had met her first, and then she decided to select Glenn as her second cherished companion. Very few people had known of her double relationships, but even if they did, Rita would ignore their potential negativity toward this unfamiliar liaison. She and her two boyfriends stayed close. Both Travis and Glenn were fully aware of this love triangle. They felt skeptical at first, but as time flew by, they became good friends while staying faithful to the same woman in their life. Rita had no complaints. This seemed like a blissful experience that she deserved after years of hard work. Some of her female friends admitted that they had become jealous of her present achievements. They wished that they would eventually find the same sort of success when it came to finding the right guy.

Only one of them, forty-one-year-old Dorothy, had the chance to meet Rita’s two boyfriends. And this came at a time when Rita discovered something that made her appreciate her relationships even more. It happened on a particularly warm weekend in the city of Cerritos. In the early afternoon, Dorothy paid Rita a visit at her two-story house. When she stepped inside, Rita introduced her two boyfriends to her. Dorothy seemed to like the two of them already. It started out as small talk before both young men left to take a swim in Rita’s pool. Travis and Glenn spent the next couple of minutes taking their clothes off upstairs and putting on their swim trunks. The women watched them as they stepped out into the backyard and took a dive in the swimming pool together.

Dorothy smiled. “Oh, you are so lucky.”

Rita replied, “I certainly am.”

She wasn’t wrong, though. Both Travis and Glenn were handsome and fit. The former had long blond hair that reached his shoulders, while the latter had short black hair. Their slim physique had been one of the main draws for Rita. She always adored young men who stayed in shape and believed in a healthy lifestyle without taking it to the extreme. She looked out the window and continued to gaze at the two of them swimming in the water before she and Glenn left for the living room.

The two women sat on the sofa together and started a casual conversation that involved various topics, including their workplace and their current taste in music. At least fifteen minutes had passed, and Rita had grown thirsty. She left Dorothy in the living room to grab a glass of water. As soon as she was in the kitchen, she opened her refrigerator door and opened a cold bottle of water. She took a long sip, until she spotted something in the swimming pool. She stopped drinking and took a closer a look out the window. She raised her eyebrows as she observed her two young boyfriend engaging in a rather interesting activity.

Travis and Glenn stayed in the shallow end of the pool and shared a long kiss. Rita almost gasped. She couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed, but she also couldn’t look away. She just watched the two of them kissing each other, seemingly without shame. When they stopped, they smiled at each other like two mischievous beings about to perform a distasteful act. They continued to kiss above the surface.

Rita couldn’t understand why they were kissing. She felt shocked by this stunning new discovery. She didn’t even realize that Dorothy had stepped inside haramidere escort the kitchen.

She asked, “What’s the matter?”

Rita didn’t give an answer. She made her friend look out the window as well.

As soon as she saw it, Dorothy sounded surprised when she said, “Oh, my. That’s not what I expected to see at all.”

Rita still kept her eyes on Travis and Glenn, who remained oblivious to this observation. All of a sudden, she didn’t feel shocked anymore. She kept watching her two boyfriends kissing in the pool. It seemed like a celestial sight, seeing as how the sunlight reflected off of the rippling surface of the pool. With both men drenched in water drops, they were still locked in their embrace as they never stopped kissing each other.

A little smile formed on Rita’s face. “Oh, it looks amazing.”

Dorothy seemed to feel the same. “They do look incredible when they’re so close together.”

Rita bit her lip. “I actually like it. I never thought I’d see them like this…and I’m glad that I did.”

Travis and Glenn stopped kissing. Their smiles never faded as they rubbed their foreheads together as if they were caught in the moment. Their friendship had taken an unpredicted turn in just one day. It was a sensuous image that Rita wanted more of. And it gave her an idea.

* * *

She and Dorothy waited in the master bedroom until the two young men made their way upstairs. They had just dried themselves with their own towels. As soon as they saw these two females in the room, they asked if they needed something.

Rita chuckled. “I saw what happened in that pool. I didn’t think that you would have these types of feelings for each other.”

Travis’s expression didn’t change. “You saw us?”

“It wasn’t that hard to see that big kiss that you shared.”

Glenn looked amused. “So I guess this is goodbye, huh?”

Rita laughed. “Don’t be silly. I’m just glad that I found out sooner rather than later.”

She stepped closer. “I want to see how far you can go.”

She looked down to see a bulge beneath both swim trunks. It made her think of a brand new fantasy that she so desperately hoped would be brought to life.

“Take them off.”

Travis had his eyes on Dorothy, who stood right beside the other woman. “Are you sure that she has to stay here?”

“Don’t feel nervous. We’re all adults here.”

Dorothy added, “She has a point.”

Without saying another word, both Travis and Glenn tossed their towels aside and took off their swim trunks. Rita and Dorothy now stared at these two naked men with stable erections.

Rita smiled. “Oh, I always love the way they look.”

She always enjoyed having both of their cocks deep inside her. But now, she wondered how they would look inside her boyfriends.

She told Dorothy, “Go ahead. You know what to do.”

Glenn asked, “What’s going to happen?”

Rita replied, “Oh, you’ll see.”

Travis and Glenn watched as Dorothy stood on her knees and grabbed both cocks. Both young men almost gasped at the immediate grasp of her hands. With both erections in her hands, Dorothy brought them closer together and made the tips touch.

“Hoes does that feel?”

Travis let out a little sigh. “Oh, it does feel good.”

Dorothy rubbed both bulbous tips together, all the while caressing both dicks with her playful fingers. Rita just stood there and watched as her friend helped encourage her boyfriends with the beginning stage of their potential recital. They were just inches away in front of each other.

Rita just had to ask. “Have you ever wanted to do it together? Have you ever wanted to fuck the hell out of each other?”

Glenn stared at Travis with mischievous eyes. “Yeah. Actually, I’m thinking of giving you a good one.”

Travis gave içerenköy escort him a kiss. “Oh, I’d like to have your cock deep inside me.”

Dorothy didn’t stop stroking both cocks and rubbing both tips against each other. “I should just butt in and say that I’d like to see it, too.”

Travis and Glenn continued to kiss. Rita stepped closer and watched them extend their intimate act. Now that she had a better view, she couldn’t help but feel awestruck by their actions. Seeing both of her boyfriends kiss right in front of her proved to be a delightful experience. It made her pull at her own shirt with excitement. These innocuous men had feelings for a good reason.

From below, Dorothy’s fingers accelerated. She whispered, “Oh, you like that, don’t you?”

Travis smiled. “Oh, yes. I want that dick.”

Rita replied, “Show us that you mean it.”

Dorothy finally let go of their dicks as Travis got down on his knees and grabbed Glenn’s personal monument. Travis opened his mouth wide and stuffed Glenn’s cock deep inside it. Glenn grabbed Travis’s hair and thrust his hips slowly. Travis had the opportunity to take it like Rita whenever she had the urge to be conquered. Both women stood beside the young men and looked down at Travis being the submissive one in the group.

Rita asked, “Don’t you just love the taste of cock?”

Travis could only mumble seeing as how he had Glenn’s erection still inside his mouth. The blond one never attempted to escape. He just let it happen while his older girlfriend watched. Rita and Dorothy couldn’t stop smiling. They just loved seeing this nineteen-year-old man being used by another. Glenn started to moan as he thrust his cock deeper inside Travis’s mouth. Travis’s hair seemed to vibrate in a rhythmic pattern due to Glenn’s aggressive collision.

Rita whispered, “Oh, Travis. You should suck his dick more often.”

Dorothy added, “You’re not wrong about that.”

Travis had to grab hold of Glenn’s thighs. The forward propulsion had reached maximum force. Rita and Dorothy waited for Travis to consume the ingredients that Glenn had possessed in his own body.

Glenn gritted his teeth. “Oh, here it comes!”

He stopped thrusting his cock deep in Travis’s mouth. Rita already knew what transpired in her bedroom. She could see a thin trail of cum dripping out between Glenn’s cock and Travis’s lower lip.

Rita caressed Travis’s hair. “Swallow it. Trust me. It’s good for you.”

Glenn pulled his cock out of the gaping mouth. Rita looked inside to see that Travis did indeed swallow most of it. Glenn’s cock was now drenched in saliva and cum residue.

Travis didn’t wipe off the semen on his lips just yet. “The taste is…interesting.”

Rita giggled like a schoolgirl. “I’m glad you liked it. But it’s not over yet. Now, I want to see you take it in the ass.”

Travis stood up. “Your wish is granted.”

He turned around and waited for the insertion. From behind, Glenn held him in his arms and managed to slide his cock inside Travis’s tight hole. With the saliva and cum acting as mild lubrication, it didn’t take long for him to fit his entire dick inside.

Travis gasped as he trembled in Glenn’s arms. “Oh, shit!”

Glenn thrust his cock deep in Travis’s ass. “Oh, yeah. How does it feel?”

Travis squeezed his eyes shut. “It’s fucking incredible!”

He bent over and grabbed the side of Rita’s king-sized bed. Glenn grabbed Travis’s waist and didn’t stop moving his hips in a frenetic fashion.

Rita and Dorothy took a seat on the bed. They never stopped gazing at the young men who followed Rita’s simple command.

Rita remarked, “Oh, Travis. You look so good when you’re the one getting fucked.”

Travis looked as if both pain and pleasure overwhelmed his five senses. “Oh, yeah! It innovia escort feels so good when he’s fucking me hard.”

A loud smacking noise erupted when both hips and buttocks collided. It echoed all across the bedroom. That, along with Travis’s moaning, became a charming sound to Rita’s ears.

She asked Travis, “Now do you know what it feels like when you fuck me?”

Travis cried out, “Oh, yes! I do!”

Dorothy seemed to cheer Glenn on. “That’s right, baby! You got this one! Fuck him real hard!”

Either Glenn didn’t listen or he just didn’t want to listen. He kept pounding his friend with force and precision.

Rita stayed close to both young men. She watched Travis being shaken about by Glenn’s current behavior. She loved every second of it. This clear view of her two boyfriends showing off the other side of their dirty deeds exhilarated her. It provided a different perspective toward their relationship. And because of this recent discovery, she embraced it. She enjoyed seeing the two of them doing it right in front of her. She felt fortunate to observe such a beautiful presentation.

She and Dorothy stayed seated on the bed and kept their eyes on the gentlemen indulging in their own private fantasy. Glenn kissed Travis on the back of his neck while still keeping his system active.

Travis cried out, “Oh, fuck! I can’t believe how good it feels!”

He stood up straight as Glenn locked him in his embrace once more. They kissed each other on the lips. Their special moment proved to be a beautiful spectacle for both women in the room.

Rita licked her lips. “Yes, do it for me. Show me everything.”

Glenn’s movements picked up speed. The collision between hips and buttocks grew louder. Rita took quicker breaths. Travis’s moaning increased in volume. Everyone in the master bedroom never felt more compelled by their duties.

Travis shouted, “Fuck, yeah! I love your cock!”

Rita held Dorothy’s hand. They anticipated the explosive finale. They never looked away as they feared that they would miss it. They kept their eyes glued to Travis and Glenn and stayed silent.

And then, it happened. The climax became reality. Glenn held Travis tightly as Rita could only assume that his ejaculation had arrived. Travis kept squeezing his eyes shut as Glen thrust his cock deep inside him for one last time. The two of them finally relaxed. They took deep breaths as they were locked in Glenn’s embrace.

Dorothy’s smile grew bigger. “Oh, I like them. I really like them.”

Glenn finally pulled his cock out of Travis’s hole. Rita and Dorothy watched as thick creamy semen gushed right out and landed on the hardwood floor. Just the sight of him being on the receiving end made Rita feel proud of this new revelation between them.

Travis turned around and gave Glenn a hug. “I can’t believe how good it really felt.”

Glenn gave him a kiss. “I just loved that tight ass of yours.”

Rita breathed a sigh of relief. Her observation had reached its conclusion.

She kissed Travis on the forehead. “Oh, you were amazing. You took it like a true champion.”

Glenn asked, “Hey, what about me?”

Rita chuckled. “Oh, I definitely can’t forget about you.”

She kissed Glenn on the lips. She gazed at both young men. They appeared exhausted but satisfied by the outcome. With cum dripping down Travis’s legs, it seemed appropriate for him to be the one receiving it.

Rita proclaimed, “I can’t believe that I would be this lucky. I have the two of you. You get to fuck me as long as you want. At the same time, you get to fuck each other for as long as you want. And the best of all, I get to watch you do it. Things just got a whole lot better.”

Dorothy nodded in agreement. “I should visit you more often. I never felt so intrigued.”

Rita added, “I’m going to tell all of my other friends about this. We should have other women in this house and become spectators. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, guys?”

Travis brushed away a few strands of his blond hair from his face. “I’d be excited to have all those eyes on me.”

Rita rubbed her palms together. “Oh, this is going to be so special for all of us.”

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