25 Ocak 2023

Offered My Stepdaughter Pt. 02


This story is pure fiction. None of the characters in it are real. As the title suggests it follows on from my story, “Offered My Stepdaughter — Part 01”. I’ve tried to make it readable without having read that story though.


About a week went past, with Angela and I spending time together whenever possible. Sometimes my partner (and Angela’s mum) Susan joined in. Angela’s tits and pussy got a lot of oral attention from me, and like a good girl she always reciprocated when I ate her to orgasm by doing the same to me.

I had just used my mouth to bring Angela to orgasm for the second time that day, and Angela had sucked my cock into her willing mouth, when Susan walked in. “I need your cock in my cunt right now Jim”, she announced. Susan never swore — well almost never, so I guess the fact that she did this time showed she was either desperate or just really horny. Truth to tell I had kind of been neglecting her over the past week, enjoying her daughter’s ample charms on a daily basis.

I pulled my cock from Angela’s mouth as Susan hiked up her skirt and bent over, grabbing the back of the chair she used at her make-up table. I walked up behind Susan and slid my hard cock into her. She was very wet and ready for me.

As my cock slid into her surprisingly tight – especially after giving birth to two daughters – pussy, she moaned. I began to stroke in and out, fucking her right there in front of her eldest daughter.

I heard a sound from behind me and turned my head to look. Unsurprsingly, Angela’s hands were busy – two fingers rubbing her clit hard while the other played with her tit and pulled on her nipple.

I tapped her mother’s shoulder and said, “look at Angela, Susan.” Susan turned her head to watch her daughter as I continued to fuck her from behind. Angela, lost in the moment, moved her fingers to her dripping cunt, thrusting them in and out. Then she moved her other hand and pushed first one and then two fingers into her asshole. Slowly at first, then moving faster, she began to fuck herself in earnest.

Susan was not into girls and definitely not into bursa escort anal, but the sight was too much to watch and not be affected. Susan began to moan and moved her hand to her own pussy, fingers finding her clitoris as I stroked in and out of her hot cunt.

Angela looked up and saw her mum and I watching as we fucked. The sight of us seemed to turn her on even more, and she started to cum hard. The sight of Angela’s orgasm set Susan off and as her cunt muscles contracted in her orgasm and squeezed my cock, I let go with a grunt and shot my load deep inside of her.

Susan and I moved shakily to the bed and collapsed on it next to Angela. After a few minutes, Susan stirred and made to get up and go shower. I said, “no, stay a while.” Then to Angela, “your mum’s cunt is full of my cum which I know you love to eat. Why don’t you clean it up for her?”

Both Susan and Angela looked at me with surprise on their faces. Susan spoke first, but just barely: “How could you suggest that, you know I’m not into girls Jim?”

Almost before Susan finished speaking, Angela followed with, “ok, daddy, if mum says it’s ok.”

We both looked again at Susan who sighed and said, “I suppose if you’re sure you want to do this pumpkin.”

“I’m sure mum, if daddy thinks it’s a good idea then I want to learn.”

Susan sighed again, then lay back down. She looked at me and said, “you know, Angela’s your stepdaughter so it wasn’t really wrong, you and her. She’s my daughter, that makes this incest.”

“I’m not going to tell anyone, are you?”

“No, but that doesn’t change anything really, does it?”

“I guess not. Angela, before you start you need to understand – you can never tell anyone about this. Not even your best friend. No-one.”

“Yes daddy, I promise.”

Susan parted her legs, showing her recently fucked, cum-filled pussy. Angela looked at me, and I motioned for her to move between her mum’s legs. “Just like when we are on the bed together, kiddo.” Once she was in position, she looked at me again. “Ok, now you know what you like when I lick and kiss your pussy. bursa escort bayan Use your mouth to do those things to your mum. She’ll tell you what she likes.”

Hesitantly, Angela dipped her face to her mum’s pussy, running her tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top and finding her hard clitoris protruding from its protective hood. She sucked her mum’s hard nub between her lips and Susan drew a sharp breath in. Angela heard this and lifted her head to ask, “is that okay, mum?”

For answer, Susan reached down and pushed her daughter’s head back down, forcing her mouth back to her pussy. I smiled at the sight, then moved to kiss Susan on the lips before moving to suck a hard nipple into my mouth, gently biting it. Susan looked at me, and said, “she’s good. Different to when you do it. Not necessarily better, just different.”

I smiled, then spoke to Angela, “remember Angela, you’re meant to be helping clean my cum out of your mum’s vagina.”

Angela looked up, then down at her mum’s open vagina. She dipped her head again, and I saw her tongue snake out and lick at Susan’s entrance. Getting a taste of my juices mixed with her mum’s she licked again, then used her hands to pull her mum’s lips apart and licked a third time. Susan breathed in sharply again and, before her daughter could move her head, reached down and pressed Angela’s face into herself.

Angela’s mouth worked as she continued to lap at Susan, then I saw a change in her action as she stopped licking and began to suck. Susan moaned as her eldest daughter sucked my cum out of her.

Soon, I could tell, there was no more cum left for Angela. She stopped sucking and returned to licking, working her way back to Susan’s clitoris. Susan pushed up into Angela’s face as she helped her to hit the right spot, then her thighs clamped together holding Angela’s head in place as her breathing turned to ragged pants and her back arched as her orgasm took over.

Susan quickly relaxed, releasing her daughter’s head. Angela crawled from between her mum’s legs and lay down beside her, then looked at me with escort bursa wide eyes. “That was awesome. I love your cum daddy, and I really loved eating it out of mum’s cunt. Did you like it mum?”

Susan replied, “yes baby girl, I did. You made me cum so hard. Different to when Jim does it, but still good. And Jim never likes to kiss me there when he’s cum inside me.”

That was true enough. It doesn’t disgust me or make me feel ill or anything, I just don’t like the taste of my own cum, even mixed with Susan’s juices.

Angela asked, “does it feel good when daddy cums inside you mum? What’s it like? I want to feel it myself mum. Can I, please? Can daddy stick his big cock in my little pussy like he does to you?”

Susan said, “hard to explain. It feels really good though. Maybe one day, Angela but I don’t think I’m ready to let him fuck your pussy yet though.”

It was as though I wasn’t there, the two of them talking like that. Then Angela looked at me and said, “Daddy’s cock is all hard again. Do you think the thought of sticking it in me got him all excited?”

“It probably did, baby girl. It seems a shame to waste such a nice big cock though. Since you seem to like his cum so much, maybe you should do something about it.” As Angela’s mouth opened to ask a question, Susan quickly continued with, “no, Angela. Use your hands. Or your mouth. Or your tits. Your arse if you want. Not your pussy. I meant what I said.”

Angela looked at her mum, “my arse? What do you mean?”

Susan smiled. “Not today. Some women like to be fucked in the arse. But it’s a lot different than in the pussy and if you’re not ready it can hurt. I’ve done it a couple of times with Jim but I always prefer when he puts his cock in my pussy. There’s things you can do to make it better but you should probably wait for that.”

“Hmm, okay. What about my tits? What did you mean by that?”

“You know, when he puts his cock between your boobs and you push them together and he rubs between them and cums. No? Haven’t you done that yet? He really enjoys that. You should try it. It works better when he’s sitting or standing up though.”

“Hmmm, okay. I’ll remember that. Maybe I’ll just use my mouth this time then.”

And with that, she set to, sucking me to a mindblowing orgasm before cuddling up with her mum and I and falling asleep between us.

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