27 Mart 2022

Oh God – That hurt ! Wonderful……


Oh God – That hurt ! Wonderful……After a long and sometimes depressing search, I’ve at last found a man who wants to whip me for sexual pleasure, – he masturbates in between the 20’s and then fucks me in the mouth when he wants to cum. A dream complete !! I’ve been trolling the sites for a couple of years without success, – 99% of the “offers” I get are bluff…as soon as I say “Yes, Please !!”, they scamper away… They’re no bloody good to anyone. This guy wasn’t too attractive on paper, which just goes to show….he advertiesd 35 but turned out to be a very healthy 19…How does a k** like that get to whipping older men for sex ? Well, this is one case where I’m not too interested in knowing, – unless it’s a particularly sexy story, – more than enough for me that he does. We met for a cuppa coffee and my offer of dinner, (I always throw that in for good luck just so as to keep him at the table for a full hour), – and in fact when I wanted to order he wanted to get to my flat and flex his wrists on me….I thought – “Fuck me – this could be good” so odered a steak and chips so as to increase the tension….When we got to my place, which is relatively well set-up, tuzla escort – whips I have to most personal tastes, (particularly mine), – he wanted to get right down to it, but I had to check out his cock first – I didn’t want to be horrified by a wee-willy-winkle or even a horse-cock stuffed down my throat at the critical moment without being prepared for it. He turned out to be a modest boy, – which is something I love. A real Twink with a kink. But his cock was far from modest – it was one of those gorgeous straight cocks you see on Tumblr….usually Irish. Yummy. I don’t like being tied up because my whipping is not master-slave flogging but nutual turn-on-to-cum flogging, – a different genre, – and he didn’t want that anyway..he said he loved to see his Daddie squirm and try to escape…not that I would try to escape….but squirm for him ? Most enthusiastically. And it was so fucking good to hear him say “Daddie”. I’d put a beautiful “Boy Crush” disk on the TV for background, – a touch of the Kyler Moss’s is always good for the spunk machine, – then lay on the table so that he could walk around me and flog from every angle, straight up and down and in the ataşehir escort crack of my arse, left to right, at this angle and that, – all across my back and bum and thighs……the 15-strand flogger I love is heavy and has this wonderful thump which goes straight into your bowels…..I like to really feel the whip, but the little bastard played with me for twenty minutes, – virtually tickling me as he walked around the table with dozens of not all that powerful strokes…like reddening the beef before skewering. Each time he passed my mouth he slipped in his cock for a second or two, started to drive me crazy to suck him off then and there but he slipped out and went on around….till the next taste of him. He started to rim me too after a little while, – first whipping the crack then licking and kissing it so as to take away the pain….his Daddie was getting harder than he’d been for years….his tongue seemed to be as straight and as long as his cock, – where did he learn all this ? OMG !! One fucking beautiful uninhibited Twink…..a dream cum true.And then came the real whipping, – no more rimming or tasting his cock, just harder and harder strokes of maltepe escort the flogger, with force and really felt…20 at a time, all the time, – that’s my fully tested ability to take without fear…..and in between he stood in front of me, – half a meter away, masturbating to my open mouth, as if his cock was singing to me and I to it…I lunged forward on the table but he held me back and made me watch his cock swelling and swelling, twitching on its own…letting me smell it but not suck it yet…I was sweating from the flogging and he wiped my sweat onto his cock for taste….When I sucked him off I would also taste myself on him….He began to repeat again and again his love for his Daddie, and whilst I usually suspect such ploys, this was different, – he really meant it, and I now understood where his kink had cum from…..It was up to me to make him whole again…..I don’t count the strokes, – (an exercise I’ve never understood), – but at 20 a time, we must have reached the high hundreds until suddenly he decided to fuck my mouth and cum down my throat and release within me all his tensions, into his Daddie who was there for him, to salve him, to comfort him, to love him….and so it was. I’ve booked a two-week Gay Cruise for the summer, – I reckon we can teach many on board how wonderful Daddie-love can be and what flogging can do for your cum quotient……. pour encourager les autres…..

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