2 Ağustos 2021

On my knees…


On my knees…On my knees I sucked cock after cock…I’m getting a head of my account so let me start from the beginning. It was in a certain book store in an area if the city known for it’s gay populace. I had went there because I heard that the guys would approach you with out hesitation.I survived the area well before I parked and entered the sore, there was two guys on opposite sides of the store glancing at mags and videos. The clerk was behind the counter adjusting his stock, he greeted me saying ‘…welcome, come in have a look around. If you do not see what you are looking for ask me and I’ll be glad to aid you…’I smiled and walked to the the back of the store, there was scenes from movies that was being shown in the booths in the rear, the clerk called out you will need tokens for the booths. I turned and walked to the counter and produced a five dollar bill. The clerk gave me twenty-five tokens and said ‘…have fun…’I turned and walked into the back, it was dimly lit and I stopped to allow my eyes to adjust, I heard the sounds of flesh against flesh. I took it that some flick was playing in a nearby booth and looked around, there was a wall on each side so I must be in a small hall way or entrance way.Quickly my nostrils picked up the scent of raw sex and occasionally a slight moan, my pants start to get tight as my male member reacted to my imagination. I saw a bend in the walkway and headed in that direction. As I went round the end I saw booths on each side of the narrow lane each booth had a door that seemed to be closed.I reached on that was ajar and went in quickly. I saw the coin slot for it was lit, it was the only light after I closed the door. I deposited the token and the screen came to life. The screen was huge, maybe as large as a 55inch today, it lit up the room brilliantly.There was a bench against one side of the booth and as I sat down I noticed a small hole in the wall along with a roll of paper towels. As I looked at the hole I was startled to see another eye peering back at me. Shocked I reeled but quickly regained my composure as a finger came thru and beckoned me over.Hesitantly I moved back towards the opening and as I neared a flaccid cock poked thru. Slowly I raised my hand and started to touch the appendix. Soon as my fingers touched it came to life twitching as it throbbed to semi rigid status.I looked at the screen and saw a timer for the time left before I had to reinsert another coin. The two people on the screen was engaged in oral sex. The cock in my fingers throbbed and reminded me it was there. I slowly strokes the cock as I watched the screen, I thought to myself ‘…why the hell not. I’ll suck this dick and see what happens.I licked my lips moistening them as I kissed the head side ways, there was a slight moan from the wall. I decided to lick the dick and see what would be the results. The cock twitched violently as my tongue slid underneath the head. Devilishly I gripped the cock as closed to samsun escort the wall as I could and engulfed the dick head in my lips.The owner of the cock tried to pull back I gripped it tighter and sucked harder, the moan increased and the cock throbbed viciously in my lips. I started to stroke the cock from the all to my lips and got a taste of pre-cum. I moaned around the cock to show my pleasure and suddenly I felt the cock throbbed and explode flooding my mouth with a warm thick liquid. Surprised I tried to contain the contents in my mouth as I milked the throbbing shaft.I slid my lips off the dick and spit out the substance in a towel and continued to stroked the member as It exuded it’s sticky fluid. I took the tip back into my lips and kissed/sucked it till it deflated, I released the member and saw it slid back thru the hole as if it was a defeated snake. I wiped my lips and noticed movement at the hole.I focused my eyes and saw the fingers there again beckoning me, I peered thru and was shocked to see two five dollar bills poke thru. I took them and three fingers poked thru waving up and down, I took the fingers and they gripped back tightly and a small voice said ‘…thanks man…’I looked at the two bills and folded them as the screen flickered reminding me to feed the coin slot again. This time I dropped two coins into the slot and the timer went across the bottom of the screen giving me a new time limit.I adjusted my self again and watched the screen to see that the two guys were now stroking each others cock. A third guy came on screen and stood behind them watching them as they enjoyed what they were doing, my attention was caught by a movement from the hole again this time it was a thick black cock sticking thru the hole like a trophy on a wall.I looked at it as the light shimmered off it and leaned over and licked it. I saw the guys on the screen jump as they noticed the third guy and as they engaged in conversation I tried to suck the dick as I watched the screen. This cock was twice the size of the one I had just finished and I wanted to see if I could repeat the time it took for the first one to explode.I could barely get my fingers to touch as I tried to hold on to the male member, I locked at the tip playfully, taking my tongue and sliding it underneath the huge twitching head as far as I could, I captured the tip in my lips and sucked as I slid my tongue back and forth and was rewarded by a spurt of pre-cum that was not expected.The cock head was large and receptive to my touch, I tried to engulfed the head into my oral cavity into to find that I had to stretch my lips wider then the first. I sucked and stroked this monster as best as I could till it suddenly pulled back thru the hole and lips appeared.The ruff gruff voice whispered softly ‘…open the door, I want more…’ I thought to myself and heard the door knob turn and a slight knock at the door. I reached up and opened the door and antalya escort the guy popped in quickly closing the door behind him.He turned to face me and I saw his dick was still standing out of his pants, I looked up at him as he straddled my knees and commanded ‘…now suck like a real Bitch…’ I reached out and took hold of his huge member and leaned into it and started to suck and lick in earnest. My new friend took hold of my head and sat the pace he wanted me to administer his cock.Slowly and surely he worked my head back and forth round, down and up till his cock swelled and exploded. I tried to pull away but he gripped my head in his vise like hands and held me firm, my nose pressed into his pubic as his cock erupted down my throat. I swallow as quickly as I could, the thick creamy liquid occasionally filling my jaws as I gulped a quick breath of air.The huge black Adonis towering over me keeping my lips pressed against the base of his cock and pubes. As I swallowed my tongue massaged beneath his cock head causing him to main in pleasure as I continued my administrations. Once he released me I almost collapsed to the floor before him.He smiled as I looked up, strings of cum hanging from my lower lip as he smiled and said ‘…cute little fuck Boi, we gonna have some serious fun now…aren’t we…’ Coughing to clear my throat, I looked up inquisitively to hear him explain ‘…You are gonna be my draw…the clerk and I are old friends. He saw you come in and gave me a call. I wanted to make sure you could handle the task I have in mind for yo and you can do it. For the rest of this day and night this is your room. I’ll be back momentarily with what I want you to wear, don’t worry no one else will be in here until I get you all ready…’He turned and went out the door closing it behind him, I sat back on the bench and tried to clean his muck off my lips, as it was starting to dry and cake up. I adjusted my self and opened the door to find the clerk at the counter. As I headed for the door he cautioned me ‘…are you sure you wish to challenge me and leave…’ I looked at him, firstly with disgust, then with anger and countered ‘…just how you gonna stop me…’He smiled and called out ‘…Rudolph, our friend wish to leave, would you assist him, Please…’ the way he said it caused me to tremble as I heard foot steps coming towards me from the other side of the store. Looking in that direction I saw a pudgy fellow heading my way in a very determinate way.He reached me and took me by the elbow and squeezed my elbow in his grasp causing me to flinch in anguish as he said ‘…come with me now and we will discuss this…’ The clerk came from behind the counter and locked the door, placing a sign saying ‘…CLOSED FOR LUNCH…’ Rudolph guided me to the rear again with the clerk following.Once we were back at the same booth Rudolph tossed me thru the door and the clerk entered after him. Rudolph said ‘… we ankara escort are not gonna hurt you but you are gonna give us a sample of what people will be paying for. With out nary another word they opened their pants and produced their flabby cocks and demanded ‘…suck now and be quick we only have an hour…’Looking up at Rudolph and holding my aching elbow in my grasp I Raised up on my knees and opened my lips and the clerk was the first to present his flaccid cock at my lips. I sucked him in like a thick piece of spaghetti getting a moan of pleasure from his ;ops and a trembling in his thighs. It took only a dew minutes before he grunted and his cock dribbled his seed into my lips.Rudolph cock was now rigid and standing at attention waving in the wind as if it was a thick tree branch, the clerk staggered away and sat in the bench exhausted and gasping in gratification. Rudolph placed his cock at my slips and I licked the tip as he sighed in joy.Opening my lips slightly I sucked the tip and tasted his pre-cum as I sucked it from his tube. I swallowed and engulfed the dick head and suck in earnest as Rudolph groaned and held my head as he undulated his hips feeding me his cock and inch at a time till I had his entire member touching the back of my oral cavity.Twenty minutes and Rudolph exploded in a gushing stream of thick gooey sperm filling my jaws and bursting forth from my lips over his pubes and balls. I hung on to Rudolph cock as if it was a tasty treat as I sucked his essence from his dick shaft.Rudolph pulled his throbbing cock from my lips and laid against the door saying ‘…dam that was good…’ The door pushed and there stood the black Adonis that wanted to use me for his gain. He looked round and smirked as he said ‘…Tom you did a good job, you said you had a star and so I do. Here go get cleaned up we open in ten minutes…’I looked at the package or cloth that was tossed to me, I found a pair of cut off jeans and t-shirt that had been torn in half, leaving only the top part. It was two sizes too small so it fit really tight across my upper body. I go back out barefoot and stand before my Master who says ‘…starting now you will suck every cock that comes to you and swallow every load till I say stop…’ with that he opened his zipper and took out his rigid cock and said ‘…suck…’I sucked him as if he was candy and I was greedy for it till he came in my lips and I swallowed his every spurt. When his cock was drained he withdrew his cock and pointed me to the room. I went in and found a cushion on the floor behind a bar that was there for the guy whose cock I was to suck would hold on to for support.On my knees I sucked cock after cock swallowing each load till it was well after midnight and my Adonis Master reappeared and took me by my neck and led me away to the back room where he told me ‘…remove those filthy clothes and bend your ass over…’ I did as I was told and was surprised to feel his lips kiss my anal opening and his tongue lick lavishly at my bootie hole.Once it was well lubed with his saliva he stood and pushed his cock into my anus and started to slowly fuck me till he emptied his balls of his baby batter filling my butt till his fluid exudes from around the tight fit of his cock in my ass/cunt.

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