26 Mart 2022

On the Beach – Part III FINAL (Halo saga)


On the Beach – Part III FINAL (Halo saga)THEMCortana felt a shock run through her being as she sensed a shadow falling across her naked form. Her eyes snapped open, and she sat up, her arms coming across her chest to cover up her breasts. In a split second, she felt embarrassment, annoyance, and a whole slew of negative emotions. She looked up and saw that her intruder was none other than the man she had been fantasising about for so long. John. Her embarrassment remained, but it was quickly giving way to other emotions. More appealing emotions.Cortana looked over John’s form as he stood over her. He was decked out in a t-shirt and shorts, and had the faintest trace of sweat over his muscular body. Obviously, he had been working out. She also noticed the slight bulge in his shorts, and a faint smile touched her lips at the thought of her body eliciting such a response from his. A thought occurred to her that she might finally be able to get that which she had been craving for so long.A similar thought was in John’s head as well, and it was actually impairing his ability to speak. Steeling himself mentally, he pushed through it, and he felt his apprehension start to melt away, gradually being replaced by his trademark confidence. He raised his eyebrow and turned up the corner of his lip in a grin. “Might I ask what you are doing here, Cortana?” he asked with a bit of levity, hoping that it would provoke the right response from the former AI.It seemed to work. Although she kept her arms over her naked chest, Cortana gave a smile that was a little bit lusty in nature. “Oh, nothing much,” she replied. “I’m just out here working on my tan.””I can see that,” John commented, his voice starting to take on a huskier tone. “I’m just wondering as to why you are here, all alone, working on your full body tan.””Well, I… I don’t really like tan lines,” Cortana said, ever so slowly taking her arms away from her chest, exposing her breasts again. She heard John’s breath catch a little at their sight, and she knew that she was having the desired effect on him. “I mean, I have this new body of mine, and I don’t see why I can’t get it tanned all over.” She placed her hand on the ground, supporting her as she leaned back a little, presenting herself into something of a model’s pose, her firm ample breasts thrust out slightly.John did not think he could have gotten more aroused than had been, but the sight of Cortana presenting her body like that, almost as a blatant invitation, made it so. His grin became wider, and a bit lecherous. “Oh no, I totally agree with you there,” he said playfully. “After all, you have a perfectly beautiful body, so why shouldn’t you?” Cortana grinned at this. “In fact, if you want, I am willing to offer to rub sunscreen on you.” John paused for emphasis. “Unless you want me to do something else for you?”That did it for Cortana. She had to have him there and then. She wanted him to take her and make her his own. Slowly, she stood up, keeping her body close to his. There was still a noticeable difference in height between the two, so she looked up into John’s eyes. “Well, now that you mention it,” she purred, “I think ‘something else’ sounds like more fun.” She stood up on her toes, and gently touched her lips to his. John responded in kind, one of his arms coming around the back of Cortana’s perfect nude form and holding her closer to his body.Through their close proximity, Cortana could feel John’s hardness pressing up against her, and her mind reeled with the possibilities even as her lips and tongues battled for dominance in their passionate kiss. The former AI ran a soft hand down the Spartan’s muscular chest before slipping it into his shorts and gently grasping the hard form.Through their close proximity, Cortana could feel John’s hardness pressing up against her, and her mind reeled with the possibilities even as her lips and tongues battled for dominance in their passionate kiss. The former AI ran a soft hand down the Spartan’s muscular chest before dikmen escort slipping it into his shorts and gently grasping the hard form.John broke away from the kiss and gave a grin. “You like what you feel?” he asked huskily.”Mmm, very much so,” she replied sensually.”Well then, let me return the favour.” He reached down with his hands and cupped Cortana’s breasts. They were D-cup sized, just large enough without being too large, with a very nice weight to them, and both firm and supple enough. He gently squeezed them, making her moan softly in pleasure. The moans turned into gasps when John leaned down and began kissing and licking them, running his lips and tongue over the mounds and then the erect pink nipples. He did this with the right one first, then repeated the process with the left.Cortana moaned and tilted her head back in pleasure as John’s mouth explored her body. As he finished his ministrations, she reached down to the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head, tossing it off to the side. Looking at his muscular torso, the former AI was struck with a maelstrom of mixed emotions. She was amazed by the sheer musculature of John’s form, as well as feeling a bit of sympathy for the various scars and battle wounds that crisscrossed it. She knew that he was a Spartan, and as such, war was his way of life, but it still shocked and saddened her that one man could endure so much pain.And yet, that very man was still alive, holding her in his arms lovingly, and showering her with romantic touches. This just served to reinforce the erotic feelings that she had towards him. Leaning forward, Cortana pressed her lips to his chest, kissing and running her tongue over the many scars. The flesh on most of these was already more sensitive than most other parts due to the scar tissue, and this served to actually enhance the feeling of Cortana’s actions. This caused John to lean his head back a little as well, closing his eyes, and feel the waves of pleasure that this little, yet amazingly powerful, woman bestowed upon him.Once only an Artificial Intelligence, less than six inches tall, and now a human woman, still shorter and not as physically strong as he, and yet she succeeded in bringing him to his knees emotionally.As Cortana kissed down his chest to the hardened six-pack of his abdomen, she hooked her fingers into the bands of his shorts and the underwear he had on underneath, sliding them down his muscular legs. His stiff manhood sprung out in front of Cortana, and she gasped at the sight of it. Admittedly, she had been well aware of his… physical attributes before. Being his AI, she knew the composition, strength, size and so on off all his body parts, but she was still surprised at the size of John’s member. It was about 9 inches (25 cm) long, and possessed an impressive girth.”You know,” she said coyly, looking back up into his eyes, “you cut an impressive and imposing figure, whether in your armour or not. I wonder if that was an indication as to the size of what you had in your pants.” She punctuated her sentence by gently wrapping her hand around his cock and slowly stroking it a few times.John raised his eyebrows in surprise. “I am surprised with you, Cortana. I had no idea that you knew how to talk dirty.”Cortana’s eyes glinted. “Well, that’s not as dirty as it could be, but still, I do what I can.””Good enough for me,” John replied as he gently laid her down on the towel. “I don’t care how dirty you may be, I still think you are perfect. You were perfect when you were just a computer program, and you are perfect now.” He gently eased her legs apart and positioned himself in between them. “Of course, being human definitely has more perks don’t you think?”Cortana sighed in happiness as she felt the tip of John’s cock brush up against the lips of her moist pussy. “Oh absolutely, John,” she replied breathlessly. “And I look forward to experiencing them over and over again.” She pulled John’s face closer to hers. “With esat escort you.”John leaned forward and captured Cortana’s lips again in a passionate kiss. At the same time, he slowly eased his hips forward, felling his cock slowly enter Cortana’s warmth. The former AI moaned into John’s mouth, experiencing a wave of sensation wash over her body. The hardness filled her, inflicting both pain and sheer pleasure throughout her entire being.John continued to slide himself inside Cortana, inch by inch, until he managed to get the whole nine inches inside, burying himself to the hilt in her tantalising warmth. Her walls were firm and yet so soft; an amazing contrast that sent his mind spinning.Cortana let out a soft whimper, and John pressed his lips to hers in a tender kiss. “Are you okay?” he asked in a gentle voice. As much he wanted to pleasure, he did not want to hurt her.She nodded slightly. “I’m fine, John. Just… keep going.”He kissed her again before pulling his cock most of the way out, then plunging it back inside her, eliciting another moan from her. Cortana wrapped her toned legs around John’s waist, bringing him in further, deeper. With each successive thrust, the pain diminished, being replaced by pleasure. Pleasure that mounted with each moment. There was a gentle slapping sound as their hips met over and over again his their movements.Cortana threw her head back, revelling in the feelings that the Spartan was inflicting upon her. Closing her eyes, she felt the building pleasure wash away the stress and frustration that she had been feeling lately. Had she known how wonderful such experiences were, she would certainly have acted upon them much sooner. But, that mattered little. Here she was, lying on a beach while the Chief made love to her, and that was all she cared about. Hell, she was not in a position to think of anything else at this point. It was just her, John, and the passion between them.John was feeling the same. He had never stopped to think that sex would feel this… amazing! As he thrust into Cortana over and over again, her soft moans of ecstasy inspired him to thrust harder and faster, and he was all too willing to comply, occasionally letting out a grunt of his own. Looking down at the former construct, he saw her in all her beauty, and how her perfect form responded to his movements. Her breasts bouncing back and forth with each of his thrusts, her legs wrapped around him, urging him in deeper. He brought his face closer to hers, and she opened her eyes. The electric blue orbs held so much for him; her personality, her passion, and her love for him, the sheer desire and lust of the situation. It was all he could do to restrain himself.Cortana experienced the feeling building up inside her again. She remembered it from that time when she was alone in the shower. But now it was John who was doing it to her. Her breathing became heavier, and her moans got quicker. John knew that she was getting closer to the edge, and he could simply tell that she wanted it so badly. He was only too happy to apply. At the same time, he felt a throbbing sensation that alerted him to his own approaching climax. All rational thought left his mind, and he increased his tempo.Cortana felt the pressure build up inside her, but she held back for as long as she could. She wanted this to be the best possible experience she ever had. Looking at John, she knew he was approaching his end as well, and the pleasure within her had reached a point where it could not be contained much longer, so she let go and let herself be taken over the edge. Cortana moaned loudly as she experienced her orgasm, every inch of her body clenching as the pleasure wracked through her, causing her to throw her head back again, and her legs to clench even tighter around John.This was enough to push the Spartan over the edge as well, and he thrust inside her one last time, burying himself to the hilt and groaning loudly as he hit his own climax, feeling his body contract as eryaman escort he did so.Cortana gasped as she felt spurt after spurt of John’s hot liquid inside her. She moaned happily as she felt the Spartan empty himself into her. After a few moments, it became apparent that he had expended himself, and he relaxed, positioning himself on his arms so that he was still hovering above his lover, though they were still locked in their passionate embrace.Neither one of them said anything for about a minute, just lying there, still joined together, looking deeply into each other’s eyes, and basking in the afterglow of their extremely intimate session. Both feeling the intense happiness and relief at having finally experienced that which they had denied themselves for so long, as well as the exciting prospect that their relationship had progressed to a whole new and much more appealing level. More than that, both the Spartan and the former AI felt complete, whole. And it was indeed a wondrous thing.It was Cortana who spoke up first. “Wow,” she said in a quivering voice. “That was… I mean, um…”John chuckled. “So the great Cortana has been rendered speechless, huh?”Cortana swatted him on the arm, pushing him and making him roll on his on the sand next to her. This action also unjoined their two bodies. “Shut up, John,” she snapped, though still smiling at the whole situation. “I just have to admit that this whole… episode was completely unexpected. I never figured that my first sexual experience would be an impulsive event on a beach. It was more… spontaneous than I expected.””Cortana,” John sighed happily, “I have to admit that I’m no expert on sex or love. But even I know that spontaneity can be a good thing. Sometimes it can even seem more romantic than planned ones. Of course, that does not mean one should go around screwing the first person they see.” The two of them were now lying naked on the sand next to each other, looking into each other’s eyes.Cortana shook her head. “Trust me John, that was definitely not my plan. There is no way that I would have hooked up willingly with anybody but you.” She softened her voice. “You’re my whole world.”John reached over and brushed some hair out of her face. “And you are mine,” he said. He paused for a moment. “Still, I wonder what made us take so long to do this. I mean, let’s face it, we both wanted this, so why wait so long?””Because, my dear Spartan,” Cortana said lightly as she started to get up, “We are both unbelievably dense.” She bent over to pick up her clothing, and started to put it back on. John sat back and watched her, simply admiring the sheer beauty of the woman who had just given herself to him.”You heading back to base?” he asked.”I am,” she replied, zipping up her top. “And I hope to see you there again later on today.”John gave an exaggerated pout. “So I can’t come back with you?””If they see us together, the others will get suspicious,” Cortana explained, walking around him to get her towel.”Oh please, they’ll be able to know once they see the change in our attitudes. Hell, I’ve heard the other Spartans and even a few of the ODST guys have been running a betting pool as to when we finally got together!””Cortana groaned as she leaned down in front of her man. “Well, that just shows their level of maturity, doesn’t it?” She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. “I’ll come by your place later tonight,” she said suggestively, then stood up and started to walk away.”Does that mean we’ll be doing a repeat performance?” John called out after her.”Maybe,” Cortana replied flippantly, making sure that her hips wiggled a little as she walked away, providing the Chief with a tantalising view.John chuckled and started to put his clothing back on.________________________________________END.John’s suspicions proved correct. As soon as Cortana got back to base, the other Spartans and a few of their newfound ODST friends could spot the very noticeable change in her demeanour. They suspected that she and the Chief had finally hooked up, but they decided to wait until he returned to see how he was acting. When he did, none were happier than Kelly, because she had just won the pool.Neither John nor Cortana cared a great deal though. They were far too busy looking forward to that night.

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