11 Mayıs 2023

On the Patio Part 7


It began with a photo of a Yeti cup. Renee sent me an interesting picture from a new bull to entertain named Troy. He was sitting down while wearing a pair of jeans and holding in his right hand a Yeti cup.What was exciting was the large thick bulge in his jeans compared to the Yeti cup. A very expressive picture indeed.I came home and we shared drinks while smoking on our patio. Renee was giggling at her texts from Troy and sharing their messages with me. He was not particularly handsome to Renee but the potential size of his cock had her extremely interested in meeting him. Renee said she just wanted to suck his dick and discover if it was a Yeti cup size.From our previous story about Brian and his eleven-inch cock, Renee Loved to suck his cock but didn’t enjoy fucking him. I think Renee was excited at the possibility of another extremely long cock in her mouth.Troy was a bit narcissistic with all the photos he sent Renee showing off his huge biceps and muscular chest. He was very Anadolu Yakası Escort proud of his physical condition. He often sent her pictures while he was working out at the gym. Little did Troy realize, This was a major turn-off for Renee but she was still curious as to his cock size. What does his narcissistic attitude matter if he does have a long cock she would enjoy deepthroating.Renee had introduced herself to Troy and our cuckold lifestyle with her freedom to entertain whenever she desired. She sent him several explicit photos of her pussy and shared a few video clips using a vibrator.Troy, of course, loved her videos and agreed to meet with Renee during the afternoon while I would be at work.He arrived promptly and Renee eased his first visit to our home by instantly leading him to our bedroom and rubbing his dick through his pants. She has found this is the quickest way to meet a man for the very first time. Avoid small talk Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan and focus on pleasure. Troy relaxed and allowed Renee to unzip his pants. Her first response to his cock was not impressed. Still Troy had the third-largest cock Renee had encountered. His cock was only medium thick and eight and a half inches long.Renee had told me she was expecting a much longer and thicker cock from a man comparing himself to a Yeti cup! Regardless, she told me she was still excited about being a slut for another man and cuckolding me.Renee loves sucking dick and she took her time playing with Troy’s cock. She easily deepthroated his entire shaft over and over. He was rubbing her ass through her shorts and grabbing her breasts so she decided to fuck Troy. Renee said she undressed and continued her delight sucking his dick for over ten minutes until Troy raised on his elbowsRenee took this as a hint he was ready to fuck so Escort Anadolu Yakası she stopped and undressed then laid on her back. Troy had problems just getting his cock into her tight pussy. He struggled for several minutes to just fit the head of his dick into her. She was tempted to get a bottle of lube but she said she was enjoying the thrill of how tight she was. Finally, Renee said his cock slipped in and Troy blatantly stated he was about to cum.Renee said she almost laughed but was able to stop herself. A big muscular narcissistic man with a “Yeti cup” size cock about to cum from one stroke of her tight pussy. Then, less than two minutes later Troy came inside her. She said his long thick dick felt great inside her for the few strokes but it was a shame he couldn’t last long.I arrived home and we went outside on the patio to smoke and enjoy our mixed drinks before going into the bedroom. As I fucked my fiancee, she was her normal tight pussy and I could not even tell she had misbehaved. I would never have known without her telling me of their meeting.Their second visit was more relaxed. Renee took Troy into our bedroom and had his dick in her mouth just moments after he arrived. She said she focused on the slutty thrill of cuckolding me and enjoyed the feeling of his thick dick sliding deep into her mouth.

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