21 Ağustos 2022



Subject: On the Pier (gay, encounters) I am a 34 year old man, 5 foot, 11 inches, 170 lbs, with a smooth fit body. I am a closeted bisexual and can’t do without regular sex with men. I tried living in a monogamous relationship with a girl, but couldn’t settle into domestic life. I recently went on a long weekend vacation to a beach with three of my college friends and their wives. During the day, the four of us men were mostly out on the water, sailing, fishing, water skiing, riding on jet skis and relaxing on the beach with the spouses. In the evenings, being without a partner, I was the odd man out when we all went out for dinner and later to the bars. On the last evening, we were enjoying dinner at a waterfront table on the town’s boardwalk. I hadn’t had any luck finding a hookup during the weekend and was very horny. I scanned the restaurants and the passersby on the boardwalk, but didn’t see anything interesting. While we were eating, I saw a family standing outside the restaurant area browsing the menu. The parents were probably in their mid 40’s and the kids, a boy and a girl, around 8 and 10. The mother was an attractive blond with a slim build and a nice set of D cups resting in a halter top. And mmmmm! The father was quite muscular, 6 foot, 210 pounds with a nice close cropped beard. He was wearing a sky blue button down shirt that revealed a good deal of his very hairy chest and arms. His khaki shorts were not tight, but were straining in the crotch to contain his ample package. My cock stirred and my hole twitched just looking at him. They decided to enter the restaurant, and as the gods were looking kindly down upon me, they were seated at the next table and I had a full view of Daddy. After he sat down with the menu in hand, he scanned the restaurant, his eyes scanned toward me and paused for a split second more than would be normal. I registered this, but there was no real indication that there was any interest. ankara escort bayan While the family was waiting for their food, they decided to take some pictures with the backdrop of the sun setting over the ocean. Using Daddy’s phone, they took all permutations, mom-dad, mom-kids, dad-mom, etc. and tried several times with difficulty to take a selfie of the entire family. I kindly volunteered to take a picture of the whole family and took several shots. While pretending to fumble a bit with the phone, one of the shots I purposely took was a close up of Daddy’s nice, full package. His wife thanked me and they sat down to eat their dessert. Daddy started thumbing through the photos and suddenly stopped at one photo. I was a little bit nervous to see how he would react, but there was no reaction, he looked at the rest of the photos. He had apparently deleted the photo and sent the camera around to the rest of the family. While the wife and kids were occupied looking at the photos, Daddy looked over at me and stared intently. No other reaction. I didn’t know what he was thinking and was a little disturbed. Mom got a text message and reacted by “Oh shit, my mother is having another one of her crises, I’ll have to call her when we get back to the room.” The kids were also restless and ready to go. Mom then suggested to Daddy that he have a gin and tonic and follow them up to the room later since she would be talking with her mother and she knew how that annoyed him. Sitting alone with his gin and tonic, Daddy lit up a cigar and, now and again, would stare at me intently, but with no other signals. I was confused, but intrigued. My friends suggested we go bar hopping on our last evening there, but I begged off with the excuse that I was tired from all the day’s activities and would finish my drink and take an Uber back to the beach house. As they left, Daddy puffed the last of his cigar and drained his gin and tonic. He got etimesgut escort up to leave and went and looked out at the night sky over the ocean one last time. He then turned around and stared at me intently. VERY subtly, he rubbed his bulging package. He walked out of the restaurant and along the boardwalk. I followed him at a respectable distance and every once in a while, he would turn back to see if I was there. We reached a very long fishing pier and he started walking out to the end and I followed. There were very few people on the pier and by the time we reached the end, there was no one left. At the end of the pier was a fishing shed, very poorly placed, since it blocked the view of the ocean but there was a narrow ledge behind it where one could and fish. When I came around the corner of the shed, Daddy stood leaning over the ledge looking at the sea. I stood there silently not knowing how to play this. He solved the problem by unzipping his pants and freeing his rock hard cock that was pointing straight out. I got on my knees and licked and sucked his dick and opened his shorts so I could get access to his balls. He had taken a shower before dinner and smelled of a manly soap with a hint of musky ball sweat. I bobbed up and down on his cock which was exactly what I needed. My body relaxed and I turned my attention to his big full ball sac, licking and teabagging each ball gently. He groaned with pleasure and directed my head back to my his cock and started to gently facefuck me. I reached up and rubbed his furry pecs and teased his stiff nipples. My hole was twitching and aching for that cock to fuck me. I lowered my shorts and started wanking myself. I reached around and played with my hole and Daddy took the hint. He leaned down and fingered my pucker gently and stuck his index finger in. With his cock still in my mouth, I moaned at his touch and he inserted his middle finger as kızılay escort well. He started to finger fuck me gently at first and gained momentum until I was bucking my hips to ride his fingers. I stood up and leaned over the pier providing him full access to my ass. He leaned down and licked and tongue fucked my ass and the back of my ball sac. My cock was throbbing and I thought I was going to squirt right there. He spat a could of big globs on my hole and then placed his cock at the entry and pushed gently. I was so horny that it slid easily past my ring. He moaned and started rocking his hips, pulling his cock fully out of my hole and reloading. As I was so horny, this is exactly what I needed. He increased the intensity to a rough fuck and I was pushing my ass back to ensure deep penetration. His big balls were slapping my balls with a sound like a metronome and was the same rhythm as the waves hitting supports of the pier. Pleasure filled my brain and I thought that this must be what heroin was like. His hands were on my hips and I moved them up to my nipples and indicated that he should pull hard. This was a turn on for both of us and he fucked me like this for quite a while until I was in a frenzy and ready to shoot. His legs began to tense up and shake involuntarily and it spread to his whole body. Just feeling him being so turned on fueled my passion. He started to push with hard, long thrusts so I knew he was about to shoot his load. I wanked my cock and was ready to fire whenever he did. I felt his first shot in my ass and I let go and shot my wad. I don’t know how many times he ejaculated as I was fully lost in my own orgasm. We relaxed there and he allowed his cock to shrink out of my ass. I turned around and could see his cock was covered in cum and could feel his seed flowing out of my ass. I leaned down and licked and sucked his cock clean. He zipped up, gave me a bear hug, rubbing his beard across my smooth face and walked away. I was still on my knees shaking after my massive orgasm. On the way back, I walked alone and thought about how hot that encounter had been and about the fact that we had never spoken one word to each other the entire evening.

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