15 Mayıs 2023

One More Trick


I sit at my vanity, putting on my makeup. It’s my night of the week to go out. As always, I wear my black wig, and tight black skirt with a nice blouse, not that I have that many to choose from. I stuff my bra with cotton and pull my pantyhose over my black thong panties, checking to make sure I’m well tucked. I’m thirty-six and barely passable, so I can’t be too careful.I sit in medium-sized hotel lobbies, there are four in town I like. I frequent a different one each time I go out. Can’t afford to let the staff know my face. My fetish is to get picked up and get paid for sex. The only other place I cross-dress is at home.I Side escort Bayan try to get there around eight-thirty when the guys usually come in after eating or drinking with clients. I can spot a traveling salesman a mile away.I’m sitting in a lobby drinking coffee, pretending to read a newspaper as I scan for men coming in. I see a guy looking at me, and I smile at him. He looks down when I smile, so I wait for him to look back up and I smile at him again.He smiles back at me this time, and I uncross my legs. He keeps looking, so I smile again and get up. I wiggle my ass at him Escort manavgat as I walk towards the bar. He follows me into the bar and I wait for him to move towards me.”Looking for some company?” he asks nonchalantly.I smile. “Could be,” I reply.He buys me a drink and we find a secluded table. He asks the usual questions and tells me he’s on the road a lot on business. I tell him I live in town and wait for his next move. I feel his hand touch my thigh.”It gets lonely being on the road all week,” he says.I think he wants me.”If you have a room,” I say, “$50 buys my company.””Who could alanya escort resist a lovely lady like you?” he signals his desire.”I’m not your usual lady,” I warn him, just to make sure.”That’s obvious,” he says.I don’t take that as a compliment, but I’m well aware that I’m barely passable. At least he knows what’s under my skirt. He takes my hand and I stand up and smile. We get on the elevator, no one else is riding. His hand slips under my skirt and I open my legs a little.His hand touches my bottom, and my cock begins to grow. His other hand comes up the front of my skirt and brushes my cock. He places his hand on it. I touch the front of his pants, smiling that his cock is already hard for me.The elevator stops, and as the door opens, I lift the back of my skirt. He gropes me all the way down the hall as I giggle until we reach his door. As soon as we’re in, I take my skirt off as he drops his trousers.

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