1 Mayıs 2023

One Night in Quito


Sometimes in life, things just don’t turn out the way you thought they would. I had married my high school sweetheart at the age of nineteen. At the time, I was pregnant and decided to be a stay at home mom while my husband worked and attended college. When he graduated three years later it was my turn to get a degree, which I did. After working for different companies for a few years my husband and I decided to open our own business.We did very well for ourselves. By the time we were thirty we had a big house, expensive cars and took vacations abroad every year with our two children. When they went off to college we put ourselves in overdrive and the business did even better.Then Amy came into our lives and my husband came in Amy. She was a graphic designer we hired. At first, I didn’t mind the overtime my hubby put in, but after a while, I began to wonder. One evening I went back to the office and there I found them fucking on his desk. That had been it for me. I asked for a divorce and that he bought me out from the company. He did both and that’s how I became financially free. I had enough money in the bank that I wouldn’t have to work for the rest of my life. So what did I do? I decided to see the world.And that explains what I was doing looking out the window of a Boing at a rainy Quito in Ecuador. I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes. I had read that Quito was one of the most difficult airports to land on. With great mountains around it and strong winds made it a nightmare even for the most experienced pilots. That evening there was a thunderstorm and I was sure the lightning would strike the plane any second.Next to me sat a woman I supposed was Ecuadorian. She was reading a book and was dressed in jeans and a poncho of some soft material, it looked very comfortable. She looked at me and said, “Scared?” “Yeah, a little. She patted my hand that was gripping the armrest. “We will be okay, it’s God’s will.” I really hoped she was right because the ground was coming closer and I didn’t think the plane was straight in the air and that it might land on an angle.The wheels touched down and we bounced a couple of times before the pilot put on the breaks. When we were taxing towards the main building I let go of a long sigh. “Welcome to Quito,” said the woman next to me. Her big smile showed several teeth were missing.It was late at night and the customs official was snoozing when I walked past him into the arrival hall. My flight had been half empty and most of the passengers had their families meeting them. I walked outside and found a taxi but no driver. I waited a minute or so and then saw a fat little man wearing a black Fedora walk towards me in the rain. “Taxi”? he said. “Yes, Grand Hotel, please.” He took my bag and threw it into the back seat and then opened the passenger seat for me. As he put the car in gear I felt a headache come on, so I opened my purse and took two Tylenol. The driver watched me and said, “you will have to buy more. It takes about a month to get accustomed to the height.Quito sits over nine thousand feet above sea level and most visitors suffer from headaches. The drive into town went Magosa Escort fast because it was late at night and little traffic. When the taxi stopped outside the hotel I smiled. It looked nice and modern. The driver took out my bag and I paid the fare plus a tip. He smiled and thanked me.The reception area was quite busy considering the time. A few people stood around talking while others were coming or going to the bar. Most of them looked North American or European. I grabbed my suitcase and walked up to the reception desk where a young man smiled at me. “Hi, I am Shelly Reeves; I have a reservation for three days. A single room.” The man whose name was Jose, according to his name tag, typed a few command on his computer and then looked up at me. “Yes, your room is 405, on the fourth floor. Do you need help with the luggage?” “No, I am fine. But I was wondering if the kitchen is still open?” Jose checked his watch. “Yes, for another hour.” “Great, thank you.”The room was nothing out of the ordinary. A queen size bed, a desk with a TV and a chair. The bathroom was clean with a wash basin and a shower stall. I had no idea what the view was like because the rain was coming down hard outside. I quickly unpacked and then went downstairs to the bar. I sat down at a table for two and a waiter came over to take my order. I gave the short evening menu a quick look and ordered a Club sandwich. When I asked for a Martini, extra dry, he gave me a look that told me he had no idea what I was talking about. I decided to change drink.“Whiskey, please, with ice.” “Very good, Madame,” he said and left. The drink appeared a few minutes later but was brought to me by a young woman. She was stunningly beautiful. Taller than most Latin women with long straight black hair. Her face had a small nose, full lips and instead of the typical high cheekbones of the area, her’s looked almost European. “Your drink.” she said, her voice husky. “Thank you.” I watched her walk back to the bar. The men sitting at it stopped talking and began to flirt with her. I could hear snippets from their conversation. They would ask her name, which I learned was Jasmin. They asked when she got off her shift, which was at one in the morning. Then someone asked if she had a boyfriend which she didn’t reply too, just smiled.When my food arrived I stopped eavesdropping and ate. I was starving. The last meal I had had was in Rio de Janeiro where I had breakfast that same morning. I seldom ate on the flight, the food was horrible, and I hated to get up to use the bathroom, so I didn’t drink much either. The club sandwich wasn’t bad and when I had eaten the last french fries I pushed the plate away and the waiter picked it up. I asked for another drink and again it was Jasmine who brought it over.“Are they bothering you?” I asked, nodding at the men. “I am used to it. I don’t like when they touch me, which they do sometimes.” “Assholes.” She giggled. “Yes, exactly.” She left me alone and I slowly sipped from my drink. Suddenly I felt sleepy and decided it was time for bed.The following morning I woke up fresh and rested. The drapes were Kıbrıs Escort open and the sun shone in through the windows. I got up and looked out. Below was a busy street with lots cars and people walking along the sidewalk. In the distance, I saw a church and behind it the mountains rose. I stretched my arms over my head and then walked into the bathroom.After talking of my nightgown I looked at myself in the mirror. At forty-five, I had a better body than most of my daughter’s friends. Sure, I had my boobs done when I was thirty-five and a couple of nips and tucks had followed. I did spend hours in a gym with a personal trainer to stay in shape. And still my asshole husband had left me for a woman half his age. If someone had told me it was for love I had told them to fuck off. He loved young pert women, that was all it was.I had a nice tan after lying on the beach in Brazil for two weeks and being there I had tanned topless. My pink nipples were in stark contrast to my brown skin. The little tuft of blond hair above my pussy looked like a sun. I am a natural blond, and my boob size is normally a B, but I had gone up one size to a C cup, which I thought looked great on me. I am just around five-feet-nine, with long shapely legs and a flat tummy.In the shower, I trimmed my pussy and made sure my legs were smooth. You never knew who you might meet in a new country. I had met Fred in Brazil, and he had fucked me senseless. He was a big black man from Cuba who had moved to Brazil in search of work. He was the bartender in the hotel I had stayed at and when he asked if I wanted to go for a drink I had said yes.I am not promiscuous, really, I promise. But after being fucked by the same cock for close to twenty-five years, I wanted to try some new ones, and I had. Not only in Brazil, but in England, France, Spain, and Italy. Everywhere I went I had tried a new cock, and I had found out that I loved sex. I loved the way men kissed me, touched me, licked me and fucked my juicy cunt.My sex life with my hubby had been okay the first five years but then gone downhill from there. We tried to make it better by watching porn together and even went to a sex consultant. He liked young girls being fucked by older men; I preferred lesbian or bi sex porn. The consultant said we had to communicate better, which in the end didn’t mean shit. A lot of money spent on crap advice. I dressed in a pair of snug Levis jeans and flannel shirt in black and white. Even though I was a cheerleader in high school, I was a bit of a tom-boy. I never really liked wearing skirts. The bar was also the restaurant and that’s where the breakfast buffet was served. There were several groups of people and I recognized some of the men as those who had flirted with Jasmin the previous night. I sat down at the same table as before and when the same waiter approached me I asked for a black coffee. Then I headed over to the buffet. I like to eat healthy, so I put a lot of fruit on my plate and yogurt . While I was deciding what kind of bread to eat I saw Jasmin come out from the kitchen. She saw me and smiled and then walked towards Lefkoşa Escort me. “Good morning,” she said. Standing up we were almost the same height. She was maybe half an inch taller. “Hi, nice to see you again.” “Did you sleep well?” “Yes, thank you.” “Are you here on business or pleasure? “Pleasure, I am traveling the world.” “Oh, that sounds very exciting. Sorry, but I have to get back to work.” I went back to my table and enjoyed my breakfast.While I ate I thought about Jasmin. There was something about her that I couldn’t put my finger on. The way she had looked at me, both the previous evening and that morning made me think that she might be into women. I myself had never been with another woman, not even been close to. When some of my friends back in college had played around I had always been a cock and balls kind of girl. I did like lesbian and bisexual sex movies but mostly because I found the male actors to be over the top. Well, so were most of the women, but the difference was that the girls were tender while the men were rough, and I wasn’t into that. I spent the morning walking around the city. I found a tourist area just a few blocks from the hotel and bought a few souvenirs for my kids and my sisters. I had a light lunch at a Sushi restaurant and then decided to go back later that evening for dinner and drink. Maybe I would meet some nice people to hang out with, I thought. It was just after eight that night that I entered Rita’s Cantina. It was rammed packed with people and I had to sit at the back close to the kitchen. Not the nicest place but it was all there was. Had gone to Rita’s because Jose, the receptionist, had recommended it based on what other customers had told him. The menu was small and had mostly local dishes on it. I had no idea what they were but felt brave and ordered when the waiter came to my table. After thirty minutes he brought out a plate and when he put it down in front of me I gasped. On it lay half of a giant hamster. It had been cut lengthwise so it had two paws and one ear. Next to it were French Fries and a salad. At first, I thought about sending it back, but then I changed my mind. I had to try something I had never eaten before. It turned out that the jungle hamster was quite good. Tasted a bit like chicken. I had another glass of wine and then paid the bill. Jose had told me about a bar that was close and I headed that way. Mitad del Mundo, which was the name of the place and meant The Middle of The World, was a typical saloon type bar. A long mirror behind the bar and rows of bottles on shelves. The floor was wood, and I thought that it was only the sawdust that was missing to make it look like a Texas saloon. I ordered a beer and was given frosted glass and a bowl of peanuts. I sat at the bar sipping from the beer and popping nuts into my mouth when something caught my eyes. Through the crowd, I saw a woman walk towards me. It was Jasmin and she was with a young man about her age, which I had guessed was in the early or mid-twenties. When she saw me she smiled and waved. “Hi,” I said. “What are you doing here?” “Jose recommended the place.” She laughed and said something to her friend. When she turned back to me she said, “sorry, I was just telling Enrique that Jose had recommended this place.” “What’s so funny about it? It seems nice.” “Yeah, if you are single and looking to hook up.” “Oh, I see.” She sat down next to me and Enrique on her other side.

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