6 Mayıs 2023

Only Sometimes Pt.6 Surrender


I reclined on the bed, propped up against the headboard. Dean was still sitting on the end of the bed, I guess consumed in thought. He turned around and asked, “Do you think we’re done?”“I have no idea,” I replied honestly. “So far about a thousand things have happened tonight that I never would have imagined. I’m going to leave it up to her,” I said hearing water running in the bathroom. I could only suppose she was washing off the remnants of the experience. “I could just go? Just so things aren’t awkward,” Dean offered.“Well, I don’t know if she’d like that or if that would cause her to feel used,” I responded. “Just let her make that decision.”Shortly after hearing what I thought was the water in the shower turn off, the door opened and she emerged wrapped in a towel. She crawled onto the bed and joined me propped up against the headboard. She looked at Dean, still seated at the foot of the bed and patting the space beside her.“Why don’t you join us up here?” she then turned to me and added, “That is, if you don’t mind, Honey?”“It’s your night, Sweetheart,” I replied honestly.“Well, I can’t refuse an invitation like that, can I?” Dean eagerly replied.Dean plopped down right next to her, therefore placing you squarely between both of your male attendants. It must have been quite a sight.I decided that a quick shower might not be the worst thing. I also figured it would give her an opportunity to decide if Dean’s time was up or if she wanted to partake in a bit more partaking.“You know, a quick shower sounds like a pretty good thing right now,” I said, breaking the silence and getting up. “Can I trust you two to behave yourselves?” I said jokingly.They both laughed and Dean added, ”I’m only here to see the room.”“Yes, Honey,” she said rather convincingly. “Of course, you can.”‘But, I’m going to make sure there’s something for you to see when you get out of the shower.’ “I’m leaving the door open!’ I said over my shoulder as I entered the bathroom and turned on the water.****************************************************************************************************As I showered, a million thoughts and images raced through my mind. Would this ultimately change our relationship for the worse? Could either of us live with this in the morning? Or would it be the secret that we never spoke of? Only time would tell. What was apparent is that she was enjoying herself and behaving in a far less inhibited manner than I could ever have imagined. I suppose that was the point. I kept having visions of what may or may not have been going on in the next room in my absence. My imagination got the best of me and I hurriedly finished showering, taking very little time to dry off.As I emerged from the shower, I noticed that the lights had been turned down in the main room. I could make out that you both weren’t sitting in the same places any longer. The sight that greeted me left little to the imagination. Dean had reclined with his head propped up on the numerous available pillows. Her back was facing me and her hands were grasping the top of the headboard as she perched majestically over Dean’s ambitious mouth. His hands were placed on either of her sublime white globes, guiding her once again, onto his delighted tongue. “I see you decided to visit the dessert bar again,” I said to Dean.‘That’s right, Honey. You wanted a naughty girl and now you have one. I love cumming with his tongue buried inside me. My favorite part is having you watch me be your naughty girl. My sticky sugar is going to drip onto his tongue. Listen İstanbul Escort to him moan while he’s licking me. I hope you can see.’I walked over to where my pants had been hastily abandoned and retrieved my phone. I knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and took the opportunity to document the ongoing demonstration of her adept riding technique. Her hips swayed to and fro and her hair swung like a sheer curtain in a breeze. His tongue continually penetrated the pink veil, coaxing her to release a dose of sugary syrup. Her thighs quivered precipitating the coming torrent. Each time, she moaned deeply and fresh cream gushed forth, coating his tongue and dribbling onto his chin. She shakily dismounted her newfound saddle. She reclined back onto the bed, laying flat on her tummy.“I just can’t leave you two alone for a second,” I teased, patting her up-turned, succulent alabaster bottom.I grabbed a couple of water bottles from the mini-fridge and had her take a long drink of the cold water.“Come up here and lay down with me,” she requested.“I will, Sweetheart, but you go ahead and have your fun,” I said reassuringly. “I’m fine.”“Will you watch me?” she said in a way that was both innocent and very seductive. “I want you to watch me, Sweetheart.”‘And if you’re going to video me, then I’m going to give you a show you’ll remember for a lifetime.’“It will be my pleasure,” I responded, almost orgasming standing still. “Well, his pleasure first, then mine,” I said playfully.She was essentially laying between Dean’s legs with his revived manhood about 18 inches from her mouth. She reached up and stroked his hot colleague with the palm of her hand.“Want to see how cold my mouth is?” she offered teasingly, and not waiting for an answer, took Dean’s associate into her luscious mouth.‘Here you are, Sweetheart, watch me make Dean’s cock disappear. Let me show you what my naughty girl tongue can do.’I knelt on the floor next to the bed and took the opportunity to document the ongoing demonstration of her considerable oral skills. Dean swept away the cascade of radiant blonde hair, holding it at bay, so as not to obscure the view of her oral prowess. The contrast between Dean’s bulging member and her wet, pink tongue, caressing the sensitive shaft was undeniably inspiring. The sight was only to be outdone by the sight of his large spongey head disappearing between her incredibly silken lips. Each time she withdrew his substantially thick shaft from her oral embrace, the skin glistened with the vestiges from the warmth of her kiss. Having on numerous occasions, experienced her adept oral skills, I could easily discern each time she employed the toe-curling, ”tongue twirl” simply by the way her recipient appreciatively moaned. The experience could only be described as a manifestation of magic.‘Come on, Sweetheart. It’s your turn. I want to feed you some sugar. I want to cum with your tongue buried inside me, I want to feed you some of that cream you love so much.’Even as occupied as she was, I could sense her yearning for more. I dropped my phone onto the bed and proceeded to create a little magic of my own. Given everyone’s posture, her feet were just about hanging off the end of the bed. Those perfect alabaster spheres of hers seemed to be begging for my attention, or at least I thought so. I placed my shower-warmed hands on either of her calves and slowly slid them upward until I reached those much-coveted ivory pillows.I pressed my hands into the pillow-like mounds and parted them to reveal my İstanbul Escort Bayan prize. I lowered my head until just the tip of my tongue contacted the equator of her alabaster mounds. My warm tongue traversed the length of that warm, welcoming crevice, tracing gentle circles around her enticing little backdoor. My thumb dipped between the pink velvet curtains, being generously coated with a thick, sugary layer of cream. I used the ambrosia to slather her delicate little bud. She reacted by gently moaning with her occupied mouth and slightly wiggling her hips in subtle anticipation of what would shortly follow. ‘Let me make it easier for you, Sweetheart. Let me have your tongue. I have some warm, sticky cream waiting just for you.’She pulled her knees underneath herself, elevating that perfect apple bottom off the bed, granting me unrestricted access to her heavenly hollows, which I was happy to oblige. Those irresistible pink folds parted in a ravishing invitation, like a flower begging to be harvested. I wasted no time in parting the velvet curtains, slowly inserting my eager tongue into the warm, slippery chasm. My probing tongue was instantly overwhelmed with a thick coating of her undeniable sweetness. I slowly thrust my tongue in and out of her contracting sugar bowl. Her muscles gently squeezed my exploring probe and those creamy thighs began to tremble. I withdrew myself to witness each drop of nectar as it oozed from the center of her pink orchid, lazily falling onto my waiting tongue like a light spring rain. She moaned like an angel, while her supremely skilled mouth continued captivating Dean’s pillar. ‘Oh, yes Sweetheart, I’m your little cream-filled girl. Feed on my warm little hole.’My tongue continued its journey upward, sweeping briefly over her tingling little bud causing her to shiver. With the tip of my tongue, tracing little circles around her sensitive dimple, intentionally grazing the delicate opening, building her anticipation. I could tell by the gentle, although muffled, moaning that my efforts were having the desired effect. ‘Mmmmm, that’s so good, Sweetheart, tease my tight little hole. Oh my gosh, that’s sooo good.’I tapped the tip of my excited tongue on her resistant little dimple causing her hips to wiggle irresistibly, enticing me to stimulate her further. I swirled my tongue around that little button in tiny, languished circles while sliding my thumb in and out of her delectable pink orchid. Her moaning increased and I could see her head fervently bobbing up and down, lavishing Dean’s pole with her unparalleled skill. I began pressing the tip of my tongue gently on her tight, little hollow. She rocked back on her hips assisting my efforts as my warm tongue wriggled persistently on the threshold of her resistant, pink button. Once again, grasping both indescribably delectable globes, I spread them further apart and placed the tip of my tongue in the center of her aroused cherry blossom. My tongue darted in and out and she continued rocking on her hips to meet my advance of her ambitious assailant. Our combined effort resulted in my warm digit, slightly penetrating your taunt little cavity. I continued to gently thrust my tongue like a spear at the center of that sensual target. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, pulling her back against my determined probe. I felt her thighs shiver involuntarily and liquid sugar began dripping from the folds of your pink orchid-like clear, thick syrup.‘OH YESSSS, Sweetheart. I love how you make me cum Escort İstanbul like that, it makes me feel like such a naughty girl.’She rolled over, leaving Dean’s beating shaft briefly unattended to change position.‘Sweetheart, I’m going to put on a show for you. I’m going to use Dean’s thick friend to give you something to see. I’m going to ride him like a bull.’She turned herself around to face me and straddled Dean’s mid-drift. As she hovered above his very enthusiastic member, I, once again, retrieved my phone and started preserving this unique moment. She gripped his thick shaft in her little hand, placing the head on target. She then initiated a slow descent, as his large head was slowly consumed by her well-prepared pink sugar bowl. As she gradually sank onto its girth, her mouth opened wider and wider as his burly shaft disappeared from view completely and she was settled down firmly on his lap. She emitted a long and satisfied sigh. His companion was so thick at the base that it looked as though she’d taken a seat on a rhinoceros horn. I guess she sensed that on some unanticipated level, I was greatly enjoying watching her pleasure herself on this unfamiliar mount and she began to perform in an unrestrained manner. ‘Alright, Sweetheart, it’s time for you to watch your little girl fuck this big, thick post. Oooh Gosh! Dean’s friend is filling up my pinkness so good.’With his thick horn completely immersed in her consuming depths, she commenced slowly rocking to and fro as if riding an unseen mechanical bull. She gently cupped her breasts, clutching them to her chest. Her lips parted slightly and her head swayed gently from side to side as if tossed by an imaginary breeze. I could hear her fortunate benefactor moaning in unison with her graceful gyrations. She bent backward slightly, placing her hands on either side of Dean’s chest which resulted in an unobstructed view of his glistening, sugar-coated lance, slipping in and out of that steamy abyss. I watched in hypnotized fascination as her pink gossamer petals hugged his throbbing stalk while her hooded clit skimmed gracefully over the slick surface of his manhood.‘Here you go, Sweetheart. I’ll spread my legs so you can see him slide into my wet, pink, kitten. Good Grief! I’m so full of his cock, Baby. Can you see, Sweetheart? Can you see him fucking my helpless little pussy? Oh My Gosh, it feels so good.’Recognizing the opportunity and not wanting to be excluded from this erotic exhibition, I climbed onto the bed and stood aside from her with my enthusiastic erection hovering coincidentally level with her heavenly mouth. ‘Oh yes, Sweetheart, that’s it, that’s it, I want you in my mouth. Let my tongue take care of you while he uses my little pink hole.’Her mouth opened and I was immediately admitted into the depth of her oral clutches. Her hand gripped the base of my eager manhood to steady herself and she unleashed what could only be described as a swirling tempest of sensation on my extremely grateful cock. I had one hand holding my phone, the other mingling with the wild strands of her hair. She moaned sensually as her tongue continued to pirouette with a fervor, previously unknown, adding to the almost unendurable excitement of the moment.Meanwhile, south of the equator, Dean’s hands scooped under her bottom, suspending her over the tip of his pulsating head. He then proceeded to slowly lower her onto his member while I documented the parting of her pink shrouds. Each time his bulbous head vanished from view, she shuddered and released a torrent of clear, slick sugar, blanketing the steed on which she perched. Dean caught on quickly to the technique. He would slowly allow her to sink onto the tip of his beating head, only to lift her off, suspending her. He would leave just those ravishing pink petals resting daintily on his sugar-coated head. 

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