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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 118c IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS Copyright and content notice No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of the author and publisher, nor be otherwise circulated without the author or publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition being imposed on the subsequent publisher. The rights of the author have been applied hereon. ******* This Story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Any references made to schools, castles, entertainers and aristocratic titled personages are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or personages named are true. None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ******* Finally, thank you again to my editor, Jim. ********************* He gasped, “Fuck, look at it. It’s all swollen.” His cock did look a bit battered, all puffy, a bandage wrapped just under his glans, his acorn of a cockhead sticking out like the head of a little tortoise. “It doesn’t look much like your cock Forts’.” I wasn’t sure what to say. Davy glanced round and let out a laugh, “Oh, I don’t know Edwin. I told you it would be bigger than Forts’. Davy ruffled Edwin’s hair, let’s give it a few days to settle down and we can compare them again then.” Edwin grinned and nodded. He held out his arms, “Group hug.” ********************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 118c � The Harshest Cut Davy continues the story “Hey, everyone, we are back.” Forts called out as we entered Athol and Archie’s living room together. The professor and Dima were sitting with them. “Hey where are McPhee and Niki? I was expecting them to be back, too.” Athol chuckled, “Oh, Torcall invited them all to stay another night. He sends his love and says you are both being missed.” It was a shame we hadn’t been able to go. But Edwin came first, really. “Pleasant drive?” “Yes, thanks.” Archie stood, “Drink?” “Oh, yes, please. Large ones” Archie crossed to the drinks cabinet and poured out two tumblers of whisky, handing one to me and the other to Forts. He glanced round at the others’ glasses and then took the decanter and filled theirs too. Forts had just driven us back from the Infirmary; poor Edwin had to stay another night for observations. It was horrible leaving him alone there. We had stayed with him as long as Forts thought safe, knowing we had a long journey back to the castle along blacked out country roads. Harding turned to face us, “How was Edwin when you left?” Forts shook his head, “Miserable, to be honest. I told him we would be back tomorrow morning first thing to get him. Err, did you tell Dad what happened?” Harding nodded. “Yes, I did.” Athol gave us a reassuring look, “Sounds like you both had a bit of a day of it. Come and sit down.” Forts smiled, “I will in a minute. I need to stretch out a bit after the drive.” I felt the same; that Jeep wasn’t very comfortable. I stood next to him, my arm round his waist. Forts grinned and let out a little laugh as he looked towards Harding. I knew what was coming, he hadn’t shut up about it. “Professor, did you tell Dad about the other thing?” Harding chuckled, taking a swig of his drink. “No, not that.” Forts turned to Athol, grinning, “Hey Dad, I am cut. Like Proper Royalty. Now it’s only you who isn’t.” Athol sighed, “I am quite happy as I am, thank you.” I shook my head, looking skywards, laughing. I turned to Harding, “Oh, why did you have to tell him that? He has been going on about it all afternoon.” Harding laughed. Holding his hands up, “Sorry.” Forts turned to Dima, “You have always said you were cut, seems we both were.” Dima looked confused, “But the Grand Duke told us your mother refused to allow it, remember?” “That’s what he said. But, I have been. The professor confirmed it. Show him your cock.” Dima looked uncomfortable, “Sorry Prince?” Forts wasn’t listening. “Harding, check out Dima’s cock too. Our dicks look practically identical, everyone says so.” Forts turned to Athol, “Don’t they, Dad?” Athol blushed, “Well, err, yes, they are very similar.” I watched Harding’s face as he gave a little grin, realising what was being revealed. Forts turned back to Dima, “Come on, show him your cock.” Dima stood, putting down his drink. “As you command, Prince.” Forts looked momentarily frustrated, “Oh, come on Dima. It’s not a command. But aren’t you interested?” Dima moved closer to Harding, who remained in his chair. He stopped in front of him and gathered up the front of his kilt. His heavy cock and balls appearing below the cloth.” Harding looked up. Reaching out his hands, “May I?” Dima nodded, looking away. Harding took hold of Dima’s cock and gave it a couple of strokes before pulling back the roll neck of skin under his glans. He turned it towards the nearby light. “Yeap, as you said, you are cut, Dima. By the same person who did Forts I imagine.” He stroked Dima’s cock again. I was sure it thickened slightly. “See, look here. You can just see the scar. You definitely had the same guy circumcise you both.” Dima was now peering down, “But how, when?” Athol was obviously thinking and spoke, “Your father must have had you done in Russia Dima, and then had Forts cut too, when he got him back to England. It sounded like he was a bit of a traditionalist. Maybe he thought Fort’s parents were wrong not to.” Dima just shook his head. “I never knew. Forts, I knew I was, but the Grand Duke said you hadn’t been.” Harding nodded, “Well, it would be easy to make that mistake. This really is marvellous work. See how ankara escort what remains of the foreskin sits ruffed up here. Yet, I can easily slide it over the glans, but watch this.” Harding let go of the skin he had pulled over Dima’s glans, it quickly returned to the polo neck look. “See, amazing work.” Harding was still holding Dima’s shaft. Dima took a step back, his cock stretching to Harding’s hand. Dima looked down. “Sorry Professor, are we finished now? Harding let go, “Yes, sorry. Yes, of course. Get yourself covered up.” Poor Dima was looking really embarrassed. He turned to Forts, “Prince, with your permission, I will head to bed. Now that I am feeling better, I would also like to head to London to see my sister and be with her when the baby is born, unless you have any objections.” Forts was taken by surprise. “No, not at all, Dima. I understand, tell Theodora we are all asking for her. Will I see you in the morning before you leave? “Certainly Forts. I wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye to everyone. Goodnight everyone.” Dima gave a slight head bow and left. Harding looked to Athol, “Oh, God. I didn’t upset him, did I? “No, he will be fine. Dima is the strong, silent, reserved type, at the best of times. Another drink?” Harding grinned, “I wouldn’t say no. I imagine these guys could do with one too after the day they have had. Forts and I both nodded. * Several drinks later, Athol and Archie got up and announced they were off to bed. Forts moaned, “No, not yet. It’s still early.” Athol laughed, “It is alright for you. I have work in the morning.” They hugged Forts and me goodnight and left. Harding went to stand up, but Forts beat him out of the chair, “Oh no, you don’t. Have another drink with us.” Harding smiled, “Would be my pleasure.” Forts topped us all up and settled down on one of the armchairs. Harding smiled, “Cheers. I hope I didn’t embarrass Prince Dima.” I smiled, “No, to be honest, he has had his cock compared to Forts’ so often, he is used to it. I think you just took him by surprise.” Harding was obviously a bit tiddly, in fact, we all were. Harding held up his glass, “To the most beautiful cock I have ever seen.” I chuckled, “Hey, you haven’t seen mine yet.” Forts leapt up, shouting, “Competition!” as he hauled up the front of his kilt. He stood grinning at me, “Come on Davy. Let’s see which the professor thinks is nicest.” Harding held up his hands, “No way am I deciding that,” he chuckled. I don’t know what came over me, but seeing Forts standing there, kilt up, his thick cock hanging, got me all turned on. I licked my lips, “Let me show the Prof. just how amazing it is.” I dropped off the couch and knelt next to Harding’s chair, “Forts, bring it over here.” Forts gave me a wry smile and came over. I turned to Harding, “You will need to get closer.” He grinned, “Are you sure it’s okay?” “Sure, it is. There is plenty to share. Forts you sit on the chair, legs spread wide. Prof. You get down here next to me.” Harding got down on his knees next to me as Forts got on the chair. Pulling his kilt up, he slung both of his legs over the arms of the chair, leaving his groin totally exposed. “Are you sure you’re happy to share, Davy? “Of course I am, get your nose in there and smell him.” Harding didn’t need to be told twice. He pushed his nose into Forts’ pubes, I could hear him breathing deeply. His hands moved to Forts’ knees, and he slid them back and forth as he continued to huff in Forts’ musk. He moaned into Forts’ pubes. I placed my hand on to the back of his head and eased his head deeper into Forts’ groin. Harding moaned, “Fuck, this smells so good.” I was throbbing myself. I slipped my hand under my kilt, gripping my cock. I wanked slowly, watching Harding. It was so horny. I leant forward and whispered in Harding’s ear, “Taste him. Enjoy him.” He groaned, “Are you sure you don’t mind?” “No, go for it.” ** Professor Harding takes up the story My head was spinning, the whisky wasn’t helping, but what had my cock throbbing was the scent given off by this gorgeous guy’s crotch. Christ, since I first set eyes on this horny young man, I had wanted to see and know more. There was just something about him, an irresistible aura. I couldn’t quite believe it when Davy told me to enjoy myself. I had already had a good fondle, sorry medical examination, of his penis in the hospital, now I was about to taste it. As I inhaled his amazing scent, I felt his cock swelling, bouncing up my cheek as it throbbed and reached full erection. In basic medical terms, blood was flooding all the not inconsiderable spongy tissue of his dick. Which made up his twin Corpus cavernosa and his Corpus spongiosum. His fat juicy glans and the beautifully formed Meatus, sorry cocklips, which were leaking out his young man’s honey. Why did my brain medicalise such an amazingly beautiful process? A voice was screaming in my head, what are you going on about? Just enjoy it. Fuck, he just had an amazing knob. I took hold of his shaft and with my open mouth hovering close to his bellend, I again looked to check Davy was okay. He just nodded, mouthed, “Go ahead.” I dragged my tongue slowly up the wide shaft. Starting just above his heavy ball sack, I licked and lapped up the velvet skin of his pole, losing myself in pleasure, as my tongue perfectly moulded to the surface, every vein, every depression, registering in my brain. The tip of my tongue met the taut skin of his Frenulum, sorry, fucking medical training. Now what had Forts called it? His bow string, that was it, it was certainly taut enough. The outer edges of my tongue lightly touched and tasted the straining skin of his throbbing glans. Slightly salty, musky, meaty, I licked over his cocklips, gasping as the salty man precum coasted my tongue’s surface. My lips spread wide over the glans as I began to swallow as much of his meaty escort ankara pole as I could. Years of abstinence was driving me forward, filling me with an aching lust. His glans flared wide in my mouth, his fresh salty, sweet precum coating my gums. The amazing taste was turning on my saliva glans, flooding my mouth. Up and down, my lips slid, my saliva coating his velvety shaft skin, leaving it wet and glistening, my moans matched by Forts’. I pulled off his cock head, my lips smacking audibly together. I heard Davy chuckle, I grinned round at him, “It’s fucking amazing.” I sat back, admiring the beauty of his amazing cock. I couldn’t resist, I was in awe of the eight visible inches, my finger traced the shaft down from the join with his scrotum, pushing down between his legs, towards the source of his man bone. He had been truly blessed by the god Priapus. His shaft vanished inside him, close to his taint. I was tempted to move there, but there were his balls to explore yet. Gripping his shaft in one hand, I slipped the other under his beautiful testicles, weighing them gently in my hand. Fuck, they were huge, too. I chuckled, looking at Davy, “Fuck, he is the meaning of young, hung and full of cum!” Davy nodded. The gentle movement of me handling Forts’ balls set them moving on their own within their sack. Their movement released yet more of his amazing hypnotic man musk. I moved closer, his hen’s egg sized balls rolled freely in their slightly hairy sack. I kissed one, then the other, again, tasting his musky man scent on my tongue. I licked his balls, juggling them in their sack. Forts responded by groaning and spreading his legs wider. I winked at Davy and gestured for him to join me. It was the right thing to do. As Davy moved his head closer to mine, I leant in and kissed him. He spread his lips and our buccal cavities joined. Fuck, here I go again; at this precise moment, I decided I was not returning to London. I wanted, no needed to live before I died. So, continuing: our tongues were pushing into each other’s mouths only fractions of an inch above Fort’s still leaking cockhead. I felt Forts’ hand on my head and the pressure he was exerting pushing Davy and me ever closer together. I am not sure how long we snogged like kids, but it was a while. Remember, I still had Fort’s hard shaft in my hand, he gave it a twitch, subtly reminding me he was still there. Our mouths broke apart. I gripped the base of Forts’ shaft and pointed the glistening magical head towards Davy’s mouth. His lips opened and his tongue licked across the oozing head, taking it deep inside. I continued to hold the shaft, watching Davy’s mouth working up and down. Forts moved both hands to Davy’s head and began to slowly fuck his mouth. A momentary pang of jealousy engulfed me, I wished he had done that to me too. It quickly passed as a hand moved to my head and pushed me down to his balls once more. While Davy worked the shaft, I licked and sucked on his balls. The heavenly scent igniting something deep in my psyche, I craved more. I eased up his ball sack and pushed my tongue along his taint, the new tastes and smells causing a firework display in my head, my tongue responding, my mouth watering as I licked ever closer to his hole. Forts adjusted his hips, tilting them to give me better access. Davy’s face appeared alongside mine, “Having fun?” I nodded hungrily. He grinned, and his tongue joined mine, together working Fort’s taint and hole. Our tongues tumbled over each other, our lustful moans and excited yelps stimulating us both to greater efforts. Forts moved again, moving more on to his back, lifting his hips, giving both Davy and me even better access to his hanging meat and hole. Forts gripped his cock and wanked slowly, his precum trickling down his shaft to his balls. Davy and I took turns licking up his shaft, licking up the tasty cock slime from his dick and fingers. His pucker was soon pink, wet and puffy, his taint a gleaming highway to heaven. He began wanking faster and faster. His breath coming in gasps. Davy nudged me, “He is going to cum soon, get ready for your share.” He winked and laughed. We moved our open mouths to each side of his purple cockhead, watching as Forts brought himself to orgasm, gasping, “Now, now, uuurrgh, yessssss.” Forts’ threw his head backwards, his hips bucking upwards, unable to form words anymore, just a series of grunts and gasps. His cock throbbed from his balls to his bellend, which pulsed and forced out the first jet of cum, to a great groan. It fell, splattering into my open mouth, coating my tongue, the salty heady taste overwhelming my taste buds. Awe-struck and barely in control of my emotions, I moved over slightly. The next jet spurted skywards and Davy got into position to catch it. My turn again, another spurt left his pulsing cockhead flying several inches into the air. I caught it mid-flight, the blob landing partially on my lips. I licked it off hungrily. Davy got the next spurt and me the one after that, as Forts writhed on the armchair, panting. Fort’s cock pulsed heavily, his orgasm fading, his cock now only oozing out the last of his cum. Davy and I licked and sucked his bellend clean. Davy kissed my cheek, whispering, “Thank you.” I kissed him back on the lips, “No Davy, thank you. Thank you for sharing this guy.” While Forts lay back recovering, Davy whispered, “I don’t know about you, but I need to cum now.” He lifted his kilt with one hand and reached for my fly with the other, attempting to pop the buttons on my trousers. He struggled, giggling, “We need to get you in a kilt too; it’s much quicker for this sort of thing.” Davy’s cock was as hard as mine, I leaned in to kiss him again as we both began wanking. Exploring each other’s mouths, both of us enjoying the taste of the fragments of unswallowed Forts cum we found. It didn’t take us long until we both came, ankara escort bayan spurting our loads over each other’s cocks and balls. As Davy and I cleaned ourselves up, I suddenly felt embarrassed. Here I was, a man in my late forties, wanking off like a horny, uncontrolled, teenager. “Fuck, what had I done?” In my mind, I had abused Forts’ and Davy’s trust. But, how I loved this pair already. I was staring at the floor, thinking of making my exit, when I felt Forts’ eyes on me. Did he see my embarrassment? I think he did. He shuffled forward and kissed us both, saying, ‘Thank you, that was amazing.’ He got up, his kilt falling back into place, the final curtain of the evening. He flashed us both that amazing smile of his, “I don’t know about you both, but I am having a nightcap. Anyone want to join me? What could we say but yes. It would have been rude not to. As Forts crossed to the drinks cabinet, Davy leant into me, “Are you okay? You have gone all quiet.” “Sorry, just a little embarrassed. Christ, I am twice your ages.” Davy threw his arms round me and kissed me again. “Don’t be, we’re not.” What an amazing couple these guys were. Forts brought across our drinks, still smiling. If only I had been thirty years younger; if only. “Cheers, everyone.” ** Carstairs takes up the story the following morning. “Forts, Davy, you’re here. Let me call the nurse and see if I can get dressed.” Forts smiled, “Hang on, Mr Eager Beaver. Has the Professor seen you yet?” “Yes, he was in first thing.” “What did he say?” “He was very pleased. I was to expect the swelling, and soon I would have a magnificent cock like yours.” Davy guffawed and nudged Forts, “Magnificent, hey!” Forts blushed. “What did I miss?” Davy just winked at me, “Nothing you haven’t done several times already.” I caught Forts shaking his head. Whatever it was, he obviously didn’t want to talk about it; Not now anyway. The door opened, and the Professor came in. Davy glanced at Forts, “Speak of the devil.” “And he shall appear.” Harding threw his hands up, surrendering, “Guilty as charged.” He turned to me, “You already to go home now, Edwin?” I could feel myself smiling, “I certainly am, Sir.” “Excellent. Well, you’re free to go then.” He turned to Forts, “Any chance I can grab a lift back? The hospital is short of vehicles to get me back.” “Sure Professor.” Harding went off to get his coat and bag, while Davy and Forts got me all dressed and packed up, gingerly, I might add. Forts had left the Jeep in the carpark. He went and got it, bringing it to the main entrance. Davy helped me to the car. I was walking bowlegged, like a cowboy who had lost his horse. I assumed Davy would sit in the front with Forts, but he insisted on sitting in the back with me. He wrapped a blanket round us both and with the Professor hopping in the front, next to Forts, we set off. Destination, Castle Fraser. I could hear snippets of the conversation between Forts and the Professor. Apparently, he was going to be examining all the boys, giving them their annual medicals starting the following week. I tapped him on the shoulder, “Do I have to have one too? Harding smiled back, “Especially you!” * The rest of the day was spent resting in one of Davy and Fort’s spare rooms. Marcus was back from his break with Denis. Denis had left that morning, back for London. Marcus came over and sat on my bed. He looked a bit sad. I smiled and took his hand, “Thank you for looking after me.” He smiled, “Not a problem, Edwin. Stops me thinking about Denis. He wiped away a tear, “This is silly, how can I be missing him already?” “Marcus, Marcus.” Fort’s voice drifted into the room. He stood, “My master’s voice. I had better go. It’s bound to be something important, like he can’t find his socks!” Marcus stood, chuckling and ruffled my hair, “Just ring if you need anything.” ** Marcus takes up the story. I went through into the sitting room. Forts beamed, “Oh, there you are. How’s the patient? “He is fine.” Forts appeared uneasy, “Is Davy back yet? “No, the final bell hasn’t gone yet.” Forts glanced at his watch. “Sir, err, Forts, I need to speak to you.” Forts moved and closed the door into the corridor, he looked back at me, putting his finger to his lips, “Marcus, can it wait a minute? I have to tell you something first. I just don’t want little ears wagging.” “Of course, go ahead.” “You know Davy and I are getting hitched. Well, I am going to surprise him. The neighbouring estate to the Castle is up for sale, I am going to buy it as a present for Davy.” “Wow! That’s some present!” “Hang on, I wanted to ask you, do you think Denis would agree to move up here and run the place for me? I imagine Davy and I will carry on living here and just use it for entertaining and guests… Do you think Denis would be interested?” “Yeah, I am sure he would be.” Forts looked relieved, “Great. Now what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” I gave him a hug. “Nothing Sir. Just thank you.” Forts gave me a questioning glance, “Okay, but not a word to Davy about this please. I want to surprise him.” ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. 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