14 Mart 2023

Opportunity Knocked One Night


We moved back to New England around the New Year. Not the best time to leave Florida, but what can you do? Winter here being what it is, most of the neighbors in our new “Active Senior” condo complex (that’s 50+ for you kids) didn’t spend a lot of time out doors. I have a dog to walk so I’m out and around often. I have managed to meet a lot of the people but only briefly. I met Judy one day as she walked her dog at the same time I was out with mine. We chatted several times, and as the weather began to warm we spoke more frequently. I also noted that with out the sweaters and parkas of the winter she was a slim, attractive woman.

My wife returned to our Florida place for a week or so to get it cleaned and ready to sell. I stayed home for work.

It was late afternoon on Saturday and I was getting ready to make my dinner when the door bell rang. I saw it was Judy and opened the door to find her in a panic on the porch. “My dog ran off and I can’t find her anywhere” she blurted out as soon as I had opened the door. “Please help me find her” she asked. “Of course”, I said as I went to get my shoes.

We wandered the grounds ( with only 35 units it isn’t too big) and hadn’t found her dog but then I heard mine barking up a storm back at my home. When I got back there I found her dog on the porch “talking” through the door to mine. I called Judy acıbadem escort and she ran back to where I was, scooped up her dog and proceeded to give me a big hug.

I could tell her nerves were shot so I invited her in for a drink to help her calm down. I was kind of surprised she accepted, but she did and we went in and let her dog run around playing with mine. Even more surprising was that she turned out to be a fellow scotch drinker. I poured us each a nice glass and we sat down for a while.

Mid-way thru a second drink, I asked if she would join me for supper. She lives alone, so I guess was happy to have someone to talk to. I started cooking and she helped us both to a refill.

Somewhere between cooking and a glass of wine with our meal I started the stereo and as we were finishing our dinner, she said “that’s a great song”. Feeling pretty good myself, I asked her if she wanted to dance. She did, and we moved to the other room. We danced around the living room for awhile, but mostly stood in one place swaying. She put both arms around my neck, and as I rubbed her back, it was clear she was still in good shape, and not wearing a bra under her sweater. We danced even after the music ended. When I pulled back she hung onto my neck and keep moving, and pushing closer to me as she moved. akbatı escort

A new song started, and I moved to look at her. She pulled her face back, looked up at me and said how wonderful it felt to be held like this. I smiled back and she said “will you make love to me?”

Well, I didn’t quite fall over, but I almost didn’t believe my ears. After 2 or 3 drinks and a bottle of wine I was ready. I lead her into the bedroom and sat her on the edge of the bed. I lifted her sweater exposing her small but firm breasts. I kissed her neck, and worked my way down to each nipple, pausing long enough to suck each one thoroughly. As I continued down, she moaned but seemed a bit tense. I told her to relax. She lifted up a bit so I could slide off her pants. She had on a beautiful pair of silk panties. When I smiled she said that nice lingerie is her only vise.

I kissed down her tummy and began to rub her legs. She pulled some pillows under her head and laid back to let me continue. I kissed my way to her pussy and found it neatly trimmed and as sweet as honey. I spread her legs and licked and sucked her opening until my tongue fond her clit. I nibbled gently and as I sucked it into my mouth she clamped her legs to my head and let out a scream as she climaxed. I kept sucking until she calmed down. I looked aksaray escort up at her and smiled. She said it had been eight years since she had a man, and had forgotten how intense the feelings were. I answered by moving her legs to the bed and assuring her I wasn’t done yet.

She grinned, spread her legs, reached down and pulled my dick toward her waiting hole. “Please, fuck me now” she said, and I was only too willing.

I teased the outside of her pussy briefly, made sure I was good and wet and plunged into her. She was tight and wet. I moved in and out slowly to get used to her. She pulled her knees up to get me in deeper. She raised up on her elbows and said she wanted to watch as I fucked her. She kissed me and held me as we moved in a quickening rhythm. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, so I stopped to get control. Judy pleaded, “please fill me up with your cum. It’s been so long.” I fucked her hard for a few strokes and as she squeezed me tight with her second orgasm I lost it and shot deeply into her. We collapsed on the bed and when I looked I noticed a tear on her cheek. I asked if I had hurt her in some way and she laughed, kissed me and said I had just made her feel so alive that they were tears of joy.

After a moments rest she sat up and looked at my dick hanging limply but still covered with our mixed juices. I said I might need a few minutes if she wanted any thing else. She smiled with a twinkle in her eye, kissed me again and suggested that since we had just had such a wonderful dinner at my place that we move to her unit for dessert.

The night was still young and having Judy for dessert sounded like a perfect way to finish my day.

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