11 Mayıs 2023

Our Cuckold Wedding Part One


I had been dating Jen for just over a year when we decided to finally tie the knot and get married.Jen was twenty-eight-years-old and had one broken marriage behind her. She married when she was just eighteen and against her parent’s advice, she married the guy who turned out to be an abusive drunk.The marriage ended two years later and her previous experience did put her off trying to find the right guy; she didn’t believe that he was out there. Jen is slim build, smallish thirty-four B cup breasts, and a nice firm well-maintained body, her pubic hair is always nicely trimmed and she takes good care of herself, she stands at five feet five inches tall and has shoulder length brown hair; her green eyes complete this ideal female.She works out regularly and it took me a long time before she finally agreed to go on a date with me. I was persistent and finally, my efforts paid off and we hit it off straight away, I never pushed sex on her as I decided that it would happen when the time was right and when we discussed getting married almost six months into our relationship, we decided that we should save the sex side of our relationship until we were married.We decided to splash out on our wedding; Jen had always wanted to go to the south of France. We decided that should be where we should tie the knot. Of course, it would mean that a lot of our friends couldn’t make the trip but close family and a few friends would definitely come.The date was set and the venue booked. We decided to honeymoon in a beautiful French cottage just twenty minutes from Nice, where we were to be married; of course the first night we were to spend in the hotel that we booked the reception.The hotel was a huge, high-end hotel and it had three banquet rooms for special events like our wedding and we found out that there was to be another wedding ceremony later that afternoon in the same hotel and although this would not interfere with ours it would mean that the hotel would be very busy.We arrived three days before the wedding and booked into our separate rooms and finalized the wedding preparations. Everything looked amazing and the hotel really put on a good show.One by one the guests arrived over the following two days and everything was going as planned.I couldn’t wait to get Jen in between the sheets and finally make love to her; up till then we had only had some heavy petting but I had never touched her breasts or pussy area.The time had arrived for us to finally get wed and everything went to perfection, not one single thing went wrong and although there were only about thirty-five friends and family present, it was a good turn out. The reception also went superbly and the banquet room was full of white lilies and decorations; it looked perfect. The reception started to wind down around ten o’clock; the wedding was at noon and people had already had a long day. Besides that, I wanted to get my new bride into bed.Jen and I said our Maltepe Escort goodbyes to our guests and we went to the fifth floor of the luxury hotel to our room. We got completely lost and found ourselves on the fourth floor and in the middle of the other wedding party. We recognized the minister; he was the guy who married us ten hours earlier.He asked us if we were going to join the other wedding and we told him that we were trying to find our room.“Come and join us,” the minister smiled, “You may find this ceremony exciting.”“Exciting?” Jen asked, still in her bridal gown.“Yes, it’s a cuckold marriage.”My ears pricked up. “A cuckold marriage?” I asked.I had heard of cuckoldry before but I never imagined that there were wedding ceremonies like that.“Yes, Marc and Liz have been married for five years and now they want to change their vows to enable them to live the cuckold lifestyle; come and watch.”I looked at Jen whose eyes lit up; she obviously wanted to watch this couple change their wedding vows.“I’m up for it,” Jen shouted, “It may be fun.”“Okay, we will drop in and watch,” I replied.“Excellent, you never know, you may want to change your vows after you witness this ceremony,” the minister smiled.Jen squeezed my hand tightly and I could tell that she was more than intrigued by this whole thing.We walked with the minister and upon entering a large banquet room; we were greeted with a rapturous applause. Both Jen and I were slightly embarrassed and a middle-aged woman came over and told us that she will take care of us.“Are you going to renew your vows as well?” Monique asked.“No, we’ve only just got married this morning,” I quickly replied.“Cuckold?” Monique asked.Jen smiled, “No, not yet anyway.”Her comment shook me and I looked at her, she raised her eyebrow letting me know that she was more interested in this than I first thought.Jen and I stood at the back of the room with Monique and the music started playing. A middle-aged couple walked in, her in a bridal gown and him in a smart suit. Behind them walked two black guys, equally well dressed and in their late twenties by the look of them.We watched as the minister gave a speech about the solemn vows of wedlock before stating that in today’s age, infidelity breaks more marriages than spousal abuse. He went on to say that, the cuckold marriage is a great way to preserve a happy wedded existence without the fear of infidelity.“Marc and Liz have agreed that their marriage vows be changed to initiate the cuckold side of their relationship, thus preserving their marriage,” The minister said.Jen and I were squeezing each other’s hands tightly as the minister started reading their new vows.He went on with the ceremony by reading out various things and a few that stuck in my head were as follows.“Do you, Marc, solemnly vow to give Liz the sexual freedom to explore other lovers till death do you part?”“I do.”“Do you agree to Maltepe Escort Bayan be cuckolded by Liz, to agree to her terms of sexual denial and humiliation?”“I do.”Jen’s grasp on my hand was increasing to the point that my hand was going numb.“Do you agree that if Liz should become pregnant by one of her sexual partners, that you will raise the child or children as yours, love cherish and provide for them?”“I do.”“By swearing these vows, you hereby give up any sexual rights that your marriage has, do you agree to this?”“I do.”He turned to Liz.“Liz, do you agree to change your vows to those of a cuckold marriage?”“I do!”“Do you wish to explore your sexual side with different partners?”“I do!”“You are entering this cuckold lifestyle with the intention of cuckolding Marc to be your cuckold husband, to deny him your body and humiliate him as you wish, do you agree to this?”“I do!”He then turned to them both.“Marc, is there present, a sexual partner for your bride to consummate your new marriage?”“Yes.”The two black guys stepped forward.“Marc, you give Liz to Jason and Gabe to fulfill her sexual desires on this your wedding day, to consummate this marriage and have sexual relations with no regrets?”“I do.”“Liz, do you take Jason and Gabe to be your sexual partners on this night to consummate your new marriage to your cuckold husband, Marc?”“I do!”“Marc, and Liz, would you place your wedding bands on the table.”They both removed their wedding rings and placed them on the table.The minister took Marc’s hand and placed it in Liz’s.“Marc, would you place Liz’s hand in the hands of her sexual partners please.”Marc moved her hand and placed it in the black guys’ hands.“From this moment on, Marc and Liz will continue with their cuckold lifestyle and with no fear of reprisals from Liz’s sexual exploration of her partners.”I looked at Jen and she had tears in her eyes.“I now pronounce you cuckold man and wife. Jason and Gabe, you may kiss the bride.”Jason and Gabe took turns in deep kissing Liz and the guests all cheered.The two black guys walked hand in hand with Liz while Marc followed, they went to the bar and the guests followed them. Monique asked us what we thought about the ceremony and Liz said that it shocked her.“I never knew that there was this type of ceremony,” Jen said, wiping her tears.“It is becoming very popular, especially here in France,” Monique replied.“It certainly was different,” I smiled, “Interestingly different, so that guy has given his wife the freedom to have sex with whoever she pleases?”“Yes, he has and it will make their marriage stronger, don’t you agree?” Monique asked.Jen, quickly replied, “Yes, I do!”“You do?” I asked.“Yes I do, as the guy said, infidelity is the biggest wrecker of marriages, this will stop the infidelity in their marriage,” Jen smiled, “She obviously wants to fuck other guys; she can do it now with her husband’s consent and it will Escort Maltepe protect their marriage.”I was shocked to see my new bride’s reaction to what we had just witnessed.We walked with Monique to the bar and because it was not our wedding, we decided to sit at a small booth in one corner of the room. Monique brought a waiter to us and we ordered ourselves a drink. Monique sat with us and we chatted about the ceremony that we had just witnessed and we both agreed that it was eye opening and we could see the benefits of this type of marriage.Suddenly Monique saw someone at the bar and called him over to our table; he was in his late twenties and a very muscular guy, he stood at around six feet tall and he was black.He walked over to us and I could see Jen’s eyes open as she saw him.“Martin, this is Jennifer and Trevor, they have just got married,” Monique introduced us.“Hi Jennifer,” Martin said with a huge smile, “I’m Martin.”Jen stood up and shook his hand.“Hi Trevor, congratulations on marrying this beautiful girl,” Martin said as he shook my hand.“Please join us and have a drink,” Jen smiled and Martin accepted her invite and sat down to the left of her.“You did the cuckold ceremony?” Martin asked.Jen smiled, “No we did the conventional wedding.”“You can still change it to the cuckold marriage,” Martin quickly replied.Jen’s eyes opened even bigger as Martin moved his chair closer to her.Monique was chatting to me and Martin was chatting to my wife as the drinks flowed. I could see that Jen had an attraction to Martin by the was that she was looking at him and on more than one occasion, I saw him place his hand on her knee; she didn’t bat an eyelid, they just continued chatting and giggling together. It was just after midnight when Monique left us and I went to get the three of us another drink.When I returned I realized that Martin had moved his position and was now sitting next to Jen in the booth. They were chatting very quietly and giggling a lot and I knew that she had a strong fancy to him and by the look of things the attraction was both ways. I noticed on several occasions that his hand rested above her knee and also on her hand. I was getting an erection as I watched them chat and laugh together and I wanted more!Jen got up to visit the bathroom and her long wedding dress got caught up as she tried to squeeze past Martin. I almost shot my load as I saw his hand on her ass as they tried to untangle her wedding gown and I swear that she deliberately took longer to untangle herself than needed, she liked what was happening and his hand on her ass.Finally, she got out of the booth and hurried to the bathroom, leaving Martin and me alone.“She’s beautiful, man,” Martin said with a big smile.“I know she is.”“And she tells me that you have never, you know, done it with her yet?”“You mean had sex with her? No, never, I’ve not even seen her in her lingerie; we wanted to save that for our wedding night.”“Man, I couldn’t have waited, she’s gorgeous.”“Thanks, Martin.”“So, do you think that you would like the cuckold marriage?” Martin asked.“Jen wouldn’t,” I replied, “She’s a bit prudish if you know what I mean.”“She would Trevor, believe me, she would.”“You seem sure of that,” Martin replied.

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