1 Ağustos 2021

Our first meeting


Our first meetingI reached the hotel we had arranged to meet at, heading straight for my room I dropped the bag on the bed and opened it out plenty of things to get ready before we would meet in the bar. Stripping of and jumping in the shower getting nice and clean and fresh for him if he was going to take me tonight for the first time I wanted him to taste my clean fresh skin. I had brought some very sexy new underwear I knew from his messages he liked thongs so I had brought a new set pink lace thong and bra set with a matching suspenders and black nylon stockings. I checked myself in the mirror before pulling my little black dress on and pulled on my high heels strapping them at my ankle. Looking at the bed it was already prepared, I hoped he was going to like the surprise, who am I k**ding he will love it. Sat at the bar waiting for him, drink in hand as I felt his hand touch my shoulder oh my I felt so excited. We chatted and drank flirting constantly till he put his hand on my thigh that was it I wanted him and he was going to fuck me, I gave him the second key too my room and told him to give me 15 minutes then meet me there. Fifteen minutes passed and I heard the key in the door, my heart skipped a beat and I gasped he was about to enter and I was about to get fucked, as he entered the room and closed the door behind him and turned to see me bebek escort his jaw dropped ‘oh fuck yes’ was his words as he saw me lay spread eagle on the bed my legs and ankles cuffed and ready for him to fasten to the ties I had already placed at each corner of the bed. He moved forward taking each hand and fastening them to the top of the bed, kneeling onto the bed he hooked his fingers into my thong and gently pulled it from my soaking wet pussy, I had let my Hair grow out for him as I knew he preferred a little bush down there, he ran his fingers over my pubic hair and down over my already wet pussy lips, I let out a little moan as I felt a finger slip inside my wet pussy then another two fingers in my soaking wet pussy fucking me fast, Oh fuck I came very quickly from his first insertion Cumming all over his hand, he pulled his fingers from my pussy then dropping his head began to lick my hard little clit making me moan again as he teased me bringing me closer to Cumming again, I felt his fingers slip inside me again curling up and against my Gspot that was it both his tongue and his fingers had me Cumming again this time squirting over his face coating his face with my juices. Standing up I watched as he stripped off all of his clothes his cock already standing to attention mmm yes I wanted it inside levent escort me he had a pick of where to fuck me but I want to taste it first, he must have read my mind as he straddle over my chest pressing forward as I opened my mouth taking him as deep inside as I could sucking hard and fast, he grabbed my head as he fucked my mouth hard and fast feeling his balls tighten and his shaft twitch I knew he was going to cum, I moaned as he exploded in my mouth filling me with his cum as I swallowed every last drop licking and sucking him to get all of it, I carried on slowly sucking and licking him keeping him hard with my mouth, pulling out he moved down my body kissing and sucking my breasts taking my hard nipples in his mouth and gently nibbling making me moan again, I felt him grab my legs pulling them up around his shoulders, oh fuck yes I love this position it always makes we cum hard, feeling the head of his cock rub against my pussy and over my lips, the bastard was teasing me and I want to be fucked hard, I felt him adjust and then bang he hammered his cock into my pussy making me squeal feeling him go balls deep with one hard thrust, I looked up at him and said ‘Fuck me hard and fill that little pussy own it baby’ he grinned and began to fuck me pounding his cock into me forcefully fucking halkalı escort my little cunt making we moan as I felt my orgasm build quickly, Cumming hard around his cock as he grabbed my breast hard squeezing them tightly oh fuck this wasn’t stopping one continuous orgasm while I was getting pounded getting fucked by this new cock, he pulled his cock from me allowing me a moment to calm down my breathing heavy and quick. I looked up again and he was grinning I knew what was Cumming next he had that look in his eyes my ass was about to get fucked and I wanted it just as much as he did, I smiled and that was all the invitation he needed as he rubbed my own juices into my ass getting it nice and wet ready for the fucking I was about to get, feeling the tip of his cock against my tight little asshole as he pressed against it, I could feel myself open up as his head passed into my tight little ass, moaning as he slid inside till I could feel his balls resting against me oh fuck yes he was balls deep in my ass and I was loving it such a filthy little whore I felt and he was using me like one. ‘Fuck me you dirty bastard and fill my slutty little as with your cum baby’ that’s all he needed to hear as he began to fuck me pounding my tight ass for all his worth, looking up at him I could tell he was close I clamped my ass down harder milking his cock as he pounded my ass till we both let out an incredibly moan as he came pumping squirt after squirt deep inside filling my tight little ass and tipped me over the edge orgasming from the anal fuck he had just given me. He pulled his cock from me untied my wrists and we lay together my head on his chest as we both fell to sleep.

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