14 Mart 2023

Out of Control


Chapter One

David Parker moved in next door a little over a year ago and quickly became friends with my parents. David is forty-two-years old, making him three years their junior, and the three of them spend a few nights each week playing cards or sitting on the patio talking and watching the sun go down. Since he ‘s been divorced for ten years mom is always trying to set him up with one of her friends, but it never works out. I heard her ask dad one night if he thought that David is gay since he doesn’t seem to show much interest in the women she hooks him up with. Dad reminded her that David’s divorce was a disaster and he most likely has enough painful memories to last a lifetime and doesn’t want back into what he probably thinks of as a bad situation.

I was eighteen and just fresh out of high school when David moved in next door. Even though I was ‘of legal age’ and could legally have sex, he didn’t seem all that interested in me, either. I’ll admit that I’m not a glamour girl but I’m not that bad looking, so I was also wondering if he was gay. When I go to the mall, I see a lot of older men copping looks at me, and I was a little confused as to why David seemed so disinterested in me.

I didn’t really care, though, and our neighbor’s sexual preference wasn’t a big deal. He was more than twenty years older than me and older guys have never excited me that much. I mean David is a nice looking man with the rugged good looks of a man who works outside a lot. He owns a successful contracting business building new homes and spends hours in the sun. Still, I had a thing about age and didn’t want a man older than twenty. Maybe older men just intimidated me, I don’t know.

Then, one night while I was undressing I noticed a tiny wink of light coming from behind one window in David’s house that looks into my bedroom. I was down to my bra and panties when I saw the tiny pinpoint of light and, at the time, I wasn’t really sure I saw anything. I thought maybe it was just a trick of the light or something. But a thread of suspicion crept into my head and I grabbed the nightshirt I intended to wear and hurried to the hall bathroom.

I left the light off in the bathroom, which is next door to my room, and looked out the window at the room in David’s house where I thought I had seen the light. After a few minutes I began to wonder if my mind was playing tricks on me because I didn’t see anything suspicious. Then, just as I was about to leave the bathroom window, I saw it again. A small, soft orange glow – someone was smoking a cigarette while looking into my room!

I backed away from the window slowly and sat down on the toilet. My mind reeled with the realization that our neighbor was sitting in a dark room of his house and staring into my bedroom. I wondered: How long has he been doing this? I was so stunned with the impact of what I had just learned that I could barely think straight. It was the most incredible and bazaar thing that had ever happened to me.

Then the shock turned to anger and disgust. I couldn’t believe that an older man – our next door neighbor – had been sitting in a dark room of his house, watching me undress. And that was precisely what David had been doing. All this time I had wondered, just as mom had, if he was gay. Well, that problem was obviously settled. I was about to call mom and dad into the bathroom and tell them what I had seen, let them set Mr. David Parker straight in a hurry. But, as I removed my bra and pulled on the long tee shirt I use as a nightshirt, I remembered that dad always warned me about acting impulsively in any bad situation, and I decided to think about it for a few days before acting on it. Sometimes acting rashly can cause more harm than good.

I turned off the light when I got back to my bedroom and crawled into bed. I knew that David couldn’t see into the room with the light out but I saw the telltale wink of a cigarette for a few more minutes, then nothing else. He had obviously gone to bed himself. And, in a few more minutes I was sound asleep.

I couldn’t get it out of my mind over the next two days and every time I entered my room, especially after dark, I would wonder if David was at his window watching me. Both nights at ten o’clock, when I normally undressed for my evening shower, I surreptitiously glanced at the window and saw the orange light of a cigarette. He was there watching me.

Before I saw the cigarette light the first time the most David had seen, depending on how long he’d been watching, would have been my small tits. Since I sleep with my panties on I know he never saw my pussy. Now, though, I had started undressing for bed with the light off or in the bathroom where he couldn’t see me. But he was still there both nights, maybe thinking or hoping that I would let my guard down.

By the third day I began to wonder if there wasn’t a little of the voyeur in me because suddenly about ten o’clock that morning I began to get aroused by the thought that a man had been staring at me at night while I undressed in my bedroom. I have no idea why it aroused me to ataşehir escort know that David sat alone in the dark looking into my bedroom window at me, but I felt my pussy dampen at the thought. The rest of the day was tough because I kept thinking of him watching me and by that evening I was so turned on that I couldn’t wait until time to get ready for bed.

I was nervous when I walked into my bedroom at ten. I didn’t turn out the light and my whole body trembled with excitement as I slowly walked to the foot of my bed. I had never done anything so brazen as to expose myself to a man like this before and I was just a little anxious. I wasn’t even sure if I would go through with it until suddenly I found myself shrugging out of my shirt.

I could feel my face becoming hot with embarrassment as I dropped the shirt onto the floor at my feet and sat down on the foot of my bed facing the window. I sucked in a deep breath and pushed my jeans down while I kept my eyes averted from the window. I wanted to make it look as innocent as possible so he wouldn’t know that I was aware he was watching.

The jeans went into the same pile as the shirt, followed by a pair of sexy thong panties. I know David got a decent shot of my shaved pussy because at one point my legs were spread as I removed the slinky thong. About twenty feet separate the two houses and I don’t know if he could tell that I was aroused but my pussy was gushing and my thighs were glistening with my juices. My nipples, which are fat and dark, were hard by this time and I could hardly breathe from the new and sensual feelings.

I stood and quickly walked around the bed so that my small ass faced the window, shrugged into a robe and gathered my nightclothes before hurrying to the bathroom. My head buzzed with what I had just done while I sat on the edge of the tub and ran a bath of hot water. My face still burned with embarrassment but the breathtaking sensation of doing something so naughty had aroused me so that there was a puddle of my juices on the edge of the tub where I sat.

I turned off the water and slipped into the tub, sinking slowly into the warm embrace of the water. Steam rose and gathered around me as I leaned back and raised my knees. Without thinking about it I slipped my right hand between my legs and lightly traced my lips, gasping with delight at the old familiar sensation. Slowly, while I lay soaking in the hot water, I touched my pussy, caressing and rubbing my clit and sex-swollen lips until a small groan of pleasure escaped my mouth.

With the sensation of exposing myself to David still fresh in my mind, I slipped a finger, then another inside of me while I continued to rub my clit. It didn’t take long before I pushed my feet against the end of the tub and raised my pussy into the air as I brought myself close to a mind-numbing orgasm. Then, just as all my thoughts seemed to do lately, the sudden realization that David had been aware that I knew he was watching came to mind and I exploded violently into orgasm. My legs trembled, my pussy quivered with the release of unbridled desires and I bit my bottom lip to keep from screaming.

I lay for a long while in the hot water before I was able to finally finish bathing. Later, as I lay in bed staring through the window at where David had sat in the anonymity of a dark room watching me undress, I thought about what I had done. I had never been into voyeurism or exhibitionism but tonight was the most exhilarating experience of my life. And I found, even though I had felt a little awkward at the time, that I liked it.

Chapter Two

Exposing myself to my neighbor became easier with time. It was like a kid learning to lie; the first few times are hard but it gets easier every time he tells a falsehood. Over the next few nights I became less inhibited, less awkward each time I took my clothes off for David. I began to wonder if he stroked his cock while he watched me undress and if he came while he watched me.

By the forth day after my first “exhibition” I was on fire. I went through the day looking at the clock and wishing the hands would move faster. I wanted time to hurry so that I could undress for David again. I was becoming shamelessly uninhibited and out of control. I didn’t know what was happening to me but it was so intoxicating that my brain felt dazed as I went through the day wishing for the time to pass quickly.

By ten o’clock my pussy was sopping wet as I hurried to my bedroom. My parents had just gone to bed and I wasted no time taking off my clothes. I had become bolder and I felt nothing but the need to show my nude young body to my older neighbor. I stripped down quickly, standing close to the window and looking toward where I knew David would be sitting and watching me.

This time was much different than the others. As I stood at the window I began caressing my thighs, my tummy and my small tits. I had not done that before for David but I wanted to now. Before, the most I had done was undress and parade around the room while he avcılar escort looked at me, then to the bathroom for a long hot soak in the tub and a mind-numbing orgasm.

I looked directly at David’s darkened window while I pinched and pulled my nipples. The thought that I was being a slut only encouraged me and made me hotter. I raised one foot to the windowsill and spread my legs wide, then spread my slippery wet pussy lips with two fingers while I rocked my hips forward so that he could easily see the young, pink meat of my cunt.

I was wet. My juices coated the inside of my thighs and I hoped he could see that I was aroused from where he sat. I pushed a finger, then two inside my little fuck hole and began pumping while I rubbed my clit with the middle finger of my right hand. I was breathing hard, my pulse was quick and my legs trembled with uncontrolled desire. This was so hot!

While I stared forward at the dark window I started rocking my hips, humping my fingers with an eager craving to exhibit myself to this older man. My fingers were wet and slippery with my juices as I continued to toy with my burning pussy. I could hear tiny mewling sounds coming from my mouth and wished he could hear them too. I wanted David to know how hot and aroused I was standing naked in front of my window and fucking my fingers while he watched.

It was so inebriating to expose myself to a man, to show him my naked body while I masturbated. A few weeks ago something like this would have disgusted me but tonight I was filled with a white-hot desire that was controlling me in a way that I had never known before.

My fingers became a blur. I was close to orgasm and the knowledge that David would see me cum, see my face twist into an expression of utter lust and desire made my legs weak. I wanted him to see me cum; the delightfully shameless performance of masturbating for a man this way, especially since I couldn’t see him, nearly drove me insane. Then, all at once, my orgasm was on me and my legs nearly gave out.

I began to shudder. My hips became jerky as my orgasm ripped wonderfully through my loins. With my light on I could see my reflection in the glass, see the distorted look of lust on my face and the way my mouth opened and closed as I whispered his name while I came hard for him. I stepped back on weak, shaky legs and collapsed onto my bed. My pussy, thighs and hands were coated with my juices and cum as I lay gasping for breath. In a few moments, as I lay on the bed, my pussy quivering with the most breathtaking climax ever, I fell asleep.

Chapter Three

I woke up around three. The bedroom light was still on and I lay curled on the bed, still naked from the exhibition I had given David earlier. I glanced at the window but with the light on it was impossible to tell if my neighbor was sitting in his room staring at me. I doubted it, though, since it was so late, but that made little difference. Just thinking of the shameless display of last night, masturbating and bringing myself to a breathtaking orgasm for an older man while he watched quickened my pulse.

I could feel my pussy becoming wet again as I lay in bed with the images fresh in my head. I could see my face, wild and twisted with desire as I looked toward where I knew David was sitting. The past several days had become so unbelievably erotic and I realized I was losing control of myself. It was amazing how much I enjoyed the blatant display of being a slut to a man who hadn’t even touched me sexually. And the images in my head were fueling my lust again.

I swung my feet onto the floor and grabbed a clean pair of panties and a nightshirt, then slowly walked to the door. Even though I was sure David was asleep, it brought out the new sensation of being a slut for an older man as I paraded my naked young body around the room. At the door I bent over for at least two minutes and spread my ass cheeks. I don’t know why I did that because I’ve never been into anal but I wanted him to see my tight little hole just in case he was looking.

Again, as I lay in a tub of hot water, I loved my pussy while I thought about my next door neighbor. It was then that I realized I was beginning to want him as a lover. Actually, the idea had been there – especially the night before while I stood with my pussy only a few inches from the window – for the past week. Now, as I lightly caressed my wet lips and gently flicked my clit with a middle finger, the overriding passion in my head was impaling my cunt on David’s cock.

I wanted my toy, the long black one that has a big, bulbous cock head, but I was too far gone to leave the tub, dry off and go to my bedroom. I needed something now – I needed desperately to have something hard and thick inside of me if I couldn’t have my older neighbor’s cock. I searched the bathroom, my eyes wild with unrestrained desire and settled on a round glass bottle of cologne that belongs to my dad. It’s a replica of a submarine, about eight inches long and fairly thick, with a nice blunt end. I scrambled avrupa yakası escort from the tub and grabbed the glass submarine as small whimpering sounds came from my mouth.

I frantically rubbed the blunt end up and down my wet, slippery gash, lubricating it with my juices before pressing it to my fuck hole. My hands trembled while I pushed and a tiny groan of pleasure came from my lips as I felt it begin to sink into me. I was nearly feverish with unbridled passion as my lips began to expand to accommodate the thick, round girth of the miniature glass sub.

“Oh, David!” I hissed quietly through clenched teeth. “Your big cock feels so good!”

And I could hear his voice in my head. “You like that, Aubrey?”

“Fuck, yes!”

“Then, take it all the way in!”

I groaned and pushed my new fuck toy further into my pussy, then slowly pulled it back out. I pushed it back in and cried out softly. The feeling of spreading my lips again was intoxicating and I couldn’t get enough. I stood in front of the counter, with my long, slender legs spread wide and glanced into the mirror. Normally I would have been shocked; my short, dark hair was disheveled, my eyes wide and staring and I resembled a crazy woman who has lost all sense of who she is. For the most part, that was exactly who I had become. And I didn’t care.

I stared at my face in the mirror. I recognized the look as the same one I had worn last night when I caught my reflection in the window pane. This was the look that David had seen; this was how I looked when I was on fire and out of control with unrestrained lust. I liked it! At that moment I wanted to be filled with his cock and staring boldly into his eyes while he looked into my face. I wanted him to see the lustful expression I was looking at in the mirror.

“Oh, David…”

My voice was a small, soft whisper as I began to pound my cunt with the glass submarine. I closed my eyes and imagined that my neighbor was in me, piercing my blazing pussy with his hard manhood. In and out I sent the glass decanter, it’s bulbous end pushing into me and withdrawing in such a breathtaking way. My legs began to tremble and I could hardly breathe as my orgasm built to a powerful peak before it finally exploded deep within me.

I sank to the floor on my knees and held the glass submarine deep inside of me while my orgasm continued to hold me in its powerful grip. My pussy quivered violently, my whole body trembled and I had to struggle not to scream. It was probably the fiercest orgasm I had ever experienced. Several long minutes passed before I could finally move and sink slowly back into a tub of water that had grown tepid.

Chapter Four

I didn’t understand what was happening to me. Never in my life had I been so out of control, so indifferent to everything around me but the need to quench the sudden overwhelming desires that threatened to overcome me. It was so crazy. What started out as harmless exhibitionism that embarrassed me so much in the beginning, was now taking control of me. I couldn’t get enough of standing in front of my bedroom window and exposing myself to a man – an older man, at that – and letting him devour my naked body with his eyes while I shamelessly masturbated for him.

David was older, considerably older than me, and that age gap had never been a turn on for me. Older men, even when they looked as handsome as David, had never done anything sexually for me. But, now, I wanted him. I wanted to feel him deep inside of me, fucking my cunt with hard even thrusts and taking me to levels of passion I had only dreamed of before.

In the space of a few weeks I had become a wanton slut craving a man who sat in the dark watching me make love to myself. I can’t even describe how it made me feel to show myself to him this way, to spread my naked legs and masturbate while he watched. I was becoming obsessed with putting my naked body on display for an older man so much that it was all I could think of during the day.

The day after I discovered how nice daddy’s cologne decanter could feel to my burning cunt I walked around the house aimlessly, again willing the time forward. The nightly routine of exposing myself audaciously to David was becoming a drug and I couldn’t get enough. The memory of the night before, standing in front of the window and masturbating for my neighbor, was so vivid and erotic in my mind that I had to masturbate twice.

That night when 10:00 finally came I walked into my room on legs that trembled so much I could barely walk. But the trembling didn’t come from awkwardness or anxiety as it did the first few times. This time I trembled because of a powerful urge to do what I was beginning to enjoy so much that I couldn’t seem to get enough. It was then that I realized I was losing touch with reality, yet is didn’t seem to matter.

I walked to the window and stared. Because my light was on it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust but I finally saw the small wink of a cigarette being drawn on. With a harsh cry of delight I began to undress. My lover, as I had started thinking of David, was waiting and I wanted so badly to please him. I wanted to take my clothes off so he could look at my naked body. My fingers fumbled with buttons and zippers as I frantically undressed. I knew I probably looked like a mad woman as I undressed, nearly ripping my clothes from my body in a hurry to be naked.

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