21 Ağustos 2022



Subject: Park Trails (reluctant) I was new to the area having recently moved here. I liked to walk a lot. Actually that’s a lie. My doctor told me I needed to get out and walk more. So as I was exploring my new city I made note of nearby parks where I could go for walks whenever the weather allowed. This would be much better than the treadmill would be in the house when weather permitted. I found a rather nice park near my home and started a modest routine of walking one of the shorter trails until I had begun making a couple of laps around it each morning. I then began walking again in the early evening as well. It was these evening walks that I noticed several other walkers. But I didn’t see any of them on the trail I was on. I began to look around and soon found several other trails that seemed to go beyond the well kept grassy areas and into some more woodsy areas. I followed one and after a short distance I began to notice some small grassy areas through the trees with picnic tables. I continued along the trail until I came out at the opposite end of the park from where I had parked my truck. This trail was quite a bit longer than the one I had been walking before. I decided that I would walk the previous one in the mornings before going to work and this longer one in the evenings when I had more time. And thus my new routine took shape. As I began walking the longer trail in the evenings I would sometimes see people head out on it before I did but then I wouldn’t ever see them again. Until one evening. As I was walking along I thought I heard some low moaning. I slowed down and began looking for its source. I suddenly saw a man sitting at kocaeli escort one of the secluded picnic benches and another man kneeling in front of him with his head bobbing up and down. It didn’t take me long to understand what was happening here. I stood there watching this as quietly as I could and began to rub my own cock as it was getting hard. As the man kneeling began to stand up I quietly moved along and finished my walk. I was amazed that anyone would do something like this right out in the open. I began to notice this sort of thing happening a lot and had gotten to the point where I would just pull my own cock out and stroke it while watching this happening. It wasn’t always the same people but it was happening almost every evening. One evening someone came up behind me and scared the hell out of me when he spoke. “Like what you see?” After the initial shock of being discovered I told him that I did. Then let’s go join them he said. We proceeded to head over to the table. This man obviously knew the other two there because he greeted them by name and said “lt seems you guys had an audience, I convinced him to join us all”. I was soon sitting there with my pants down getting the best blow job I had ever had. This was my first BJ from another man and I liked it. As soon as I came though I pulled up my pants and left them there. I was torn with guilt when I got home and after that I went back to my morning walking route in the evenings. About a week of avoiding that trail I was met on the trail by the man that had caught me watching and jacking off. He walked along with me and slowly convinced me that I shouldn’t feel any guilt from what kocaeli escort bayan had transpired that day, it was all natural he said. So we went back there and he gave me another great blow job. I began walking there again and about every other day I would go to the table and there was always someone there sucking cocks. Usually the guy getting blown would then get down and do the same for whoever had blown him. I wasn’t about to do this though, I would get my cocked sucked and hurriedly leave. As I was bent over to pull my pants up someone came up behind me and held me bent down like that. He said that I had been here a lot and had received a lot of good head but it was time now to return the favors. As I started to speak someone stepped up in front of me and as soon as I opened my mouth he shoved his cock into it. Now here I was bent over, pants at my ankles and a mouth full of cock and there was nothing I could do about it, so I began to suck on the cock. As I was doing this several guys had gathered around us and were all calling me nasty names. I was soon forced to swallow a load of cum and was relieved to have that cock removed from my mouth. But this was short lived though as another was put right back in. About this time the guy behind me said that now that I had that cherry broken it was time to break the other one. Then I felt something cold being rubbed on my asshole and then a finger pushing into me, then a second finger. I was doing my best to get away but there were too many for me to resist and I stopped struggling. The second cock in my mouth unloaded his cum and I again was forced to swallow all of it. As the next cock pushed izmit escort past my lips I felt the head of one being pushed into my now lubed and open asshole. I tried to scream as it popped in but couldn’t because of the cock in my mouth. As I was slowly being penetrated by this hard cock I began to feel some enjoyment from it. It didn’t take long and I was actually pushing back onto this cock trying to get as much of it in me as I could. Soon, all too soon I felt the throbbing of this cock as it pumped its cum into my ass and then it slipped out. Immediately I felt another take its place. I was now being fucked hard at both ends and loving every minute of it. When all of this was finally over I was left lying on the ground with cum running out of my mouth and ass in a state of shock. I had just been gang raped and had actually like it. I was really confused by this. When I was finally able to get up I found I was alone so I got dressed and made my way back to my car. Once at home I took a long hot shower and went to bed. After restless nights of thinking about what had happened I decided to go back to my normal routine. I would do my walks and every time I got near where I had been raped I would feel my cock rise so finally I entered the clearing and there they all were, sucking and fucking as usual. I slowly walked up to them and removed my clothes; I was ready to be a willing participant this time. And participate I did. I dropped right to my knees and started sucking all the cock I could. Then someone told me to bend over the table so they give me the fucking they knew I longed for. This time when I left I left very happy and again dripping cum down my legs. I knew I was hooked now and would be back for more. I continued to get my face and ass fucked there as often as I felt the urge to and still does so today. I am now a true cum slut, I love to be used and bred.

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