17 Ocak 2023

Party Night Has Hot Tub EndingPart 1


This story is based on a real event and happened a few years ago. Of course I changed the characters names. It was almost 4pm when my phone rang. “What’s up Josh?” I said answering my phone. “Nothing much man,” Josh replied on the other end.  “You feel like coming over Dion, my parents are on a holiday to Las Vegas so I got the kingdom all alone,” Josh asked me. Josh is a good friend of mine. He lives with his folks on a farmland on which two houses stand. One is of Josh and his parents and one in whom live the neighbors. The neighbors are a family of three children and a mother. The oldest daughter is Shae, who is sixteen and loves to hang out with us. Her younger brother and sister prefer to play inside. Oh, I’m Dion by the way. I’m a twenty-six year old guy, I work in the music industry, I’m 6’2″and rather well build. Josh is twenty-two and a staggering 6’10” and still boyish, thin build. So far the introduction. I arrived at the farm around 6pm, just in time to grab the last steak from the BBQ.  “So besides eating and the obvious drinking, you got anything special planned Josh?” I asked. “Not really, just figured we would hang out at the addict and see what the night brings us,” Josh said.  “Ow almost forgot, I bought us a nice gram of pure cocaine!” he said with a smirk on his face. I wasn’t planning ankara travesti on using that tonight. But what the heck, we were young and we were gonna have some fun! Josh has built his addict into a perfect hangout spot for the weekends. There’s a fridge, a good sound system, and two very comfortable couches. Around 9pm Shae came walking op the stairs. She’s such a pretty young girl with her long, almost pure white hair. She keeps her body mostly hidden under baggy clothes, guess she’s just as insecure as most girls are at that age.  “So you geeks are just gonna sit here and drink all night?” Shae said. She may look like an angel but she had the tongue of a little devil.We just kept talking to each other and didn’t give her much attention. “Oh well, I’m going to a party of one of my girlfriends. Just to bad my mom told me to be back before midnight,” she told us.  “That’s great Shae, now don’t keep your friends waiting,” Josh replied, “they might start playing with the Barbie’s before you arrive.” Shae rolled her eyes and punching him on the shoulder before running towards the stairs.  “Have fun, baby girl!” I yelled at her disappearing footsteps. The next two hours we spend drinking and snorting. We started talking about girls. Josh was hearing me out about my ex. I had been with Linda for over ankara travestileri three years and we were still good friends. She was a sassy brunette with huge E-cup breasts. Josh wanted to know how big the were and if they were firm at that size. I still had a nude picture of her on my phone and showed it to him. I was getting drunk and high, normally I would never show such a picture to someone else.  “Why don’t we ask her to come over,” Josh asked me, “she lives nearby and you guys are still friends, right?”  “Sure, you go ask her,” I said him, “all fine with me.”  I wasn’t really feeling for it but didn’t mind either. Linda texted Josh back that she was gonna be there around 11.30pm. Josh and I decided to take another line of cocaine now so we didn’t have to go that in front of Linda. She had no problem with smoking a joint, but she draw the line there.  Around 11.40pm both Linda and Shae walked in!  “You guys sure won’t mind that I brought Shae along, right?” Linda said.  “I saw her standing outside looking all grumpy and smoking a joint” Linda continued laughing.  “That stupid mother of mine is already asleep, so now I came home early for nothing” Shae said explaining her bad mood. “You all don’t mind if I hang out some more here?” Shae had her fake pout face on now. Of course we didn’t mind, travesti ankara and told her so. Shae was five years younger than Linda and looked up to her. The girls would enjoy spending time together again. I stood op poured Linda a big glass of white wine. “Trying to get me drunk, Dio?” Linda asked with a smile. I could see in her eyes that she already had some wine earlier and a few hits of Shae’s joint.  “Just trying to make this a party, babe,” I winked at her.  Shae wanted a rum-coke as usual. She was just sixteen but already was a steady drinker. Not my problem I thought to myself. Very soon we were all in a great mood and laughing and teasing each other.  “My mom told me that your parents placed a hot tub behind their house, is that true Josh?” Shae asked. “Eh yeah that’s true, but they won’t allow me in it. It’s for them only they said. Guess we all know what they are planning to do in there then,” Josh told us laughing.  The girls were both quite tipsy and immediately started talking about how the would love to sit in the hot tub under the stars. Guess they both didn’t want to hear Josh’s comment on how that would get him into big trouble. I took Josh apart.  “I will help you clean up tomorrow, they will never know we were in there!” I told him.  I could see the doubt in his eyes but my tall friend put his arm around me and said, “Well, I’d better go look for some towels then”.  The girls overheard us and got up laughing and giggling. The hot tub was placed behind the house, between a thick tree/bush line and a wooden fence.

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