6 Mayıs 2023

Pat Meets Peter Part 3


When I woke, I looked at the bottom of the bed. I was just in time to see Pat’s bare bottom disappearing into her blue sweatpants. Then her lovely tits being covered by her pink tank top. I like that one, because it is tight, and when she isn’t wearing a bra, like now, it shows her small pert breasts off beautifully. There was also a slight shadow of her areola showing and of course her pointy nipples on display.She looked up and saw I was awake, “Come on, get up.”“Why don’t you come back in here,” I suggested, patting the bed.Pat came over to me and kissed me on the forehead, “No, you get up, and make some breakfast, we have shopping and things to do.”“What’s the rush?” I asked, “We have plenty of time before three.”“No, I’m going to ring Peter and ask him to come around earlier, let him know what I have in mind.”“That’s a bit rich,” I said, “You haven’t let me into your plans yet.”“I told you, I heard Dave call me a slut. Well today he will find out I can be. Or at least I’m on the way to being one.”I got up and showered, then made breakfast; french toast, honey, and pancakes. After we had eaten and cleared the dishes, Pat said we should go to the market to pick a few things up.We arrived at the market early, I parked the car, and as we were getting out, I enquired to Pat “Just a question.”“What is it?” Pat asked.“Well, seeing how you are having two guys around, what fun can I expect to have today?”Pat looked around and then lifted her top, baring her breasts, “You mean something like this.”I walked around the car to her and kissed her.“Do you want to fuck me? Now?” she said.I looked at her, and her eyes glinted as if to say I’m willing. We heard some voices behind us and Pat pulled her top down.“Would you have?”Pat looked at me and smiled, “Come on, I don’t want to waste time here, I have plenty to do.”We walked around, picking things up here and there; just a few things for later Pat told me. When we got to the hygiene section, she picked up lady shave.“Don’t you have one?” I asked.“Yes, but I want to make sure I’m extra smooth for this afternoon,” Pat replied.In the next section, Pat reached out and got a tube of lubrication, “We’ll definitely need some more of this,” she said, waving it at me, a smile on her face.As we walked towards the checkout, Pat stopped at the ice cream freezers. She leaned in and just stood there.“What are you doing? we don’t need ice cream.”“No, I know but I just thought you might like these.”Pat turned to me, and my eyes zoomed in on her tits. Her nipples were rock hard; they had been on show all the time, but now, wow! All I wanted to do was grab her tits and suck on those points and run my tongue around them. Pat came over, and as she stood in front of me, she put her hand on my crotch.“Mmmm, I can feel you are enjoying shopping for once.”My cock was hardening quickly, having Pat rubbing me, it didn’t take long and I was erect.With my eyes still focused on Pat’s nipples, she took my arm and led me to the checkout. I used the trolley to cover my hardness until it began to soften. Pat’s nipples, though, didn’t; they held Ataşehir Escort their form pushing against her top. They gave several men delight as they walked past her. I think the young man at the checkout missed scanning a few items, maybe as a thank you for the show.Once home, Pat began to prepare some food for us to have during the afternoon. I made sure there was plenty of beer cooling. Pat disappeared to get changed, and I sat and had a read of the paper.At one point I remember asking myself why I was so calm, knowing my wife was going to be fucked by two guys shortly.After what seemed an age Pat came out, wearing just a mid-thigh length blue skirt, “What do you think?” she asked as she lifted it showing me her pussy. “Feel, tell me what you think.”I put my hand out and felt her pussy lips, “God, they feel wonderful, so smooth and soft.”I tried to get my finger inside her, but she moved away too quickly.“Good, that’s all I needed to know,” Pat said as she walked away.As she did, the doorbell rang. Pat looked at the wall clock, “Fuck, Peter is early and I’m not ready. Never mind, I’ll let him in.”I was about to say that I would go just in case it wasn‘t Peter when I heard Pat, “Fuck.”I got up and rushed to the door; Pat was standing there covering her tits with her hands. Old Norm from next door was there, grinning like a Cheshire cat.“Hi Norm,” I said trying to control myself and not laugh.I stood behind Pat, and put my arms around her. I took hold of her wrists and then tried to pull her hands down, but she resisted.“What sort of slut won’t even show her tits, and my wife wants to be a slut doesn’t she,” I whispered into Pat’s ear.The resistance in her arms softened, and I was able to lower them.She turned to me and kissed me on the cheek. “Of course, you’re right,” she said, and let her arms fall to her sides, revealing herself to Norm.“What can we do for you, Norm?” I asked.Eventually, he tore his eyes off Pat’s breasts and said, “I need a hand in the kitchen tomorrow morning, can you help at all.”His eyes went straight back to Pat’s tits. I told him I would come over and give him a hand. Norm just stood there staring at Pat’s chest.I looked at Pat and gave her a wink, “Norm, would you like to touch Pat?”As Pat’s head jerked to look at me, Norm slightly stuttering, said, “Could I?”He lifted his hand slowly, and then placed it on Pat’s breast. A wry smile came over his face.He looked up to Pat’s face, “Would you mind?”Pat was about to answer Norm, but I interrupted. I guessed he wanted to hold the other tit too, “Of course, Norm, Pat doesn’t mind at all, do you?” I said looking at her and smiling.Pat jerked her hands free and reached for Norms free hand and placed it on her other breast.“There, Norm, you like my tits? They feel good don’t they?” She let go of his hands and Norm began to massage her.He pinched one nipple between his thumb and finger and then rolled it between them. I looked at Pat, her eyes had closed and she was biting her lip. Pat was obviously enjoying Norm’s attention. I was about to Ataşehir Escort Bayan reach under her skirt when a car came up the drive.It was Peter. Norms hands dropped, and Pat waved at Peter. She ran over to meet him, her small tits bouncing the best they could. She wrapped her arms around Peter and kissed him enthusiastically. His hands began to roam over Pat. Strangely though, he never touched her breasts. Eventually, his hands lifted her skirt, and they ended up massaging her arse. I looked at Norm; he was smiling, obviously enjoying the sight.“Norm, what’s wrong, you’ve seen Pat naked before haven’t you?” I asked.Norm looked at me and said, “Well, yes, I’ve seen her in the yard, but not like this, and so close.”Pat and Peter walked back to us, Norm left, and we went inside. I got each of us a beer, and we sat down, Pat on Peters’ knee.Peter had his arm around Pat, and Pat’s nipple was almost poking his eye out. She began to explain that she had invited someone else around to have a little fun. Peter didn’t look too thrilled at the prospect.“Come on Peter; you’ll enjoy it, you can do anything you like to me.”“Anything?” Peter said.Pat realized she had him hooked and kissed him, “Yes, anything.”Peters’ hand went to Pat’s leg and he slid it up her thigh and under her skirt. Pat’s legs opened, and when I saw her head fall back, I knew he had fingers inside her. Peter’s arm began to move; he was finger fucking Pat. They started kissing feverishly, Peter running his fingers faster and faster.‘Fuck yes, fuck I’m cumming,” Pat said in between pants of breath, then her body stiffened.Peter didn’t slow and carried on finger fucking her until she screamed that she was cumming again. Pat was moaning loudly, her legs opening more.Peter stopped fucking Pat, and it seemed to me he removed his fingers, then exclaimed, “Holy fuck, what’s happening Pat?”Pat sat, her legs quivering; she rested her head on Peters’ shoulder. She didn’t answer Peter; she just kept repeating, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” over and over.Peter took his hand from under her skirt and held it out. His whole hand was wet with Pat’s juices. Pat was smiling and panting now, she lifted her skirt, revealing she had covered her thighs as well as Peter’s hand. She stood up gingerly, and Peter’s jeans had a large damp patch, too.I asked Pat if she was okay, “Am I okay? I’m fucking great, that felt absolutely amazing, I’ve never cum like that before.”Pat reached behind her back and unfastened her skirt. It fell to her feet, and it too had signs of being wet. We could all see now the full extent of what had just happened. Pat’s legs were shining down to her knees, and there were lines of her liquid running further.As we looked at Pat, there was a knock on the door. None of us had heard a car pull up, but when I looked out, it was Dave.‘It’s okay, it’s only Dave,” I said as I went to the door.I let Dave in, and as we turned the corner into the living room, Pat was stood naked with her skirt still surrounding her feet. Peter was in the process of removing his shorts, Escort Ataşehir having already discarded his jeans.“What the fuck is going on?” Dave asked in a much-surprised voice.Pat stepped out of her skirt and went to Dave laying a kiss on his lips. “Hi Dave, you just missed it, I think I just squirted for the first time,” Pat exclaimed in a very excited voice.“But who the fuck is this?” Dave asked, looking at Peter, who was now naked from the waist down, his fully erect cock poking out from the bottom of his t-shirt.“Oh, sorry, this is Peter, he is the one that just caused this,” Pat said looking down at her legs. “He just finger fucked me, and it came gushing out of me, isn’t that amazing?”Dave looked at Peter dubiously, eyeing him top to bottom, “Hi,” he said, very cautiously.The same sort of caution came from Peter, a bit more understandable,’ seeing how his hard prick was on display to a total stranger.“Dave let’s go to the bedroom; I want you to fuck me, maybe it will happen again.”Dave still looked very confused but followed Pat into the bedroom. Peter and I followed close behind; we didn’t want to miss anything. As we arrived in the bedroom, Pat was just bending over at the foot of the bed. I smiled as I looked at my wife, what an incredible sight. Her legs open slightly, and her pussy lips exposed between her still wet thighs. Dave didn’t undress. Instead, he removed his cock from his trousers and touched Pat’s arse hole with it.“Not there yet Dave, later, I want you in my cunt, fuck me there.”Dave held his cock and moved it down from between Pat’s arse cheeks to her pussy lips. He must have been applying a little pressure because when he reached her hole, half his prick disappeared into Pat. As it did, Pat let out a moan, then a grunt as he pushed the rest into Pat’s pussy.Dave put his hands on Pat’s hips, holding her as he began to fuck her slowly. Pat moaned each time Dave pushed forward, Dave too, giving sounds of satisfaction.Pat turned and looked back at Peter and me. Peter was running his hand up and down his hard cock.“Peter, come over here. I want your prick as well,” Pat said.Peter did as Pat asked and went over to the bed, Pat said something to him, and he jumped onto the bed. He laid down, legs apart, his cock just under Pats face pointing up at her. She took hold of it and began stroking his penis, then her tongue came out and teased the head. While this was going on, Dave kept his rhythm, pumping Pats vagina. Pat took a moment and turned to me. She pursed her lips as if to kiss, then swallowed Peters prick wholly.Dave’s strokes had become more forceful; he was building to his climax. Though Pat’s mouth was full of Peters cock, she was moaning loudly. I assumed she was about to cum again. Dave pushed his hips forward and announced he was cumming. He remained still as he shot sperm into Pat, with each spurt exclaiming, “Fuck.” He relaxed and withdrew himself from Pat’s pussy.Pat then returned her attention to Peter and fucked him with her mouth. It wasn’t long before Peter had the same experience, shooting his load into Pat’s mouth. After she emptied Peter and swallowed every drop, he had given her she flopped onto the bed.With a big smile on her face, she said, “Well boys, that was a good start, can’t wait ‘till later when we do it again.”Dave, Peter, and I looked at each other, then back at Pat, “You don’t think that was it, do you?”

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