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Subject: Peter and Dominik Chapter 3 This story is fiction and all characters are a figment of my imagination. Please don’t confuse them with real life people or events Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html I would love to get feedback from ail Chapter 3 We took a quick walk over to John’s place. He stays on the farm as well and his house is by the north gate of the farm. As we approached the house we saw the twins and John outside near the bore hole pump. We walked over to them I introduced Dominik to John and they shook hands. John told him it was nice meeting him and he smelled better than this morning. John had a slight giggle. John introduced the twins to Dominik. Donald and Trevor was a year younger that Dominik, but where of the same height as him. They where slim build boys, red hair and freckles that run over their noses from cheek to cheek. There green eyes had this hypnotic effect on people, or rather on me. I never can say no to them or stay mad at them for a long time. See the twins looked at acted so innocent, but their mischief was known to all that knew them. They shook Dominiks hand like real gentlemen. They asked him if he wants to see their dogs new puppies and of they went. John told them to be in house in 30 minutes for supper. As John and me stood there outside his house he asked me if we could take a little walk our self. We started walking towards the north gate, I could see in his eyes he was a troubled man. When he thought that we where far enough from the house and our conversation would be private he started talking. He told me that his wife needs to go see a doctor in the city as it looks like she might have breast cancer. Our small town just had a GP and he tested her and thought best that she go see a specialist in the city. His office was not equip for those type of tests. I could see how worried he was. I asked me if he could get of from work for 3 days so he can take her there. Obvious it was no problem to me. He told me that they will be leaving the next day at noon, but he will first handle the morning chores before he left. I told him he don’t have to, but he insisted. Then he asked me if the twins can sleep over at my place till they come back as they don’t know anything about the sickness yet and thinks he is taking a small break for a second honeymoon. I agreed . We walked back to the house for supper. As me and him walked in the house I was greeted by John’s wife, she gave me a hello kiss on the cheek as normal, I could not help but pulled her into me and gave her a big hug. We walked over the dinning room table and I saw the boys was sitting and waiting for us already. We sat down and John said grace. We had a awesome meal, leg of lamb,fried potatoes and some more veggies. I really enjoyed the meal and I could see Dominik did as well. We did chat about random things while izmit rus escort eating and john just had to tell the story about the face of between Dominik and the bull. Much to my amazement even Dominik had a good laugh about it and even told the story from his perspective, now that had us all in stitches. The twins hanged on every word Dominik said. After supper the boys helped John’s wife is cleaning up and doing the dishes, looks like the 3 boys did hit it off and was going around like old friends while doing dishes. John and I went to sit on the front porch of the house. We had a good chat about what happened on the farm while I was away with the wedding . His wife brought us some coffee and sat down with us. She thank me for taking the boys and we established it will be from tomorrow night. She wants to have them here till she leaves. At about 9pm I called out for Dominik so we can go home, he did not answer and John offered to get him. Next moment John arrives back, but I could see he didn’t know if he must be mad or must laugh. He pulled Dominik from behind the door. I could not say anything when Dominik appeared . He was standing there with Blue hair. Donald and Trevor came out the house as well, nothing wrong with their hair tho. “He wanted to show us how to put a blue streak in our hair with food coloring” Donald started explaining ” but something went wrong “yea Donald, you pored the whole bottle over his head by accident ” Trevor added. Donald looked at Trevor with eyes saying that he going to get it. John and his wife couldn’t stop apologizing for the twins behavior. I decided that I must get Dominik back home and in a shower to see if we can wash the blue out. We walked home with out a word, Dominik just said once he was sorry Back home we went straight to my shower in my room, I told him to get in. I gave him the shampoo and told him to wash his hair while I did go wash his clothes. I knew his t-shirt was ruined. It had blue stains all over it. . On my return he was still washing his hair, it only went a shade lighter . I was looking at him thinking he is doing it wrong maybe, what am I going to tell his mother. I told him to wash it again, witch he did. I was growing impatient as I could see the hair just getting a bit lighter each time, so I undress and climb in with him ready to wash his hair. “What are you doing Peter?” he asked me when I got in with him “I’m going to help you wash your hair” I answered and took the shampoo from him. Its only then I realized that I am in the shower with him, nude. Well we did agree that nudity will be ok as long as it stays in the house and just between us. I washed his hair , my dick was swaying around with the action and sometimes brushed against him bare skin, I was getting a semi from it and to be honest it really felt good. I did wash his head 3 times and by izmit escort this time I was stone hard. All the time I was standing behind him,but he could feel my rock hard boner brushing against his lower back. He turned around as I was rinsing for the last time, he looked down at my hard on then he looked up. I could see I am not the only one that is hard. “Sorry buddy, I don’t know why I am hard” I told him while blushing I really dont know why the touch of his bare skin was turning me on. I am not gay. “I’m hard to” he answered ” sorry I don’t know why” We got out the shower and dried off. I so wanted to masturbate but decided that it will be totally unacceptable to masturbate while a 13 yo boy is in the house. He asked me if he can use the main bathroom , I told him yes. I think he wanted to do what I wanted to do. I went to the kitchen to make us some hot chocolate for bed time. I wanted to get dress but thought no. we agreed that we will be doing things as we normally do at home. I stayed nude. I strain my thoughts to John and his wife and that helped getting my erection down. I sat waiting for him to join me in the kitchen . He finally arrived 5 minutes later. Yip he did masturbate. Although he had no erection anymore, his penis was red and still a bit swollen. I stared as his member, thinking wow . He saw me staring. I blushed, him as well. We have a problem and I don’t like where my thoughts are going. Dominik reminded me on he gets with sugar and asked if he cant have a glass of warm milk rather. I’m really glad he reminded me, the last think I need now is a hyper kid, nude and I’m horny as hell. I warmed milked up for him. “Dominik, we need to talk,” I started but didn’t know how to talk about it. “I’m not worried about your blue hair, we can dye or cut it in the morning, but this thing that happened in the shower. That we must talk about” to be honest I was scared shitless. I didn’t know what his reaction is going to be. I can be in big shit if he tells his mom about it. ” I don’t know why Peter, but when you joined me in the shower to wash my hair I got a instant erection. I know I’m not gay?” he said and I could see he feels the same as me. Both of us is scared. Him and me sat looking at each other wondering who will speak next, well I’m the adult here so I must take the lead. “Can we be straight with each other?” I asked him. He said yes ” It might be that because I have never been nude with anyone else except my wife that my body thinks its ok to go all hard on me. Its been 15 years you now” I told him “I have never seen a man nude before, the only person I see nude is my friend Frankie” he told me So we decided that it comes down to inquisitive from both our sides. And that it is normal. After we had our talk I send him to bed. He said goodnight and off he went. I cleaned the cups we used and went to bed. I could not sleep, kocaeli escort my mind was taking me all over the place. I remember when I was 12, me and my friend did play nude games together, we masturbated each other and even sucked each other. His dad caught us and we both got a huge hiding. His dad then told my parents and again I had a huge hiding. We where not allowed to see each other again. He was put in a different school and eventually they moved out of town. My parents told me to never speak to anyone about it ever again, not even to each other. Am I reliving my youth again? It was round 2 am when I went to wake Dominik so he can use the loo. We don’t need a wet bed again. He got up and went. I went to bed again and dozed off. It was not long before I felt someone slipping in on the other side of the bed. It was Dominik. I asked him what he is doing. He told me he was scared. He promised me he will stay on that side of the bed. I didn’t want to agree, especially not with what happened in the shower, and the feeling brewing in me. But I also remember how it felt being scared as a child. We fell asleep in the same bed Just before my alarm would have gone off I woke up. Dominik was laying next to me. Spooning type of lay. I first wanted to push him back or send him to his room, but I didn’t. I crossed my arm over him and pulled him in closer. Just laid there holding him, God it felt good and I could feel me getting harder again. The clock went off, I turned around and silent it. I decided that I will go have a shower and get dressed first before I wake him up. In the shower I just had to relief myself from this erection I had. I have never shot a load like that morning. I surprised myself in the amount. Why am I feeling this way. As I got dressed before I woke him. I decided that he can sleep in after he had a pee, no need for a wet mattress. He went to the loo and got in bed again. I told him that I normally eat breakfast about 8ish when I return after the milking was done and the milk where picked up to go to the dairy plant to get pastured and bottled. I left the light on when I left My mind was not where it was suppose to be the whole morning, nor was John’s, but together we managed to get all things sorted. At one time John asked me what was bothering me, I told him that I was a bit scared to tell dominik’s mother about the hair dye thing. I could see he knew I was lying. He informed me that he will be leaving around 3 pm and will it be ok if he brings the boys around at that time. I was all good for it as it will give me time to get Dominik to town as he cant go with only 2 jeans and 1 t-shirt now. The one of last night is ruined. He said he will hold the fort while I’m in town. I came back to the house to find Dominik made us breakfast. Omelet filled with beacon and cheese. It was the best omelet I had in years. He was still nude and yes I could see he had a round of masturbation as well. I asked him to get dress quickly so we can go shopping as we are time limited. As he walked of with his bubble bums in full view I could not help get hard again to be continued

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