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Subject: At the Pharmacy (Pharmacy Injections (15) This is a fictional story about the hot guys that work at the pharmacy I now work at. After the hot guys I had seen working in one. And how much they got paid, I wanted in. So now I work for one that does infusion injections for patients with all sorts of conditions And it is my luck and joy to have a buttload of hot guys that are there certain days if the week. Its a wild romp if me getting slammed my the pharmacist and male nurses that do the injections. This story does not in any way suggest their sexual preference as all but one I know are married and with kids. So it’s purely fiction Do enjoy it though.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ At the Pharmacy (Pharmacy Injections (15) … I had just pushed the door opened more and stepped onto the conference room. Nate still had not seen me, but Alex sure did. He was smiling and waving me in now. He looked pretty damned hot there with Nate slobbering in his big ole dick. He moaned and pushed it at Nate. I heard as the suckee gagged from the big cock going deep into his hungry mouth. And it looked great. I stepped over to them and that was when Nate saw me. He stopped what he was doing for a few moments. But as I leaned in to get closer to the stud he was worshiping, he went back to work. “Come here man” Alex said in that sexy voice “Kiss me” I needed no greater invite. As I moved in close and placed my hand to his meaty chest. Then I let Alex kiss me. And I surely kissed back the hit blonde. He moaned a bit as Nate slobbered on his very big dick. I wanted at it and Alex new it. But it seemed he had wanted me too. “Been waiting for you for some play” he said “I know Jimmy and Terry have gotten some” “But now I have at you” I felt his hand at my shoulder. Then a slight pressure as he pushed at me. Wanting to get me to my knees “Come on” he said “Join him. I think I have enough for both of you” With that. I did sloop down and to my knees. Right next to Nate as he worshipped Alex’s big cock. As I looked at the thing it was definitely the biggest dick here at the pharmacy. The pale and heavy looking cock was cut and had a big meaty mushroom head. Big and full and ready to pop from what Nate was doing to it. The shaft was also meaty. Not as thick as Jimmy’s tube, but a lovely looking shaft. The veins kocaeli escort looking darker than the pinkish skin stretched over his long dick. I waited as Nate moved up and down the very big cock. Swallowing what he could before gagging. Then having to pull off so he could suck in some much needed air. “God that is so big” he huffed after coming up. That dick looked gorgeous. Wet and shiny from Nates drool. Nate looked at me and smiled. Then he pushed that dick over to me. Offering me the studs big cock. I licked at my very hungry lips and then reached for it and took it from Nate. I then first felt Alex’s big dick. Man was it heavy. Heavier than I thought it may be. But it still was a beautiful thing to behold. So I moved in and then opened my hungry mouth. Then I slid down the already big angry dick. I could hear Alex moan as I moved over him. And I slurped down hus delicious cock like it was a last meal. Savoring the hardy shaft as I pushed down its length. And I too gagged a bit as I went down too far. “Awe fuck” I huffed as I sucked up some air. “This is a big fucker” “Yeah” Nate said smiling next to me “Biggest fuckiig cock here” “Suck. Just suck!” Alex moaned I went back down hus cock again as I did not want to relinquish his awesome dick. I grasped at the base and held hi mighty dick in one hand as my hungry hungry mouth slobbered up and down the rest of his big dick. Alex grabbed at my head as he swooned from my blow. Groaning in the pleasure that my expert mouth gave him. “Yeah buddy. Awee fuck yess!” He moaned out loud “You guys are fuckibg fantastic cock suckers” I felt a tap at my shoulder and knew what and who it was Nate wanted back on that cock. So I pulled off Alex with much reluctance. Letting him back in the awesome cock. And he (as I had done) swallowed alex down most if the way. To feel all that cock in his gullet. He backed off with another gasp. But quickly took in air and slurped back down Alex for some more time. I looked at the nice balls below that big dick. I figured I could still get some suck on. But I would suck and lick at Alex’s meaty balls. They were tightly packed, but pretty big. I moved down and let my tongue out of my mouth. I then licked at the balls. Flicking my hit tongue against their meaty sack. Alex moaned even louder as he was really getting a good blow. Not just his dick, but his balls too. kocaeli escort bayan “Ohh my God. Dudes!” He shouted “That is incredible.” “My balls too. Fucking aye!” So the two of us. Nate and myself sucked and licked at Alex’s equipment. Moving back and forth between the mans big balls and back to his huge schlong. Taking turns on a part of the hunk. Alex started to hump at the face on his dick. Fucking at it as the pleasure on his sex organs was driving him to the edge. He was getting close to a possible orgasm. And none of us wanted that to happen yet. That was for sure. “Stopp!” He then crowed “Gotta stop or I will bust out” “I need a hole to hump” He stepped back from us. We looked at gim as ge held that huge dick in his hand. It did look almost ready to pop. “Who is gonna be first?” Alex then asked, waving that big dick at us. Waving that big wet cock at us. Both Nate and myself were quickly shedding clothes off. Tossing them about madly as we wanted to ne the first with his pants and underwear down. Alex smiled as he witnessed this frenzy for his dick. But he assured us that we would both feel his hard dick. “Like is said boys” He offered “Enough dick for the both of you” But then he decided who he wanted to take first. And that was me. Explaining to Nate that he had felt his dick before. That Alex wanted to feel a new hole. Mine. Nate frowned but conceded as he knew Alex was right. He had been fucked by the man before. And he was not to deny anyone the luck of feeling the mans huge dick. “You are gonna love it” he whispered to me as he leaned in close to my ear. “He fucks so good” I looked at the big hunky stud and licked at my mouth. I looked at the hot mans body. He had taken off his shirt and I could see his big powerful chest. Light traces of blonde hairs were on Alex’s broad chest. He did have a nice full body too. Strong, thick in all the right spot and he just looked good naked. But the the moment I was there to suck on his big beautiful dick. I held his big meaty cock in my hand. Feeling the heft, how substantial it felt in my hand. I licked at my very hungry mouth. Before me was the biggest dick in this place, and I was gonna suck him off. So I opened my mouth and then leaned in to his body. I then slipped that big full dick into my mouth. Sliding my tongue under the head and down the mans beefy shaft. Alex moaned izmit escort as he felt my tongue do its dance over his hard fleshy cock. He moaned as my mouth caressed at his big hard dick. Moving up and down his cock with a smooth and snug grasp. “Awe fuck man. That is good” he moaned “Soo damned good buddy” “Shiit! Suck. Hmm fuck. Like that. Just like that” I moved up and down the mans dick. Looking over at Nate as he stared at my actions with hunger. He had given me that big dick to suck. But his look said that he would want it back soon. That he had the mans cock first. So after a bit longer and when I was needing some air for slurping down much if Alex’s big ole dick I pulled off and handed it back to him. He smiled at me and then went back down on the big cock again. His hunger obvious as he slobbered loudly over the huge dick in his mouth. “Damn” I huffed as he went all the way down at ine moment. I was impressed as he swallow the entire cock. I guess it was his show of talent too. Albeit he gagged as he tried to hold himself to the huge schlong Alex had. “Glarph!” He hacked as he spit out up “God damn that is big” And as he let go of the huge dick I grabbed for it again. So I opened my mouth and slid down the massive drool covered cock. Damn it was a great cock. Alex moaned again as he felt my lips around his cock. I felt his meaty hands on my head as he slowly started to hump at my face. Thrusting at my head as he held it. His butt and hips moving as he fucked my mouth. “Awe. Fuck yeah man. Fuckk!” He crowed “Goid. Soo good. Take it, take my dick in that mouth” “Ughn, ughn, ughn, ughn” Alex humped at my mouth and throat for quite a bit too. And I gagged and hacked as he slammed into my throat again and again. I was then released as he got a nice fucking in my skull. So I spit up his big ole dick again. Gasping for much needed air. Nate grabbed at it and swallowed the huge dick back into him mouth again. His hand on my back as he rubbed at it to sooth the choke that Alex gave me. Alex then yanked his huge schlong from Nates face. He said it was time for a nice ass plowing. And he wondered who was first. “Which one of you wants this in them first?” He plainly asked as he grabbed his cock and waved the big thing at us. Nate looked at me as I was now able to breath again. He patted my back and stroked my head. “He should be first” he then said I looked up and my eyes widened as I was volunteered for the huge cock. Gulping down spit as I pondered my fate…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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