12 Mayıs 2023

Photographing Emma 2


She was so nervous… and yet she seemed to have an air of flamboyance, daring, and… well… just having fun. Her hands fluttered against her chest, above the black sleeveless tunic she wore. The hem was mid-thigh and her long, smooth legs disappeared tantalizingly within. The fact that she knew she wore no underwear made her smile, creating deep dimples in her cheeks, indicating how much she was enjoying this. It was hard to believe that she was only seventeen and, yet, this comfortable in front of the camera as a “model”. She seemed very natural as she grinned and giggled while the photographer took the shots. “Go ahead, Emma,” said the photographer, “Go ahead and touch yourself (click) you know you are beautiful (click) express yourself (click) that’s it, you’re beautiful, Emma (click) you’ve really learned.” As he talked to her, she Pendik escort became bolder and began to laugh, almost teasingly, as she began to create more and more naughty poses. She gripped the top of her tunic and leaned toward the camera, laughingly saying “Like this, Uncle Adrian? Eh? Want me to show you more?” and giggled as she looked directly into the camera. She bent over slightly and her silky brunette hair cascaded over the left side of her face, creating a very sexy look. She pulled the top lower, exposing her cleavage, but still concealing her nipples. Her grin widened as she realized the effect this had on the man behind the camera, the bulge in his pants was clearly evident and this seemed to kick her pleasure and enjoyment into a higher gear. Her eyes twinkled as she realized the power Beykoz escort bayan that she commanded. The photographer neither noticed nor cared about her musings. All he saw before him was a beautiful, nubile young woman, his own neice, who wanted to perform for HIS camera. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischievousness and she became emboldened by her position in front of the camera. She began to lower her hands, peeling the top down with them, slowly exposing her lovely breasts to the open air… and the camera lens. She dropped her hands, along with the top, to just below her breasts and her expression suddenly changed to a very serious countenance. She pouted her lips, but before the camera could respond, she had quickly covered her breasts with her hands. They may have been able to conceal the Escort cevizli sensitive, erect nipples, but they couldn’t completely cover the mounds of her lovely flesh which were still exposed. She looked toward the camera with a wanton look as she said low and seductive “What do you think, Uncle? Don’t you want to touch them?” Her photographer continued to shoot away without saying anything, but it was obvious that he wanted to do just that. She quickly turned away from the camera, facing the wall and placed her palms against the smooth, sheet-covered surface, coyly concealed her lovely breasts with her forearm and stuck her hips out so that the hem of the tunic rose to reveal her rounded ass. The Photographer licked his lips and murmured “Oh, Emma, you are so… so… vibrant! So… so… perfect!” and all the time kept shooting. She brushed her hair back over her left shoulder, exposing her beautiful shoulders and back, as she flattened her stomach against the wall. She smiled that mysterious smile once again and laid her cheek against the wall, staring back at the camera, her face radiant within the mass of her silky hair.

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