16 Mayıs 2023

Pouring of Semen Pt. 03: Veronica


Getting involved with a bit younger whore is not a good solution. Unless you just need it to relieve yourself, let off steam and have some temporary fun, but definitely not for a longer and more committed relationship.

I ended up in this situation through my own stupidity. I was 28 and she was 18. She turned my head because she had a nice ass and good tits. She was eighteen, but she had a big C and knew how to use it. Or to put it another way: she learned everything quickly.

It was normal for me to come to her house, her parents liked me, so you could say we could have a lot of privacy. When one day I came and the girl had not yet returned, I waited quietly and during this time it was normal for me to talk to her mother. She asked me directly if I liked women with big breasts. I blithely said that they were cool, to which she said, without beating around the bush: it’s rather my daughter who must suit you — after which she looked insolently at my trousers.

But back to the little girl…

She seemed to play innocent, but she was attracted to my cock very quickly. After just a couple of meetings, she pulled down her panties and spread her legs without any problem. I didn’t want to be perceived as a horny man, who can fuck every available hole, so I asked what she was doing and she said simply: use it as you like.

I didn’t even have to lick for long, she was so horny that she was slippery and wet already during the first seconds of caresses. One finger, after a while another in her pussy, there was no problem. I thought I would surprise her, I slipped a third finger and slid three into her hole. She just spread her legs wider and smiled.

‘For a teenage girl, that’s quite roomy’ I thought surprised.

Rather every girl always complained that I had too thick a penis to just go in like that, but she had no problem. I was very horny so I didn’t control much if I entered gently, and she herself grabbed my ass and pressed me to enter her aggressively. She was also doing the bludgeoning like few others.

But she didn’t like to swallow. Once that changed without any warning. I was in her house at the time in the bathroom, and she came in too. She said she didn’t have much of a secret, and she had to pee, so she just sat on the toilet. When she started peeing I looked slightly surprised and she just added: come on, I want to give you a blowjob.

I was quite horny, so there was no problem. I walked over, unzipped, and as soon as I undid the belt and button of my trousers, she pulled my trousers and boxers down. My cock shot out from under the clothes and she immediately grabbed my cock, pulled down my foreskin and started sucking. When my cock was really stiff, she took it out of her mouth and said, drain the water and fuck me in the mouth — and after a moment she added — water so my parents wouldn’t hear.

I pressed the flush, stepped back a foot, which made her, sitting on the toilet the whole time, lean forward to have my cock in her mouth the whole time. I then grabbed her head and began to push my cock faster and deeper into her mouth entering her throat. Although at first she made a sound a couple of times as if she had a gag reflex, nothing like that happened and I started to fuck Avrupa yakası escort her deep in her mouth. I didn’t need much time, I reached my peak very quickly, a moment before I gasped out “I’m about to cum”. She knelt down and opened her mouth wide. A few movements of my hand and I shot a load of cum that hit the far part of her tongue.

At that moment her mother called out to her: Vera! Come into the kitchen and help me with dinner!

At that moment, in order to answer her mother’s call, she quickly closed her mouth and swallowed the cum, while the tip of the ejaculate was still coming out of my cock, which dribbled onto her chin.

— I’m coming! — She shouted towards the open door after she quickly swallowed her cum, stood up and pulled up her trousers, then ran to help her mother.

I tucked my cock into my panties, zipped up my trousers and calmly went downstairs. Then I saw a strange scene. Vera turned from the cupboard to the table, and her mother said: stop, you’re dirty!

She reached out her hand to her face and ran it over her chin with her thumb.

— Well, it’s OK now, — she said, Vera went on preparing the table for dinner, her mother noticed that I was standing in the corridor, she put her thumb in her mouth, licked it and smiled perversely.

In the evening I got a text message from an unknown number: This is Vera’s mother, we have to talk, come tomorrow at 10 o’clock.

“I’m in big trouble”, I thought, “probably the mother already knows that I’m fucking her daughter, there will be a speech”.

In the morning I arrived, rang the bell, but it was not necessary. Vera’s mother must have been expecting me at the window, because when I pressed the bell the door was already opening.

— Get in! — She said pulling me aggressively inside — Into the living room! — She threw quickly.

“She got angry, it’s going to be hell” I thought.

As soon as I was in the living room, Vera’s mother entered and closed the door behind her. Only then did I notice that she was dressed in a homespun dressing gown.

— Did you have sex yesterday? — She asked directly.

— “No, we didn’t have sex yesterday”, I replied confused. She smiled and said quickly:

— But was it good for you? Why are you looking at me like that! You came on her face, she had your cum when she came to help me!

— She wanted to suck me off! — I defended myself — and I cum in her mouth, only the tip fell on her face.

Mother smiled and said calmly:

— Take off your panties, show me the equipment — I stopped — What are you so surprised about? My husband has not touched me for 5 years, I need a cock. If you want to continue being welcome here, you need to buy in!

I didn’t have time to take off my panties or trousers and my cock was already in her mouth.

— After dinner did you fuck Vera? — She asked quickly sucking my cock like crazy.

— No, just a blowjob before dinner.

— There’s no need to waste energy — she threw off her dressing gown and lay down on the sofa with her legs spread wide.

— Are you shaving your pussy? — I was surprised — Er, you mean you shave your pussy, lady?

— Vera doesn’t shave? Ataköy escort bayan Then use it, and I’m not a “lady”.

Without thinking, I went up and knelt between her thighs. I hesitated for a moment, but she knew what I meant

— Load your cock! You won’t impregnate me, I am protected.

I put my cock in, now without any hesitation, and she put her legs around me, so that I would not go out too fast. After a few minutes she said: my daughter takes it in the ass?

— No way!

— Then put it in mine — she pushed me away, making my cock slip wetly out of her pussy, and she quickly turned around, knelt on the edge of the sofa and bared her anus, which was not as wrinkled and tight as it normally seemed to be. Vera’s mother immediately guessed what had stopped me and quickly replied herself: that’s it after the toy, I have to indulge myself, now do your own thing!

Although I forgot to even salivate her anus, the cock entered without any problem. The sphincter was open, so there was no resistance, and the cock was slippery from the juices of her pussy.

I grabbed her buttocks and started to enter her hard and deep, all the way to her balls. After just a few moves, Vera’s mother started moaning and asking for a quick end.

— I’m going to cum now! — I cried out while fucking the girl’s mother. She broke free from my grip and my cock jumped out of her anus. A quick turn and I was soon back in her mouth. After a few hard strokes with my tongue and sucking, I gushed into her mouth and she just purred with her eyes closed.

The cock came out of her mouth hanging slightly and she smiled and swallowed her load of cum.

— The little girl doesn’t suck like that, does she?

— No, yesterday she swallowed for the first time

— Pfff! — Snorted the mother — amateur! Now lick me and you have to run away because you have to leave!

Without thinking I knelt between her thighs again, but now to lick her pussy and finger her. After a few minutes she was already on top.

That same day I was going abroad.

Vera was supposed to come to me on holiday. And she did.

Then I found out that before she came to me, she had sucked some guy’s cock a few days before. I assumed there was more to it than that. But I didn’t go into it.

Still, I had to support her, because besides the holidays, this was also supposed to be the time when she was supposed to be working. She instead just sat by the internet and wasn’t going to do anything.

One day, and it had been over 2 weeks since she had arrived, I had had enough, the desire was terrible, and the little fucker was in no hurry at all to even get an ice cream, let alone have sex. As she claimed: for now I have that one in my head, when I get over it, I will come back to you.

Then I could not stand it. I was just taking a shower and she, in her usual manner, went into the bathroom to use it and pee. I got out of the shower and asked straight out:- are you going to continue to play the chastity card or are you finally going to give it your ass?

— You must be stupid! I’m not attracted to your cock now, it’s too big for my pussy!

— What? — You can put 3 or 4 fingers in your Escort Şirinevler cunt without any problem, you’re so stretched!

— But it’s short, and you have long dick!

— So let’s make it quick, you’re not going to stay here for free.

The cock was still standing, because it hadn’t been used for a long time, but the sight of her sitting on the toilet affected her senses, so I went up to her, grabbed the hair at the back of her head and pulled it down, she bucked in pain and opened her mouth wide. Then I loaded my cock all the way down her throat, she didn’t even choke, so I started pushing it quickly into her mouth.

After a while I pulled out my cock: and what! Can’t you do it, you bitch? Time to fuck!

— But don’t put it so deep into her cunt, it hurts!

Without letting go of her hair I moved towards the room and she jumped down from the toilet and followed me leaning down holding my hand with both hands.

— It hurts!

In the room I pushed her onto the bed. She curled up lying on her side and held her head.

— You idiot! You almost tore my hair out!

Her ass was nicely exposed. She must have been really naive if she thought that walking around the house without panties would not provoke me to fuck her.

— Don’t even move! — I snarled

I slipped my thumb in and without any warning pushed into her anus, thrust a few times and pulled out, then slid my taut cock in. She only groaned slightly, which surprised me.

— Ass already taken from strangers?!

— Always in the ass, less risk of pregnancy — she replied.

— Please go ahead — I replied and fucked her to the very end. When I started breathing harder, which was a signal that I was about to ejaculate, Vera looked at me pleadingly.

— Don’t finish inside!

— Where else?!

— Not in my ass! I don’t like it!

— OK!, Legs up!

She put her legs behind her head, making her ass high. I stood over her, turning my ass to her face, and began to further fuck her already gaping ass. She was so twisted she could see my balls bouncing against her cunt, which gave me a nasty sense of satisfaction that I was bucking her off and, in the process, fucking her like a whore. I didn’t cum for a long time, so I knew there would be a strong ejaculation.

The first shot went into her asshole

— Noooo!!!!

I pulled my cock out of her gaping asshole and the next shots went straight at her face, I didn’t even have to touch my cock, it was shooting cum all over her by itself.

When I was done, I stuck my cock in her mouth, brazenly wiped my glans on her tongue and went for a quick rinse in the shower leaving Vera on the bed: fucked with cum on her face.

In a moment she came into the bathroom.

— I know you fucked my mother, that’s why I fuck others.

— You have already fucked others before I fucked your mother.

A moment of silence.

— Was she good?

— Yes.

— Better than me?

— Yes.

She bucked over the toilet and after a moment my cum shot began to flow out. Her face was still covered with my cum, which began to dribble onto the floor.

She slipped a finger into her anus and took it out after a while.

— I think that’s it.

— More on your face.

— Just like a good whore — she replied and left for her room.

Two days later she went home. The relationship ended quickly, but there was nothing to regret, during one relationship she had fucked many cocks, and I had fucked two generations — mother and daughter…

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