15 Mayıs 2023

Predators in the Park – Chapter 1


Early in our relationship, Barb and I made the admission to each other that we were both sex addicts that didn’t want any kind of intervention to cure ourselves. Our only genuine limit was anything that might get us arrested but occasionally we still took the chance. One of the major reasons that I moved to the Old Irving Park neighborhood was Independence Park, a seven-acre jewel that offered us both a place to hunt for new adventures and ‘fresh prey’, particularly during the summer.It was early June and the evening before we had decided to spend the next day in the park looking for at least one sexual conquest. That morning we decided to drive to the park rather than to take the short walk so we packed the trunk with everything that we might need which included our straw tanning mats, two folding lawn chairs, beach towels, tanning lotion, camera, Barb’s “special” business cards, rubbers, a few packs of extra cigarettes, our toothbrushes, toothpaste and a large cooler containing a case beer with plenty of ice.We then took a quick shower together before getting semi-dressed for the short drive. Barb wore one of her smallest bikini swimsuits, sandals, a large T-shirt with the LBGTQ flag on the front with ‘Proud to be Bisexual” printed on the back of it and I wore a muscle T-shirt along with nylon jogging shorts and my sandals.Once we arrived at 10:30 AM, we set-up our gear in the sun but close enough to large shade trees just in case we wanted a respite from the sun later in the day.  Barb said she was going to swim for an hour or so in the indoor pool that was in the park field house and I watched her stroll taking a longer route than I would have but I knew she was hoping to be noticed.As I sat in one of our lawn chairs, three of our homeless friends that essentially lived in the park approached to get some cigarettes from me as was the normal routine and I gave them a full pack to share. They sat with me chatting for about forty minutes before they went for a walk to a nearby McDonald’s to get something to eat and left me alone to survey the park for any possibilities. Barb returned about ninety minutes after she had disappeared and she seemed cheerful. After sitting down, she briefed me on her visit to the swimming pool as I had a smoke.She said, “Jan, that good looking older woman that I told you Bostancı Escort about before was here again and Liz, the hot lifeguard was on duty. When I took my shower before swimming, Jan was taking hers at the same time and she looks great naked. While I was in the pool, the older woman started talking with me and I really like her. When we finished swimming, we used the shower room at the same time and she has a killer body. She walked out of the field house with me so I pointed out where we’re sitting and she said she might join us in a few hours after she takes care of some errands. I wouldn’t mind playing with her and I know that you’d be interested in her.” I asked her if she had flirted with either of them which caused her to laugh before saying, “Of course, I flirted with them!”We sat there talking for a while longer before Barb noticed three lone men were tanning relatively close to us that has escaped my vision and I asked her if any of them looked promising to her. She said one of the three might be worth checking out further so I told her that I was going to the restroom in the field house to piss. She told me to take my cigarette lighter with me so she could ask him for a light. I made it about halfway to the field house before looking behind me and the man was lighting her cigarette. I took my time pissing then took a less direct path back to our site since she was still talking with him.They were still chatting when I sat down in the lawn chair facing away from them but I had noticed that he appeared to be around forty with a nice build. A few minutes later she returned to say, “His name is Brian and I think that he’s interested in me. He claims that he’s single but I didn’t tell him that it didn’t matter to me. By the way, there’s a nice bulge in his swimsuit!”  Then I had to ask. “So what are you going to do?” and she replied, “Why don’t you get the small cooler from the car, a six beers and three of the ‘koozies’ so nobody will know that we’re drinking beer?” I returned about four minutes later with the requested supplies, Barb immediately stood-up to pull her LBGTQ T-shirt off to expose her small bikini and then walked over to invite him to join us.When they reached me, Barb introduced Brian and I to each other before all three of us open a can of Bostancı Escort Bayan beer. Brian sat in the lawn chair a few feet away from me, while Barb sat on her straw mat with her legs spread wide facing him which was a signal to me that she was about to go hardcore on him and I wasn’t wrong!We started chatting about what a nice day it was to work on our tans in the park and then Barb said, “Yes, it’s a nice day to tan and to try to hook-up with someone in the park!” Brian looked more than slightly stunned so he was silent for a few moments before I said, “Brian, in case Barb didn’t tell you, one of the reasons we’re here today is to find someone for a threesome.” He replied, “Well, I’m impressed with your honesty but do you mean me?” Barb stared directly at him to say, “If we can have an honest conversation first, then I definitely mean you.”He then said, “I had a threesome once about fifteen years ago that was hot and I won’t lie, the idea interests me.  What do you want to talk about and why did you pick me?” and Barb replied, “You’re handsome, I’m horny and I love that bulge you’re hiding under the swimsuit!” Brian smiled then said, “OK, let’s talk. You can as me anything as long as I can ask you anything.” Barb smiled at him then suggested that I leave them alone for fifteen minutes then rejoin them so I finished my beer then walked around the park.Once I returned, they were lying next to each other on our straw mats laughing and the bulge in his swimsuit had grown. When I sat down, Barb informed me that they had a great conversation and Brian would join us at my apartment around 5:00 PM after he took care of a few things and I said that sounded great to me.As Brian prepared to leave, I suggested he give Barb a real kiss to cement the plan and, as she smiled, he put his arm over to French-kiss her deep while they covertly fondled each other’s crotch!  After shaking hand with me, Brian walked over to his car and left. I looked at Barb then asked her to tell me about their conversation as she smiled at me.She said, “I was very straightforward with Brian. I told him that we’re swingers, we’re both bisexual and we get tested every two months to make certain we’re disease-free. I also told him that we’re not looking for ‘vanilla sex,’ we want it to be rough, Escort Bostancı kinky and nasty. He knows we like piss play, anal and BDSM play.”As we sat there talking about him for fifteen minutes before we heard a woman’s voice yelling “Hello Barb!” and it was Jan from the swimming pool walking toward us smiling. When she reached us, Barb introduced the two of us as she laid on the straw mat that Brian left vacant. She apologized for being late because her errands took longer than she had thought they would.Jan then looked at Barb to say, “I’ve been thinking about you since we said goodbye and I’m just happy to join you two!” Barb told her that she was happy that she was able to meet us and then I said, “Jan, I now understand why Barb has a crush on you. You’re as hot as she told me you were!” She giggled a bit as she thanked me and said, “I’ve been feeling the same way for the past several weeks whenever I see Barb in the pool or shower room!”Barb looked somewhat surprised and asked, “Really?” Jan stood-up pulled her T-shirt, then denim shorts off to reveal her small bikini then laid next to Barb and replied, “Yes, really! Not very many of my close friends know but I’ve been bisexual since I was fifteen years old. For the past few weeks, after we see each other at the pool I’ve gone home to play with myself while fantasizing about playing with you.”Barb looked at me and I suspected what she was going to say, so I volunteered to take a walk around the park for a while.  When I reached them, they were holding hands as they laid on the mats while still talking. I sat down in one of the chairs, as they rolled over to face me and Barb said, “Jan wants us to be at her house at eleven tomorrow morning for a threesome. I’ve already told her how kinky we are and she’s fine with it.” Before I could respond, Jan said, “If you’re in the mood, you can eat my ass as long as you want and you can drink all of the piss you want!”  I felt my cock getting hard and it was obvious because Jan pointed at my crotch to say, “You can also stick that wherever you want tomorrow!”I looked at her and said, “I will!”For the next thirty minutes, we sat there having some beer and talking about sex. As she got ready to walk home, I suggested that each slide a finger into their pussy then let the other suck it clean. They each made sure nobody was watching them and they did just as I suggested while my cock grew even harder. After Jan had gotten dressed for the walk home, she French-kissed both of us while hugging us. After about five minutes, Barb checked the time and said we needed to get back to my apartment to get ready for Brian.

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