1 Ağustos 2021

Private Parking (Nooph part one)


Private Parking (Nooph part one)I’m a conductor on a commuter railroad in North Jersey. You get to meet a lot of people. Some of them young ladies. I met a real winner years ago from Bangladesh. Spoke with a slight, almost English sounding accent. In that brash, English girl who swears a lot way. She went by the name Nooph. Regular rider from out in Hackensack. She was flirty with me. Still I was a little surprised when she slipped me her phone number. It was printed out on register tape. I knew from chatting with her that she was going to collage and helping out at her uncle’s family store. What I didn’t know was that she was a freak. The note read, “Nooph, available till sun rice” yeah, sunrise was spelled wrong. Nooph was dusky skinned, with a big body. She had big tits, a big ass and a big belly. And these crazy beautiful eyes. They were almost hazel, sorta brown. You wouldn’t think a girl with such a dark complexion could have such light eyes. However, “Not a looker,” as my coworker said. She had a double chin, and an odd sense of thrift store sheik style too. I like both big girls and exotic girls. She was both. I didn’t play coy. I called right away.She told me, that first night on the phone about a fling she had with her uncle’s neighbor. And his wife. At the same time, without the other knowing. Middle aged couple invited her next door for a memorial day party. The husband brought her inside to show her his tropical fish and she asked to see his cock. Nooph said she sucked his dick in the spare bedroom. While he watched out the back window to see his wife wasn’t coming. He came on her tits. When the wife saw a stain on her shirt, she brought Nooph into the laundry room to get that spot out. “No go ahead and take it off, we’re all girls here.” Before she knew it the door was locked, and they were taking turns finger banging each other while riding the washing machine. This went on all summer. The couple used one excuse or another to get alone with Nooph. The wife took her to get a tongue piercing, and then taught her how to use it for better cunnilingus. Nooph used it for fellatio too when the husband needed some help with the damn computer. “Fourth of July weekend they took me out on their boat” Nooph said. “I got them to have a threeway, but they haven’t called me since. Oh well!”“Tell me about it.” She didn’t get what I meant. “I mean tell me about the three way.”“Why? So you can jerk off?” “Well, you can jerk off too. Or what ever you do.” “I like to hump a pillow.” She paused “So I asked them if they had like a celebrity crush, freebie kind of thing, or some fantasy hall pass situation. That got the conversation started. And then . .”The wife made the first move. She kissed Nooph on the mouth. Then she kissed her husband and said, go ahead. Nooph and the husband kissed. The wife kissed Nooph’s neck, then the husband’s The husband dropped his pants. Nooph and the wife dropped to their knees. They took turns blowing the lucky stiff. Sharing his shaft between their mouths, meeting at the head for sloppy kisses flavored with precum. “He came pretty quick, he always did. Your pretty quiet over there, you come too?”“Nope. kütahya escort But I’m working on it. You grinding on that pillow? “Uh- Huuuuh.” I had my sexiest voice on. “Did he cum on you tits like last time?”“He came on both of our mouths at once,” I pictured her sucking my dick, I pictured thick naked thighs, full tits, all that weight bearing down on a pillow. “Then his wife and I kissed with his cum all over our faces.” Nooph and the wife did a sixty-nine right there in the sun. Licking and tonguing, lips wet, faces sticky. The guy watched and recovered for round two. She told me they sucked him hard again and he fucked his wife doggie style. While the wife ate Nooph’s pussy, the wife’s climactic moans vibrating Nooph’s muff. “When he came that time,” Nooph was breathing hard, “He took it out of his wife,” I could hear the phone jiggling around as Nooph worked her big body. “And he told me to turn around and shot on my ass.” She moaned a bit, “He didn’t have a condom so he couldn’t fuck me.”“Oh no,” I’d have wanted to cum on that big rump too. “The wife finish you off?”“M-hmmm” she was breathing steadier now, concentrating. “She do that thing were she humped her pussy against yours?” I stroked my dick, god I hoped she did.“She DID!” Nooph had a sexy voice. Not husky but girlish. The accent peppering only certain words. “Mashing our twats together.”“Just like you riding that pillow right now. I bet her pussy was nice and wet from getting fucked too. And yours was nice and wet from her tonging you.” I jerked off and pictured Nooph’s fat ass, grinding down on her pillow. Pictured her legs intertwined with another woman’s legs. I thought of two wet pussies up against each other. “She make you cum?”“M-hmmm.” She was breathing hard and fast through her nose. I could hear fabric rustling and the occasional sigh.“You gonna cum for me tonight on that pillow?”“Mmmmm,” she moaned, “You jerking that hard dick?” “I’m holding it back, I wanna cum when you do. You fuck that pillow and cum so I can cum.”“Almost,” and a series of panting squeals. “Almooaaaast.”“Your perfect little pussy on the pillow. You got your panties off? Your wet fucking pussy making that pillow wet?” “OOOOhhhhh FUCK!” and the phone dropped. I heard her smack the mattress, “uh-huh uh-huh uh-huuuuuuuhhhhh, ooohhhhhhhh yeah.” A distance from the receiver. That was it for me, I shot too, and exhaled through my nose. I heard it loud in my ear. My load landed hot on my belly. The phone rattled back to Nooph’s ear. “Did you cum?” she swallowed hard. “I came did you cum for me?” We wrapped up our phone sex date by setting up a real one. I was gonna pick her up at the train station Tuesday after her class, we both had off that night. We went to the park, just walked around and talked. She wore a traditional garb. A sari I think it’s called. Layers of sheer blue fabric wrapped her bust and hips, and hung down below her knees. Off shoulder, low on her inviting line of cleavage and bare around her middle and one side. She wore sandals with a ring on one toe, and three anklets. We found a spot along the water, the romantic istanbul escort Newark Bay, and just sucked face like a couple k**s. We were both in our early twenties so we sort of were. I still lived with my folks at that time. We kissed and kissed. Nooph smelled great, and really did have pretty eyes. Her bare belly in the sari wasn’t exactly flattering. But her other curves, those big tits, I ran my hands along her hips and her ass. Been a while since I made out this long with out getting to the sex. My boner strained against her weight. I wanted to explore those ample tits and ass with my mouth. Her tongue piercing cracked me in the teeth. She laughed and it broke up our session. “When are we gonna fuck?” She grabbed hold of my hard on through my jeans and pressed her palm and rubbed on it.“My place is out, let’s get a room.”“Maybe we could have some fun here.” Nooph looked around. “Let’s go over there. Behind that little building.It was the rest rooms, further along the water. There was a little room between the back wall and the railing that lined the bay. It was a weekday afternoon, the park was deserted. Nooph stoked my cock hard through my pants. She gave me a look with those crazy eyes. She took my hand and pulled me toward our hide away. We started out kissing some more, and I pushed her tits together. All wrapped up in silky fabric like a present I wanted to tear open. Nooph undid my belt, an opened my pants. She reached down and took my hard cock in her grip. She stoked it and smoldered with those eyes. I took her head in my hands and kissed her deep. “You gonna put that mouth to work for me?” I kissed her again, hard against her lips. She tightened her grip, and quickened her stroke as I tilted her head and started kissing down her neck. “Suck that dick for me.” “Not yet,” she released my cock and pulled the sari open below the waist. “I need you to touch it first.”Her panties were nude in color, a shade or two lighter than her skin, but a shade or two darker where her pussy made them wet. So fucking hot. I slid my hand down past the waist band, through a forest of pubes, and pressed up under her hot crotch. I watched those crazy eyes react as I parted her and sunk a finger in, then two. She took my cock back in her hand. I worked her wet pussy and she jerked me off. We melted into a lusty kiss. Nooph sighed as I found the right pressure, the right angle. I braced her up against the wall and ground into her. Her crazy eyes looked like she was off in a dream. My kisses drifted from her mouth, to her ear, down her neck towards her cleavage. Pressing and swirling my fingers up into her mound. Panties wet with her juice. She just held onto my dick like if she let go she’d fall off the earth. Her breathing quickened. I breathed on her ear, “You gonna cum for me?”She shook her head and licked her lips, “You gonna fuck me?”I took a condom out and put it on while she gathered up all the skirts and bent over the rail. I got my first look at her naked ass. Shape of a she does squats ass, scaled up to a god bless her she’s born with it side. Just the right balance of firmness and hatay escort jiggle. Gave it a slap and a squeeze, then bent down to help her step out of her panties and gave it a kiss. Even rubbed my cheek against hers. I pressed up behind her, reaching around to feel her breasts. Lifting to feel their heft in my hands. My lips against her ear, “Your body is like fucking Disney land.” I stuck her damp dirty panties in my pocket.She let out a soft “OOOOooooo” as I entered her. So wonderfully warm and wet. I slid in and out of her tightness slowly at first. Then faster. We were just the right height together for doggie standing up. My pants, fell a little more with each push till they were in the dirt with my shoes. “Fuck me harder!” Nooph demanded over her shoulder. She pushed back into me as I slammed into her. That big ass quivering with each bump. She was almost there from the fingering. “That’s it! Just like that!” She clamped down, and stifled a scream into a grunt. “Don’t stop don’t stop” We were having sex in a public park in broad day light, this wasn’t I time for romance or savoring. I was getting after it and almost there already too. She clamped down tighter and released and clamped again as she came. I buried it deep and held it there till she was done. Then picked up the pace again. Straining now, a little winded. On the brink I plunged into her again and again. Each tight thrust bringing me closer, I shook now, closer and closer. My hands under her hips, pulling as I pushed, deep as I could be when I exploded My cock jerking and spurting inside her tight pussy. I was lost in waves of orgasmic ecstasy, snapped back to reality by Nooph’s voice. “Don’t get any cum on my dress please.” A fisherman along the rail saw up coming out from behind the restrooms, the expression on his face changed from, “what the?” To “You dirty dogs!” We walked back to my car hand in hand. And grabbed a bite before I drove her home. We were almost there when Nooph said, “Hey you never got to, what’d you say, put that mouth to work.” “That’s alright,” I laughed “No,” She took my hand, “I wanna.” She stuck two fingers in her mouth and sucked, dragging her tongue piercing along them.” I looked away from the road and caught the look in her crazy eyes. “Okay where’s a good place to park, I need you to suck my dick right now!”Slurping and slopping sounds soon filled the car, in the parking lot of a self storage place. With a firm grip at the base, and her lips and tongue sliding up and down under my shaft. A guy on the other side of the lot stared his van, unaware of our second public sex act of the day. Pumping her hand and sucking hard on the head. That tongue stud massaged that super sensitive area under my cock head. I held her hair behind her head as it bobbed between me and the steering wheel. “Get ready, I’m gonna cum.” Jerking me off vigorously she said into my lap, “Don’t cum on my dress.”“Put it back in you mouth,” seemed logical to me. “Right in the mouth, doooon’t fucking stop,” All lips and tongue now, no hands, “Heeeere it comes, heeeeeeere it fucking comes,” just mouthing the knob as I spurted “riiiiight in that FUCKing mouth,” Dribbling that spunk down over my balls and my pubs. “OOOOooooooh that’s so fucking Gooooood.” Slobbering away, till well after the last spurt. “Atta FUCKING girl.”“You owe me a pussy licking!” I gave her her wadded up panties back to wipe the milky mess off her chins.“Next time baby, next time.”

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