26 Mart 2022

ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #1


ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #1iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #1 – Chapter 1In Seattle, not much had changed since the end of summer for most of the iCarly gang. They slowly worked towards finishing their senior year, and Freddie actually was earning enough credits that he would enter college as a sophomore rather than a freshman. Even Gibby was pretty busy, his school basement food joint garnering more and more business every week, which prompted him to work extra time there. Sam helped out when she could, but as the work increased, Sam’s interest in the restaurant was waning. Carly was devoting a lot of her free time for the school newspaper, trying to earn herself some brownie points when college application time came around. The only unchanged person was Spencer, who still spent a great amount of time working on insane sculptures and trying to be the best guardian for his s*ster that he could before she went off on her own. But all that was just the stuff on the surface.Relationship-wise, there were some really uncomfortable moments within the gang, Carly had one of her lonely nights once when all the work had gotten to her head, and despite her throwing herself at Freddie, he wouldn’t budge and some unrequited feelings and bitterness remained for a while. Carly had even approached Sam in the interest of starting up something simple for when the two would sl*epover, but while Sam certainly looked like Melanie, she did not share her sexual interests. It seemed everywhere Carly looked, there were people that she felt an attraction to but she just couldn’t find someone to date or even just have an experience with. The once free spirit was now feeling weighed down by her emotions and she was becoming more and more self-conscious, thinking that it was her that was the problem. As an escape, she began reading and dreaming of fairy tales and finding her Prince Charming, who was certainly missing from Seattle.Also missing from Seattle was Freddie Benson’s social life. His life had become a real routine- wake up at 6, work out, shower, do last minute homework, go to school, get off and go to fencing practice, go home, do work, possibly talk to his friends, and then go to bed. Rinse and repeat 5 days a week. He thought he made the brave and noble choice in letting Jade off the hook and keeping Sam at a distance, but every night, his bed would feel lonelier and lonelier; the image of his two girlfriends quickly drifting from his memory. Halloween night, however, he made a huge mistake and after having a couple drinks, had come onto Sam, who was just as dr*nk. Neither of them really remembered that night, but he only felt ashamed when he looked back on waking up next to her passed out in his bed, completely naked. What was already a strained friendship was getting more and more complicated and with this development, they could barely call themselves friends now. The same goes for Carly. After he rebuked her advances, things had been really strained, so for almost two months his only friends were Gibby and Spencer, and seeing them without the other two, on his schedule, was incredibly difficult. He tried to talk to Jade at least once a week, trying to maintain their friendship in the face of both of them still having very strong feelings about each other.Sam was struggling with some very strong feelings. She didn’t want to break up with Freddie, but she felt like she had to. She was weighing him down, she thought. He was going to go off to some far off tech smart school and she would be lucky to get into a damn community college, if she could even afford that. She was still incredibly in love with him, and in a night of weakness, she slept with him again. She knew he was dr*nk and she pretended to be too, and lied when she faced the sober him the following morning. She couldn’t help herself. He dressed as Zorro, and there was something about the mask and cape and the way he looked at her in her Wonder Woman costume, and the feelings overtook her. She hated herself so much after that, and couldn’t blame Freddie for wanting to have nothing to do with her. She was shocked when he asked her on the holiday road trip, but he invited everyone so maybe he just wanted to be nice. Her greatest fear came from the possibility that he’d see Jade again, fall in love, and he’d never come back to simple, stupid, old, Sam.After Thanksgiving passed, Spencer could not be more excited. It had less to do with the holidays and more to do with the chance of a lifetime that was falling into place perfectly. He was really worried when Freddie mentioned taking another trip to L.A, not knowing what he would do down there. Then he received word that he had been entered into a sculpture contest, as most creative artist of the year. The location: The Los Angeles Center for Design. He could take his sculpture down there and enter the contest. The prize was a year-long trip around the world to study art at all the major schools and areas where he could make his craft even better, not to mention $30,000 dollars. As good as all that was, there were some major downsides. The trip would start in March which meant he couldn’t see his s*ster graduate high school and she’d be by herself. Legally, it would be fine; her 18th birthday was coming in February. He just worried about her being all alone in the big city and while he was definitely going to enter, he seriously considered whether he could even accept the offer if he won.And Gibby was still Gibby. Unlike the others, he still had another year to go before he graduated, so he wasn’t nearly as stressed. What did stress him out was his relationship with his friends and the way they acted around each other. Ever since the end of the last school year they had been acting really weird and secretive and he knew there was something that was missing, but he couldn’t put his finger on what. Knowing that iCarly was probably going to be ending for good in a few months was a bummer, and as the person who would still be around when they all went their separate ways, he had become a bit sentimental and missing all the fun stuff they did together. And the costumes. One day he’d have to get Carly to give him all the costumes he wore. He didn’t have a use for them, but just having them, like his fake head, made him feel like he had something that mattered.Eventually, school wrapped up for the fall, and winter break began. Of course, Freddie was already working on the next year’s work, but now that they had some free time, the four best friends spent a bit more time together. The awkwardness between Carly and Freddie had ceased, but things with Sam and him were still not the best. That’s not to say that they couldn’t get along, but the playful spark of vi*lence and romance that peppered their friendship for the last few years had certainly gone out. Carly wanting to watch Disney and other classic romance movies didn’t help with that awkwardness. Gibby loved the movies so he would never complain though. After a week and a half of relaxation with just the four of them the day had come for the big trip south, something everyone was looking forward to and somehow dreading all at the same time.* * *”You ready yet?!””Almost done. You packing a scarf?””I don’t think so… it’s California… I don’t even think its winter there?””Spencer!” Carly shouted, “Of course its winter there. They are on the same side of the country as we are.” Carly was eagerly packing her suitcase, trying to find the best cute outfits for the trip, and tossing them in. At the core of her suitcase, which was already filling up way beyond capacity were two thick books: ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ and ‘The Sandman and Other Tales.'”Oh yeah… I always forget about geography and stuff. I guess I will get a coat… scarves make my head look weird.”The siblings were in opposite sides of the apartment, shouting packing ideas as they rushed around the apartment scrambling to pack everything in the few minutes they had before they needed to leave on the trip. They weren’t alone in the loft either.Sam had taken it upon herself to take care of all the food in the fridge since it was going to spoil while they were all gone. Eating made Sam happy, especially bacon, and anything was better than sitting and dying in silence on the couch next to Freddie. Every so often she’d look over at him, wearing that plaid shirt combo that made him look like a gay lumberjack, sitting by his giant suitcase, and just as he’d look at her, she’d turn away. She knew he was doing the same and things were awkward enough. Honestly, she didn’t even know why she was going on this trip. Things were FUBAR with Freddie, Carly was acting really introverted, Spencer and her still hadn’t gotten completely past what happened over the summer, and Gibby was just weird. The LA k*ds weren’t much better. The closer friend there she had was Jade, and right now she couldn’t feel anything but burning hate for the girl that would no doubt steal Freddie again. Part of her kinda missed Beck, but given how things ended with them and from what Jade had told them a couple months ago, he had become real bad news.Freddie was struggling with his feelings. Something in the moment as he watched Sam shovel down all the excess food, just reawakened his feelings, but he was fighting them. She was wearing winter clothes, but her shirt was still thin enough that Freddie could make out all her curves. He was also unsure about a Christmas gift he had bought for Jade months ago. He certainly had no use for it, and there was no way he could give it to anyone else, for sure. So it sat buried deep in his suitcase until he could make the decision.Gibby was missing from the apartment, but apparently he was in the camper decorating it for Christmas, which seemed just as frightening as it was nice. Especially since he had a ton of lights and stickers and decorative stuff that worried Spencer since it wasn’t even his camper.Spencer finally emerged from his room with his bag, and plopped down next to Freddie, nearly landing right on his bag. Freddie quickly repositioned the bag and started to say something when Carly came down the stairs, nearly falling as she rushed to meet her friends. Now that everyone was ready to go, they all shuffled into the elevator and headed down to see what Gibby had done to the camper on this way too bright of morning.As they arrived in the lobby downstairs, Lewbert started to say something as Sam and Freddie in unison just flicked him off, not even making eye contact as they headed out the door. This earned a grinning look between the two, but it quickly dissipated once the funny moment had passed. The foursome turned the hotel’s corner to get to the camper and were immediately taken aback by what it looked like.The camper was covered in Christmas lights, which Gibby had used to spell out their names in addition to “iCarly” along the sides. Everyone took note that Gibby had made his name bigger than everyone else’s. There were also some crude tree designs along the bottom, which Spencer winced at as Gibby stepped from the door, with his hand bandaged, taking a minute to join them and revel in his art.”You guys should see the inside!” he said slapping Freddie on the back a little too hard as he led the way. As they peered inside the camper, they saw decorations and construction paper Christmas designs that covered almost the entire interior. Despite it being a real eyesore, everyone complimented Gibby on the job well done.Spencer loaded the bags into the back, careful that his sculpture remained untouched before hopping into the driver’s seat and starting the vehicle. The teens took their seats, preparing themselves for the cold and long trip to Los Angeles.Carly was nose deep in a book for the whole trip, only stopping when they would eat or when it got dark, and she just switched to her Pear reader. Freddie did much of the same, playing with his phone and other tech between naps, when he could manage to drown out Spencer’s loud Christmas song singing. Sam just slept for most of the trip, waking only when she was hungry. Gibby had just gotten a 3DS and was busy playing some games on it, the device’s battery life lasting nearly half the trip.The game system was charged and the crew all refuelled with some lunch just south of Portland. For a few minutes at the lunch table, things almost seemed back to normal, as everyone joked and laughed and Sam and Freddie even shared a few awkward glances which eventually got to be a downer between them, and just like that, the fun times dissipated.Everybody loaded back up on the camper and prepared for the long trip again, everyone taking their seats and watching what they could see from the decoration covered windows. Hours passed and just as they reached Sacramento, it got pretty dark pretty fast. Gibby rigged up the lights outside just after dinner and they were back on their way.In addition to getting dark fast, it had also gotten very cold fast. Carly was practically passed out, wrapped from head to toe in sweaters and blankets, in the passenger seat. Gibby essentially was the same, wearing a thick, puffy jacket that took up a whole seat on his own. Freddie was sitting comfortably beneath a blanket, still messing with his Pear-pad, but he couldn’t help look over at Sam, shivering, apparently having left all her cold clothes in her suitcase. He took a deep breath before motioning Sam over to sit with him.Sam looked angrily over at him. What did he want? Her mind raced over what he could be trying to do, and the fact that she was confused and cold didn’t help matters. Finally realizing that she wasn’t coming over, he slipped out of his blanket sarız escort and waved it towards her for a moment before tossing it at her.She stared incredulously at him, and considered throwing it back in his face. How fucking dare he do something for me? I don’t need his charity, she thought. But then she felt how warm the fleece was and she felt compelled to curl up in it, catching a deep whiff of the blanket, and her mind went blank… son of a bitch, she thought, it smells like him. Unbeknownst to Freddie, Sam had kept a couple of his shirts, clinging to the smell of the man she loved and lost whenever her feelings got the better of her. But this was fresh, and damn did he smell good. When she opened her eyes, she saw him wrapping his arms around himself. Sam silently slinked over to Freddie and sat down next to him spreading the blanket over both of them.”Sam-“”We’re just trying to keep warm. Nothing’s going on, she said coldly.”I know, but I was just saying thanks.””Why are you thanking me?” she said, pulling away slightly. “You’re the one who gave me the blanket.”Freddie laughed for a moment. “Yeah, but you didn’t have to bring it and yourself back over here. This actually feels nice and warm.””Yeah…” Sam slid as close as she could platonically to Freddie and lay her head on his shoulder. “I…””Yeah?” he asked, looking down at her.”Nothing… let’s just keep warm and not talk.” Sam cursed at herself for backing down from what she was going to say, but ‘I love you was just too hard to say. She closed her eyes and smelled him and felt his closeness, and she was overwhelmed, her mind racing with thoughts. And then he kissed her forehead before getting comfortable enough to sl*ep. This is what I get, she thought. I broke up with a sex god, and now I have to live my life as a peasant. As his breathing stiffened, she knew he had fallen asl*ep, and she smiled softly, and said what she needed to say, drifting into her own dreamland, knowing that he couldn’t reject her in this moment.* * *Jade West was frantically trying to clean up her house. The last text Freddie sent said they’d be in around 10 pm, and she really wanted the house looked nice in the hour she had before they arrived. She spent the last day cleaning all the extra rooms, and making sure they were clean for her houseguests. She never imagined herself as much of a homemaker, but when the idea of Freddie coming to see her arose, she turned into the perfect housewife. She’d even bought food and stuff for them. Her parents had no idea that people were coming, but Jade honestly wondered if they would even care if they did.Things had certainly been complicated on her end for a couple months now. Ever since the incident with Mr. Vega catching them, things with Tori had become very awkward. They had only been able to spend the night one time and despite their best effort, there just wasn’t a spark there anymore. It probably had less to do with them not being into having fun together and more to do with Nathan, her new boyfriend. The two had been officially together for almost two months, and as much of a cliché as the guy was, and he certainly was- like something straight out of a straight-to-DVD movie, Jade couldn’t help but like the guy. He was a good fit for Tori too- nice, chivalrous, and pretty outgoing; everything Beck wasn’t.Everyone thought Beck had hit rock bottom after the Trina thing and treated him accordingly. Some of his friends, like Andre, were hanging out with him more often, hoping to get him out of the funk, while others, like, well, everyone else, were much more apt to just leave him alone. It blew Jade’s mind when Tori told Beck that she forgave him, but it honestly seemed to just make him more resentful and sulky. Perhaps the biggest change in the group was Trina. After the Beck thing got out she had to face a lot of ridicule and somehow she kept her head up through it and developed a sense of humor. She was still a talentless hack who was self-absorbed, but at least she was no longer the most annoying creature on earth.Cat was still the same on the outside and to the less than keen observer, she seemed unchanged over the last couple months. Underneath the surface though, Cat seemed really lost and there seemed to be some deep secrets and a sadness that they all tried to get to the bottom of, but she never wanted to talk. Robbie knew something about it, and it had to do with the date they had, but he was remaining quiet. Apparently at some point, he destroyed Rex and got rid of him for good, but Jade wondered if he actually got rid of the Rex that was in the k*d’s head.After putting the finishing touches on the living room, where she figured everyone would congregate, Jade crashed into her room which could have certainly done with some of that cleaning. As she lay on her bed, she stared up at the ceiling, eyeing some of the posters and the little glow in the dark stars and moons that were taped to the ceiling. Her dad had put those little glow things up when they first moved into the house, and she was a little girl, and as much as she was no longer that little girl, she just couldn’t bring herself to take them down. He had told her that night that there was no reason to be scared of doing something new because if she aimed for the stars, even if she didn’t make it, she would still be among the stars. It was the dumbest thing she had ever heard, and yet his words were written in each and every one of her idea journals. She wanted more than anything to be a star and to be among those stars.She lay on her bed for almost an hour, but it only felt like minutes as she daydreamed about being a movie star and being a hit on Broadway. She would have stayed in this world of flashing cameras and flying flower bouquets forever, but the sharp sound of a car horn snapped her out of it completely.Staring at her reflection, she checked herself out. She was wearing a long sleeve see-through shirt with a black spaghetti strap top underneath, an outfit that made her tits look magnificent, and a black skirt with see through leggings. She made sure she looked good in the mirror before racing to her front door and opening it to find a gaudy looking camper outside. She had hoped upon first sight that this was a fluke, but the flashing lights that read “iCarly” certainly said all she needed to see. After putting her thick jacket on, she strolled outside into the December air and greeted them.”Yo,” Gibby said as he was the first to disembark, “we’re here now.””Um, yeah, I can see that… Gibby, right?””Yeah,” he chuckled, “we met that day at the camp.”Jade just smiled and nodded as the back door busted open to reveal Sam, wrapped up tight in a blanket. She grabbed her bag and without a word to Jade, she walked inside.”Sure… come right in,” Jade said under her breath.She saw Spencer wave and open up the back door as he unloaded some of the bags which Gibby grabbed and headed inside. Carly was off the vehicle next, looking very tired.”Hey, Jade,” she said softly.”Hey Carly, you doing ok?””Yeah,” she said taking a deep sigh. “Just really tired from that trip. Would I be an awful guest if I just went straight to bed?””Not at all… Once everybody gets in, I will show you to your room, and you can catch some z’s.””Awe-some,” Carly smiled as she headed inside.And then he was there. Freddie Benson stepped off the camper, his hands full of stuff and he hadn’t quite seen her yet, but she was already paranoid that she looked awful, quickly trying to adjust her hair, making sure it curled just right and the blue strands were prominent, and stand up straight in a way that accentuated her figure. She walked towards him slowly as he finally made eye contact.Fuck, she thought, he’s smiling. That damn smile that made her feel a deep warmth even in the middle of winter.”Jade…” he said, and attempted to say something else but she pushed him towards the door.”We can talk inside… go set all that stuff down.”He did as he was told as Spencer grabbed the rest of the bags and Jade helped him shut the back door before walking him to the house.”This is an amazing house, Jade. I cannot tell you how cool it is that you’re letting us stay here.””Aw, Spencer, it’s cool. The place is empty. It needs to have more people in it.””Groovy,” he said as he took the steps to the front door and headed inside as Jade shut the door behind her, putting her coat back on the coat rack.All the teens were looking at the expansive living room, with the high ceilings and plenty of sitting space.”Well, this is my place. I hope you guys are comfortable.””Urn…” Carly said, trying to find the words, “your house is like 10 x the size of our apartment so I think we’re gonna be ok.””Well, let me show you to your rooms. Carly, Spencer, and Sam, your rooms are upstairs.” Jade led them up the stairs and pointed to the left, down a hallway with 5 doors. “The two doors on the right are for you and Sam, Carly. There’s a bathroom connecting your rooms, so I hope that’s ok, Spencer, you’re at the end of the hall on the left and your room has a bathroom attached. Gibby, your room is down the other hall, second door on the left and Freddie you’re at the end of the hallway on the left.”All five went into their respective rooms and looked around, amazed by how nice everything looked, surprising old and white compared the all black atmosphere that they expected coming from Jade.”I’m going to be up for a while if you guys are wired, but if you want to just go on to bed, I understand. That drive is a killer.””I think I’m gonna turn in,” Spencer chimed in, and Carly followed suit with a thick yawn before heading into their bedrooms. Sam gave Jade a look then a look at Freddie, and then a look back at Jade before sighing and heading into her room.”Is she ok?” Jade asked Freddie and Gibby, and both responded with a shrug, but Freddie’s eyes gave a different story. “Maybe she’ll better in the morning…”Jade led the guys to the rooms and both tested out the beds. Freddie exited his room pretty quickly after putting his stuff down, but Gibby was already undressing before his bedroom door was even shut.”Ummm…” Jade said, eyeing the strange k**.”Don’t mind Gibby,” Freddie said, closing the door just in time. “He’s… something.””Kay…” Jade said, looking down at the living room. “You probably want to get on to be too. We can talk in the morn-“”Actually,” he said, tossing his sweater into the bedroom, “I’m wide awake and I was hoping we could catch up.””Oh god… I was… kinda…” Jade was trying not to smile too much as she responded, “hoping you’d say that.”He reached out to her and she entered his arms for the first time in months but it felt like it had been forever since she last touched him, and yet he felt the exact same as he was when she last held him. He even smelled good. And that was before he wrapped his arms around her. When his actual embrace happened, she felt like she’d melt. Not that she’d ever let him know, though.He also had forgotten how good she felt in his arms, a perfect fit honestly. Her sheer skin-tight clothing doing her a ton of favors. She smelled like lavender and he wanted to taste her almost immediately. The feelings overtook him and he had spoken before he even realized it.””I missed you.”Her heart skipped at least a few beats as his words rested into her ears. “I… missed you too,” she managed to say between tight breaths, desperately trying to savor this moment.He pulled away and looked at her, half with renewed emotion and half with some deep sadness.”Can I… get you something to drink?” she said, leading him back down the stairs to the living room. “I’ve got some soda, tea, juke, milk… or I could grab something from my special supply.””Special supply? Well, you have my attention.””Somehow, I figured I might. Give me a sec and I’ll fix us something. Make yourself comfortable. Take a seat on the couch,” Jade said, disappearing into the kitchen.”Your house really is incredible, Jade.””Yeah… my parents certainly are proud of it… though you wouldn’t know that given that they spend absolutely zero time in it.””Sorry about that… I know what it’s like to have just one parent missing, I can’t imagine not really seeing either for a long time.””I always wondered what happened with your dad… if you don’t mind me asking.””It’s cool,” Freddie said, slipping his shoes off. “Right after my mom got pregnant, he kinda skipped town and while I’ve never met him, his checks always come in without fail.””Enough talk about our parents, babe… Here,” Jade said, handing him a glass full of a red liquid that, while clearly alcoholic, he couldn’t identify. Freddie also couldn’t get over the fact that she had just called him ‘babe.’ Did she really think they were… together?”This is… good… babe.””Freddie, that sounded like it hurt just to say… is the drink that bad?” she asked reaching for his cup.”No, it’s fine. I’m certainly not a big drinker but this actually tastes good,” he said, taking another sip.”Then what is it?”Freddie took a deep breath and sighed. “You called me ‘babe.’ It just threw me.””Yeah… sorry,” Jade said, tucking her hair behind her ear. “It’s just a term of endearment.., not like a romantic thing. I know you’re not really into the whole ‘us’ thing-“”Whoa,” he quickly interrupted. “I never said that. If anything, I’m too into the ‘us’ thing. That was kinda our problem.””Our problem? You dumped me so you could get your head together if memory serves…””Well, yeah…” Freddie sipped more of the increasingly good tasting drink before taking a deep breath. “I don’t really have the heart… no, that’s not true. I didn’t have the head, and as much as I wanted you, there was no denying that I rarely spent the night alone. I didn’t want to be alone, but I needed to be. I know you loved me and I love you. I wanted to be everything for you, but I just don’t think I can. At least not right now, and I wanna make things right, but I feel like I’m losing everything and it’s killing my brain. But, you’re right… I didn’t want to hold you down and I felt like I was stringing you along.”Jade swirled her drink for a moment and then looked at him with those piercing green eyes. “Well, Benson, it’s been a couple months, so be honest: Were you?””Jade… I wasn’t doing that. At least not on purpose.” Jade pulled away from him a bit. “I am crazy in love with you, and I just felt like locking you in as my girlfriend, let alone, I had two of them, when I couldn’t be there the way I needed to be… it just wasn’t fair.”Jade swirled her drink around a bit before she decided to speak up. “I love you too… but I have to confess something, and I might as well tell you now. I kinda cheated on you while we were dating.””WHAT?!” He put the drink down aggressively, and then undid the manly action by quickly grabbing a coaster and setting the drink down lightly. “You cheated?””Yeah, With Tori-“”Oh… another girl? Well, I guess that’s not as bad as the image that flashed through my mind.”Jade laughed for a second. “What was that image?””I don’t know,” he said, getting flustered. “I just imagined some really handsome asshole just… doing stuff.””Well, glad I could help I guess… Tori and I just clicked one night and it just became kinda fun and flirty, and while I have messed around with girls before, while dating guys, you’re the first one I actually felt like I might have crossed a line.””Well, I’m not crazy about it, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I mean, I was with Sam a bit and that was kinda like cheating on you.””Yeah, but you only slept with her because you were also dating her. You wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t with her.”Freddie’s eyes wandered for a second, and without missing a beat, Jade punched him in the arm. “Ow! What?!””You slept with her when you weren’t dating? Like after your whole ‘I need to be alone’ wax poetic session. You’re an ass.””Slow down… it was Halloween, and I was dr*nk, and I don’t even remember it. I woke up to her in my bed and ever since then we’ve barely even had a conversation, let alone consider anything romantic. It was just a dr*nken accident, one that I have regretted for over a month now.””Ah, booze… the great equalizer. She probably dr*gged you. That’ll teach you to take drinks that people make for you.”The two exchanged some laughs as Freddie considered inspecting his drink while she wasn’t looking. Then there was some awkward silence before Jade finally broke it.”So you guys are going to celebrate Christmas here?””Yeah, since it’s just a couple days away, I figured we might leave before the New Year.””Cool… I guess I should go buy you guys some presents…” she said, the thought just occurring to her.”Nah… You letting us stay here is a great gift on its own. I did get you something though.” The words had slipped out and he had no intention of saying that. Not with this gift.”Oh really?””I mean… I got it while we were still together, and it was actually going to be for your birthday back in October, but I…” he felt himself blushing, the alcohol partially to blame no doubt. “Never mind.””No,” Jade said, sliding closer to him until she was nearly on top of him. “You tell me what it is… I hate to be teased.””Jade… I don’t think it’s a good idea… I don’t even know if I could even give it to you, let alone tell you anything-“Jade was no longer sitting next to him; she had quickly shifted so she was straddling his lap and facing him. “Oh, you have to give it to me. Please Freddie… please,” she said, gyrating her hips a bit and running her fingers through his hair. “Please… give it to me.”Freddie cursed how convincing her argument was, before he sighed heavily and just muttered, “Okay.””Yay…” Jade said, quickly climbing off his lap, “Now was that so hard?” Her eyes flickered downward toward his crotch, as a sexy smile crossed her lips. “Well, maybe it was.”Freddie laughed nervously, the drink certainly having an effect. The last thing he wanted was to jump right back with Jade the moment they were together again, but in this moment he couldn’t really think of anything else. She looked amazing and feeling her so close to him after the months they spent apart was rapidly becoming too much.”So, will I have to wait til Christmas, or can I go ahead and open it?”Freddie took a long sip and finished his drink, hoping it would give him some much needed courage. “It’s in my bag. I gotta get it out, and maybe you should open it in private.””Then get to it,” she said, drinking her drink like a shot, jumping off the couch, and grabbing his hand to lead him up the stairs.Freddie dug around in his suitcase and pulled out a box, about a foot long and covered in snowman wrapping paper. He cautiously handed her the gift, almost wincing as she took it from him.”You said it should be opened in private… maybe we should go to my room.” Freddie followed her the few feet across the hall, and was blown away at the sight of her room. It was like a dungeon met a funhouse. There were skulls and oddities and the purple, green, and black color scheme was really trippy. In the center of her room was a huge bed, which she say down on while looked around. He barely noticed her tearing open the paper and opening the box, and he had actually forgotten the audacity of his gift when he heard her say his name.”Freddie…””Uh… yeah?””There’s a dick in this box.””Yeah… see what I meant about the privacy-“”Holy fuck-sack!” Freddie couldn’t help but laugh at her language. “This is your dick. What the? How did you… what?”Freddie nervously chuckled. “Gibby got a head of himself made and while I was with him, I had this crazy thought and it turned out, it was a thing. So-“”So what? You just handed me a dildo, which looks and feels almost exactly like yours, except it is cold, and-“”It’s actually microwavable. You can heat it by-“”Fucking seriously?” Jade’s playful look had turned into incredulous exhaustion. “Why would you give this to me?””Because… like I said, I don’t have a use for it, and at the time I felt bad about the distance and wanted to make it up to you.” An idea suddenly popped into his head. “Wait a sec… how did you know that was mine so fast?””Freddie, you know what it’s like to meet a penis that is made out of all your hopes and dreams? Well, you probably don’t but I do. I knew it the first night we were together, and something like this thing,” she said, gripping the base and shaking it at his face, grinning, “I would never forget.””It’s also got a small motor in it, so it works like a vibrator and I had it flavored as well.”Jade’s eyes went wide, and tentative licked the tip of it, and followed up with another after the faint taste of candy, like she was licking a strawberry lollipop.The way she was acting Freddie considered just backing out of the room, but she set the thing back in the box, and set it on the ground, and stood up and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards her. “So, you liked it?” he asked, cautiously.”Baby, that is the coolest, creepiest, sexiest, most inappropriate gift I have ever been given. Of course I love it. And it takes a lot of pressure off of me.”Freddie looked quizzically at her. “How does this take any pressure off? I was feeling nothing but pressure since the moment I mentioned the gift. I mean, all I’ve succeeded in doing since I saw you is drool on my shoulder, so there’s that.””Well, I won’t lie. I have wanted to jump your fucking bones since you got here and now, even if I don’t get the real you, I can still fill my… craving.”Freddie was taken aback by how completely anim*listic she was being, like a woman possessed. “Glad I could… help then.””Don’t get me wrong,” Jade said, losing her balance a bit and catching herself on his arm, “I really would love to make love to the real you, because there’s no replacing that.” Her hands had shifted from his arm up to his chest. “Actually… I might have a gift for you too. One I think you’d really like…””Oh really? Why do I feel like you’re just going to throw something together?”You might be right,” she said grabbing a shirt from her closet. “Now put this on like a blindfold, and don’t you dare look before I tell you to.””Yes ma’am,” he said wrapping her black shirt around his eyes, which she tightened behind his head. “Ow,” he exclaimed when it went too tight.”Sorry… but I can’t have you peeking.”Freddie then sat alone on Jade’s bed, not able to see anything and unable to hear much of anything besides some shuffling. He thought he had heard some clothes moved around, and he wondered if she was stripping down for him. His mind began to draw up all these elaborate ideas, like her being naked with a giant bow, or some sort of sexy gift she had tucked away. A moment later, he heard something open, like a cd drive or something, and then a loud click.”Alright, when I say go, you can take it off, ok?” Freddie nodded, unwrapping the shirt from his head, waiting for her to give him the go ahead to drop it. There was some faint music playing before she spoke again, “Ok, go,”Freddie’s eyes didn’t have to adjust too much since she dimmed her lights, and his eyes went wide when he saw her step from her closet. She was wearing a little Santa hat and top, her cleavage looking amazing, with a short skirt with the same see through leggings. But the sight that hit Freddie harder than anything, was the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He was going to ask a question when she put her finger to her lips, telling him to hush. And then he recognized the song being played: “Santa Baby.”As the song played, Jade began to sing and dance slowly for him, pantomiming some of the actions to the song, which was really funny at times, but there were no mixed signals when she got to the “hurry down my chimney tonight” portion. After the first chorus, she moved from a teasing dance to a straight lap dance, an act that distracted him from the singing and more focused on her ass which looked amazing through the see through tights.Despite grinding herself against his body hard, her singing didn’t stop and Freddie couldn’t believe how beautiful her voice was. After a few lines, it became a lot less about her sexual acts and more about this moment where he was drawn into her aura. As she turned around to face him, straddling his lap, he realized that he was completely enamored with her, and like some siren song he couldn’t look away and desired her by an unimaginable amount.The song wrapped up, and she took a breath and climbed off his lap, “Did you like that?”Without a word, he reached to her face and pulled her to him and kissed her more passionately than he had ever kissed anyone, his hands not wandering her body, because in this moment, her lips were the most important thing in the universe to him.Jade was surprised and shocked by his reaction but within moments, melted into his arms, throwing her arms around him and kissing him back. She felt his tongue penetrate her mouth, wrestling hers down as they desperately tried to swallow each other. Freddie’s hands drifted from her face and felt along the straps of her top, his fingers rubbing her collarbone and drifting lower.As Jade’s mouth gasped at his touch, Freddie pulled from her lips and moved his kisses to her neck, his teeth scr*ping over her neck a bit as he kissed. Jade could feel her body heating up very fast and moans were escaping her lips without her even realizing. As she began to breathe erratically, his hands moved to her breasts, taking his finger and drawing it up and down her cleavage.Jade reached her hands to pull the top off when his hands grabbed hers, causing a whimper to escape her lips at his aggressive act.”Not tonight, baby…” he whispered into her ear. “You looked so hot, I couldn’t think of anything but stripping you down since I saw you. And you did that without me. I’m going to enjoy undressing you myself,” Freddie nibbled at her earlobe for a moment before his fingers began playing with her straps until finally stopped teasing and slid them off her shoulders.As he slid those straps down, she looked at him, her eyes screaming the true vulnerability she was feeling. Sex with between Jade and Freddie had always been amazing and incredibly fulfilling, but there was something about this time in this particular moment that made it seem different. Her eyes said it all.Freddie pulled the straps just off of her arms, lowering the top just enough so that her nipples were just barely revealed. He quickly lowered his head to her chest taking one of her erect peaks between his lips. He sucked on it while his hand rubbed up and down her midsection before switching to her other breast. His mouth left a wetness which quickly turned her sensitive nipples into icy hard peaks. Knowing her body was getting colder, Freddie used his free hand to massage her breasts, his thumb massaging and warming the nipples as he went back and forth.Jade watched him suckle on her incredibly sensitive body, but eventually, the pleasure sent her head rolling back, her eyes closing so she could lose her sight and make the feeling more intense. A light moan escaped her lips while her hands played with her hair as well as his when did something she really liked. Which, granted, was quite a bit.”Ooohh baby…” she said, biting her lips. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you missed me.”Freddie looked up at her smiling, his teeth holding onto her nipple just enough not to hurt. He stood back up and faced her, her eyes once again burning him inside, as if they were begging and warning him all at the same time. He kissed her, his hand moving to her chin to hold her in place. As he pulled away, his hands drifting down to her lower back, he whispered, “How would you feel if I said I wanted to take you right here and now and not stop until we can’t see straight?”Jade felt a chill over her body which quickly turned into a wave of utter heat. Just his words earlier had made her moist, the gift had made her wet, but this- whatever this was, she was practically gushing after what he had done and said. She couldn’t even form the words to respond to his aggressive words. She just nodded, looking up at him with a look that screamed innocence just as much as wanting.”Come on, baby… you gotta tell me. Use your words…” he said, his finger running along the frame of her lips as he squeezed her ass.””I… I would want that,” she said nervously.”A little louder, Jade… I need to feel how much you want it.” Freddie was just toying with her now, his left hand running across her tight-covered thighs and ass, making sure to massage her skin extra hard when his hand touched between her legs. “Jade, I-“”Freddie,” she said confidently, her eyes flaming with passion, “I want you to fucking take me and fuck me right now. I need you inside me again, and I have never wanted anything as much as I want your big hard cock right now.”It was all Freddie needed to hear as he reached down and ripped her tights between her legs, his hand increasing the size of the tear as he undid his pants and slipped his boxers off. Jade was wholly surprised when he pushed her back onto the bed. She looked up at him for only a moment before he dove his member deep inside her, experiencing some resistance from the tightness, but not enough to slow him down.”Ooooh fuck!” she exclaimed as she was filled far beyond capacity, she felt. “How the fuck did you get bigger?!””You might want to keep it down, babe,” Freddie said, slowly pulling out of her. “Gibby is right through that wall.””Freddie, my room is soundproof,” she said, earning an incredulous look from him. “I did it when I was with Beck. Now hurry up and fuck me.”Freddie did as he was told, slowly pushing back inside her before pulling out, increasing his pace and strength each thrust. He quickly removed his shirt and shook off his pants and boxers from his legs. Freddie enjoyed watching her DD cup breasts bounce as he fucked the girl harder and faster with each passing moment, amazed that the Santa hat was staying on her head. She grabbed them and held them in place while he pounded her. He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders so he could get closer to her and deeper. He normally enjoyed watching himself penetrate, but somehow that Santa skirt covering up the action made him even hotter. The new angle sent her eyes rolling back, and knowing he had her like a fish on a hook, he began to finger her sensitive bump as he fucked her.This new assault proved too much and her eyes widened for only a moment as he felt her walls tighten around him, and her body quaked her orgasm rushed over her. Freddie slowed down enough so that she could catch her breath, before he leaned down to worship her breasts once again.He didn’t have long to enjoy her chest before she pulled him up by his hair and with a newly found fire, she whispered though her teeth, “My turn.”Turning over and pinning Freddie to the bed, Jade quickly took his member back inside her, and impaled herself on it slowly, pulling her own hair as she felt as if she would be split in two. After getting her bearings, she began to ride him, gyrating her hips so that he could hit every angle inside her, but with his size, he did a good enough job of that already.Freddie tried to reach up to touch her chest as she rode him hard, but she swatted his hand away and gripped her own breasts as she began bouncing on him, her eyes remaining focused on his, and flashing a hungry smile at him every few moments, assuring him that she was having just as much fun as sexual pleasure. Freddie laughed as the Santa hat’s ball kept falling over her face.Besides some grunts, moans, and some other natural noises, the two remained mostly silent as they were together, until he finally broke the silence. “Not sure if I mentioned it, but I reeeally love this Christmas present.”She laughed a bit as she bit her bottom lip, “That reminds me… I think now is a pretty decent time to try out that gift of yours.” Jade crawled off of him and leaned over the bed, grabbing the gift from its box, her hands running over it, still amazed that he would ever give her such a thing. “You know it’s funny…””What is?” Freddie asked, sitting up.”I had a dream the other night where you came here and introduced me to your twin br*ther. And the two of you ravaged me in, like, every way possible. Even some ways I never knew I wanted it. And some I thought were just impossible. And now I have this… and I kinda want to bring some of that dream to life.”Freddie was speechless as she crawled off the bed, removing all her clothes but the Santa hat, and kneeled on the floor, before sliding the item along her outer lips, playing with it until finally, after turning it on, she sat down on it, the fake member filling the same spot the real one had just occupied. A deep gasp escaped her mouth as she smiled over at him, and her eyes closed in pleasure. She wiggled her finger at him, motioning him to come to the very edge of the bed. He had barely gotten there when she reached and grabbed his throbbing member and pulled him the last inch so he sat on the edge.With a wink and a quick bounce on the toy, Jade dove her mouth onto his cock, savoring the taste of her own juices mixed with his sweat. She took him deep in her throat before coming off and gasping for air before blowing him again. She bobbed her head up and down his member, sucking the life from him as she tried bouncing on the fake cock, her tits wigging with each move. Freddie applied pressure on her head, forcing it down a bit more, but when he felt her pull back, he let her up.”Oh this is good,” she said, bouncing and using her saliva to jerk him off a bit. “But I feel like something is missing. Can this thing stick to walls?”Freddie looked at it a moment and nodded.”Awesome,” she said, getting off of it. She raced to her door and used the suction cup at the bottom to stick to a point on the door around her chest level. Jade bent over, shaking her ass a bit with a ‘come hither’ look on her face.Freddie walked up behind her, running his hands down her front and kissing the back of her neck sensuously as his hands kneaded her breasts. His engorged member rested on the crack of her ass as he slid it up and down.Jade bent over again and Freddie got the picture, pushing inside her pretty quickly and with a f*rce that pushed her head forward onto the waiting toy. Her mouth widened on impact as the fake cock went deep in her mouth, savoring the sweet candy taste mixing with her own pussy juices, and just as she would pull off of it, Freddie would fuck her back onto it. His speed and f*rce increased as her screams and moans were silenced by the toy, as she held onto the door for support. Freddie quickly grabbed her forearms and used them like reins as he fucked her so hard and fast that, as her orgasm overtook her and she screamed into the dildo, her eyes rolled back and for a moment she thought she might lose consciousness amongst the bliss.Despite her natural aggressive personality, being so submissive was an enormous turn on for Jade, and the idea that she loved and trusted the person who was dominating her completely made her feel something that was beyond words. As his pace resumed and he announced he was getting close she wrestled from his hold and pulled away from him.She quickly slid the piece down the door and turned around bending over so it would pierce her as she took his engorged member into her waiting mouth. What she couldn’t get in her mouth she stroked, sucking lightly at his head. Jade removed his cock from her lips with a loud pop and looked up at him, and while she wanted to look him in the eye as she thrust herself back and forth slowly against the dildo, she had no intention of saying anything but the words just tumbled out at once.”If I had one wish,” she said stroking him from base to tip, “I would just want you to make me your personal fuck doll. Maybe that should be my Christmas gift to you- becoming your own personal fuck doll that you can treat like a bad girl, an angel, a whore, a princess, or just your personal cum dumpster- depending on how you feel that day. But at the end of the day, whatever you want me to be- I’m always just going to be yours, so you might want to start setting aside some time at least once a day for my pussy. So give me that hot load, Freddie. Cover my face and give me the white Christmas I need.”Her words proved too powerful for him and with a loud gasp, Freddie shot several thick ropes all over Jade’s face and breasts. After the assault, she licked his member clean and managed to catch quite a bit of it in her mouth, rubbing the rest into her skin before licking her fingers and sliding off her new toy and collapsing onto the floor.”Holy shit, Jade…” Freddie said catching his breath. “I don’t think I’ve had a release like that. I feel like every ounce of energy just left my body.””Well, you’re going to have to channel your inner Superman because you turned my legs to fucking jelly. Carry me to my bed.”Freddie loved how quick she had turned from this vulnerable girl to barking orders at him, and he couldn’t argue, picking Jade up and carrying her to the bed like they were a newlywed couple before setting her down in it. He even went a step further and pulled her sheets up over her body.”Thank you, baby,” she said, watching him collect his clothes. “You don’t have to leave, Freddie. I was hoping you would spend the night in here. Maybe test your toy to see if it can go other places… unless you’d rather be the one to…”Freddie turned to face her slowly, looking over the dishevelled and clothing strewn room. He looked at her, and despite looking like she had just been in a war, her hair and makeup an absolute mess, he couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked in this moment and he wanted so desperately to climb into bed with her, but he felt a heaviness in his heart.”Freddie? What’s wrong?””Jade… did we just make a huge mistake?””What?!” she exclaimed sitting up, covering herself. “No! Why the fuck would you say something like that?!””Because look at us,” he said, sitting on the edge of her bed. “I did everything I could for the last few months to try and be ok, and resist getting into bed with girls until I worked out what I really want. What we just did wasn’t fair to you.””How the fuck was this not fucking fair to me? I, a full grown woman with a fucking mind of my own, just begged you to fuck me. It’s not like you ****d me or anything. I wanted it, and I know that you wanted it too. So stop being fucking pussy and just enjoy yourself for once. I swear, we can’t ever just have a night where one of us doesn’t pull this shit.”Freddie stared into Jade’s eyes which were beginning to water and he wanted to say something but he couldn’t find the words.”So that’s it? You show up at my door and within two hours you showed up, gave me a dick mold, got me naked, fucked my brains out, and now you’re going to walk out of here like it doesn’t even matter? You know what, Freddie? Go fuck yourself.””Jade-“”No… I put myself out there. I had no business getting with you again after the hell that was our long distance relationship and yet here I am, completely at your mercy, and you act like I’m just some piece of ass you can love and leave? You can-“”Can I finish my thought?” he said gruffly, silencing her.”Fine, but then you need to get the fuck out.”Freddie took a deep breath, “Jade, I love you, and I’m sorry I kinda ruined this, but what I was trying to say is that we are going to end up in the exact same situation when I go home. I, and I think you too, just experienced some pure unbridled happiness and the moment it was over the realism came crashing in, and I had no idea how I let this happen.””We let this happen, Freddie. Look, it happened, and I don’t regret a second of it. If you do, then you need to leave here right now. But I know you don’t regret anything that just happened. I know exactly what you felt because I felt it too.””Jade… I love you. Like, seriously. And maybe you’re right, but I don’t think I’m wrong to be concerned.””Maybe… but can you keep your concerns to yourself if you want to keep me from killing you,” she said, her smile creeping across her face. “Now let’s go get a quick shower before I pass out.”Freddie helped her up and helped her to her shower. While she was getting the water ready, he excused himself to get some quick toiletries before joining her. He slipped quietly from her room and ran across the hall to grab a few things before heading back into Jade’s bedroom to join her for a shower where they managed to get clean and then managed to get dirty again. After giving Jade yet another orgasm in the shower with his own oral assault, Freddie dried himself and Jade, who could barely stand, and carried her to the bed which he joined her in, their embrace lasting nearly the entire night.However, had Freddie looked down the hallway as he snuck to his room, he would have seen a blonde girl in grey pajamas sneaking down to see him, and if he had looked on his way back to Jade’s room, he would have seen Sam sitting in the hall with her head between her knees and sobbing.

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