15 Mayıs 2023

Punching Above Ones Weight: Ch. 1


Tommy King was at a crossroad in his life. Since school he’d worked a successful pizza franchise but was forced to go bankrupt after a failed marriage. Having never touched anything illicit, not even so much as a cigarette, his newfound underworld friends coached him with a different path. He quickly became a drug dealer in one of the craziest nightclubs in town. This club even issued VIP-membership lollypop look-alike key rings which doubled as a snorting devices!Inness Bendsson, having emigrated with her family from Denmark when she was small, grew up in a middle class suburb. She is sharp yet witty and possesses exceptional social skills having been heavily involved in the local rowing club. But having to always live in the shadow of her younger brother, being an A-grade junior basketball player destined to go professional, caused a big rift in her family. The mismatch of attention from the parents messed with her head and she decided once she became of age she would move far away to start afresh. In true form, her Scandinavian heritage is obvious. She is over six feet tall, athletically built yet slim, with ash-brown eyes, button nose and blond, straight hair. Her perky 34B tits complement her perfectly sculptured body, the result of countless hours into all things physical. My name is Tommy, and everybody in the club knew me as the one to go to if you needed sorting. There was no bullshit, you’d get what you asked for every time. I am a nice guy, putting needs first before profits, unlike the rest who put their drug habits first.You notice sexy people… It’s four in the morning and the club is going off. With doof-doof tunes pumping and everyone peaking, you are sure as hell guaranteed to spot shirtless guys possessing chiselled, god-like bodies stomping on the podiums, their ruggedly muscled torsos glistening in the flashy lights for all to admire and envy. What you notice even more are the scantily clad babes wearing slutty mini dresses and high heeled fuck-me shoes competing for attention from these alpha males. By the end of the night all these hotties would have paired up and left for an amazing fuck session, whilst leaving the skanks and the fugglies to fend for themselves. That’s just how it is.One girl really caught my eye. She was really tall and had a hot bod that Escort Pendik made fitness models pale in comparison. Her sexy outfit oozed sex appeal in the flashy lights, bringing my eccy rush back on. Most refreshing was the energy she possessed as she danced innocently, without a care in the world of who was watching. No doubt she would have her pick of the buffed muscle-studs on the podium before the end of the night. There was no way in the world that this beauty would ever give me the eye. This was my justification to leave the club since I had business to attend anyway, sorting out a crew at an after party.The suicide of the popular Jarrod Cook came as a major shock to the close-knit clubbing community, and those shock reverberations were echoed through some of my closest circles. I was the king of after parties, always making sure everyone was sorted. Eccies, lollies, bikkies, biscuits, flippers, pills… whatever you like to call them, ecstasy was my poison. Crushing many variants and mixing them with an array of other illicit substances and presenting them as meter lines for everyone to snort was one of my favourite party tricks.It was the after party to celebrate the life of Jarrod, the after party where my world would be turned upside down. My eccy rush immediately kicked back in when I recognised a hot couple arriving in the driveway.As the muscular stud got out of his Honda Prelude I noticed his bulging biceps, eight-pac, and monster pecs squeezed in a designer tank top three sizes too small. He towered over my five-foot, five-inches and I was freaking out fast. I was dumbstruck when the even taller girl got out on the passenger side and I immediately recognised her as the girl I ogled back at the club.Her perfect C-cup tits, defying gravity in a flimsy white spandex top held together with spaghetti straps, had pointy nipples poking straight at my eyes. The midriff was a flat tanned hard surface with chiselled abs confirming she was a fitness freak. Her long firm legs were topped out by a very tight silver pvc mini barely covering her groin. With glistening, defined calves in those six-inch platform sandals, I had to stretch my neck to make eye contact!Although it seemed they were the perfect couple you could tell they had been arguing in Beykoz escort the car. It was like a knife could cut the air between them. This was going to be one interesting party.“Hey, is this The Jarrod after-party?” His commanding tone dictating the atmosphere kind of put me off wanting to respond. It seemed his eyes were almost popping out from whatever he was on, not so uncommon with these clubbing fanatics. My immediate thoughts were he was on the royds as I noticed blemishes all over his skin.I could only meekly respond with, “Hi, umm, Yes…” before I was cut off by the tall beauty in complete contrast.“Hello, I’m Inness; lovely to meet you.” Her soft yet firm tone was like an angel had just spoken to me and her smile was even more delicious.With churning butterflies in my gut I barely stuttered out my name. I couldn’t help but admire her sexy body as she was hiking down that ridiculously short skirt down those long, muscled legs. I had to be discrete with my gawking since her huge, menacing boyfriend was right beside her and probably could concuss me with one blow should he catch me eying his prize. She could easily be a cover girl out of a fitness magazine, were my thoughts. I would pay to see these two fuck was all I could think next. The arrival of more cars quickly snapped me out of my trance and we all went inside.With what seemed like hundreds in attendance I was kept busy with my shenanigans and didn’t get to speak with the couple again. It was during the course of the party the ecstatic atmosphere was charged and recharged over and over again such that the early morning turned into day and turned back to night. The emotional rollercoaster of celebrating a life cut short and the effects of illicit substances frazzling most people. In fact, it was not until near the end of the party that I surprisingly spotted the gorgeous Inness sitting on a sofa all by herself, completely and fried by the looks of it. With my rush suddenly kicking back in I courageously sat beside her.“Hi, Inness, where did your boyfriend go? I asked.“That asshole can go and get fucked,” she cowled.My instincts to comfort her took over and I genuinely wanted to empathise with her, making sure she was okay. I quickly learnt her boy friend was a complete asshole and Cevizli escort bayan had left with another girl, leaving her all on her own just five minutes earlier. It was only natural for me to offer her a lift home. What timing, I thought!All the way home we chatted like old friends. We got along so nicely, but I assumed she was in some kind of shocked state given what happened, and no doubt her frazzled state. For me it was amazing, I felt I was a lucky guy,  since there was no way such a beauty would ever go home with an average dude like me.  I must have really made her feel comfortable, with the forty-five minute drive to her place giving her a real good opportunity to unwind and relax.I learnt she just turned nineteen and has been in town only about a month. For somebody so young she sure showed a maturity beyond any other girl I have spoken to. When she wasn’t clubbing on weekends she would work as a waitress in a fancy seafood restaurant. Being rostered to work that evening dinner shift I worried she needed some shut eye so she would function properly. I know how frazzlng the effects of exctasy can be!It was already getting light and she asked me to come in for a green tea. I couldn’t believe my luck! This hotty, who just broken up with her muscle beefcake of a jerk boyfriend, invited me into her place! Maybe it was the effect of all the party drugs we had consumed, maybe it was just fate, but it was certainly an opportunity I wouldn’t pass up in a hundred years.Walking in front of me she suddenly bent over and fumbled with her keys to unlock the door. I couldn’t believe my eyes. With her ass almost in my face I could actually make out the contours of her G-string. The hemline of that flimsy skirt rode higher than my belt line and it was so transparent that I could make out the curves of her pussy lips. I was dumbstruck. Those long muscular legs, her defined sculpted calves and not to mention, those meaty firm thighs,”mmmm, yummy”, so much for my eyes to feast on. I was now panting like a dog on heat as her ass was inches away from my face!I didn’t want her to think I was a pervert so I desperately needed to change my train of thought. Looking up, I focused on her upper torso, admiring her form objectively as opposed to sexually. ‘She must be a rower,’ I thought. I tried to convince myself she was just an aquaintance in need of some support.I failed..With keys still rattling I focused on the thin strips holding her top together, her top being a flimsy patch of satin-like fabric stretched out by her broad, muscular back and her gravity defying perky round tits.

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