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Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 65 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Sorry about the “Peter” in the last chapter. What with I(3) being Patrick and I(2) being Peter an old man gets confused sometimes. Must have it out with the proof-reader. =============================================================================== Chapter 65 My move on Harry at the Thanksgiving dinner had been a complete shot in the dark. If he didn’t respond to my thigh pressure then that was that. Now that he had shown himself to be as keen on queer activities as the rest of us I wanted to get him keen on the boys he’d be able to play with once we went the next day. I reckoned there were four – no, five – things I wanted him to experience. Sucking and being sucked, fucking and being fucked and, given his considerable interest in what Tim had done up my arse, being fingered, if not actually fisted. I was astute enough to know that not all these activities would likely be as attractive in future, but if he didn’t experience them no then he probably never would. Five activities: five sex partners. As I’d already sucked his cock and swallowed his cum (tick one box), and he’d fucked Abe and cum up inside him (tick another), then the logical plan was to involve Cy, Jakey and Esau as the other three playmates. I gave it a moment’s thought: Cy to fuck him, as size would be the ideal test, leaving the twins to the others. Which would be the better to finger (or, if all went well, fist) Harry? No real question – Jakey had shown himself to be the more adventurous of the two, and both had small hands. So I would put Jakey in to bat to service Harry’s arse, and Esau to be sucked. Tim was about to explain the mystery of the prostate to Harry, but I told him to wait. “Leave it to me,” I whispered while he still had his hand up my arse. He nodded and slowly withdrew his hand. “Isn’t it all shitty?” asked Harry. “Not if he’s nice and clean up there,” said Tim, “you need to plan ahead if you’re going exploring inside.” Harry wasn’t convinced, but he didn’t say anything. “If you want to know what went on up my arse,” I said, “there’s only one way to find out. Lie on your back, Harry, and I’ll show you. Jakey, come here.” Jakey’s eyes lit up. “Am I gonna , you know, do him?” I reminded Jakey that he’d fingered both Ryan and Abe, and that he was going to do the same to Harry. “Relax, Harry, he’s got small hands.” Jakey greased his hand and spent a minute or two licking Harry’s crack (which Harry evidently found very arousing). “Now put a finger in, gently,” I said. “Harry, if it’s uncomfortable push like you’re taking a crap.” I don’t think Harry was too worried by the first finger, nor indeed the second which Jakey pushed in as I nodded in response to his raised eyebrow. “Now keep still, Harry. Jakey, feel around for a lump.” Jakey felt, Jakey found, Jakey rubbed … Harry reacted as though an electric wire was plugged into his arse. “Oh fuck, that’s … wow!” Not articulate, but its meaning was clear to all of us. “OK, Harry, what Jakey’s rubbing is your prostate. It makes the jizz you’re about to shoot – well, it makes the liquid bit. Your balls make the white stuff.” Harry knew about sperm as they’d had that in school, it seemed, but the prostate had remained a mystery for students to discover for themselves. “Keep at it, Jakey, I’m loving it,” begged Harry. Should I suggest a fist? No, everything was going well. Jakey would maybe suggest something bigger one day when they’d got more used to playing in the barn. As for today’s action Jakey was rubbing hard and Harry was thrashing around. “Oh God, I’m …” cried Harry a fraction of a second before another blast of Protestant jizz flew out of him. The first lot had disappeared straight into a Catholic mouth without seeing the light of day: this load shot several inches up out of his red cock, landing on his chest where it was admired (as to quantity) by all of us and (as to taste) by the ever-hungry Tim. “Aaah! you ate my jizz!” observed Harry with much incredulity. “Yup. Tasty too. You wanna try some?” Harry declined this offer: would he always? Only time would tell. It was a good thing that Harry had come so splendidly. He would not need too much recovery time before being fucked by Cy, or sucking Esau’s nice cock. Even so, it would be several minutes before he was ready for anything, given the intense nature of what had happened up his arse at Jakey’s hand. I helped him up and sat him down on a hay bale to recover. “Enjoy that?” I whispered so that no-one else could hear. “Fuck yes,” he ataköy escort breathed, “do you guys do this all the time?” I explained about the nature of the relationships the six of us had, although not of course the nature of our duties on Queen Mary. I left out the fact that the men were players too – no point in giving Harry too much information. “How did you meet Cy?” I explained about that too, making it clear that all four of his fellow Kingstonites were seasoned players in the boy-on-boy game, and would, I was sure, keenly accept Harry into their social circle. “I don’t know any Jews,” he said. “So what?” I replied, “who cares about how they worship – what matters to you is how they fuck. You’ve got something they’d never seen until they met us, so you’re a big bonus in their sex lives.” Harry was puzzled. “What’s that?” Rather then tell him I showed him by nuzzling between his legs and gently squeezing his foreskin between my lips. “This, dummy. Jews don’t have these.” Of this arcane piece of Old Testament superstition Harry had been quite unaware. I felt quite pleased that as well as his sexual education I was doing a little for his religious education as well. Father Corrigan would have been so proud. And that made me think about Sir – would he be on Queen Mary when we got back? Life would be very different if he weren’t. I didn’t go any further with what fun could be had with foreskins, but I had no doubt that sooner or later one of those bereft of such a useful thing would wish to insert his glans into Harry’s, and maybe even relax his bladder while so doing. While this conversation was going on the As had been having a happy 69 session. Harry had watched this with amazement, but I noted that he seemed to be excited, rather than distressed, by the idea of mouth-on-cock action. “Will they jizz like that?” “Oh yes,” I said, “you should try it. I sucked your cock and you jizzed in my mouth. I wanted you to. How about you suck someone’s … why not Esau? It’s not too big and he won’t choke you. Well, so long as you don’t bite it off.” Harry wasn’t too keen. “Look,” said Cy, “if you want one of us to suck your cock you have to suck ours. That’s how it works. Patrick sucked yours and you loved it. Don’t you want to do that to Esau?” Harry’s internal struggle didn’t last too long. “OK,” he said eventually, “but I aint promising I’ll swallow his jizz.” “Fair enough,” said Esau, “this is your first time after all.” Nothing E could have said would have been better designed to get Harry thinking that he would show these little kids what he was made of. Dammit, he would swallow the whole lot, and show them! “C’mon, Esau, let me get at you then.” Esau, as keen to get his cock sucked as any other boy his age, smiled happily. “Here I am, Harry, and this is the moment you’ve been looking forward to ever since you clapped eyes on me.” Harry snorted, but Esau’s eagerness was infectious and he bent to his task. Well, he didn’t literally bend. Esau knelt on a bale of straw and his cock was at just the right height for Harry, standing beside him, to examine it closely. “Hmm,” he said, “it sure looks nice; I wonder if it tastes as good.” “My, Harry, you know how to get a boy all antsy for your sexy lips,” said Cy, “I wonder you’ve kept away from us Jew faggots as long as you have.” Luckily Harry’s eyes were not 100% focused on Esau’s red hard delight, and he could see the broad grin on Cy’s face. “OK, OK, I’m sorry,” he said, “look, let’s forget the Jew thing.” Cy extended his hand. “Shake.” They did, and Cy said that his handshake would do for his brothers and Abe as well. Tim, never slow with a good idea, said that if peace and harmony had broken out then the five of them ought to seal their bond with an oath of blood-brotherhood. “What does that mean?” asked Harry. “Well, all five of you cut yourselves a bit, just enough to bleed, then you mix all five lots of blood and rub the stuff into your five cuts,” explained Tim. “That sounds gross,” said Abe: a sentiment evidently echoed by all the other four. Andrew then suggested a more appropriate oath-taking ceremony. “Why don’t the five of you all jizz together and each of you licks up a bit of it?” Before Harry could register less than total enthusiasm the other four greeted this idea with whoops of delight, leaving Harry with no option but to agree. “I just jizzed though,” he said, “so maybe later on.” That seemed to please everyone, and Esau reminded Harry that he had a cock waiting to be sucked. “You’d better get on with it or I won’t manage an oath-jizz for at least 15 minutes.” So Harry leant forward and, for the first time in his life, closed them on another boy’s cock. Esau pushed forward a tiny bit – just enough to signal that he liked what Harry was doing, and that he would like it a whole lot more when Harry’s tongue got in on the action. “Remember what I did to you, Harry,” I said, “do it to Esau.” Harry remembered; his tongue and lips moved rapidly round Esau’s glans; Esau’s hands went, as hands invariably do at moments like merter escort that, round Harry’s head, cradling it as no-one had cradled it since he was a little boy. Esau cooed as no-one had cooed since then: “aah, Harry! that’s so good, so gentle, so hot.” Harry, encouraged by Esau’s hands and his cooing, sucked harder and Esau grew in excitement as he felt his balls giving their delightful warning. Esau panted “yeah, yeah, yeah …” and exploded without further warning into Harry’s mouth. “Stay there, Harry!” cried Jakey, “this is the best bit for him – keep on with your tongue.” While Jakey was giving this advice his brother was continuing to shoot spunk. Harry hadn’t got round to swallowing any. Abe reached forward and very gently stroked Harry’s throat, causing him to swallow reflexively. Where had Abe learned that trick, I wondered. One of his men friends, no doubt. Having swallowed Harry felt able to disconnect. Esau’s cock was still half-hard and still wet from Harry’s saliva and his own juices. I put a hand on Tim’s arm, but he had already decided to take a back seat. Who would it be but Jakey who came forward to embrace his twin before kneeling to lick off all the treasure. A few minutes passed while Harry digested what had just happened. I was dying to know which of the various activities he had enjoyed most and which – if any – he would avoid repeating. I couldn’t ask, of course, until the last act had taken place. I nudged Cy. “You’ve got the biggest cock of you guys, so you should fuck Harry. See if he’s as hungry a bottom as your boyfriend.” “No way,” said Abe, “but he might come second.” Harry looked resigned. “I don’t suppose I’ve got any choice,” he said, but he didn’t seem too bothered. Cy reassured him. “Look Harry, you only have to do this once. If you hate it, that’s fine, and no-one – well, none of us – will want to fuck you again. These English guys -” (I felt Charlie, Sam and Andrew bridle) “- have a rule that nobody has to do anything they don’t want. Once I’ve fucked you we’ll have the same rule. Are you OK with that?” Harry spent three seconds appearing to consider the matter deeply. “Aw, shucks!” he said, “you can fuck me.” I had never believed that Americans actually said ‘aw shucks’, believing the expression to be confined to the works of Hollywood. The process was carried out by Cy, aided in his preparations by the faithful Abe (who got Harry’s arse nice and wet with his tongue before a lubed finger (or two) aided inner comfort). Harry knelt doggy-fashion and Cy pushed in from behind. “Ow!” from Harry. “OK, I’ll hold steady, but push like you’re having a dump. Tell me when it’s OK to go on.” Harry pushed and inevitably Cy went another inch or two in as he did so. “Ow!” again, but with a lot less vigour. Cy paused again while Harry pushed some more. At last, by gradual steps, Cy got his cock deep inside Harry. “Hey, this don’t feel so bad,” he said. Cy then started to fuck rhythmically, never taking his cock more than half out. At the same time Abe scooted in under Harry and managed to get his lips round Harry’s cock. “Don’t for God’s sake make him cum, Abe,” cried Jakey, “we want him to have enough jizz for the oath, remember.” In fact Jakey needn’t have worried because the space in which Abe had to work was so constricted that he couldn’t get any real purchase on Harry’s cock; furthermore Harry was bouncing about as Cy got closer, ramming hard as the tape was in sight. Cy pushed in one last time and anointed Harry’s guts. Harry moaned that he could feel Cy’s red hot jizz pouring into him. That sounded to me as though the experience was sufficiently pleasing that Harry might be willing for it to be repeated. Cy flopped out. Abe disengaged himself. Harry stood up, unaware of what was inevitably going to happen when he did so. “Aw fuck!” he said, “there’s jizz running down my leg.” Tim’s restraint had reached its limit. He leapt up and pushed Harry onto his back. “Don’t fucking complain, Harry, that’s the best bit. Now let me get at you.” Harry knew when he was beat. He chuckled as Tim lapped away at his thighs, his balls, his arse and any other nearby bit which Tim liked the look (smell, taste) of. Even Tim couldn’t prolong this process beyond five minutes, and at last all of us – Queen Mary bell boys, Kingstonites from different backgrounds – sat relaxing and gathering our strength on the bales of hay. “Well, Harry, what about it?” I asked. Harry said that he would think about it while we walked back to the house. “This straw’s scratching my ass.” We got up and walked the 400 yards through the nakedness-hiding dark. As well as nakedness the enfolding dark also concealed the pairs of boys holding hands, or with arms round each other’s shoulders. When we got to the house we crept in quietly as we neither wished to wake Phil and co., nor to have them enquire as to our evening’s fun. We all crowded into one room and closed the door. “Well?” I said to Harry. “I liked everything, but I liked some of things a lot more than others. It was odd having bahçeşehir escort fingers up my ass, but that button thing up there sure got me going. It didn’t seem to work when Cy fucked me though. The best thing was fucking Patrick.” It was clear that Harry was more of a top, which would please Abe as there would be more opportunity, and less competition. ‘Would you fuck me, Harry, as well as Jakey?” said Esau quietly. Harry laughed, “I’ll fuck as many of you as you want, Esau.” Jakey said it was time for the oath thing. “What do we have to do?” I said that Andrew had explained about what was needed, but I went a bit further. “You all have to wank and squirt your jizz in the same place. If you’re going to lick it up to become brothers you can’t do it on one of your bellies, because he can’t lick it up.” I made the supreme sacrifice. “How about you all jizz on me?” Andrew snorted, “yeah, you’re a jammy sod, Patrick.” I took this as a compliment to my quick thinking and stretched out on my back to await anointing. Jakey was first to kneel at my side and do the necessary. His cock spewed three ropes across my belly, defining the target area for those to come. Esau was next, his spunk adding nicely to his brother’s. Then Abe, who brought me into the game by squatting over my face. “I can aim better this way. Patrick,” he explained. I enjoyed the close proximity of his arse, and as my tongue explored it for the last time he peaked and came onto me. Cy was next, only a few seconds after Abe (who stayed put after coming and cleaned the last few drops from Cy: I didn’t think a couple of drops would be missed in the considerable quantity already covering my belly). “Your turn, Harry,” said Tim, wishing that he’d been a bit quicker with offering to be the vessel upon which all this was taking place. Harry knelt between my outstretched legs and looked at my belly. He started to wank slowly, pulling his foreskin back with each stroke. “Bet you wish you guys had one of these,” he said. “But we do now,” said Abe, “any time you come to the barn.” Harry took a few minutes to deliver, but when he did it was thick and plentiful. “What now?” he said as he stood up. I put a finger into the mess and drew it together into a very large puddle. “Each of you licks some,” I said, “same order as you jizzed. Make sure there’s some left for the last guys.” Jakey, Esau, Abe and Cy all licked with enthusiasm, smacking their lips in an exaggerated fashion. Harry was left with a fair amount, but he didn’t hesitate, lapping with evident relish at the warm goo on my belly. Tim, who in ordinary circumstances would have put the finishing touches to any operation of this kind, sensibly kept back. This was a Ceremony, and Queen Mary had no part in it – what was left on me would dry off. To our astonishment the five Americans stood up and solemnly shook hands. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. Cy said, “we’re all jizz-brothers now.” I grabbed Charlie and Jakey and cuddled with them in a corner of the mattresses. Tim and Sam copied me, grabbing Esau and settling down next to us. The As collared Harry, and Cy and Abe snuggled close. After a huge meal and an evening’s unrestrained sex sleep came quickly. The next morning Phil came in early. “God, this room stinks. I can’t imagine what’s been going on.” Harry sleepily asked what time it was. “Just after 7. We have to be out by 9,” and he closed the door. A second later he put his head round, “you’ve got 20 minutes.” Harry said he had to be back by 8, but in that 20 minutes much could be accommodated. Jakey insisted noisily on being first in the queue if Harry was offering a fuck. “No, Jakey, I’ll fuck you right soon, I promise, but right now I want my cock sucked. Come on Abe, you’re the only jizz-brother who aint been in my mouth yet.” Jizz-brother Abe erupted from Cy’s arms to do the honours. And jizz-brother Abe was the first jizz-brother to receive a tongueful of Harry’s jizz several minutes later. “Wow Abe, you’re good at cocksucking,” said Harry, panting after yet another orgasm in the last 12 hours. Abe nodded happily, jizz still in his mouth. He pointed at Cy with a questioning look. Cy opened his arms; Abe joined him; Cy opened his lips; Harry’s morning offering was shared. “You swallowed?” “Of course.” “Jeez.” “You’ll soon be swallowing.” Harry shrugged. Jizz-brotherhood would be interesting. Phil banged the door again. Twenty minutes later Harry was on his way back home, promising to be back. Twenty minutes later Jakey, Esau and Abe were on their way to school. Cy was left to his own devices, but he had a glint in his eye, so I wasn’t worried about him. Twenty minutes after that Phil had driven the bus into town where we thanked all the people who had shown us so much kindness (and sold us so much food and beer). By 1400 we were in New York at the Pier. And there was Queen Mary. =============================================================================== The fun will continue in Chapter 66 when we look forward to our birthday party. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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