12 Mayıs 2023

Rachel and Cale cont.


    It was late in the afternoon. Cale and his older sister Rachel had just finished lunch and their mother, Joy, was cleaning the kitchen/dining room.    Rachel had decided to revisit the painting she had been working on in her spare time, on a canvas in the living room. Her little brother, Cale, 17 blue eyes like his father and jet black hair, like his mother, was flipping through the cable guide menu on the couch nearby. He was beginning to notice steadily the lack of quality programming throughout his channel selections within the next couple hours.    “Why don’t you order a movie, teddy bear?” Rachel said, finishing the fine, dark stroke that made a bleak horizon Escort Göztepe on her canvas. Her hair was her mother’s as well, though her eyes were green unlike either of her parents, oddly. She was 19. Cale raised an eyebrow and decided he liked the idea. He started scrolling through the movie menu. Rachel peeked over to see if Cale had decided to look.    “I think they have Watchmen now, Cale. I never got a chance to see that when it was in theaters.” Rachel said.    “Sounds like that’s your problem.” Cale said with a smirk. Rachel’s lips fell apart as she stopped painting. She turned her head toward her brother who tried to contain Caddebostan escort his smirk from her sight.    “Excuse me?” Rachel asked smirking as well. She dipped a brush in a paint container, fully prepared to cover her brother’s nose in yellow. A snicker escaped Cale’s mouth before he spoke, understanding the wrath he was about to invoke.    “You heard me…….. lady.” It was over quickly after it had began. Rachel pounced onto him, pushing his shoulders and than his hands away in attempt to get a clear swipe of her paint brush at his face. She sat on his chest with a leg on each side of him and succeeded within seconds, however Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan Cale had swatted the brush out of her hands the moment it touched his nose. The handle hit with a donk on the TV screen and landed the floor.    “Bitch.” Cale uttered.    “What did you just say, little boy?” Rachel asked, now attempting to openly slap her brother across the face past his arms. Eventually she gave up and moved her legs into a position where she could push him completely off the couch and onto the floor with her feet. She sat on him again, but closer to his shoulders so his arms would be incapacitated.     “Am I gonna have to wash your dirty little mouth out, little boy?” She asked, grinning from ear to ear and occasionally delivering a slap to his cheeks.    “I dare you, bitch.” Cale said, grinning as well. She tried to cover up his mouth with her hands, but he started to bite at them. So, she repositioned her waist so her pussy behind her jeans was aligned with his mouth.

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