1 Mayıs 2023

Raising Money for Dad’s Event


My dad works for a big non-profit organization, and every year they have an elaborate gala fundraiser at a hotel in the city to help raise money. Now that I finally turned eighteen, I am allowed to volunteer at this year’s gala. I have always wanted to go because of the pictures from the event. It is a magical night with tons of local celebrities and rich people in attendance. Everyone dresses in gowns and tuxedos. I feel like Cinderella, finally getting a chance to go to the ball.

I pick out a dress with my mom. It’s a strapless knee length cocktail dress in black sequins. The sequins are a little scratchy, but I am willing to endure the discomfort to get to pretend I’m rich for an evening.

Daddy and I get a room at the hotel that his work paid for. We will be one of the last groups to leave so it makes sense that we should stay in the city and not try to drive home.

The hotel room is spectacular. A big lush bed in the bedroom and a fresh vase of flowers on the table in the adjoining sitting room.

I sit on the edge of the big bed and bounce a bit, feeling the quality of the mattress. I would lay down, but don’t want to mess up my carefully curled hair before the event.

“Where do I sleep?” I ask my Dad as he puts away our overnight bags and checks his appearance in the bathroom mirror. My Dad is in his early forties and still very handsome. He has gray at his temples, but a full head of thick hair. We have the same twinkling blue eyes and wrong sense of humor that gets us both into trouble all the time. He’s a cool dad and I’m lucky we’re so close.

“There’s a pullout couch in the other room,” he answers. He sees my pout in the mirror. “We could always snuggle together,” he suggests with a shrug and a wink.

“Eww. As if I would let you put your cold feet anywhere near me.” I laugh as he makes a face at me.

“Let’s get going before guests start arriving.”


The party is everything I imagined and more. I dance non-stop between helping put out the silent auction items and then handing out fancy party favors. My dad even lets me sip from his drink before eventually getting me my own whiskey and coke which I down and ask for another.

I am having a blast and I feel fantastic.

The night winds down and I help with the clean up. My dad hands me one more drink with a wink.

“You did great tonight, peanut. How about heading up to our room and waiting for me. I need to chat with these potential donors before they leave.”

I take my drink and the keycard and leave my dad to go chat with some serious looking rich dudes. I notice them watching me as I head towards the elevators. One of the men nods in my direction and I smile at him. He smiles back.

I make it back to the room and toss my heels in a corner before downing the rest of my drink and plopping down on the bed. I’m suddenly exhausted. That was a long evening and I had way more to drink than the usual few sips I’m allowed at any other grownup event. The whiskey is definitely going to my head. I lay back and close my eyes ignoring the spinning sensation.

The door to the room opens and I startle. I must have fallen asleep on the bed. My limbs are super heavy and I’m having trouble sitting up.

“Peanut? Girne Escort You in here?” My dad’s voice comforts me. He flips on the television before muting it. The light of the screen illuminates the room without hurting my eyes and I’m grateful.

I turn my head towards the bathroom and see my dad stripping off the tuxedo, leaving his undershirt and pants on.

I want to ask him if he wants me to move to the pullout couch but my mouth is having trouble forming words. I must have drank too much.

“Hey peanut. You feeling okay?”

I groan a little. No. I’m not okay. I drank way too much.

“It’s okay sweetie. I put a little something in your drink to help you relax.” My dad strokes my cheek as I struggle to comprehend what he said. He drugged me? He continues to caress my face and neck and dips down to my cleavage. “You’ve grown into such a beautiful woman.”

I close my eyes and feel tugging on my legs. I’m being pulled to the edge of the bed. My dad reaches under my skirt and removes my pantyhose.

“I never understood why women like to wear this stuff. It’s so constricting.” He balls it up and tosses it in the corner. I do feel better without the stretchy fabric, but my skirt is flipped up and I can feel air on my panties.

Mom had bought me fancy underwear for tonight. She told me I can’t wear cotton under a cocktail dress. I had a scrap of black lace covering my privates from my dad’s eyes. I try to reach my hands to push my dress down but I can’t lift my arms. I start to panic. All I can do was whimper.

“Shhh! It’s going to be okay. You’re safe peanut. You won’t even remember most of tonight when you wake up. Just relax, okay?” Dad starts to stroke the skin of my legs, up and down in a soothing way. It feels good against my sensitive skin. Everything feels…more.

“You’re starting to feel it aren’t you? I wanted to make sure everything felt good for my little girl.” One of my dad’s hands strokes my upper thighs teasing over my lace panties which are starting to feel damp. Oh god. I’m getting turned on.

Dad slips both hands to the side of my hips and slides my underwear down my legs. I whimper again. He’s going to see the moisture and know I’m excited. I’m mortified.

“I got you peanut. I just want a taste before the others get here.”

My legs are spread wide before fingers touch my sex and then my dad lowers his mouth to my pussy. He licks me gently, teasingly, before groaning and diving in. Sloppy kisses cover my clit as my dad grinds his face into me. I can hear the sucking wet sounds as I gush at his expert touch. His finger probes my entrance before he shifts to sucking on just my clit and sliding his fingers in and out of me. I groan. I can’t help the building orgasm as my Daddy fucks me with his tongue and fingers. It feels so good.

A knock interrupts my almost climax. It sounds somewhere far away, but Dad stops what he’s doing and wipes his hand across his now glistening mouth. I get a quick kiss on my thigh before my dress is placed back down, covering me up.

“I’ll be right back, peanut. Now you really get to help Daddy with his job.”

I hear low voices and a few laughs before a lamp is switched on and Magosa Escort the room is bathed in yellow light. I roll my head with effort to look towards the door and see the men my Dad had been talking to in the ballroom before I left. There’s three of them. Two of the men look old enough to be my grandpa. The one is tall, slim and bald. The other is shorter, heavyset with a large gut, and has gray hair with a mustache. The last guy is younger with slicked back dark hair and looks to be in his thirties. He’s the one that smiled at me earlier. A chill rolls down my spine.

The bald older man sinks into one of the plush chairs next to the bed. “Started without us Ken?” He asks Dad with a deep raspy chuckle.

“Warming her up. She’s my daughter. I didn’t want this to hurt.” Dad backs away from the bed and puts his hands in his pockets.

“Don’t let us stop you. Enjoy yourself while we check out the goods.” The slick guy gestures for my dad to continue.

Dad looks embarrassed. “It’s not like that. I just wanted her to be ready.”

“Then get her ready while we watch you. You do want our donations don’t you?” The slick guy chuckles at my dad’s discomfort. “Show us how you warm her up.”

I whimper. Not liking the sound of what’s going on. But Dad comes back over to me and pulls my dress back up. I can’t see over the tulle and sequins, but I feel when his mouth returns to my pussy and I moan loudly. One leg is lifted onto Dad’s shoulder and I feel him start fucking me with his tongue. I need more.

“How does she taste?” The heavyset man asks. My Dad releases my leg and scoots to the side for the older man to take his place. Both of my legs are raised over the man’s shoulders as a fat tongue laps at me. I groan again as his meaty hands cup my ass, pulling me towards his face as he eats my pussy. His mustache tickles my clit and I think I may cum right away. His thick finger pushes inside me and I lose it. My head is able to arch back as I feel juices squirting from inside me. The man laps up everything, burying his face in my folds as he continues to sucks on my pussy lips getting them fat and swollen.

“Fucking fantastic, Gerald.” I see the slick man taking pictures with his phone as Gerald finishes his meal. Gerald, my heavyset pussy licker is helped back up to his feet and slick guy takes his place.

He doesn’t lick me though. He just pokes and prods my entrance. He pulls my pussy lips apart and snaps more pictures, before flicking me on the clit causing me to jolt in place. “She’s still a virgin. I’ll bid on her.”

My dad looks to Gerald and the bald man. They both nod in agreement.

I’m left on the bed with my sensitive pussy as the men adjourn to the other room to talk bids. After a short while, I hear arguing.

“Fred, we discussed this. If you bid, you’re supposed to be the one to do it.” That’s my Dad’s voice.

“It’s my money and I want to see you fuck her,” Fred responds. Fred is the slick backed hair guy.

“I’ll double his bid if we all get to fuck her next.”

“That’s my boy Gerald!” Fred laughs.

Dad comes back in the room looking uncomfortable again. “Hey peanut. You still with me sweet girl?” I manage a nod. My motor Lefkoşa Escort function is starting to return.

“Daddy?” I manage to whisper.

“Let’s get you out of this dress.” He ignores me trying to talk to him as he avoids eye contact. The men move to the plush chairs again, but slick guy Fred leans against the low dresser, getting a better view.

I’m stripped of the scratchy sequined dress and pulled higher on the mattress. My Dad removes his clothing and lays next to me. I whimper again, scared of how needy I feel. My nipples are aching and I’m so wet between my thighs.

“I’m going to fuck you sweetie. Remember I said you were going to help Daddy raise lots of money tonight? Well this is the main event. This is how I raise tons of money.” I manage a nod. I’m willing to help my Dad. And right now my body is on fire from whatever he gave me. I want something inside me.

He crawls up beside me and rubs his penis against my lips. “I need you to help me get hard baby. I’m a little nervous here.”

I open my mouth and feel the warm flesh press against my tongue. I open wider and suck the head of Dad’s cock. I continue to suckle on it as it grows too big for my mouth. My Dad starts pumping in and out of my mouth as I try to breathe around him. “Breathe through your nose sweetie. That’s it. Your mouth feels so good.”

More clicks of a camera come from nearby, but I close my eyes and continue sucking on my Dad’s cock.

“Don’t cum in her mouth. You better save that Daddy jiz for her pussy.”

My Dad gets angry as Fred grasps my thighs and pulls me away from my Dad’s cock. I whimper.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. You can suck my cock while your Daddy fucks you.”

Fred and my Dad switch positions.

I feel Dad’s cock press against my entrance and lift for him letting him know I want it. He slides in slowly, rocking his hips to work his way into my tight channel. He works his hand against my clit helping me relax and focus on feeling good.

“Open.” A hard dick slaps against my cheek, taking my attention away from my Dad’s strained face as he continues to thrust his cock deeper and deeper inside me.

I turn my face and open my mouth for Fred. He thrusts hard making me gag.

“Easy asshole!” My Dad defends.

“Start actually fucking her and I will go easy,” Fred threatens. I gag again as Fred shoves his length down my throat.

A hard thrust from my Dad pushes me into the mattress. My leg is lifted and placed against my Dad’s shoulder as my Dad thrusts again. This time he hits deep. I moan around Fred’s hard flesh and get to sucking. I suckle his cock like a baby cow nursing from its mom. Sucking Fred while my Dad goes to town on my pussy gets me moaning. My pussy is clenching around my Dad’s cock and it feels amazing.

“She’s sucking like a pro. Good job Daddy. Your daughter is loving this.”

I suck hard as Fred cums in my mouth. I swallow quickly needing to get air.

Dad loses it, his dick pounding relentlessly inside me as I reach another orgasm. I release Fred from my mouth as I gasp for air and feel my Dad grip my legs tightly before unloading his jets of cum deep into my pussy.

“Daddy!” I cry. Fuck. My Daddy just fucked me and it felt so good.

The bald guy claps and stands as Dad pulls out of me. Gerald joins him to start poking at my cream filled hole. “Thomas, are you going to partake?” Gerald asks the tall bald man.

Thomas has a gleam in his eye. Bring me one of those bottles from the mini fridge.

…to be continued.

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