3 Mart 2023

Raven Robinson Ep. 13


Mina’s house was big creepy looking place on the edge of town. It had years of wear-and-tare on it, and Raven thought of every single horror story she’d ever read as it came into full view.

There were vines hanging on it and with a closer look she noticed black bars on the lower story windows. Sam’s car was out front. She was mad but still worried for her friend.

She knew Sam would never have agreed to this if she’d known what would come of it. Sam was far too kind for that. She’d been duped and taken advantage of. Raven didn’t know how, but she vowed silently to fix this situation for both of them if she could help it — and Liz as well.

Mina led her newly acquired slave into the living room and moved to a small closet. From it she extracted a small black collar studded and shiny.

“Strip.” Demanded Mina.

“And put this on… tight. It’s a sign of your obedience to me, your new mistress and master. Take it off at anytime while in my house and face the consequences.” Raven didn’t need to be told twice.

She did as she was bid leaving her clothes where the fell. She looked to Mina and shrugged as if to say ‘what now’

“Down to the playroom with you little birdie.”

Raven was led down a narrow staircase into a dimly lit basement. It was spacious but spooky, with pictures lining the walls. All of them young girls. All of them smiling, if nervously for the camera. For Mina.

At the end of the hall were two doors. On the right the door was slightly ajar and the room gave off a faint glow. On the left the door was closed, there was a large padlock sealing something inside. If Raven’s instincts were correct that is where the discs would be her goal.

Mina pulled her by the neck halting her steps. “Stop. Here. I want you to see these.”

The pictures closest to the doors were of Sam and Anna.

“My newest conquests. Your picture will go right there next to your little girlfriend’s. Now we take the photo. Stand here against the wall and smile.”

Raven did her best, it was an uneasy smile and her stomach hurt as she did it. She tried to think about it being over soon, but she knew she still had much to endure.

” That’s a good slave. I’ll have Anna get this developed and then we’ll frame it here for all to see.”

The look that came over Mina in this moment was covetous and creepy and made Raven think of Golem from Lord of the Rings.

“You know Raven, you are a first for me, I mean in the way I collected you. I usually just acquire slaves the way I did with your friends. Give them things till they submit. But you know, that way has it’s flaws, as there is no pretense of real ownership. They agree, and though I may blackmail them later for more favors — they always find a way to slip through my fingers, eventually. Not you little birdie, I shall keep you as long as I want. This way is much better I think.” She sighed heavily apparently done talking and led on into the room.

Inside there was a large bed with deep red sheets. Sam was there, tied to a thin black chair sitting upright with her hands tied and her mouth gagged.

She was naked and her hair was wild. She had been crying, that much was seen on her face. Her eyes fell on Raven pleading forgiveness. Raven felt terrible and cast aside all anger toward her friend, surely if she were like this she had meant no harm.

“Samantha here was a naughty pet. She talked back to her mistress and showed weakness for another. For this she is as you see her now. In time out. I will not harm her, permanently. But you should know that should you disobey me your fate shall not be near so kind. As punishment for her actions she will serve as our audience today. I will enjoy her discomfort and yours at is certain to be made all the richer.”

“Now slave the fun begins. On your knees. NOW.” Raven did as she was told.

“First you shall clean my feet. With your mouth.” Mina kicked her shoes aside and raised a foot toward Raven’s trembling lips.

“Lick them. Bottoms first then between the eryaman escort toes, then you suck the toes each in turn until I say your done.” Raven again obeyed tasting the sweat on Mina.

She had done this before with Sam but under that circumstance it had been erotic and pleasant. This was neither for the girl she took the task as nothing more than something to be completed with thoughts of freedom from this horrible woman as the only thing that kept her moving.

When she had given each foot a full fledged tongue bath she glanced up at Mina expectantly. “Good slave. Now on the bed and be quick about it. I want you flat on your back with that little tongue out and ready to please me.” Raven did this, looking over at Sam who was visibly shaken and sweating.

When she was in position Mina removed both her dress and panties so that she wore nothing save a pair a of pantyhose.

“Now Slave, I’m coming over to the bed and I want you to do exactly as I say.”

Raven expected that she would be made to eat Mina out or submit to being played with. Still she wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Mina came over and squatted directly over Raven’s head and sat. She was on top of her mouth so that when she sat at first Raven could not breathe and made a muffled cry of fear.

Mina let her breathe — but only to issue a command ” Tongue out slave. Eat me, and eat me good. Pussy and asshole, I want that tongue as deep as it will go. No use in acting prissy I know what you like to do with your step-mommy. I even saw your encore this morning, though I didn’t have enough discs to record that. Such a pity. Horny little slut.”

She laughed and sat once more on Raven’s face. Raven closed her eyes and went to work licking and probing both holes switching from one then the other and back again between breaths of air. Mina smothered her prey and laughed in maniacal glee as she got just what she wanted.

When she eventually came, she spurted cum all over Raven’s face and in her hair. She made Raven clean that from her as well, she even bade her slave to lick up the remnants that fell to the sheets.

“Don’t miss a drop or we’ll have to start all over before me move on to the next round.” So it was clearly far from over.

Next Mina moved over to where Sam was sitting and removed the gag. She then made Sam spread her legs and felt her sex between them.

“Just as I thought. Wet and wanting. Little whore Samantha, you are so very predictable.” She slapped Sam once, hard. Sam didn’t scream but only whimpered.

“Well whore, if you can’t keep from getting all worked up watching your friend be made a slave then you shall have to do something with those idle hands of yours. I am going to untie you now, only your hands though. I want you indulge your lustful desires as you watch us — only because I know how greatly it will shame you.”

Mina moved to the far wall and selected a large black strap-on from her sizable assortment of toys which hung like weapons of war.

Raven noted that the one she picked was huge and from the looks of it the biggest one she owned. It was far bigger than the one Liz had used, and at the time that had seemed almost unreal.

Mina tied the strap around her waist and smiled wickedly. ” Raven, Raven, Raven, you are really going to enjoy this — or at least one of us will.”

She approached Raven with the strap-on and instructed. “Spit on it slave. This is all the lube you’ll get so make it good if you want to make this easier on your little tight holes.”

Raven spat on the the toy. “No, on second thought that’s not good enough. I want you to suck it make it really good and wet.”

Raven took the thing in her mouth and began to suck it. Mina thrust forward when it was in there and made Raven gag on it’s girth. She made pained noises and Sam winced at her friend’s predicament.

“Now slave open up those legs and spread yourself open. This is going to hurt and there’s no getting around that. Tears are acceptable even screaming. But the moment you eryaman escort bayan recoil or try to close those legs you’re in trouble, got it?” Raven nodded and spread her legs preparing for the worst.

The entry was rough and fast. Mina cared nothing for being gentle as Liz had. The shaft spread her pussy lips to a point they’d never been. For a while she thought that she might actually tare skin or begin to bleed. Surprisingly she did neither as Mina worked it in and out.

When Raven screamed in shock and agony Mina spit right in her mouth. “Now Samantha I don’t see you diddling yourself and you heard my orders. I will inspect you after this is all over and if I don’t find evidence of your obedience I shall be a very unhappy mistress.”

At this provocation Sam began masturbating there in the chair watching. She tried not to think about what was actually occurring trying instead to think of the times she and Raven had played together and the fun they’d had.

It wasn’t easy to concentrate on those thoughts with Raven’s tortured cries filling the room but she did the best she could and almost cried in triumph as she felt her own cum wetting her fingers.

Mina continued to pound away at Raven’s increasingly sore sex and only stopped when she had nearly exhausted herself. Shamefully Raven had cum and was berating herself for giving Mina the satisfaction.

Mina was happy about it that was clear. When she felt the slickness between Raven’s legs she laughed heartily ” Good slave, you liked it didn’t you despite what you said earlier you fucking loved it, didn’t you you little bitch?”

She stuck her fingers in Raven’s mouth and said ” clean the fingers slave. And, tell your mistress how much you love it. How much you love her.”

Raven shook her head in defiance and braced for a slap, which she duly received. “No slave, refuse me again and you won’t like what happens, now tell your mistress what she wants to hear.”

Raven quietly obeyed ” I, I liked it Mistress. I l-loved it. I ll-love you Miss-Mistress” Mina was again pleased but her day of fun still had one more phase. The phase that was designed to break Raven completely.

Still wearing that ungodly strap-on cock Mina commanded Raven to put her ass up and spread her butt cheeks wide.

“You think you like playing this way do you slave? Well I am going to beat Liz to something at least. You want to lick your step-mommy’s asshole. Well I am going to make you into a real anal whore here and now. Spread those cheeks slave.”

Raven did as she was told once more. Again the entry was rough and she began to cry in pain. Her soft green eyes welled with tears and she bent far forward feeling the plastic member plunder her virgin asshole. Mina knelt on one knee for added leverage and thrust hard and deep. The strokes weren’t fast as they had been when she’d fucked her pussy but it hurt so so much more.

Once again to Raven’s growing shame she could not hold back an eventual climax and when she screamed in violent orgasm Mina finally relented than pushed her forward into a crying heap on the bed.

“There, there, little birdie. You made it through our first day together. Since it’s Saturday you’ll be staying over where I can keep an eye on you. You can go home only when I say so, and as has been discussed this arrangement will continue for as long as I see fit. I am going to rest just now, but I shall return and when I do you will be ready won’t you?” Raven nodded elated that she would be free of her company at least for a while.

“I am going to leave you unbound. But only because I know that if you try to escape you shall unleash your worst nightmare. Sam here can keep you company till dinner time — but if you two get up to any funny business you will face my wrath. Now, I’m going out. And don’t forget what I said”.

When she had finally gone Raven breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to Sam and began to cry. Sam was crying too.

“Rave I’m so sorry. Rave, I never meant” Sam stuttered.

“I know escort eryaman you didn’t Sam you couldn’t have, you had no idea. Look that’s not important anymore we’ve got to get the hell out of this house and away from Mina.”

Sam looked scared “But we can’t if we do it’s all gunna come crashing down on us Rave.”

” No, listen to me, we can’t let her win. She is evil. Anyway I know where those discs are and I think if we can just get in there and take them we can be free of her. She’s got nothing on you right?”

” No, well right, she doesn’t. Other than telling my momma about this. But I don’t think we’re getting in there, that locked room I mean she keeps the key upstairs at all times.”

Raven was determined. “I refuse to quit, I made it through her games once, I have no intention of doing so ever again.”

With that Raven dropped the conversation and untied Sam’s legs from the chair. The two had no clothes but found garments enough to cover themselves at least before leaving the room and heading out into the hall.

There was a figure standing at the end of the hall, but it wasn’t Mina. Anna Sumner stepped forward from the darkness. She gave a single handed wave.

“Hey, where you goin’?”

Raven wondered how deeply Anna held loyalty to Mina and thought for a second they may have a fight on their hands. We’ll if that were the case it was two on one and favorable — the girls inched forward ready for anything.

What actually happened was a welcome surprise. Anna spoke “You wouldn’t be looking for these would ya?” Anna held out a key ring with two keys dangling from it.

She tossed them to Sam who caught them in her hand. “Lord Anna, you had me goin’ for a minute girl. You sure you ready for what happens when Mina finds out?”

“Don’t you worry what I’m ready for doll. I’ve got a score to settle with our former mistress and she’s the one who isn’t ready. Do what you gotta, but then get the fuck outta this house, it’s about to get really hot in here if you get me.” Raven and Sam had a good idea what she was implying.

The padlocked door opened with a loud creaking noise. It was little more than a closet with shelves on each side. What looked to be hundreds of discs lined the shelves.

Luckily they were labeled, a foolish convenience. Raven found the row with her name, and Liz’s. She figured they were all the copies of the same disc.

She removed them from their cases and the girls smashed them to bits. Time was of the highest importance but seeing all those other discs Raven couldn’t resist the impulse and she began to smash them all. She cut herself a few times on shards but felt no pain after all she had endured.

Sam grabbed her shoulder. “Rave babe, we better jet. Like now. We got all the one’s with your name. Plus Anna’s about to set this place off, all of it will be burned anyway.”

Raven wasn’t entirely sure, but she knew Sam was right that they needed to move fast so she went.

The girls rode Sam’s car out of there and thought they heard sirens fading in the distance. They prayed Anna would make it out alright. She had come out of nowhere and saved their asses. They really owed her one.

When they pulled up in front of the Robinson family home the sun was going down. They entered the back door to find Liz crying at the kitchen table. Raven ran to embrace her step-mother. There was a handgun on the table and Liz was dressed in black.

“Liz, Liz, everything is alright. We got out, and we got rid of all the copies of the disc.”

Liz was still notably distraught the news seemed to bounce off her.

” The video… it doesn’t even matter anymore Raven. I… I’ve just got a call from a hospital upstate. It’s your dad Raven. He, he was found honey. Found d-dead. There was a crash. Someone was with him in the car, a woman. They said she made it, but, she’s in a coma.”

This news hit Raven Robinson like a ton of bricks she couldn’t speak at first but then stuttered a question.

“What. What about the gun. Y-you weren’t..” she trailed off beginning to cry.

“No, no, of course not honey. I, I was waiting for it to get dark when I got the call. I was planning your rescue.” Liz shook with excess adrenaline and grief.

“I think I was ready to go and kill her.”

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