1 Ağustos 2021

Rediscovering Sex With My Wife


Rediscovering Sex With My WifeThis is a story about how my sex life with my wife went from full on to don’t touch or look and back to full on. The reason because of her boss/friend who was also the reason later for some of the best sex experiences we have had.Back ground is that me and my wife Mona, had a great love and sex life. We got on really well and could not live without each other and one c***d. Every opportunity we had we would not stop getting physical. Even when eating dinner at our families house. I would have my hand under the table and touch her thighs and back. I would even drop something on the floor and bend down with my head close to her thighs and slyly kiss them. Or even put my head on her pussy. One of our favourite sex times was when she was asleep. She use to love being woken with me between her legs and vice versa. On occasions we use to agree ask the other if they wake up, or come to bed late, to wake us up that way. If you have never had sleep sex you need to. It’s awesome.Anyway she started to work for a small corporation as a PA to one of the Senior Managers. Rick was a down to earth guy and married with 2 young k**s. He enjoyed sports, DIY amongst other things. He use to come round frequently to watch sports and even help out around any kayseri escort DIY we needed doing. As a result of being close at work and being around some weekends he and Mona got very close to each other. She would tell me how he commented on how nice her hair smelt or generally how beautiful she looked. The later almost every morning! To me I felt they were having an affair. My suspicion was aroused when she acted strange when I wanted her mobile. Then one day I saw some sexual and romantic texts on her phone. I kept an eye for a few more days and they continued. Eventually I tackled them both and they denied anything was happening. Rick said it was simply a bit of messing around it meant nothing. He promised it will stop. Anyway we remained friends but their texts and I later found out dinners did not stop and eventually we came to a head. Rick decided to break our friendship from than onwards. Me and Mona went on what our lives.However it never went back to what we had and was just the most miserable life I had led. She stopped touching me and even when I touched her I was met with a slap and a threat. And so it went on for a good 10 year. There was nothing between us including any sex. I started going to escorts to get my konya escort thrill but never really enjoyed it. They were never Mona!!Then one day after a wedding we got home I told her in the privacy of our room that she looked really beautiful and lovely. I was met with a stare and asked as normal leave the room so she can get changed. But during the night I found myself holding her with my hands on her breast. She has the perfect breasts in my eyes. They are of medium size and pert. Her nipples are just the right size and pointing upwards rather than down or straight. After a while I started to gently cup her breasts and she started to stirring. I found myself pressing against her ass and one hand on her pussy with the other on her breasts. Before I realised it I could feel her hand reach behind her back start playing with my cock. Kissing her back all the way down to her bum, I eventually pulled off her bottoms. She was wearing knickers and it did not take long to have them off as well. She had a clean pussy and I could smell the fragrance of perfume on her, just like the old days. I started licking and fingering her pussy. She was really enjoying herself and was stroking my head. A sure sign that she was loving it. I could feel izmir escort her staring to cum and decided to prolong it by stopping and licked her body all the way back up to her breasts. As I fingered her and started biting her nipples I kept on telling her how sexy and hot she is. She loves hearing it and it was during this time that I whispered to her how would love to have 2 men sucking and biting her breasts, and to fuck her in turns. I could tell how aroused she got. She was kissing me passionately and whispering how great it would be. After Cumming she laid me down and started to kiss my chest all the way down to my hard cock. She just held my cock and started kissing around it. Slowly kissing the shaft she moved to the head and then put my cock in her mouth. As she sucked me she used her tongue in such a way that I can’t describe the feeling. Slowly she turned round and got into a 69 position. She was horny again and told me to suck her pussy. No second invitation needed!! After a bit she got off me and begged me to fuck her doggy style, while facing the mirror. And I did. Looking at her in the mirror, her breasts moving up and down was just an amazing site. She put one hand under her, between our legs and started touching and stroking my balls. This made me cum very quickly.What a night. After a while she lay in my arms and we were kissing and touching each other I again started to play with her pussy and asked if she really fancied a threesome. She was not sure about it but at the same time said the thought was fantastic.More later on this….

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