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Subject: Rendezvous with Jayson Chapter 7 Disclaimer: The following story contains adult material and is intended for a mature audience. If you are offended by graphic depiction of gay sex between consenting adults please read no further. But if you want to find out the latest on the continuing story of two softball players in Belize, please enjoy this segment. And feel free to share your comments. When Jayson opened the front door, he was startled to find Devon standing there. Devon is a friend he met on a softball trip some weeks ago. They had talked that day during the game, although they were on opposing teams; but had not seen each other since. “What are you doing here,” Jayson asked, obviously surprised. “Visiting family and friends, and decided to surprise you,” replied Devon. “Well what a surprise,” said Devon. “Who is your family here?” Jayson inquired, not quite believing what he was hearing. The two spoke for a while on the verandah and then Devon announced that he was leaving as he had a previous appointment he has to make. “Was nice seeing you again,” Jayson assured. “Likewise,” replied Devon as he stretched out his right hand for a handshake. Jayson gave him a firm handshake, and assured him the visit was very much appreciated. As he spoke, he realized that he was still holding on to Devon’s hand, and quickly pulled away. But Devon held on and gave a gentle pull. It caught Jayson a bit off guard. There was an awkward silence. The two stared at each other for a moment. And then Devon moved closer. As if in slow-motion, he leaned forward and their lips met. A brief, momentary kiss; but long enough to cause Jayson flinch. “What was that about?” questioned Jayson. “Same thing I would like to know,” boomed Derrick’s voice from the doorway. Jayson and Devon were both startled. Derrick walked outside on to the verandah and approached Jayson and Devon, still standing close to each other. “Is someone going to tell me what’s going on here?” questioned Derrick. “Nothing’s going on, Derrick. A friend of mine just stopped by for a quick visit,” said Jayson. “And a goodbye handshake no longer works?” Derrick asked, as he walked in between of Jayson and Devon, forcing them apart. He did not stop to hear anything more and continued walking to the other side of the verandah and sat himself down on a plastic chair. “I think you better go,” said Jayson to Devon. “Who is he?” asked Devon, looking back at Derrick. Jayson stepped back and looked down. Devon got the message and started to leave. After he had left the house, Devon walked slowly away, glancing back a couple of times before disappearing out of site. Jayson walked over to where Derrick was sitting and hugged him from behind. “Who was that?’ asked Derrick. “Like I said, just a friend. I met him at game some time ago. And he is visiting family for the weekend. He just came over to say hello,’ Jayson explained. “And you didn’t think it fit to introduce me?” questioned Derrick. “You were inside, I thought you were sleeping,” Jayson bursa escort tried to explain. But Derrick would have none of it. He got up and walked away, leaving Jayson to watch as he went into the house. The door slammed behind as Derrick went into the house. Jayson heard the sound of the television. Derrick was in the bedroom. He was angry. Jayson sat down on the chair. The scene of Devon kissing him replayed in his mind. He questioned what it meant. The answer was elusive. The phone rang. It was Jayson’s phone. “Hello,” he said quietly. Silence. “Hello,” Jayson said, his voice a little bit harder. “Jayson its Devon, please don’t hang up,” the voice on the other side said. “What do you want?” asked Jayson, a tinge of anger in his voice. “Meet me by the park.” Devon said, almost demanding. Then he hung up. Jayson said in silence; contemplating his next move. He was curious. Jayson got up and went into the kitchen. Poured himself a glass of water and started to sip. He sat on a barstool and stared through the window. Slowly, Derrick entered the kitchen and watched as Jayson stared out the window. “I’m sorry,” Derrick said. Silence. Jayson took another sip of water and put the cup down on the counter. “I said I am sorry,” Derrick repeated. “That’s nice,” Jayson replied as he walked out of the kitchen. Derrick stepped aside as Jayson walked past him. Derrick followed him into the bedroom and before Jayson could do anything, Derrick grabbed his hand. “Don’t,” Jayson said in a firm voice. “I’m sorry, I should not have acted the way I did,” Derrick replied. Jayson turned around slowly. He looked Derrick in the eyes; stared longer than he had intended to. It is clear that he is upset. Derrick got the picture. He let go of Jayson’s hand. The sound the phone ringing broke the silence. Jayson moved to go answer the phone. Derrick stopped him. Slowly, Derrick drew Jayson into his arms and held him. Jayson didn’t respond. Derrick continued to hold him. Derrick slowly lifted Jayson’s head with his left hand, intending to kiss him; but he stopped abruptly. Tears were running down Jayson’s face. “I’m sorry, baby,” Derrick said. More silence from Jayson. Derrick just wrapped his arms around Jayson one more time and held him. Jayson broke down and cried. …and cried …and cried. After a while, Jayson turned to get away from the embrace. Derrick relaxed his hold and allowed Jayson to walk away towards the bed. He sat down and placed his face in the palm of his hands and broke down again. Derrick didn’t know what to do. He slowly turned and walked away. He picked up the car keys from the table, disconnected his phone from the charger and walked out the front door. Jayson watched from the bedroom door and later from the front door as Derrick drove away. The ensuring silence was almost deafening as Jayson looked around the empty house. He went back into the bedroom and lay across the bed. Jayson must have dozed off because when he opened his eyes, there was darkness. The daylight bursa escort bayan has faded and the grey of the evening made it difficult to see anything in the bedroom. Jayson sat in the bed and as he did, he felt someone touch his shoulder. It startled him and instinctively, Jayson jumped up and off the bed. The lights came on. It was Derrick. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” Jayson was relieved. He sat back down on the bed. Derrick came around and sat down beside him. There was silence. Derrick put his arm around Jayson. He responded by leaning in against his chest. There was more silence. And then Derrick tried to get up; but Jayson held him back. He looked up at him. They looked into each other’s eyes. Then slowly their lips came together. It was a tender kiss and the connection seemed to make everything else disappear. The couple kissed for a while and then they started undress. Still kissing as the final piece of clothes hit the floor, Derrick collapsed on top of Jayson. They continued to kiss, exploring each other’s body. When Jayson took Derrick’s rock hard cock into his mouth, there was an audible moan. Jayson took his time, sliding his town around the head of his partner’s cock and up and down the entire length of the shaft. Derrick positioned himself on the bed until he was able to take Jayson’s own hard cock into his mouth. They sucked each other’s cock for what seemed like an eternity. Except for the sound of moaning and lips and tongues massaging throbbing cocks, there was little else to hear. Derrick was getting close to cumming; but Jayson kept on sucking. Derrick tried to remove his cock from Jayson’s mouth as he felt his orgasm starting to build. But Jayson just kept sucking. When he could hold out no longer, Derrick just let himself go. Bucking wildly and moaning softly, it was as f he was floating on air and wave after wave of cum flowed from his throbbing cock. Jayson kept sucking … and swallowing. When the last drop of cum has been squeezed from Derrick’s still throbbing cock, Jayson pulled away. He sat up n the bed and realized that he himself had cum. The evidence was across Derrick’s abdomen, on the sheets beside him and on his own legs. Side by side they laid in silence. Enjoying the afterglow of making love. Jayson was the first to speak. “I love you, Derrick,” Jayson said. Derrick attempted to speak; but Jayson put his hand across his lips. “But if you ever treat me like a child again, it will be the last time you do so. I don’t know what you thought you saw today, or why you behaved the way you did. But you embarrassed me. And for what? Jealousy?” questioned Jayson. Derrick wanted to speak. “I’m not done yet,” Jayson said, his voice slightly rising. “Derrick, don’t treat me like a child. I am not going to cheat on you. And especially not I our own home,” Jayson continued. Jayson got up from the bed, picked up his clothes from the floor and went into the bathroom. Derrick was left sitting on the bed, naked. His mind was racing escort bursa in many different directions all at the same time. He got up, and was heading to the bathroom, when there was a loud noise in the bathroom. It startled Derrick and he quickly turned back to pick up his clothes from the floor. “Jayson, are you allright?” Derrick asked. There was response. Derrick quickly pulled on his boxers and raced to the bathroom. The door was locked. There was no response from Jayson. Derrick used the bulk of his body to force the bathroom door open. He was shocked by what he saw. There was blood on the floor. The shower was running and Jayson was slumped over the edge of the bathtub. As Derrick approached, he slipped on the mixture of water and blood. He caught himself on the side of the basin, but not before hitting his knee hard against side of the tub. The sharp pain drew a loud expletive from his mouth but he continued to zero in on Jayson who was not moving. As Derrick gently lifted Jayson’s head, he saw blood gushing from the side of his head. He panicked for a brief moment, then composed himself enough to call 911. The voice that answered identified herself as the police. Derrick hung up. He dialed 911 again and the police answered again. This time Derrick spoke as calmly as he could, telling the person on the phone that a guy was hurt and unconscious. He gave as much information as he could to the police and they promised to get the ambulance over to Derrick and Jayson’s house. Before hanging up, Derrick asked to police to please hurry. He went back into the bathroom, where Jayson was still bleeding and unconscious. Derrick tuned off the shower and was holding Jayson when the paramedics arrived. Derrick watched as the paramedics attended to Jayson and got the bleeding to stop. “We will need to get him to the hospital, sir” the soft-spoken paramedic said. Derrick nodded and as if in a trance, just watched as Jayson was lifted up by the two paramedics and placed on a stretcher. He was naked. Derrick didn’t hear when the paramedics asked for a sheet or some clothes for Jayson. When he realized what they had asked for, Derrick quickly went to the bedroom and returned with a robe, a towel and a sheet. He was unsure which to give to the paramedics. One of the attending emergency responders took the robe and carefully placed it over Jayson as he started to convulse. “We got to go now,” the paramedics said. They quickly wheeled Jayson out, carefully carried him down the stairs and loaded him into the back of the ambulance. As the vehicle drove away, Derrick was left alone inside the bathroom. As the sound of the ambulance’s siren faded in the distance, Derrick looked down and realized he too was bleeding from a cut on his left hand. He got that cut when he fell as he first came into the bathroom. As he slowly looked around, Derrick now realize that he was in boxers alone. The floor was messy, a combination of blood, water and mud. He sat down on the edge of the bathtub. “What just happened here,” Derrick heard himself ask aloud. There was no response. Derrick was frightened. A thousand thoughts raced through his mind. None of them made any sense. To offer comment on this chapter of the story, please send an email hoo.

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