16 Mayıs 2023

Return Of The Wand


(The first half is a condensed history)

My first experiences with a real vibrator were through a married couple in the late 80s. The husband owned a nice selection of 70s and early 80s Penthouses, some more contemporary mags like Leg Show, and a selection of VHS cassettes. Both of them knew that I enjoyed their collection, starting to make suggestions over time. Including one of the kinkiest books I had ever read, given to me by Laura, with the understanding that she definitely wanted it back.

As I found out, they also enjoyed the magic of a plug-in coil vibrator. A toy of incredible delight, the highlight of living with a married couple, one who introduced me to a number of new tastes. Tastes that I’ve shared since with several women, especially my wife.

Laura used to enjoy porn, generally double or triple penetration scenes, though more for listening than watching. Her favored coil vibrator attachment was the round flexible knobbed one. Which smelled heavenly when I first discovered it downstairs, left on a table next to the sofa that faced the large TV, the extended cable headphones still jacked in, her largish wood bowl still half filled. I knew Laura had planned to go out with a friend, Cindy, a married mother who they had known for years, who never shaved or wore a bra – and someone who enjoyed smoking as much as we did, (And, as I found out later, taking hardcore pictures.)

It took me a bit to understand what the device was, feeling its heft in my hand, an intriguing perfume wafting its way deep into inside me. Bringing the blue part closer to my nose, my cock swelled as the essences of female orgasm created a response of wonderful desire.

Turned on and pressed against my quivering jeans covered cock, the sensation was overwhelming and unstoppable, ending with me creaming my pants in one of the most intense orgasms I’d experienced in my then 25 years. Partly because it was something truly new, with a sense of indulging in an incredibly naughty pleasure, getting off with someone else’s sex toy. Not just women favor vibrators I discovered, it is anyone who has experienced their sexual magic.

A truth sealed when it was Laura doing it to me several weeks later, being the first time with another person. We had shared a well filled bowl that morning, both of us knowing we had hours available. She asked whether I would want to watch some porn with her, hinting knowingly that maybe she could show me something – ‘You know, a buzz to go with a buzz.’

We went to the basement, where her toy was already out, on the same table where I’d first discovered it. My cock began to swell against my pants, which she noticed before hitting the play button on the VCR. The video started with some girl on girl action in a large bathtub – including champagne, honey, and several enjoyable orgasms on actresses’ part.

I stayed focused on the porn, but when the sound of the vibrator reached my ears, my right hand started stroking the length of my cock, pressing against the fabric, My actions were about as discretely private as her moans, both of us just enjoying a porn scene in normal fashion. Glancing briefly to the side, I saw Laura with legs spread wide and eyes fluttering as the woman on the screen came, the other women licking her honey glistening clit.

Somewhere after what sounded like an orgasm, she offered me her vibrator in a really sexy voice, reflecting her horny state. ‘Want to try?’ she said huskily, aware that I wouldn’t refuse such a tempting opportunity.

‘Oh yeah .. on my cock.’

Its touch against my jeans covered cockhead was incredible. She had the most sensitive touch, unmistakeably female, and the idea of a woman running her vibrator up and down my extended shaft was somehow kinky. The fact that she was married just added to the erotic mix, neither of us actually doing anything that crossed a certain line.

‘Take it’ she said, providing a pause to what had been an unstoppable surge from the first touch of the vibrator. ‘We knew that you would enjoy it,’ she added, ‘everyone does.’ Making me think that maybe the toy being left out was due to Cindy’s visit, though there was no reason to think that Laura was not particularly shy about the way she liked to play with herself. Especially since masturbation is always better with someone else, even when no touching is involved.

Laura stood up, her braless dark nippled large breasts hanging nicely in the morning sun, her loose t-shirt providing wonderful views of her breasts, panties barely covering her sexy round ass as she switched cassettes. Someone had already spooled it to a specific scene, involving two men and one woman. Though the woman was sexy, it was the male on male action that fixed my attention, even as Laura sat back down, her legs open, panties with a large damp spot, the source of her familiar heavenly scent.

What happened, as Laura watched, was me being entranced by one of very few blow job scenes that has ever made me cum – a scene of a man going down on another standing man, Escort Büyükçekmece whose female partner was playing with his erect nipples as they tongue kissed deeply, her breasts pressed against him. He had clearly been turned into a complete slut, but what got me off was watching the blow job itself, its rhythm and style, fixing my attention on it as something to copy.

For the first time, thinking about being the person doing the sucking entered my mind, as Laura’s vibrator drowned me in waves of sexual ecstasy. My reaction did not surprise her in the least, as she asked me how it was. ‘Really .. really .. hot’ I moaned, probably revealing a bit more about what was turning me on than I would have normally revealed. Knowing that I was not really capable of talking, she began to tell me about her toy, in wonderful detail.

Her words just made the waves higher, as she talked about her toy. At some point, I said that it smelled fantastic, ‘like now.’ Her perfumed pussy’s presence filled the room, making me add in a barely coherent fashion that it was the sexiest perfume I’d ever experienced, better than anything encountered sniffing panties, even freshly removed. This just made her giggle before confessing she never washed it, explaining she saw no reason to, since she liked the smell so much.

She turned the conversation back to the vibrator, explaining about its attachments. This was my first introduction to the reality that a vibrator can be versatile, along with making it clear that this was a shared toy. She reached behind her, nestling close to me, both of us still dressed. Running her hand down my arm, she took the toy for a moment, and I saw how she replaced her attachment with a bell shaped cup. ‘Jack loves this’ she mentioned, just before turning the vibrator on.

Creating entirely different delights as it fit perfectly over my still covered cockhead. ‘You should open your pants’ dimly reached my awareness, as she pulled the toy away. Focusing a bit, she had placed a towel between us. Knowing that someone was taking care of details beyond me at this point, I took out my rigid cock, moaning from the first touch of the cup’s rim along my length.

The vibrator rose higher, as she started to cup my cockhead in rhythm to my moans. Putting my circled hand just below my cock head, I watched the hot porn, the woman now being fucked, the second man between the legs of the pair, his mouth enjoying both of them. My orgasm swelled unstoppably, completely overwhelmed by the sensations. Laura’s skill was incredible, as I had never imagined just how good a vibrator could be for a man.

Especially when I started cumming, the pumping semen added a new set of vibrations and pressures as the liquid pumped in pulses from my balls, completely drowning my cockhead in hot wetness as she held her wand against me, my hips rising and falling.

Afterwards, cleaning up, she explained that it was Jack that had turned her on to such toys. Leading to the reasonable assumption that they had enjoyed years worth of mutual sessions before my own first experience.

That first introduction was followed by other memorable occasions, some quite kinky. None crossed a certain line, always remaining within the realm of mutual games with orgasm, adults privately sharing the pleasures of enhanced masturbation occasionally. This allowed the occasional session to occur over the couple of years I rented a room from them, including a couple of times with Jack, watching his kinkier porn.

Near the end of that period, I discovered the binders of Polaroids they had taken years ago, near the shelved Penthouses. Like finding the vibrator, it was something naughty and unbearably arousing, leading to an intense and messy orgasm as I looked at pictures of Laura’s wet spread pussy and Jack’s hard cock, our now shared toy generally the center of attraction. The mutual pictures were hot, expressions blissful as the vibrator worked its magic.

The candid reality was part of the attraction, seeing Laura. Her nipples and hairy pussy wonderfully displayed, bring aware of what she sounded like, and how sexy she smelled, when getting off that way. I had taken pictures of my first girlfriend, having always enjoyed pictures of real women, but this was an entirely different level. One that would quite influence me, particularly after getting married.

Over the years, I’ve introduced vibrators to several women, who’ve universally confirmed intensely enjoyed cumming that way. Generally meaning that another vibrator is given away. One woman, my bi-friend, returned it, explaining she had a general rule of no equipment during sex, and preferring non-mechanical things, like getting deeply fucked, with a cock or fingers. My wife is on the other side of the ledger – even bringing her vibrator along on longer vacations – completely addicted to having a string of orgasms at the flick of a switch. An addiction I support, particularly by participating when she indulges it.

All of those women, Çatalca escort and definitely my wife, favor a third option, that of the hard point attachment, another classic, one of the few styles of attachment that can also be easily found for a magic wand style vibrator. Something I offered to my wife several years after her first encounter with a coil vibrator. The wand’s power has her completely enthralled, causing her to abandon her original toy. I retained my coil vibrator, which we both consider to be her back up, but watching her cum so quickly after the first touch on her spot, the old toy’s power was overshadowed, at least in comparison.

Occasionally, ostensibly ‘massage’ vibrators go on sale in some limited fashion around here, with a wide range of prices and quality. Combined with the reality that electro-mechanical equipment does wear out, this led to the purchase of a back-up wand several months ago, with a set of seemingly impractical or unnecessary attachments.

One of which, a flat U shaped collar, my wife immediately identified for cock play. A detail that had escaped me completely after first opening the bag holding the various attachments. However, for any number of reasons, it has only been used very occasionally. So when recalling a vibrator’s appeal in a nostalgiz haze while talking to my wife last Saturday morning. talking about Laura and getting off, the memories rode along a wave of recall combined with sexual delight, her fingers playing with my nipple as I jacked off, remembering the past as my cock enjoyed the present.

‘I love toys .. just plug it in .. oh yeah .. do me.’

‘Keep talking .. what do you want .. like that?’ was my wife’s response as her fingers began to flick my horny nipple. She knew that I was helpless, and had no desire to leave the warm bed to do the necessary preparation. For that matter, that sort of pause was not appealing to me either. Something she took full advantage of, making me cum so good while begging for a vibrator’s touch again.

‘Just wait until next week’ was her terse response, one that I barely recognized in the slutty haze she creates so well.

This is one of the minor disadvantages accompanying such largish toys – they tend to require a degree of set up if not used steadily, and dealing with two cords adds to the complexity. Basically, addictive as a magic wand is, it is not quite spontaneously available, neither due to storage nor positioning its cord.

Thinking about the coming Saturday over the following days, the idea of taking pictures grew, remembering Laura’s and Jack’s. And how horny it had made me when discovered, images wrapped up in memories of my first vibrator caused orgasms. Though decades later, my pictures are digital and easily shared, unlike those albums kept in a filing cabinet.

My wife teased me on Thursday and Friday, making me hard while preventing me from cumming. On Friday, stroking myself as she kissed my neck, I began to talk about taking pictures of her using the toy on me. Her tongue slid along my ear, murmuring agreement, followed by sternly telling me not cum yet.

I’ve been an early riser for decades, something that has not improved with age, while my wife enjoys hanging out in bed, falling back asleep. We have compromised in terms of desires, so that on Saturday, I went to the bedroom around 7:30am. Everything was already set up on my side. It took little effort for her to touch the wand against my cock, as the electricity did most of the fantastically sexy work..

Amusingly, only after a minute or so, she asked about her playing with the wand, in a quite demanding tone. ‘You are kidding’ was my reply, causing her to remember that this wand was fitted with another attachment. This realization led to a certain amount of pouting on her part. And leading to an idea on my part, seeing her breast hanging, nipple nicely erect in the fresh air.

‘Let’s try something I’ve just thought of – my cock against your tit, with the vibrator.’

‘It sounds awkward’ was her reply, positioning herself above me. Another accurate observation, the wand’s head tending to get in the way at first. It was also difficult to get my cock, her nipple, the wand, and the camera in correct alignment. When everything worked, the sensation was interesting, if somewhat one sided – I almost came a couple of times, something neither of us wanted to happen at that point, especially in anticipation of other delights. The novelty was the main factor, along with a certain pride in having come up with an at least personally original idea.

After the third or fourth near orgasm, my wife moved, demanding her toy. I took a moment to arrange towels before plugging her vibrator in, getting the camera ready. Something that was proving to be a real challenge, as managing two devices proved to be at the very limit of my rational capabilities.

She had no such restraints, and it took little time for her pussy to be pressed open as she buried the point against her moistness, Esenler escort bayan slowly moving it up and down. Spreading her welling lubrication, her face quickly reflecting the effect of her toy. Trying to frame the image, I couldn’t stop from playing with myself. Being one handed meant that it was impossible to hold a position for extended pictures.

Putting the camera down, I leaned closer to begin to finger her ass, feeling her anal ring welcome my touch, a couple of moans escaping her mouth as her second or third orgasm went through her. Entering a state where her mind was no longer concerned about something like how ‘dirty’ her ass was, she just wanted it fingered, enhancing her orgasms as she spread her legs, moving herself against the circling fingertip.

Horny enough to enjoy being a slut, completely surrendering herself to the sensations, just as I had. My cock was rigid in my enclosed hand, on the edge of orgasm, wonderfully turned on by my wife’s familiar responses, her pussy providing a large amount of wonderfully slippery fluid. In this state, a moaning female animal, my own horniness unavoidably increased, though not to the point of release, even as she indulged in abandoned pleasure, in a way that she denies ever occurs, afterwards.

At some point, she wriggled her ass away, keeping the wand jammed against her clit, eyelids still fluttering. She wasn’t done by any means, but her simple base needs had been satisfied, at least in the short term. My own switched off toy added its own demands, simply needing to be at hand with its cable, creating an additional complication.

Still riding the horniness of my wife’s pleasure, it was easy to change position and turn on the vibrator. Causing me to gasp when it touched my cock. I took up the camera again, positioning myself and the vibrator in another attempt to capture our mutual satisfaction. The vibrator now in place, I used both hands for pictures, able to take a series.

Leading to a number of poor shots before finding a state that allowed the combination of pleasure and concentration, with the necessary framing. By this point, I was barely able to operate the camera, my wife’s sounds and smells merging with the vibrations along my horny length. Just clicking the camera button was difficult, and with the little concentration remaining, it was dimly apparent that my wife’s orgasming pussy was no longer in the viewfinder.

The sensation of the vibrator on my cock became almost overwhelming, the last pictures being a welcome distraction. It was a seductive thought to just give in to the feeling, especially when my wife started to moan again, her wand pressed hard against her clit. ‘Finding the spot’ as she puts it during the rare discussions when she freely talks about masturbation. Women have the enviable ability to cum multiple times, at least in personal experience – of the women I have had relationships with, all could cum multiple times. Though as my first girlfriend explained it, multiple orgasms were like a skipping stone, without reaching the depths of a single one.

Letting the camera slip down on the bed, thoroughly tempted by the sight of my wife cumming again, legs spread wide, pussy open and pulsing, unable to stop myself from moaning in rhythm. The sounds merged, a familiar blend. After an extended period of my dancing on the edge of a personal orgasm while she played with herself, my wife switched off her toy’s power.

Leading to the next stage of our game. Her clit was no longer particularly responsive to stimulation, but her pussy was open and wet, its essence reflecting the orgasms she had already enjoyed. I moved on top of her, putting a hand down between us, feeling her fur. Lazily, her fingers positioned me in front of her wonderfully liquid cunt. ‘Like that?’ she asked, the multiple meanings losing perspective as my cock began to slide past her puffy lips.

‘Fuck yes .. god .. your cunt .. tight cunt .. I love .. your pussy.’ I slowly slid deeper, savoring the wet heat enveloping my shaft. Reversing direction, her scent filled my nose, making me moan ‘you smell .. so hot .. so .. fuck good’ as I slid back into her. Our pubic hair cushioning our fucking, she put her hand between us, saying ‘pull back.’

My cockhead quivering just inside her squeezing pussy, she asked me to hand her my toy. The contortions required to stay inside her while twisting back deal with the vibrator and its cord were pretty amusing, helping to lower my excitement just enough to keep from instantly cumming when my cock felt the powerful vibrations from the switched on toy. The sensations were fantastic, without my knowing the cause. Only looking later at several of the pictures did I notice the insets along the sides of the wand.

At the time, the incredible and unexpected feeling made it very difficult to even imagine taking pictures, particularly in light of how my wife was already talking to me, asking me to go deeper.

However, as enjoyable as the feeling was, the wand was simply too bulky not to get in the way. After a bit, I asked her to turn it off, wanting nothing to stand in the way of cumming deep inside her. Her breasts and crinkled nipples sent me over the edge, seeing them move in rhythm to my cock’s thrusting, hearing the sounds of her pussy being fucked hard, my balls hitting her slippery ass.

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