15 Mayıs 2023

Revising His Quote – The Sales Call

Big Dick

Jack had been in industrial sales since he graduated college at age twenty three, he was older now with salt and pepper hair. Jack was excellent at his job with a lot of happy customers. He kept himself in shape by going to the local “Y” to work out a few times a week. Jack looked better than most men his age. Standing six feet tall with a trim body shape, he was a good looking man. Jack got married soon out of college to Judy, who was a stay at home mother. She took care of the four kids who were now all grown, and all but one was living out of the house. Judy was the perfect wife. She was in the same shape as when they met, sexy as a woman could be. They were life partners and deep in love after all these years.Twenty-five years had passed since they got married and it seemed like yesterday. Jack was well known and connected in business and with his customers. He did business with many companies. Jack was one of the best in his field of work. Jack had changed a lot since he first met Judy.Bill was a purchasing agent about Jack’s age, and they knew each other from work and working out and spending time together at the Y. Bill was a long term member and Jack saw him there weekly.Jack had always admired Bill’s athletic build and how well he stayed in shape. Bill and Jack would often talk in the shower; Jack enjoyed looking at Bill, who was a well-endowed, uncut man with large gonads. Jacked loved Judy’s body in every way, but still Jack craved having a cock in his mouth now and then.Bill had low hanging balls surrounded by his trimmed blond pubic hair. Jack had a seven inch thicker cut penis that was known as a grower. The two men dealt with each other from time to time when Bill might buy products from Jack. They often talked business and pleasure while showering.Jack asked, Bill, “If the job he had quoted items to be used on was a done deal or not yet?” Bill said, “We are supposed to get a purchase order, and I will be busy for a couple of weeks after that, weeding through old quotes and placing orders.””Keep me in mind and let us talk before you place any orders.” Business was slowing, and Jack wanted to be sure he got the last look to match a price if he needed to get the big order.Jack had taken Bill and his wife Sandy out to dinner with his wife Judy on a couple of occasions after a big project or sale that required him to see Bill more often. Judy and Sandy were old friends from college.The two men got along well having a lot in common from age to where they lived in town. They had gone to high school together and played sports. Watching each other grow up from young kids to now older grown men.They finished showering and went into the steam sauna. Both men enjoyed a hot steam bath in the nude. They were like many of the other older guys. There was something about relaxing in a hot steam room while sitting on their towels. Sometimes they talked, other times they just rested in silence while sweating out their bodies’ toxins. Jack mentioned to Bill, “The steam felt good and hot today.” As Jack watched Bill’s cock and balls extend down further in the hot steam room. Jack often wondered how Bill’s cock would taste like if he could suck it. Jack was not sure if Bill was interested in guys at all. He knew back in high school; Bill had some friends that were known to play around with each other. Rumors were they had exchanged blowjobs, but Jack was not part of that clique of guys. Jack was bisexual but had not acted much with men since he got married. Jack had a couple of male encounters once married, but that had been ten years or more ago. Jack had exchanged blowjobs with guys in college; he very much enjoyed doing that.Jack missed giving blowjobs, but there never seemed an opportunity to meet other bisexual men. Jack dreamed what it would be like to suck Bill’s handsome looking cock. Bill’s cock was a perfect shape for the size.Jack and Bill went back to the showers for a rinse off after the steam sauna and Jack liked his shower cold. Bill had tried the cold shower and felt how it made you feel better after being in such a hot steam room. Bill shivered as the cold water first hits him, Jack was used to the cold water and enjoyed standing under the shower Escort bodrum head to cool off completely. As they stood there, Bill looked down at his manhood.Bill said, “Shrinkage.” Jack smiled and said, “Even in the cold, your dick looks bigger than mine.””It is like owning a Cadillac that you seldom take out of the garage.” “What, Sandy not in the mood much lately?” asked Jack. “No, with two kids still at home she is always tired or a headache, I am frustrated. It has been over a month since I got laid. Sandy does not want to have sex with me anymore.”Jack was getting laid a couple of times a week with Judy always wanting more sex. Judy was a loving woman. Since the weekend in college, they met Judy was always receptive to making love. Except that period when motherhood had taken over her hormones.”Sorry to hear about that Bill, I know that can be frustrating. Judy was like that when the kids still lived at home. Kids can be libido killers to most women it seems,” said Jack. “Yep when we can get away Sandy always loosens up and is more receptive. The problem we have is getting time to get away.””So you see Bill there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Our son should be out of the house next month after graduation. He is hardly ever home as it is now. Judy even walks around naked sometimes when she gets clothes from the laundry room.” Bill said, “No way! Sandy always wears a robe and turns off the lights, I seldom see her nude, and I like to see her naked she is a beautiful woman.” “That surprises me; Sandy has a sexy body, why is she so modest? “She always has been, and she is not really into sex, frankly our sex life sucks or doesn’t if you know what I mean.” Jack took it as Sandy was not into giving Bill blowjobs. Bill mention he was not getting enough in the bedroom. “I get tired of using my hand for sex,” Bill said. “Do you want to go for a drink?” Jack looked at what time the clock showed. “Sure let have a few, Judy is out with her lady friends,” said Jack.They headed out of the showers and got dressed in the locker room. Jack had to chuckle as Bill watched the young guy across from him in the locker room changing his clothes under a towel with some difficulty. What takes two minutes to strip nude and dress was taking much longer. I never understood, Bill looked at the guy and then Jack, and smiled. Bill later said, “They are modest these days and do not even shower in high school.” “What are they afraid of, someone seeing their dicks?” “It seems sad they do not seem comfortable around other men in the nude.” “That is part of being in a men’s locker room we all have one; you are luckier than most Bill.” Bill smiled, “You don’t seem to be getting any complaints.” Jack said, “It still works and thankfully it is a grower.” There was a watering hole they often would go to just up the street. Jack mentioned the name and suggested drinking there.Bill said, “Good choice I will meet you there.””Drinks are on me,” Jack said. Bill got there first and had a booth in the back of the tavern. Liz the girl that worked there for years saw Jack walk in the bar.Liz asked, “You guys want the usual?” Jack nodded yes, as did Bill, and Jack slid in the booth. Bill said, “Quiet tonight.” Jack replied, “Sure is slow.”Liz brought the drinks and a basket of snacks. Liz was good looking women for her age with a perfect round ass, as she walked away Bill looked at her and smiled. “I would love to tap that,” Bill said. Jack nodded, “I bet she is fun in bed.”The drinks were going down smooth and quick as they started to talk. Jack said, “Sorry to hear Sandy does not satisfy you in the bedroom.” “Thanks; I have survived since we got married. She never was much into sex when we were dating after the first six to twelve months. We fucked like rabbits at first. I hoped she would relax in bed when we got married; that did not happen.” “That is sad to hear, you love Sandy and then not get sex, let alone love in return,” Jack said. Bill continued, “Disappointing to want to please someone you love in the bedroom, and they do not care about those feelings. Sandy has more reason not to have sex than I can repeat.”Jack said, “I have to ask this since Escort Kuşadası you mentioned it in the shower. If I am getting to personal, just let me know.” “Ask away, what would like to know.” “You said something about not sucking, does Sandy, not like oral sex?” “No way; I have not I have not had a great blowjob since high school.”Jack’s eyes popped! Jack said,”Oh man that is no fun.” Bill said, “Tell me about it. Sandy once and awhile lets me go down on her, but thinks blowjobs are gross.” “Well that sucks, or not, in your case.” “Welcome to my world.””Does Judy like oral sex?” Jack replied, “Judy always gives me a blowjob before we have sex. Judy’s blowjobs are not bad, but I have had better. I always give her a big orgasm with my talented tongue as Judy calls it. I never leave her unsatisfied.” “You lucky bastard getting all that sex.” Bill continued, “I use to love getting and giving blowjobs.” Bill then realized when Jack’s face showed surprise he had just said he was a cock sucker. To everyone who was listening. Lucky they were in the corner away from people in a small place. Jack looked at Bill now red-faced.Jack said, “That is cool no worries, I had heard you had friends in high school.” Bill still embarrassed, and stammering said, “That was a long time ago, Joe, Fred and I use to exchange blowjobs at the old quarry. Those guys were great, they could take my cock whole, and they swallowed.” Jack smiled, saying, “Sounds like fun.” Bill seemed surprised Jack was not shocked that he admitted to sucking a cock. Jack said, “We all did some fun things back then Bill, no worries your past is safe with me.” Bill seemed relieved to hear that was Jack telling him it was okay. Bill said, “I am not sure Sandy ever heard those stories from school. If she did, I do not think we would be married.” Jack was looking over at the bar for Lisa.”Can we get another round over here young lady,” Jack said. Lisa came back with their drinks and smiling.Lisa said, “Jack you are too cute,” and walked away. Bill said, “I think she likes you.” “She is a sweet woman,” Jack replied.”Can I ask you a question.” Jack said, “Sure.” “Did you ever give a blowjob to a guy?” Jack paused for a moment, and said, “Well to be honest more than one.” Bill showed surprise! Jack told him, “Yes, back in high school and college there were a few times.””Did you like it,” asked Bill? Jack was now looking at Bill and said, “I expect what we are talking about stays in this booth.” Bill nodded in the affirmative.Jack continued, “Yes I did enjoy it, both giving and receiving. Joe was one of the best I have got, and that was the night of high school graduation.” Bill said, “Wow! He gave me one that night as well! Fred, Steve and Scott told me they all got one as well.”Jack said, “Bill, I use to play around with guys and girls till college. I then met Judy; she was so horny she kept me well fucked. So much to the point I had no interest in anyone else. The year before I met her I had a roommate named Chad that liked to fool around. We would get horny while studying and blow each other off in a 69 or other positions. It was a great stress reliever before we went back to our school work. Chad had a nice dick, easy to suck, and he liked my grower cock.”Chad, always loved my blowjobs as I enjoyed him sucking be off. Our room was hot, so we use to sit around in our underwear. It was easy to see when we would tent in our jockeys. We got to the point of just staying naked during finals like most tests.”Jack could tell Bill was curious about his past. “Does Judy know,” Bill asked? Jack said, “Oh hell no, I am not sure what she would say if she knew. Judy is somewhat open minded but not to that point. I was fucking another girl when I met her and shortly after broke it off and I have been with Judy since then. Judy does show interest in other men; she was checking out a guy with a big package when I caught her. It is okay to look I guess that is fine. Judy once mentioned when we were in college about a threesome.”Bill sat there listening and showing keen interest. Jack said, “Can I ask you a few more questions?” Bill said, “Sure, what else can I tell you.” “Did you ever fool around bodrum escort with guys in college?” Bill said, “Yes I did, I had some frat buddies that were gay. They all liked my dick, and I would help them with school work in exchange for blowjobs.” “Did you suck anyone in college?” “Yes one of the gay guys had an average size penis which I preferred to suck since I gag easily. Sandy was soon much more in my life and at first; she fucked like three times a day. That fun came to end when the kids were born it dropped off a lot.” Jack nodded saying, “Same with Judy for a while we had stopped, and I was very frustrated, then she got her groove back.”Bill said, “You are a lucky man Jack. I think I better be heading home it is getting late; I do not need a lecture from Sandy.” Jack agreed, and Lisa came over to the table. Lisa said, “You men done for the night?” Jack said, “Yes, and I get the check.” Bill did not object; Jack paid the check, and the men left for home for the night. Walking out of the door Jack mentioned to Bill, “If my boss asks you about our meeting here was about, we were talking about Bishopric contract job. I know you see him sometimes, and he has been checking my expense reports.”Jack went home, and Judy was there with a glass of wine in a robe only watching a movie on the flat screen. Judy was still as beautiful as when they first met. Size eight petite with bright blue eyes, with still perky size B breasts. Judy asked, “Where did Jack go; it is late.” “Bill from LeBlond, and I went to the Bull Run Tavern to talk about the Bishopric contract and equipment needed. I saw him at the Y when I went for my workout. If they get that job, I might sell them a lot of new equipment. More commission money.” Jack asked, “Where did you and the ladies go?” Judy replied, “We went to dinner at Outback and drank later at Mahindra Lounge.” Jack looked a little surprised, saying, “That is an interesting choice for drinks.” The place was a known cougar hang out.Judy said, “Many of the girls I have hung with for years are still single and looking for Mr. Right if nothing more than one for the night.” Jack now walked back out of the bedroom in his soft cotton lounge-wear he often wore. Jack moved up close to Judy on the plush couch. Judy’s arm and hand moved to hold and caress Jack as he lay next to her. Jack kissed her neck and lowered toward her breasts. Judy enjoyed the attention and as she reached for Jack’s cock. Judy fondled it some to get it to grow. Judy knew better than anyone what a perfect cock her hubby sported when erect, seven inches and thick. Judy stroked Jack’s cock.Judy said, “Let us go to the bedroom,” as Jack was now hard.They both stripped down and were nude when they got into bed. Judy went down on Jack and swallowed much of his cock as she could. Judy loved Jack’s cock but barely took it all at once. Judy loves to lick around his whole penis head with her lips and tongue. Jack repositioned to play and finger fuck, Judy moaned. Jack lowered his head into Judy’s pussy sticking his tongue in and sliding up and down her vulva lips. Jack was hard as a rock with precum oozing, and Judy was oozing pussy juice. Jack loved the flavor and licked away her juice. Judy was pushing Jack’s head deeper. Judy had a perfect pussy short trim with a musky sweet flavor. Jack had been down here so much he knew ever part and just the right buttons. Jack had enjoyed licking Judy’s pussy for so long he could bring her to an orgasm in one to two minutes if he desired too. Judy often during pillow talk would tell Jack, “I am not worried about ED concerns as long as that tongue of yours never stops working.” Judy always had trouble coming to orgasm with intercourse alone her whole life; she needed clit stimulation. Jack was the best she had ever gone to bed with her entire life. When it came to oral pleasuring, her Jack was by far the best. She never really had a big orgasm till Jack made love to her, and he kept getting better. Judy was a lucky lady, and her friends knew it when Judy shared their sex stories. Jack loved the taste of Judy’s pussy as he licked and sucked away on her warm wet snatch. Jack began using his tongue in a swirling motion around Judy’s now swollen clit as she was moaning loud and grabbing at Jacks head hair.He slid two fingers into her wet hole, and Judy bucked and arched her back and bottom as she shot out a massive squirt in part hitting Jack’s face; which made him finger fuck her harder, soon another squirt happens.

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