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rica comes to visit

Female Ejaculation

rica comes to visitRica comes to visitIt was a couple hours before noon on a weekday and Rica had just called me saying she wanted Daddy’s cock and if she could come visit me ? Oh does my slut need her Daddy’s cock ? Sure come on over if you want slut. Rica said she would be here in 1/2 an hour. I had an idea and it would depend on how horny Rica really was. Calling Ron a 6ft 5in well build black man I had be come friends with on the flight to Indonesia. I explained my plan to him and he thought it was a good idea, I had already shown him photos of Rica on the flight here so he wasn’t about to pass up a chance of a lifetime. I asked him to come over in an hour but don’t knock that the door will be unlocked and come on in. ” Great I will see you then” Ron said as he hung up the phone.I needed to shower before Rica got here. While in the shower i heard someone knock in at my door yelling from the bathroom door ” come on in the door is unlocked”. Hearing Rica’s sexy cute voice saying “daddy where are you”? Back in the shower to rinse my body my cock started to grow hard hearing her voice, with my back turn towards the bathroom door next I heard ” nice ass” Rica had come to the door and looked in to say hello. Finished my shower I reached for a towel and turned around to say hello beautiful and Rica’s eyes went straight down to my semi hard cock.”mmm nice cock , is that for me”? she asked. Rica was wearing a yellow t shirt with blue shorts damn you look fine girl, I told her.” I brought Daddy something’s to play with ” and as she was saying those words to me she lifted up her yellow t-shirt and pulled it over her head and letting it drop to the floor. ” FUCK”! Rica wasn’t wearing a bra, “Rica you have the such an amazing set of breast I have ever seen” I told her this as i took couple steps towards her lifting Rica up into my arms, one arm under the back of her knees and the other behind her shoulders. Our lips locked tight and tongues were dancing together as I walked us over to the bed. Just before I laid her sexy ass down on my bed I stopped kissing her long enough to whisper in her ear that “Daddy has a surprise for his cum slut”. What is my surprise Daddy ?she asked sincan escort Looking up at me with her pretty eyes, today Rica wasn’t wearing any make up so she looked even younger than she was. Even if she was 19teen she looked maybe 1teen y/o. I still can’t believe my luck of meeting her on the net and now I was about to fuck her until she couldn’t walk right. Rica got on her knees but I turned her body so her back was facing the door. I knew Rica loves to be dominated and enjoys hard rough sex. I reached down taking a hand full of her long black hair pulling her face towards my stiff cock, ” suck my hard cock you slut” I had said in a demanding voice.” oh yes daddy, oh so rough” she said just as Rica place her lips over the head of my cock . my free hand went to the back of her head pulling her closer to my body. This slut knew how to suck cock and she loves doing it! She was to busy sliding up n down my shaft that Rica didn’t hear my door open. Looking over seeing Ron walk in I motioned him to get naked fast. When I saw this man naked I thought maybe I made a big mistake by inviting him over, his body was fit and not an once of fat on him and his cock was huge as it hung between his muscular thighs. Oh well I hope she goes for this. ” Rica, Rica open your eyes your surprise is here” She opened her eyes and only a few feet away Ron was standing from her. Her eyes got wide and I wasn’t sure what she was going to say. ” Oh Daddy its so big” she told me. Ron walked up next to me and his big black cock only inches from Rica’s face. Rica show him how much you love sucking big cock, take his cock into your warm mouth and let him feel how good of a cock sucker you are cum slut”. having said that she tried to wrap her tiny hands around Ron’s massive black cock as she opened her mouth wide and taking Ron’s cock head into her mouth. Ron gave me a thumbs up and Rica took more of his black cock into her warm wet mouth.” DAMN she is a good cock sucker ” Ron was telling me loud enough for Rica to hear, “force her to take more Ron , lets see how much this cum slut can take” telling him as he placed his big hands on the back of keçiören escort Rica’s head and pushed his hips towards Rica sinking more of his black pole deeper down Rica’s throat. She had only half in her mouth when Ron pushed harder and she started to gag , he just held her head as she couldn’t take anymore then letting her slide up and catch her breath just for a second before he did it again making her take even more gagging her the letting her up. Ron did this a couple more times before he just started to face fuck Rica’s mouth. Hard fast and forceful. Rica looked like she was enjoy being used by a big black cock. Pulling his cock out then slapping her cheeks playfully then telling Rica ” he didn’t want to cum to soon”. I laid on my back taking Rica with me as we kissed i felt her reach back taking my hard cock in her hand and pushing it between her smooth wet pussy lips. She sat straight up and was sliding down my hard shaft. WOW I felt her tight pussy hugging my thick cock shaft as she sank deeper down. Rica bounce slowly up n down my cock as she was fucking my cock bounced harder her big firm breast were bouncing up n down . reaching up taking each one in my hands I squeezed down hard and she let a moan out of pleasure. Rica leaned over kissing my neck and I saw Ron get behind her. I felt Rica slow her pace down fucking my cock and I felt the touch of Ron’s big black cock so I knew he was about to try fucking Rica’s tight ass hole. I placed both hands on Rica’s ass cheeks pulling them wide apart so to spread her ass open for Ron . I whispered in Rica’s ear” are you sure you want this”? before she could answer I felt Ron trying to push his big black hard cock into her tiny tight lil ass hole, looking at Rica’s face her eyes widen and look of pain was on her face. “Relax Rica, try to relax” I was telling her. OH daddy its so big , he is going to fuck my ass ” Rica was saying. Then Ron pulled back and moved his body up so when he took a hand full of Rica’s long hair and pulled her so she was sitting up , he told Rica he needed more lube so “suck it slut and do what you do best, suck my black cock make it wet mamak escort n lubed for your tight ass hole” He was right Rica did know how to suck cock, big small it didn’t matter this slut love being daddy’s cum slut. Rica was being a very naughty girl today. Ron pushed his black cock between Rica’s lips and she starting sucking on it making his cock well lubed . She even tried taking all of Ron’s cock into her mouth. She all most got it all in but she started gagging which added more lube onto Ron’s cock. It wasn’t long before Ron pulled it out and when he did that he slipped back behind Rica and as I watched Rica’s face I could tell if Ron was pushing it in or not. Rica surprised me when I asked her if it hurts? Her reply was ” Fuck yea his black cock hurts but fuck my ass hole RON, keep going destroy my ass!” that’s when I knew she was at the point of crazy horny. She turned her head trying to look back at Ron as he pushed deeper into her tight ass hole. I wasn’t going to move until Rica was ready to be pounded by 2 big hard cocks at the same time. “Oh fuck Daddy it hurts but I want him to keep trying” she was telling me this as her eyes started to water up from the pain. After a couple minutes I felt Ron pull back a lil then push it as he did that Rica pushed her body back to meet his cock. Finally it was time to give this Indonesian cum slut something she has wanted for awhile. D.P. I felt Ron pull back then I pushed my hard cock deep into her soaking wet pussy, I pulled back and Ron pushed deep into her tight ass hole . working together starting slowly together in n out taking turns filling Rica’s tight holes and she was loving it moaning so loud but these moans we pleasure moans .” Oh Daddy I can feel both big cocks as they fuck me deep Oh it feels soooo good daddy” I could feel Ron’s big cock filling her ass when he pushed deep, there was only a thin skin that separated our two cocks , Rica was sandwiched between our naked bodies as we picked up the pace we were now like two pistons pounding faster n harder . Rica was laid out flat on top of my body her big firm boobs smashed against my chest and her eyes were closed she was moaning even louder now , I don’t think she could have said anything because of the pain and pleasure she was receiving from getting D.P. We were fucking her rough just they way Rica loves to be treated, we dominated her sexy lil Asian body for the next 3 hours…..TO BE CONT….. hope you enjoyed it, leave your comments please good or bad. thank you;

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