18 Mart 2023

Ronnie Teaches Ted a Lesson


Veronica Middleton eased her car off the freeway exit and let out a sigh of relief. The traffic hadn’t been too bad and she was just ten minutes from home and it was only 1:30 in the afternoon. She smiled to herself thinking that a few years ago, she might have been heading home for an afternoon of passion with her husband Ted, but sadly things had cooled off in that department. It’s not like she has let herself go. Sure, at age 41, gravity had shown its effect to a small degree on her 34B breasts, her once tight ass and taught tummy, but she knew she still turned heads when she was dressed up which was often with her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep.

No, it seems that life had gotten in the way. Things started to slow down after the birth of the twins, and with all the activities and Ted’s job as a high-priced attorney, the drive just didn’t appear to be there much anymore. She still had urges but trying to find times when Ted was also interested was becoming more of a challenge. Still, she wished things might find a way to spark back up again…and soon. For now, she would have to be content with enjoying some time alone. She was tired of being leered at by old doctors and hassled by their crabby nurses, so she cut out early on this Friday and anticipated a nice long soak in a warm tub and maybe even a rare afternoon glass of wine.

Ronnie, as everybody but her Mom called her, turned onto her street and was surprised to look ahead and see Ted’s car in their drive. Usually their cars would be in the garage, but a recent remodeling job had filled the garage with building supplies, and even though the job was finished they hadn’t cleaned out the mess remaining. What was unusual was Ted being home at this time of day. She doubted he was sick since he probably would have called her asking her to pick up some doctor’s samples for whatever ailed him. It was possible he was working at home, but he hadn’t done that in several years because of all the client meetings. Still, she smiled at the thought that this could turn out to be a lucky opportunity to steal a little afternoon passion.

With curiosity still getting the better of her, Ronnie pulled her car to the curb just before her driveway so he wouldn’t hear her approach. She slid out of the car and made her way down the drive to the front door. She would normally go in the back, but this door was farther away from the kitchen, den or any place he was likely to be, giving her a better chance to surprise him. She slid her key into the lock and slowly opened the door and stuck her head in. Seeing no signs of activity she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. There were no lights on, no television or any other signs of life coming from the den or kitchen, but as she stood in place for a moment she could hear some faint sounds coming from upstairs.

It sounded like a woman’s voice, which immediately got Ronnie’s attention. The only thing upstairs were bedrooms, so she wouldn’t expect to hear a woman’s voice up there she thought. She tiptoed up the stairs, and with each step the voice became louder. It was clearly a woman, and she was not discussing legal matters. In fact, she was talking about sex! Ronnie stopped at the top step and listened. She heard the woman asking if she looked nice, if he liked her breasts, if he liked it when she touched herself. Ronnie’s blood began to boil. She slowly crept down the hall until she could just see into the room but still remain out of sight. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

There was Ted, laying on the bed with nothing on but his dress shirt which was unbuttoned. Beside him was a laptop which he was staring at intently, and in his right hand was on his hard cock. He was stroking it slowly as he listened and watched. She quickly surmised that this wasn’t a one-on-one situation because Ted never uttered a word in response to her many questions, so it must have been some sort of group chat. Still, she felt somewhat betrayed even if it was just a woman on a screen. How is it Ted can find time for her in the middle of the day and not find time for his wife?

Ronnie stood still watching and thinking through the situation. No doubt seeing him erect had stirred a little something inside, but she needed to decide how she wanted to handle this. She could slip away in embarrassment, but that wasn’t an option. She could storm in and confront him, bit it might lead to a fight and things might become even more distant. She wanted to let him know her dissatisfaction with the situation, but she still hoped for some passion to come out of this. She racked her brain for the perfect solution when it suddenly appeared before her. Neckties!

There on the four posts of the bed she caught a glimpse of the neckties attached to each post. Several years ago when things were still hot between them, Ted had playfully tied her up during a night of passion. Neither one of them ever bothered to remove them, perhaps subconsciously thinking they might be used for mecidiyeköy escort fun again one day. So there they were, tucked under the bedding, still with the slip knots Ted had tied into them. She now knew what she was going to do, she just had to figure out how to approach it. Another minute of thought gave her the plan, and she took a deep breath and silently approached the door and stepped into the room.

Ronnie gave a loud gasp and simplify said “Ted, what is this?”

Ted looked up and nearly swallowed his tongue He quickly dropped his hand from his rigid member and slammed the laptop closed. He watched like a deer in the headlights as Ronnie slowly approached the bed with a look of sadness and disappointment in her eyes. Without saying a word, she took the laptop and gently laid it on the floor, then walked around the bed to the other side and sat down next to him and placed her hand on his chest.

“Ted, I’m surprised and a little disappointed to see this. I don’t understand. How long have you been this kind of thing? Don’t I interest you anymore?”

Ted looked at her sadly and started to stammer a response, but all he could manage was a simple “I’m sorry.” Ronnie reached her left arm across his body to draw him into a hug, and softly whispered “I know you are.” As quick as a cat, she rolled on top of Ted and brought her knees down on his shoulder to immobilize him. She quickly grabbed the tie nearest her and slipped it over his right wrist before he knew what hit him. She then rolled to her left, and keeping the full weight of her body on his left arm, reached as far as she could to just snag the other tie with her finger tips. She pulled it down and was able to coax it over his left wrist before he could pull it away. She quickly hopped off the bed.

Ted was pulling at the ties with all his might and staring up at the top posts, so he didn’t see Ronnie pull one of the ties near his feet and slip it over his left foot. She then moved towards his right foot and he started kicking back at her. He quickly realized however, he was pretty much at her mercy and continuing to kick might accidentally hurt her. He figured he was in enough trouble, so he slumped back and let her fasten the last tie. Ronnie stepped back and surveyed her handiwork. Ted was now spread-eagle across their bed, naked except for his open shirt. For obvious reasons, he was no longer sporting an erection!

Ronnie stepped across the room and grabbed a small arm chair and carried it over and placed it near the end of the bed. She then strode confidently over to the side of the bed and stared down at Ted. “I see that you like to watch women pleasure themselves,” she exclaimed. “Well, it’s too bad you forgot you have a wife who would have loved to be a part of your desires. Happily for you the show will still go on, but sadly for you…you will only get to watch!”

With that, Ronnie slowly walked away and stopped as she was next to the arm chair. She stood there for a moment or two so Ted could take in the full view. She was dressed as usual for her job…professional yet sexy. She had on a fairly tight gray wool skirt that reached just below mid-thigh. On top she had a simple white button down blouse with a lace camisole underneath. The top three buttons of her blouse were undone. Unbeknownst to any doctor, underneath was a matching lace bra and thong panties, and she finished it off with a pair of heels. Not too big since she detested high heels, but enough to compliment the outfit. It all worked so well with her shoulder length raven hair, and she knew that there was never any reason to doubt her appeal.

She slowly reached down and started to unbutton her blouse, while turning her head away from Ted’s gaze. As she reached the last button she pealed the blouse from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She then reached down and grasped the bottom of the camisole and brought it up over her head and pulled it off, adding it to the pile next to her. She then turned her back to Ted, and reached behind and grabbed the zipper to her skirt and very slowly started to pull it downward. When she reached the end, she paused for a moment, then very slowly started to edge it down over her hips until it fell in a pile at her feet. She kicked it aside and turned around.

She stood there facing Ted in just her lace thong and bra, still not looking directly at him She knew it must have been quite the sight, as Te was now starting to sport a growing erection. She chuckled to herself and started walking across the room to a narrow utility closet. She reached up to the top shelf and grabbed a white box and pulled t down, then carried it across the room back to the chair and placed it on the floor.

Ted lay there completely confused. At first he expected her to ream him good, but once she surprised him by tying him up, he wasn’t sure what was next. He was completely surprised to see her starting to merter escort remove her clothes and he wasn’t sure which way things would move next. He couldn’t help but be excited to see his wife this way, she had always excited him. But, he was unsure what her intent was, and he was nervous that if he responded the wrong way it could be a wrong turn for their relationship. The box intrigued him. He never went into that closet since it was filled mostly with Ronnie’s shoes and other things. He half joked to himself “hope it’s not a gun!”

Ronnie stood before her helpless husband and closed her eyes and slowly brought her left hand up and gently caressed her left breast. The material of her bra was very thin and she could feel her nipple start to react to her touch. Her nipples were highly sensitive. She often almost reached orgasm just by having Ted suck her nipples, so she knew this would get her engine moving. She followed by bringing her other hand up and was soon rubbing both breasts outside her bra. She took her left hand and let it slide across her chest and slip inside her right bra cup and she immediately felt her nipple spring to attention. She savored the sensation as she rolled her hard nubbin in her fingers and palmed the full breast. As her breathing began to increase, she reached down and grasped the clasp at the front of the bra. She took her time as she pealed the cups away from her breasts and let the bra slide back off her shoulders and on to the floor. She then took both hands and brought them up to her mouth. She slipped the index and middle fingers of both hands into her mouth and sucked them deep, getting them get nice and moist. She then brought them down to each breast and she began to rub them over her nipples as they hardened like rocks.

The sensation was amazing and she nearly lost track of where she was and what she was doing, but after a minute or two, she let her right hand slide down her belly and slip between her legs. She applied some light pressure and traced her fingers up through the slit outside her panties. She could feel the dampness building. She grabbed the thong and slid it aside and let two fingers work their way along her slit, part her lips and slip inside. The wetness she felt was tremendous and she curled both fingers upward to cup some of her fluid and brought them up to her lips. She extended her tongue and gave her fingers a long, slow lick before plunging them deep into her mouth and savoring the musky sweetness. As she did this, she looked at Ted for the first time as she wanted to see his reaction. He always loved seeing her taste herself, and it was obvious from his rapid breathing and the twitching of his cock that nothing had changed!

At this point, Ronnie turned around once again and slid her hands down to the waistband of her thongs and hooked her thumbs on both sides. She bent forward to display her lace covered ass, and slowly started to peel the thong over her butt cheeks and down her legs till she let them fall at her feet. She kicked them away and slowly turned and stood before Ted, completely naked except for her short heels. She then took a few steps to her left to the arm chair she had brought from across the room and sat down, draping her left leg over the left arm of the chair. She reached down with her right hand and found her moist opening, and using two fingers, she ran them along her spreading lips and covered her entire opening and her clit with her ample wetness.

Once she was fully lubricated, she began to run her fingers in a circular motion around the top of her hardening clit as she stroked her breasts with her left hand. After a minute of rubbing her clit she would slide her fingers down and slowly insert them into her opening and giver herself several long, slow strokes before returning to her clit. A couple times she slid her left hand down and gathered some of her juices and spread them on each nipple to lubricate them. Between this action and the stimulating of her sensitive nipples, she started to feel the beginnings of her first orgasm. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back as she started to shudder and clamped her legs tight, trapping her finger on her clit. She then opened her legs and rubbed up and down her slit and slid her fingers in and out as she rode several waves of orgasm.

Deciding not to overwhelm herself, Ronnie moved her hand away from her now very wet pussy and sat still for a moment. She then looked to her right and spotted the box she had removed from the closet earlier and reached down to grab it. She opened the box and withdrew the contents and held it before her to show Ted. In her hand was a 6″ black silicone vibrator shaped like a long, curved finger with a smaller finger in the middle. She had only had one, very old plastic vibrator that she and Ted occasionally used, and she hadn’t touched it in years. Several months ago a friend had invited her to a lingerie party where mutlukent escort they also were selling toys. Most of the ladies were buying numerous items, and her hostess finally pressured her into buying this one. Other than turning it on when she first brought it home to see if it worked, it had sat in the closet for all this time. She wasn’t even sure if it still had a charge.

Ted was amazed at what he had seen so far, but this new twist was something else. He had no idea she owned such a thing and began to wonder how often she had used it. He thought of protesting about the irony of his being “punished” for watching porn and pleasuring himself when she had a secret vibrator, but he had earlier decided to remain silent unless she spoke to him, so he stayed that course. It was difficult, for with each increase in her activity he wanted to beg her to release him so he could pleasure her, and he was afraid of having an orgasm just from the show and perhaps angering her again. He knew this would be the ultimate test of his strength and willpower.

Ronnie took the vibrator and gave a hopeful squeeze to the power button, and to her surprise and joy it started to rumble to life. It was a low, steady vibration, and when she pushed the button again it shifted into a more intense sustained vibration. Subsequent pushes yielded a variety of vibrating patterns and different intensities, and she made note to explore those more in the near future. For now, she chose to return to the first, low setting so she could get acquainted with it.

She brought it up to her lips and gave it a slow lick before sliding it in like she was sucking Ted. She knew she was so wet below that she didn’t need lubrication, she did this more to torture Ted. She then brought both legs up and placed them on the arms of the chair, so she was wide open and had easier access. She pointed the tip of the vibrator at her spread lips and gently began to slide the head up and down the length of her slit. The sensation of the vibration on her extended labia was energizing, and she could feel the sensations increase as she reached the top near her clit. After a few passes she let it rest on top of her clit and she shivered as the tingling became more intense and her clit hardened even more. She brought the head back down to the center of her lips and slowly started to insert the head deeper inter her opening. It slid in much easier than she had anticipated, probably because of how wet she was, and she soon had it buried as far as it would extend. At this point the smaller tip was brushing up against her butt, and while that sensation felt nice, she remembered the primary purpose of that part of the vibrator.

She withdrew it from her, rotated it and re-inserted it to its full extent. Now the smaller arm was directly above her clit, and with a little downward pressure on it, her clit was receiving the same slow vibrations. As she slid it out a bit, she noticed it would brush up against her G-Spot, and with a little adjusting of her position she was able to apply the vibrations to both her clit and G-Spot. It was a feeling she had never experienced before. All at once it felt like she was filling with warm pressure that was soothing yet building a sort of tension much like when she would get when she was close to cumming by rubbing her clit. The two sensations played off each other, and she felt like she was riding a sexual roller coaster. She powered up to the highest level of vibrations and rode that coaster to her first big orgasm. The feeling was so intense she thought she might black out. Wave after wave of spasms hit her as she clamped her legs tight around her pulsating new best friend.

Ronnie yanked the vibrator out and felt the juices nearly flow out of her. She took the head and slid it up and down her slit which was spread wide like a butterfly in flight. She kept sliding it up and down and stopping to tantalize her clit and she brought herself to several more rapid orgasms, each one causing her to pop her butt up off the chair into the air like she had just sat on a tack. She eventually needed to rest, and she pressed down on the power button and held it until the vibrator came to a rest. She sat in the chair for several moments with her eyes closed, just relishing the afterglow. She then took the vibrator and slid it along her slit one last time to cover it with her sweet juices and brought it to her lips to savor them. This time, it was not only to tantalize Ted, but to sample all the goodness she had experienced.

Ted closed his eyes for a moment and sighed as he watched Ronnie start to put away her vibrator. He couldn’t believe all that he had just seen, nor could he believe that he hadn’t exploded all over himself in the process. He had leaked lots of pre-cum and several times thought he might go over the edge, and he was sure that if there truly was a condition called “blue balls” he was surely harboring a major case of it now. His biggest concern was what might happen next. He doubted Ronnie would reward his indiscretion by relieving him of his frustration Perhaps she might just leave him there helpless. She’d obviously have to release him before the kids came home from school, but that was still a couple of hours from now. He was getting sore from being held out by the ties in addition to the obvious sexual discomfort.

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