16 Mayıs 2023

Root Rekindles Some Old Flames


Backstory: Picking up on previous accounts of Luther “The Root” Casey, it’s the late 1970’s and our well-hung hero is a college student at a large Midwestern university where he plays bass and spreads his considerable goodwill among the ladies.

Per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are of legal age.


Two months into his senior year of college, dusk settled in as Lute walked across campus on his way home from an afternoon spent studying in the library. Passing through the quad in front of the Arts building, he looked up and saw a light in one of the offices and decided to take a detour.

The lit office belonged to an art history professor, Dr. Theresa Stone, “Tess” to her friends. Lute had been in one of her classes a couple of years before, and then they’d become lovers after meeting up at a wedding reception. Tess was a tall and attractive Brit in her mid-forties with a big mane of gray-streaked dark hair, a lovely rack of 36D tits, and a decidedly nasty streak, the depths of which Lute had happily plumbed during their time together.

Tess had been on sabbatical the previous year writing a book. And since Lute had been working in the city over the summer, the two hadn’t seen each other for quite a while.

The second floor offices of the Arts building were empty, so without bothering to knock, Lute quietly let himself in to Tess’s office and locked the door behind him. Looking up from her work, Tess gave him a warm smile and greeted him in her sexy patrician voice.

“Why, hello, Luther. It’s so good to see you!”

“Hello, Dr. Stone,” Lute said as he approached her chair. Then leaning down, he gave her a long kiss.

One kiss led to another, and the two lovers were soon picking up where they’d left off over a year before. With their tongues intertwined, Lute slipped a hand down Tess’s blouse and into her bra to fondle her fleshy breasts.

“Mmm…I’ve really missed you, Luther,” she sighed as his fingers circled a nipple.

Though only 21, Lute was attuned to the wants and needs of his lovers. And he’d learned early-on that Tess liked to be dominated and fucked with sinful intent.

“Are you wearing panties, Dr. Stone?” Lute whispered as they kissed.

Knowing he preferred she not wear them when they were going to be together, Tess undid the belt of her wraparound skirt and slipped it off before wriggling out of her panties. Taking her silky undergarments, Lute gave the crotch a deep sniff – a thing between them that always made her giggle – and then stuck them in his shirt pocket.

With Tess now sitting in her office chair naked from the waist down, a nice patch of dark pubes filling her crotch, Lute dropped to his knees and lifted her legs onto his shoulders. Then with his head between her thighs, he planted his mouth on her vulva.

As he ran his tongue along her spread pussy he whispered, “So, have you been nasty since we were last together?”

“A little,” she said with a mischievous grin.

“Uh huh. Who with – a guy or a girl?”


“Cool. Tell me about the girl,” Lute said softly as he worked his tongue deeper into her fur-covered slot.

“She’s an MFA painting student. She’d never been with another woman before.”

“I see. So you seduced her, did you?”

“Yeah, I kinda’ did. But it wasn’t hard.”

“I’m sure. ‘Cause I bet she really likes these,” Lute said as he reached up and massaged her breasts.

“Yeah, she really does. Her tits are on the small side, so she loves sucking on my big tits.”

“Are you still seeing her?”

“Yeah, we still get together occasionally,” Tess groaned as she shoved her pussy harder into Lute’s face, juicy and excited for his expert attention. “She comes over to my place sometimes. And we take a long bath together and then fuck. She’s turned out to be quite the naughty little slut.”

“Nice. Maybe we can all three get together sometime, she sounds fun,” Lute suggested, remembering a couple of memorable threesomes he and Tess had done together, “Okay, so what about guys?”

Sighing as Lute’s tongue honed in on her clit, she replied, “Well, there’s this guy from the African Studies department that I’ve seen a few times. He’s a friend of my ex-husband; a black guy from Kenya.

“With a big cock, I assume?”

“Yeah, he’s got a really nice fat cock,” Tess moaned as she leaned her head back in her chair, “Only problem is, he’s married, with a couple kids. So we’ve gotta’ be really careful.”

“Right, too bad about that,” Lute said as he began sliding his fingers into Tess’s spread pussy, “But stolen fruit is sweeter, am I right?”

“Sometimes, yeah,” she groaned as his fingers probed her twat, “His wife won’t do anal, so he loves it when I let him shove his fat cock up my ass. And when he does it makes me feel so fucking nasty. Just like a I feel right now.”

“And you like it nasty, don’t you Dr. Stone?”

“I do, thanks to you! You made me into such a nasty girl, Luther,” she said as she looked down and groaned, watching her Escort Şişli young lover work over her shameless cunt, “I wasn’t nearly this much of a brazen strumpet before I met you!”

“And this painter chick, you’re meeting up with her tonight, am I right?” Lute said, glancing up from her pussy.

“How’d you know that?”

“You looked over at the clock when you talked about her.”

“Very astute, Mr. Casey. Yeah, I’m supposed to meet her for dinner at 8.”

“And after dinner, will you go back to your place and fuck?”

“I hope so.”

“And what will she think if your pussy is filled with cum?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m curious to find out.”

“Excellent,” Lute said as he stood up next to her office chair, “Now take out my cock and get it ready.”

It was nearly dark outside as Tess reached over and turned off her desk lamp to ensure their privacy. Then she began to undo Lute’s jeans, rubbing the huge bulge in his crotch as she did. And when she finally pulled down his briefs and released his ten-inch cock, it sprang out semi-erect, like a spring-loaded armature, thick, veiny and ready.

“Oh, god, Luther, you have such a beautiful cock!” Tess moaned as she admired his thick organ before wrapping her mouth around its bulbous head, taking it hungrily into her stretched maw.

Stepping out of his pants while she readied his turgid meat, Lute grabbed her head and pulled her deeper onto his tool, working it farther down her throat.

“That’s right, suck it!” he groaned as she gargled on his cock before pulling off to apply a big wad of spit to his shaft, and then dived back on for more.

“You are such a nasty one!” he hissed, knowing what she liked to hear, “Such a harlot!”

With her eyes watering and mascara running down her cheeks, Tess looked up at him with a lusty gaze, beyond happy to be servicing his thick organ once again.

Few men had ever made Tess swoon like Luther Casey. And as she grabbed his cock’s base and ran her tongue up and down its slick shaft, she moaned in anticipation of having his beast back inside her.

“You make me so fucking horny, Luther,” she said between slurps, “I just love being a whore for you.”

Pulling her panties from his shirt pocket, Lute ran them slowly under his nose before he slipped the silky briefs over his shaft and wrapped them around its base, letting them dangle down with his nut sac.

Early on in his muff-eating days, Lute had discovered that all women’s pussies share a common musky fragrance. But he’d also learned that each lady’s twat has its own unique scent that no amount of douching could erase. And having just gotten another heady whiff of Tess’s own vaginal aroma, he was reminded how much he enjoyed her body and its provocative scents.

As Lute mused on her aromatic qualities, Tess undid her blouse and released her big floppy tits so she could wrap them around his shaft. Loving this new sensation, Lute looked down and saw his huge cock enveloped in her fleshy breasts. Sighing at his good fortune, he dropped a load of spit down to lubricate her cleavage and remembered the first time he’d encountered Dr. Tess Stone.

It was in a large old lecture hall during his freshman year. He’d enrolled in an introductory art history course, and when Dr. Stone strode onto the stage and took the microphone to begin her introduction, he was smitten.

Her lilting British accent was beguiling in its own right. But as she stood in profile on the stage, with the beam from the slide projector outlining her unruly mane of hair and her voluptuous figure, he became transfixed. And as she moved through a series of slides on medieval art, speaking eloquently about each one, he was soon fantasizing about having her luscious tits wrapped around his cock. And by the end of that first class, he had such a raging hard-on that he had to conceal it with his backpack as he exited the hall.

As he was leaving the building after hustling into a restroom to adjust his woody, he ran into a pretty girl he’d recently met at a party who had a nice rack of her own. She’d made it very clear at the party that she was available to him whenever he wanted. So after a brief discussion they headed straight back to her dorm room where they yanked off each others’ clothes and fucked like crazy.

The girl, of course, believed she was the source of Lute’s lust, and gladly let him pound the bejeezus out of her with the biggest cock she’d ever had.

As the girl plowed through several screaming orgasms, their ruckus grew so loud that the RA knocked on the door to see if everything was okay. Her inquiry came at the same moment Lute launched a massive load of spew all over his partner’s sweet tits. Realizing what was going on, the bemused RA had scurried away.

So, Dr. Tess Stone had worked her sexual magic on young Luther from day one. And she was again fulfilling his fantasies as she slid his hefty organ back and forth between her fleshy mammaries, sucking on his cock’s nob each time it emerged from her Sultangazi escort luscious cleavage. And now, almost three years later, getting tit-fucked by her was just as sexy as Lute had imagined during that first class.

It took every bit of his restraint for Lute not to cum right then on Tess’s beautiful tits, topped with their beguiling dark areolae and nipples, but he steadied himself and held off for her grand prize.

“Come here, baby,” he said as he raised Tess from her chair and leaned her over the desk, letting her floppy tits drape across the manuscript pages she’d been editing when he arrived.

Positioning himself behind her and spreading her legs, Lute slid his cock into her ready cunt, shoving it in so hard and fast that it made her gasp, “Oh, god, Luther, yes!”

It was almost 7:30, and not wanting to make Tess late for dinner with her lover, he wasted no time and was soon fucking her with long, deep strokes, his balls slapping against her ass with each plunge of his torqued member.

“Oh, my god, yes! Yes!” Tess moaned as his cock filled her stretched cunt to a capacity she’d forgotten was possible, “Oh, fuck, yes, baby, yes!”

“Cum for me, baby,” Lute moaned, “Get your hand down there and work it!”

Shoving her hand between her legs, she began doing as he asked, furiously rubbing her fingers over her clit in just such a way to induce a gushing climax. And when she gasped and her body tensed, Lute knew it was time. So he quickly accelerated his thrusts and joined her orgasm, pumping a big load of cum into her swamped pussy.

“Yeah, there it is, baby! There it is!” he moaned as he flooded her cunt with his jism, “Tell your girlfriend this is for her! Show her what a nasty slut you are!”

Prior to meeting Lute, Tess had only been with another woman a few times, and mostly during her exploratory undergrad years. But once she began seeing Lute, she found the heightened sexuality he induced in her made her hornier than she’d been for many years. And with her erotic antenna now fully raised, she found herself attracted to both men and women, which led to some interesting trysts – including a few threesomes with some nasty women and Luther.

So as she prepared to go off to dinner, with Lute’s spunk filling her pussy and running down her thighs, she suspected some new erotic adventures were again in store for her, thanks to Luther Casey. And that was confirmed when her new girlfriend discovered her cum-filled pussy. To Tess’s delight, she hungrily licked it out while Tess gave her a play-by-play of her recent rough encounter with Lute and his ten-inch beast.

Having rekindled their relationship, Lute and Tess began enjoying each other’s company on a regular basis. And this worked well for Luther, because after spending the summer at a professional job in the city among older people, he found that most college-age girls held little allure for him anymore. Sure, there were plenty of sexy young ladies ready and willing to spread their legs for him. But his tastes now skewed to more seasoned partners.

And a few weeks later when he joined Tess and her new girlfriend for a night of wild sex that lasted into the wee morning hours, Lute was reminded how he was especially well-suited for threesomes. There were definitely exceptions, but he had discovered that most women couldn’t keep him entertained for a whole night.

For some women, the sheer size of his cock overwhelmed them, and their pussies couldn’t handle a second or third round of fucking. And for others, one huge load of Lute’s cum was all they could take, regardless of where it was delivered.

On a good night, Lute was capable of three sizeable cumshots, and he always relished the last as much as the first. So finding a single partner willing and able to keep up with him was rare. As a result, he was learning that bedding down with two hot ladies who dug him as well as each other was a great solution.

So as he walked on the downtown square one fine fall Thursday afternoon, having just stopped at the office supply store for a new typewriter ribbon, Lute was pleased to see a bright red Porsche 911 Turbo pull up and park by a row of shops across the square. Knowing the sleek car could belong to only one person in town, he smiled and watched as a beautiful woman emerged from the driver’s side door.

Observing her from afar, the cliche “she looks like a million bucks” came to mind. Which made Lute chuckle, since he knew her net worth made that figure an understatement by a factor of at least a hundred.

The woman exiting the Porsche was Alexandra Richter, another of Lute’s older lovers. But their relationship was unlike any he’d ever had. Alex was a statuesque beauty in her late forties, and married to Max, a much older and very wealthy German who had come to the US to attend the university and then gone on to start a successful business, becoming very wealthy in the process.

Patrons of the arts, the Richter’s were generous supporters of the university’s Taksim escort bayan performing arts programs and had funded the construction of the new music recital hall.

Max, now in his eighties, was a devoted husband but admittedly unable to satisfy his wife’s voracious sexual appetites. As a result, he agreed to her having other lovers, but with the stipulation they be paid for their time and services, allowing Max to view them as his “employees,” which assuaged his ego.

Max had invited Lute to join Alex’s coterie of lovers after she’d spied him at a jazz performance with his trio, and then overheard in the ladies room that he was especially well-endowed. So, with a promise to be discrete – which explained why none of Lute’s friends or family knew about Alex – Lute became her gigolo. And a highly paid one at that.

As he cut across the courthouse lawn towards her car, Lute saw Alex go into a gift shop. Spying a sidewalk bench near where she’d parked, he made his way over and sat down, pulling a book out of his pack to pass the time while awaiting her return.

It wasn’t long before he saw Alex exit the shop and head his direction. And as he watched her approach, he was taken aback by what a stone cold fox she was. Her light brown hair was pulled back, her lovely face shone, and her beautiful breasts and hips swayed in her understated but expensive outfit – a golden brown knit ensemble that perfectly accentuated her body, finished off with a pair of fashionable knee-high suede boots.

When she got closer and recognized Lute, she broke into a warm smile.

“Hello, Mrs. Richter,” Lute said when she got near, “Lovely day, isn’t it?”

Reaching out to shake his hand like an old friend, she replied softly, “It is a lovely day, Luther. And it’s just gotten so much better!”

The two chatted amiably for a few minutes before she asked if he was busy later that evening. Max was in Germany taking care of some family business and she was on her own – having just arrived in town the day before to attend a board meeting for the music school’s foundation, which was convening in an hour.

Learning he was on his way home, she suggested he go into the alley behind the shops where they wouldn’t be seen, and she’d swing around and give him a ride.

The alley was deserted, so when Lute climbed into her car a few minutes later, Alex leaned over and gave him a long, hungry kiss.

“It’s so good to see you again, Luther,” she whispered between kisses, “I’ve missed you more than you can imagine.”

“Mmm…I’ve missed you too,” Lute replied as he fondled one of her big fleshy tits.

“Max doesn’t like me to see other men when he’s not in town, but I’m willing to be a bad girl, if you’ll have me, that is,” she said as she gave him a hopeful look.

“I really like it when you’re bad.”

“I know you do. But this one will have to be off the books, so are you up for giving me a freebie?”

“Absolutely!” Lute said, liking that they could be together for once without his being a paid performer, “Where should we go?”

“Good question. We can’t be seen together at my house, or yours,” she said as she fondled his thigh and rubbed his growing member, “Any ideas?”

There were a number of motels and inns around town, though none seemed right for the occasion. But then he remembered a place that would get them away from the prying eyes of town. Telling her his plan, she readily agreed, and they headed off.

Dropping Lute at his house, they agreed she’d pick him up after her meeting. And while she was gone, Lute thought about how he could make their evening especially memorable, so he made a phone call to an old friend he knew would be ready to help.

When Alex returned a few hours later, Lute hopped in her car with an overnight bag containing a few necessities, including a change of clothes for her so she could be incognito for the rest of their evening.

Driving out of town on a winding road that followed the river, Alex kept the powerful car at a mostly legal speed while they talked and laughed, glad to be together again. The countryside was heavily wooded and the moonlit night grew darker as they drove deeper into the river valley’s forested terrain.

After they’d gone about 10 miles, Lute directed her to pull off towards some riverside cabins that were tucked behind a rustic roadhouse with a neon sign proclaiming “Ike’s Tavern.”

Alex stayed in the car while Lute went into the office and picked up the keys for the cabin he’d reserved. And while Alex went in and checked out their love nest, Lute found a tarp the desk attendant had offered him and pulled it over the Porsche, covering it from view, just in case.

When Lute had been in a rock and roll band, they’d played at Ike’s Tavern many times and always had a blast. The clientele was a fun-loving, mixed crowd of locals and college folks that came in from miles around.

And on one particular night, Lute and Laney, a vivacious waitress who raked in the tips thanks to her big tits and tight shirts, had closed out the night in one of the riverside cabins, fucking like demons. And the sight of her fleshy hooters flopping up and down as she rode him cowgirl that first night together was something he’d not soon forget. And she gave him a repeat performance whenever his band played at Ike’s.

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