18 Mart 2023



I glanced at the clock for what seemed the millionth time that day and sighed mentally and physically as I noted it was only three minutes later than when I had last looked at it. The feeling of anticipation, excitement and a touch of fear poured through me again practically flooring me with its intensity. It had been so long since our last meeting that I could hardly wait for him to return. Him. Rowan, the man who had captured my heart and soul all those years ago. Because of business and other matters we rarely got to see one another but when we did it made up for all the longing and lonely nights. He was due to arrive sometime that evening and would be staying at my house for the week while on business. I had worked myself up into quite a knot waiting for him and was honestly unsure about how much more my poor abused emotions could handle.

With another sigh I flung myself on my bed and tried to concentrate on something, anything to get my mind off of waiting for him. After a while I took stock of the time and realized that I had read four chapters of a book I didn’t want to read and couldn’t remember a word of it anyway. It was now almost nine thirty in ataköy escort the evening and he was late getting in. Just as I was reaching for my phone to call and make sure he was alright I heard the sound of tires crunching on the gravel driveway and my breath caught in my throat. At last! The sound of the side door quietly opening and closing and as I rounded the corner to the mudroom I caught the scent of his cologne. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath just as his arms slid around me. I could feel the warmth of his face next to mine and my breath caught in my throat as the velvet brush of his lips against mine came.

The next thing I knew we were drinking each others lips like a pair of drowning souls. He crushed my body to his and I could feel him hard and ready for me already. I pushed myself away from him and caught his face in my hands then stared deeply into his eyes as if I could read his soul through them. God how I had missed him…there were no words said but a whole conversation of longing and love passed between us in that moment and then we were kissing again with passion and a careless fierce abandon. His hands moved ataköy escort bayan restlessly, caressing my back and sliding under my shirt just as mine were gliding over his chest and shoulders trying to touch as much of him as possible. Somehow we had hug-walked into my bedroom and we collapsed on the bed in a tangle of limbs and kisses that left us both breathless and gasping for a moment. But only a moment and then we were tearing at each others’ clothing trying to get as much skin in contact as humanly possible.

Finally, we were naked and there was only air separating our bodies from each other. His hands cupped my breasts and smoothed down my body as my fingers delicately explored the perfection that was his chest, butt and thighs. I could feel him tremble as I neared his manhood and I could feel the warmth coming off of him. I closed my hand around his length and he gasped and jerked under my touch with pleasure. I flicked my gaze up and saw that his eyes were closed and his lips parted as I caressed his penis from tip to root with my hands, tugging, squeezing and lightly rubbing. I pushed him, unresisting, back into the escort ataköy pillows and licked my way down his chest and belly until my tongue found the tip of him and licked around the tiny hole at the top. In one swift movement I took him into my mouth, he cried out and arched his back as my tongue lapped along the bottom of his shaft and swirled around his head, all the while sucking and relishing the taste and feel of him in my mouth. I could feel him tense and shudder under the hungry attentions of my lips.

Suddenly, in one swift movement, he caught me up and thrust me down into the mattress. His body covered mine, lips locked together and with one long thrust he slid into the molten core that was me. For one moment we hung, suspended in time and place, unwilling to move and break the spell of our joining but then he withdrew a little and the world exploded in colour and joy as I felt the length of him caressing the very depths of me. He moved and I moved with him, our lips barely touching as we concentrated on our lovemaking. I felt it begin to build then, the indescribable feeling that came before the release and I also knew he was close. I could feel his body tighten, harden, lengthen and then I fell over the edge and dragged him down with me. His seed poured into me in a hot, welcome rush as I clenched down around him and milked every last precious drop out of him. Right before I passed out I heard him whisper,

“I’m here to stay.”

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