26 Mart 2022

Rude awakening by future Mother in law


Rude awakening by future Mother in lawIt’s an unusual day in many ways.For a start I’ve got the day off work and have the entire day to myself. It is very unusual for me to take time off work, but I have just been on a long business trip and did not arrive home until the early hours of the morning. I sent a text to my boss when I got home informing him that I would not be in work today.When I do have some time off it is not unusual for my girlfriend Jean, to spoil it by giving me a huge list of household chores, but not today! She must have felt sorry me.My first priority is to catch up on some sleep. I have been drifting in and out of sleep since Jean left for work at 8am. It’s that lovely feeling when you just roll over and allow yourself to just drift off.It must have been at 10am when I heard the front door open. Either Jean had returned home early or her mother, Rita, the only other person with a front door key, has called round.Anyway, I just allow my self to drift off back to sleep and into a nice horny dream.I am woken some time later by the sound of a vacuum cleaner being manoeuvred just outside my bedroom door. I’m just lying there on my back covered by a light cotton sheet. It’s too warm for pyjamas or underwear. I am still reacting to the dream I have just been woken out of and find that I have a real diamond cutter of an erection going on.I can hear Rita speaking on her mobile phone while she works. She is telling my girlfriend that she is giving the house a good cleaning as a favour to her. She also tells her that she will try not to wake me. Good news, I think to myself, she will be gone soon.I thought I would treat myself to a nice wank but before I can even get started I hear the bedroom door start to open. I don’t want Rita to see I am awake because she would just start to bore me with all the normal crap she talks. I think that if she sees I am asleep she will just fuck off and leave me alone.I shut my eyes and make deep breathing and small snoring sounds and wait for her to leave.I become conscious of how I must look. I am pretty much spread-eagled, my left arm and some of my left leg, from the knee down, are sticking out from under the sheet. Mind you I’m a Big guy being 6’4 185 lbs muscle and thick 9.5 cock In which have a major hard-on. I hope it isn’t too obvious.Instead of just closing the door and leaving, I hear her fumbling around, dusting the bedroom furniture in that clumsy way she has got about her. God I wish she would just get lost.I am now very conscious of my huge hard-on but the more I try to switch off and make it go away the more my mind kept playing tricks on me, remembering different flashes from the dream, making my cock throb & stiffen even more.I felt like a right twat just lying there feigning sleep, but I can’t just wake up now with my cock standing to attention. She would probably think she was the cause of it. Like fuck. I would rather stick it a tin of worms!It’s not that she is pig ugly or anything. It’s just that she’s a nosey, interfering old bastard who never has a good word to say about me. Anytime she is around Jean she spends the whole time just slagging me off. I can’t stand her. What worse, Jean actually feels sorry for her, living all alone since her husband died 10 years ago, and would like her to move in with us. No fucking way.Even with those thoughts going around my head I am disturbed to find that I still can’t get shot of this hard-on.I can hear Rita opening Jean’s wardrobe and putting her clothes away. I think I will take a chance and open one eye slightly to see what she was doing. Sure enough, she has her back to me. I open both eyes and adjust to the light. She is wearing the green nylon housecoat that she always seems to wear. She must have owned that housecoat for years; certainly it had probably fitted her a lot better when she bought it. The poppers that keep it buttoned up were always under immense strain. Mind you she did have huge tits.As she closes the wardrobe I continue to feign sleep. Once again I breathe heavily and make some more ‘pretend’ sleeping sounds. Why doesn’t she just go?I think I hear her make her way over to the foot of the bed. I can feel her gently smoothing down the sheet at the foot of the bed. She then tucks the sheet tidily into the right side pınarbaşı escort of the bed before making her way over to the left side.She pulls the sheet over my exposed leg and also covers my left arm. What the hell is she doing? Doesn’t she realise that I am still in bed?My erection is get progressively harder and is actually starting to hurt. This is getting really awkward. My eyes are still shut but I get the feeling that she is just standing there at the side of the bed.With my eyes shut tightly I am more aware of my other senses.I can smell her perfume and also hear her shallow breathing. I’m sure she must be able to see the tent that my cock was making in the bed sheet, especially now that she had smoothed the sheet down around me. God, I can actually feel my cock throbbing and twitching. I wish it would go away.I can hear the gentle splash of Jean moving a bucket or bowl of water to the side of the bed. I can smell warm soapy water. For a horrible moment I think she might be planning to give me a bed bath!It is probably not too late for me to ‘wake up’ but I feel compelled to find out what she is up to. I am very curious and, to be honest, quite aroused at the thought of my girlfriends mother is looking at me in this state. I decide to go with it for a while longer.Now I hear Rita unfasten the poppers on her green housecoat. One, two, three, four, five. How many are there? Then I hear the distinct sound of her sliding it off her shoulders and letting it drop onto the floor. What is she wearing under the housecoat? Is she standing there naked just a few inches away from me? Should I risk opening my eyes a little to check? Oh God, this is getting worse. My huge prick is straining against the sheet, my balls feel like they will explode, my shaft is straining and throbbing like hell. Why is my imagination playing tricks on me like this?Surely it is just my imagination. She is probably just a little hot. She is probably just wearing the normal, boring crap she always wears. My 9.5 cock is still rigid, however, at the thought that those huge melons might be swaying away, naked, just inches away from my face.Then I feel Rita start to adjust my bedding again. This time she seems to be smoothing it down around my actual body. She works her way down my left side and then down my right until the sheet is pulled tightly across my hairy chest, tummy and hips, my cock sticking up like a tent-pole. She then starts working her way up both sides of my hairy muscular legs; smoothing the sheet tightly to the form of my calf, knee and thigh. I feel her get closer, and closer to my balls. I am struggling to maintain the illusion of being asleep. My breathing is getting erratic; I am twitching more and more as she gets closer to my cock. God, I hope she thinks I am dreaming.My senses seem to be on high alert. I am bombarded with sensations, mostly from my throbbing cock. Her smell is all around me. I am focussed on every sound. I try to picture what is going on around me. It just makes me more aroused.She stops suddenly then commences to do the same thing along my right leg. My heart is pounding as she gets closer, and closer to my bollocks. Will she smooth the sheet over my tight ball-sac? Will she now smooth the sheet over my stiff cock?I become aware that I am now actually hoping fervently that Rita will touch rock Hard Cock. I desperately want her to smooth her palm over my balls, to stroke her fingers up and down my raging shaft. I want to feel ‘owned’ by her. For her to be able to use me in any way she wishes. My worse fear now is that I will betray myself by shooting my load. How will I explain that?I have never felt so conscious of my cock. It seems as though all my senses are focussed entirely within this protrusion of throbbing flesh. I want to arch my back, to pull back my foreskin, to wank myself furiously, but there is no relief — just building excitement and frustration and anticipation. My mind is in a whirl.Then I feel it. Just a slight graze. Just the slightest brush of Rita’s hand against my balls. I’m sure I quivered.Then it happens. She smooths the sheet tightly around my balls. Her hand pushes as far up my thighs as possible. Brushing lightly against my balls. And, unbelievably, smoothing her palm over the sheet over my balls. My mind is in turmoil. How can this be happening? What is she doing? All I know is it feels wonderful. It’s like the most exciting thing I can imagine. This can’t be happening.My breath is coming in rasps now. How to maintain the illusion of sleep. If I ‘wake’ now what could I say? What could I do? I certainly dodn’t want to start fondling, kissing, fucking my gf’s mother! God No! I don’t want anything to come between me and her daughter. I decide to fight the good fight and maintain the illusion.Now her hand is moving over the sheet up my straining shaft. It feels fantastic. She had now smoothed the sheet to a perfect impression of my throbbing prick. I must look like a gift wrapped present. My body is tightly enclosed in the bed sheet. Every contour visible to my gf’s mom Where is she going with this?Then she takes my left hand and pulls it from under the sheet. She leans forward and lowers her tit into my palm. My God, her breasts are bare. She must be naked. Why? I can feel her hard nipple grazing across my palm. She then leans further forward and lowers her tits until they are brushing over my face. My huge cock is at the point of bursting. It has never felt so hard, so stiff, so Big!Now I feel her slowly peeling back the sheet, starting from my left arm. My hairy muscular chest is exposed, then my tummy. She stops just before my throbbing cock-head comes into view. My breath is coming in gasps now. I try to control myself. My gf’s mother is actually going to see me naked. Not just naked, but fully aroused. My 9.5 cock is bursting at the thought.She now starts peeling the sheet away from my left leg. Past my knee. Up my thigh. Until I am sure that I can feel the cool air on my bollocks. Then I feel her run her fingertips up my sac between my balls and I nearly explode.She then pulls the sheet away from my cock so that I am completely naked to her gaze. Oh the exquisite pleasure of it. The delicious feeling of something so raw, so wrong, so irreversible.I hear her fumbling around with something. What I hear next is completely unexpected. I hear her taking photographs with her camera phone. One, two, then she puts one hand on my balls, three, four, then she tried to grip my cock for the first time but it’s to huge five, six, seven, then she puts something hard and cold next to my cock, I think it’s a ruler. She takes photo number 9 1/2. I think she is measuring my cock. Why? And why take a photo of it?I am getting concerned now. I don’t know how this is going to work out. How will it end? How much further will Rita go? Is she on a mission to humiliate me?I hear the water slop about and suddenly feel a couple droplets land on my hairy chest then my tummy. Without warning my cock is then suddenly enveloped by a warm, soapy flannel. Rita is washing my huge cock! What a feeling. How I hang onto my cargo I do not know.Next comes the soft dry towel. She dries off my cock and my balls with very gentle, almost loving, attention. Please stop. Please don’t stop. I am in a right state of confusion. The only part of me that is not bewildered is my big cock. It is screaming out for satisfaction.Then she starts to clamber onto the bed. She is straddling my left arm, she is leaning over my body. Is she looking at my eyes? Looking for a tell-tale sign that I am awake? She must know I am awake. Why don’t I just open my eyes and get it over with?Then I am aware of her hair brushing over my tummy moving toward my bursting cock. I am also aware that she is lowering her bottom half onto my outstretched arm.I feel the warm wetness of her pussy descend onto my palm. I feel the fine pubic hair first, closely followed by her sopping wet gash. It feels fantastic. It’s hard to imagine that it could feel so nice. Then I am shocked to feel her lips close over my penis. Oh my God, I think I’m going to shoot my load. I switch to full self-control mode. It’s barely working. I can feel her cunt rubbing against my hand, but I daren’t stroke it. I can feel her lips trying to wrap around my thick cock but I daren’t slide it back and fore. I can feel my juices rise but I daren’t allow myself release.Now she straddles my head with her legs and starts to lower herself toward my face. She is now really sucking huge 9 1/2 cock. My God, she could suck a golf ball up a hose pipe. She could really teach her daughter a trick or two.It must be safe to look now. I open my eyes and what do I see? Rita’s big, naked pussy is descending onto my face. I never thought I would see that! I take in as much detail as I can. I can see her pubes, her clit, her hole. I can even see her arsehole. Then it becomes blurred as it get closer and closer to my face.She lowers it completely onto my face. I am overwhelmed by the tastes and odours that consume me. Dare I lick it? Dare I kiss it? She starts to gently slide it up and down my features. My chin, my lips, my nose. I hope I’m not going to suffocate. I lightly flick my tongue over her clit. I wonder if she can tell. She is still sliding her pussy gently over my face. Every time her clit passes my lips I give it a little lick. She starts to slide more quickly. Even though she is still sucking my cock like her life depends on it, I can hear her moans grow and become more urgent.Then her body tenses and starts to shudder. She is having an orgasm. I can feel some juices ooze from her hole. She slows down and relaxes.My cock is in agony. If I don’t cum soon I think I will faint. I am still ‘asleep’ and Rita climbs off the bed.Is that it? Is that how it ends?Then I hear Rita ask, “David, are you still asleep?”I feign a small snoring sound.Then I hear Rita say, “Well if you slept through that you probably would sleep through anything. So there’s no danger that what I going to do now will wake you.”I continued to pretend to be asleep. I know she knows I’m awake. We both know that I cannot break the illusion now. I am going to have to see it through. What is she going to do now?She climbs back onto the bed and this time straddles my aching 9 1/2cock. I shudder as she lowers her pussy onto it. I can feel the tip of my cock throbbing at the entrance of her cunt. She is stroking the tip along her gash and now she is positioning it back at her entrance. She engages the head and then, in one slick movement, consumes my entire shaft in a warm, wet, velvety grip. My God, I’m fucking my mother-in-law. She starts to grind her clit against my groin and again I can feel her building to orgasm. I don’t think I can take any more. I’ve got to let go. I’m so frustrated.Rita blurts out, “Of course, you could always have a wet dream.”With that she leans forward and falls onto my hairy chest. I can feel her big tits against me. She puts her lips to mine and forces her tongue into my mouth. I reach up with one hand and squeeze her tit then roll her nipple in my fingers. I slide my other hand between us and move it down onto her naked pussy and start to finger her clit. I start to fuck her with all my might. We are kissing really deeply and she is coming as I stroke her clit. She is holding onto me so tightly I can hardly breathe. My huge cock is now stroking in and out at top speed and I feel that unmistakable feeling. I am past the point of no return and I am coming. I am now emptying my seed at full bore into Rita.We hold onto one another until our senses return to a more normal level.Rita looks up to find that I am still ‘sleeping’. She slides off my huge cock and allows our fluids to drip out onto my tummy.”Sweet dreams.” She says and plants a kiss on my enormous cock.I hear her put her housecoat back on then take another couple of pictures before she leaves the bedroom and closes the door after her.I open my eyes and am just about to get up and take a shower when Rita barges back into the bedroom.”Oh sorry,” she says, “I thought you were in work today.”She looks at my limp cock and says, “Jesus, cover yourself up. You look like you have been masturbating or something. Is that what you do when you have the place to yourself? You are a naughty little boy.”I pull the sheet over my lower half and apologise.When I look at Rita I realise that she has not bothered to close the housecoat completely. Her tits are almost spilling out and I can see her pubic hair flash in and out of view as she walks around the bedroom. I feel a twitch in my groin and realise that I want to strip her off and fuck her again. Then I notice she is browsing through the photo gallery on her camera phone. She looks confidently at me and begins to speak.”Now I’ve been meaning to ask you. How would you feel about my coming here to live with you? I’ve spoken to Jean and she said you wouldn’t allow it. What do you say?”

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