18 Mart 2023



Casey cursed herself as she turned around to head back to the plane to retrieve her forgotten book in the pocket of the seat in front of her. While she was berating herself she dimly noticed that there weren’t any stewardesses around, but being too busy fussing she completely over looked it. She found her way towards the back to her seat and went to grab her book.

She heard some harsh grunting that shocked her in the silence of the plane, so much so that she dropped her book on the floor. Throwing out a sigh of disappointment she bent to get the troublesome book. She heard some more grunting and shuffling so she peeked over the chair and saw two men struggling to get the upper hand in a fight. It surprised her how quiet they were being, she figured fights were loud and raucous.

One of the men was pushed to the floor with such force that the chair wobbled under his weight. The fallen guy reached behind him and aimed something at the other guy. The other guy was there with lightning speed missing the shot of the gun. With the shot Casey let out a scream of shock. She knew the gun wasn’t pointed at her but she still checked her body to be sure she was fine.

Reassured that she was fine, she kicked into gear and hurtled the chairs like her former college track days. The book forgotten she made her way out the plane through the corridor and into the busy airport. Quickly making her way to baggage claim she found her carousel and instantly spotted her fire engine red suitcases. She looked behind her and was relieved to see neither of the men were following her.

Finally releasing a huge ragged breath that she didn’t know she was holding she tried to hail a cab. Casey noticed someone getting out of a cab and tried to move to catch it before anyone else did but someone grabbed her arm stopping her.

Looking back she saw it was the man who fired the gun. “What are you doing?” she asked frightened and angered at the same time.

“Ma’am he knows you saw his face. The man who was trying to kill me saw you and I know he’s after you. Come with me and I will be able to protect you.” The man said.

She wanted to believe him, she really did. But her gut was telling her he couldn’t be trusted. She knew one thing that she found to be right that she got from Olivia Pope on Scandal. Always trust your gut.

“No thank you, I think I can fare for myself” she said yanking her hand out of his.

Hearing him growl behind her she felt something hard forced into the small of her back. “Listen bitch, I tried to be nice but you’re going with me whether you like it or not.” And with that he forced her the opposite way of the taxi and headed to a black SUV.

When Casey was younger she would always get in trouble for her attitude. As an adult she still got into trouble with her blunt no filter attitude. And she could feel her anger spiking. “Ugh so fucking cliche” she said with a scoff.

“What’d you say bitch?” her attacker asked jamming the gun into her harder and pulling at her hair.

“You guys are so cliche. A black SUV really? Couldn’t you pick anything that didn’t scream I’m a psychotic kidnapper slash killer? Ouch” She cried out in pain as the guy yanked her head harder and pushed her in the car.

In the car there were three more guys, two in the front seat and one in the back. When they got Casey in the car they started to speak Serbian or Romanian or whatever language they were using. Casey didn’t speak a lick of their language so she just sat there fuming thinking of how she was going to get out of this situation.

After the car was driving for a few minutes it started to slow down. The men began arguing probably about why he stopped the car. The driver seemed flustered like he didn’t know what was happening then suddenly something zoomed in the car and hit the driver. Next thing Casey knew the driver was slumped over and the passenger in the front was looking around frantically. When he turned to the right towards his window he opened his mouth to say something but his head jerked back and blood exploded from him.

Casey screamed at the top of her lungs covering her face and stooping down to avoid getting shot. The two men on either side of her got out of the car with guns in hand. They looked very dangerous completely opposite of the previous jovial laughs in the car before it stopped. Staying in the car but peeking around the edge she saw her kidnapper check the tire and noticed it was completely flat.

The other guy let out a loud shout and fell to the ground. This was her chance. She could escape! She stared at her bag sadly knowing the cute dress she was leaving behind and mourned the loss of her clothes for a split second. She hopped over the fallen guy and started to run the way they came from. Her kidnapper called out to her and she stupidly looked back and saw him grab the side of his face as something hit him in the temple.

He started running after her and she saw pure fury on his face. She knew for a fact that if he caught her she was as good as dead or maybe worse. She tried to go faster but he ended up catching escort bayan up with her and she sobbed harder afraid of what was to come. He slapped her hard enough to make her ears ring and she brought her hands up to defend herself but felt the weight of him lifted off of her. She heard some grunting and then a thump a few feet away from her and dared to peek out from under her arm.

She looked up to see the other man from the airport standing over her with his hand out. “Come on we need to get some ice on that eye of yours” he said in a gruff voice.

Casey was going to say something, she really was but all she could see were black spots dancing in her vision until everything went dark.

Her head was aching something terrible. God did she get drunk and pass out? On top of her aching head she was freezing! Casey hugged herself to get warmer but when her hands touched her arms she realized her sweater was no longer in place. She looked down and was shocked to see she was as bare as a newborn.

“What the?” she exclaimed confused.

“Finally you are awake. Here take this.” Gruffy said to her. She named him Gruffy because she didn’t know his name and his voice was really rough.

Taking the oversized sweater he was offering her she looked around her surroundings. “So where exactly am I and why am I here? Have you come to kidnap me too?”

“Well I brought you here to protect you so you’re welcome for saving your life. No I am not here to kidnap you.”

“Why am I naked? You saw me naked?! What on Earth man, I don’t even know you and you already got to see the goods. This is turning out to be a horrible fucking day!” Casey was saying more to herself than to Gruffy. Inside she was fuming. She won this stupid trip but she never won anything before so she was happy. But then she knew her luck so she knew things would turn out bad but never in her wildest dreams did she expect it to be this bad!

“Casey you’re not paying attention.”

“Uh? Oh I am so sorry I was thinking. Could you repeat what you said please” Casey felt bad that she was being rude to her savior but she had so many questions that she just didn’t know where to start. Like why were those men after her? And she remembered when the guy got hit he still continued to come after her. What was that all about?

“You’re still not paying attention and I don’t like repeating myself.”

“Wait, how do you know my name?”

“I searched through your bags and I found your ID.”

“You went through a woman’s things? Her personal PRIVATE things?” Casey said getting off of the makeshift bed. She started looking through duffle bags on the tables and seeing nothing but weapons in them. She moved on to look through drawers.

“What are you doing?” Gruffy asked sounding genuinely confused.

“Well I’m seeing how much you like someone looking through your things without asking. Doesn’t feel good does it huh? What’s your name any ways?”

“No I do not like it very much and I would appreciate it if you stopped that. My name is Mikhail.”

“See how I feel now? What was that?”

“What was what?” Mikhail asked looking around.

“That pounding sound it sounds like… Ah!” Casey screamed seeing men dressed in black barreling through the exploded hole in the wall. Half a dozen men stormed in with weapons held at the ready waiting for the smoke to clear.

Mikhail grabbed Casey’s arm and pulled her along with him through a side wall quickly telling her to stay put. She didn’t want him to leave her alone but she was too terrified to speak so all she did was numbly nod her head in compliance. Suddenly she heard some gunshots fire and she slid to the ground to cover her ears from the violence of what was going on in the room she was just in, care free asking questions like she wasn’t just kidnapped from the airport. What did these men want with her? She sure as hell didn’t have a lot of money so that definitely couldn’t be it unless they mistook her for someone else. Of course! That had to be it. She didn’t know anybody in Serbia and nobody knew her. She was from the states so they have to be mistaken her.

Casey didn’t realize she was rocking until her arm jammed into something soft yet hard. Slowly taking her hands away from her ears she looked at her elbow to see a small duffle bag next to her. She reached in and pulled out a gun. Casey doesn’t know how to use gun. Oh god she knew she should have taken that gun class with her coworker. This is exactly what she got for thinking she would never get in a situation that would call for a gun. She was so naive.

She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. With the fear coursing through her veins she aimed the gun at the intruder. Blinking the fog away she realized it was Mikhail saying something to her.

“Come, we have to get going. Now!” He tugged her up on her feet moving towards a wall.

“It’s just a wall where are you- oh!” Casey saw the wall open up like a door leading to a garage.

He dragged her to a jeep and shoved her in the front seat while he grabbed a bag from off the wall. escort Some men came barging through the wall door shouting but Mikhail was already in the front seat stepping on the gas making their escape.

Casey thought she was on the brink of a panic attack. They were driving at least one hundred miles per hour with men chasing after them. They were shooting at each other back and forth and the bad guys were catching up gradually scaring the soul out of Casey.

“Mikhail hurry up and get rid of these bastards I am getting so tired of this chase!” Casey screamed at the top of her lungs.

She looked over at Mikhail and he was smiling like he was playing limbo with those assholes. He pulled the car to a halting stop, barked at her to stay in the car and got his bag out the back seat. Mikhail walked to the street aiming a big ass gun at them and started firing off his weapon. The shots were so loud that Casey had to cover her ears just to hear a muffled sound of the gun. The cars swerved crashing into each other with an exaggeration that she has only seen in movies.

Walking away like he didn’t just blow up some people and their cars, Mikhail barked at her to get back in the car. Honestly she didn’t even remember getting out of the car but she trudged her way back to the passenger seat to take the long ride to wherever they were going. Suddenly she felt tired. Maybe the adrenaline coming down was too much for her to handle because she started to black out yet again.


Damn it! Damn it all to hell! What was he thinking? How did he not hear those men putting a bomb on his wall? He knew the answer but he was too ashamed to answer it out loud. He was too busy gawking at the woman stomping around in the nude yelling at him. Her perky chocolate breast bouncing with every step, her brown eyes darkened with anger and frustration and her small trimmed patch of hair between her legs leading to a treasure he would like to sample. No. No! He was here to help her get back to her country.

These men were out to get her. He has never seen these men so eager to get one woman. They have never fought so hard before, usually if she gets away they just let her go but they came after her voraciously.

Mikhail looked in the passenger seat at the little fireball of a woman. She was beautiful but there were always beautiful women out there, what made her so special? She sighed and turned her head towards him in her sleep and he got a peek at those gorgeous full lips wondering what they would taste like. Swerving the car back into his right lane he cursed her for making him want to look at her. He wished he never covered her up in his jacket because right now he could use the nice view.

When she passed out he had to make sure that none of the men could follow them like they did before. He was reckless with this woman around, he never made mistakes before. Maybe he made mistakes because these things never happened. Like he said the men would never go after a woman that got away, they would just let her be. He has to find out who this woman was and why they wanted her so bad but since she was still sleep he guess he had to play the waiting game.


Casey woke up to complete darkness. She felt the sensation of movement and looked around to see she was still in the car with Mikhail. She breathed a sigh of relief and adjusted her seat to the up position.

“How long was I out?”

“Just over seven hours. We’re almost to where we have to be.” Mikhail said keeping his eyes on the road.

“Seven hours! Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“To do what, drive? You have no idea where we’re going. And also you ask way too many questions so therefore I let you sleep.”

“Ok that was rude and I have a right to ask questions.” She huffed. “Are we gonna stop so I can get some clothes?”

“Why? I kind of like what you’re wearing now” Mikhail said with a crooked smile.

“Perv.” she scoffed.

“You needn’t worry, I already procured your things, they’re in the trunk.”

“You talk weird. Do all Serbians talk like you?”

“I am not Serbian. I am Romanian. And English is my third language so I learned to talk formally not like a local.”

“Oh that’s cool. So where are we headed and will there be food?”

“You will see in a few minutes.”

Frustrated that he never answered any of her questions straightforward, Casey stopped asking and decided to look at the scenery, well what she could see of it. While staring out the window she wondered why this was happening to her.

When she won the contest at work to have a six day all expenses paid trip to Belgrade, Serbia she was ecstatic. She never really won anything in her life so she was happy but knowing her luck she was ready for an upheaval of her plans. Being close to being kidnapped wasn’t on her to do list. When she won she tried to give the prize up to someone else who had more time to take a trip but her boss was adamant that she worked hard enough and needed to take a vacation since she never used any of her vacation days in the four bayan escort years she’s been working for them. Agreeing she thought she deserved a little treat for herself and some time to relax without any deadlines hanging over her shoulder.

Tears started to gather in her eyes because she didn’t follow her gut. She had promised herself that she would always go with her gut instinct ever since she broke up with Thomas. She felt it, she knew something wasn’t right and she still went. She just chalked it up to her nervousness that she was going out of the country by herself. She made a vow to never make a slip up like this again. And if anything went wrong, she will fight until her dying breath.

“Can you tell me why those men were after you Casey?” Mikhail asked in his rough voice.

“I honestly don’t know but I do think they have me mixed up with someone else. I always get that I look like some person or another, I just have one of those faces that a lot of people have.” She ended quietly.

“I don’t think so. Usually when this type of thing happens and I help a girl get away, they just let her leave but with you they kept coming after you. Why is that?”

“I told you I don’t know. This is my first time here I don’t even know anybody that has been here. Wait, so you do this all the time? So you’re like captain save a ho?”

“Captain save a who?”

“Save a ho. You know, uh, well some of us Americans use that phrase as a person who tries to help the needy or helpless.”

“Well yes then I am the Captain save a ho.”

Casey started laughing. It was funny hearing him say that in his accent and so proper. Wiping the tear from her eye she turned to Mikhail, “Thank you. I really do appreciate it. What were those men going to do to me?”

“If you know the answer to your question then why would you ask me?”

“I want to hear you say it because maybe I am wrong.” Casey had a sad face on she felt so lost.

“Those men were going to sell you.”

“What?” Casey asked shocked.

“What did you expect those men to do to you?”

“Well I thought they were going to kill me. Why would they sell someone like me? Do they realize slavery was abolished?” Casey could feel herself getting worked up.

“I’m guessing because we don’t usually get women as exotic as you come to the country alone. Women usually tend to come in packs unless they are stupid girls who lie to their parents and end up in the trade. And slavery was abolished in your country but also people are trafficked all over the world still.”

Mikhail pulled the car up to an abandoned house in the woods driving around back to a shed. Parking the car in the shed he motioned for Casey to get out the car. Stepping out of the car made Casey realize she only had Mikhail’s huge jacket on and no pants. She shivered like a chihuahua on crack wondering if he expected her to walk on the cold ground without any socks or shoes.

Just as she looked up he swooped Casey up in his arms fireman style and grabbed her rolling bag in the other hand. When they made it to the back door he slid her down his body to stand on a rug and he pushed in the door after unlocking it. He told her to stay there while he went in the house to make sure it was safe. Casey looked around not liking that she couldn’t see the road and saw nothing but trees in all directions. Startled she jumped when Mikhail told her every thing was clear and that she could go in the house.

Judging from the outside of the house it looked very old but when she stepped inside it looked like a modern day upscale bachelor pad. She hopped on the plush couch and laughed at the comfort that was almost taken from her. While she lounged on the couch Mikhail went back to the car to get the rest of the things out. Taking notice of the kitchen Casey got up to raid the fridge. While she was stuck in the refrigerator Mikhail went to the other side of the house.

“I have the tub running for you so you can take a bath and warm your bones. I’ll have a stew ready for you when you get out. Go.”

“You’re lucky that bath sounds inviting to me or I would throttle you for even daring to order me around.” Casey basically ran to the bathroom when she thought she speed walked.


He had the stew on the stove warming up when his thoughts drifted to Casey and how she was in his tub with bubbles caressing her smooth naked mouth watering chocolate body. Shaking his head to clear the lustful thoughts he headed outside to get away from her. He walked in the woods from the way they came so he could cover their tracks to ensure no one would follow them. Making it to the beginning of the concrete road he started dusting and covering any tire tracks.

Why was this woman so different? He now knew why the men wanted her. She was so beautiful she would make a killing on the roster. Men would spend thousands maybe even millions to possess such raw beauty. Her pretty wide expressive brown eyes that spoke of innocence, her small nose and full lips meant for a man to kiss daily. Her breasts were probably a small C but they were nice and perky with small areolas and perfect sized nipples leading to a tight belly with a slight pudge flaring out to wide birth giving hips that served as anchors for her man to hold, with thick thighs and toned calf muscles ending with cute little toes.

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