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Subject: Sams discovery at the pool – part 8 Gay – Adult-youth : M/b This is a work of fiction between boys and a man. If this is not your type, please find a story that is, there are plenty to go by. Do not repost without authorization. Also, please donate to Nifty to keep this archive alive. —————— Sam’s discovery at the pool 8 It was a few days before our vacation when mom came home with some bad news. “Boys”, she starting saying, while we were sitting at the table eating dinner. “I have some bad news for our next vacation”. She looked upset but continued: “My boss informed me today that he couldn’t honor my vacation because two other nurses took a leave of absence yesterday. It’s been hard in the past few weeks and they apparently were on the brink of a burn out”. She sighted, looking saddened. “I know them both and I knew this was coming, still, the timing couldn’t have been worse”, she said, now looking visibly disappointed. “My boss told me he would reimburse any expense I had related to my plans… but still… I was looking forward to this very much”, she said, looking at us both with a forced smile. “Oh no, that’s so unfair, isn’t there any way you can still take your vacation?”, I asked. “If there had been, we wouldn’t be having this conversation”. I felt silent. It took a moment to sink in. It was over… no vacation. I looked at Will who looked like he was on the verge of crying. “Well, don’t be so sad boys. Even if it’s cancelled for me, it certainly isn’t for you. Sam, you’re nineteen and you can still take Will. You guys can still go and have fun… We’ll have one together some other time, that’s all”, she said, taking my hand and smiling at me. “Still… you were looking forward to this so much”, I said. “Yes, but there will be other occasions. Don’t worry about me”, she said, letting out a sight and smiling at us. She then turned toward Will, “You’re awfully quiet Will, how are you feeling about this?”. “I’m sad you can’t come mom”, he said, as he got up and hugged her. “Aw sweetie, I love you so much. But you’ll have a lot of fun over there, with or without me”, she said, hugging him back and kissing his hand tenderly. “You know what?, maybe you can invite a friend who could use my plane ticket. There is still time to transfer it to another person”. “What?”, Will said, straightening up and smiling. “I could invite a friend on our vacation? That would be so cool!”, he said, now getting visibly excited. “Well, yes. With his parents’ permission. But this is more than just a camping weekend, don’t be disappointed if his parents are not willing to let him go, okay?”, she said, as she got up and lovingly stroked his hair. Will was pensive and smiling goofily. He then turned around and smiled at me. I wondered who he had in mind. Jamie was his best friend, so he would probably ask him, but I also knew his parents and doubt they would agree. It took everything last year just to convince them to let him come on our camping trip. Mom was there then, it was only for two days and it was barely two hours away. So with no parent around and an ocean apart, I was pretty sure they would refuse. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. I went to bed that night thinking about all this. I would be going overseas and be responsible for my little brother, and maybe one of his friend. It felt like a big responsibility. I was used to taking responsibilities but this was on another level. Would I find my way over there? I had never taken a plane before… I started feeling seriously anxious. It was at this moment that I saw Will come into my room and make his way next to me under the sheets. I could feel his warm little body hugging mine. I was laying on the side and he was hugging my back. I would be responsible for him, this little kid, I couldn’t mess it up. Would I be up to the task? It all seemed so complicated and it could go wrong in so many ways. I was certainly having doubts. I was lost in thoughts again when I felt Will’s cock put pressure between my ass cheeks. It started stretching my hole, causing some pain, and grounding me back to this world. He pushed me on my belly as he slowly mounted me. I tensed, as I felt inch after inch sinking in, reminding me just how much of a man he actually is. He had obviously lubed his cock well, given how slick it felt moving forward into me. Finally I felt his pelvis on my ass, accompanied by that familiar feeling of fullness. He stayed still to let me adjust while kissing my neck with little kisses. “It’s okay bro”, he said, “it’s all in now. You can relax”. He then moved his hands under my armpits and hooked them from under my shoulders. He then started to slowly go in and out of my hole, massaging my insides. He went on making love to me slowly for a few minutes, kissing my back once in a while. “You’re tight tonight Sam, are you okay?”, he asked, with some concern in his high-pitched boy voice as he kept fucking me, not missing a slow beat. “Maybe it’s just stress Will, you know, with me responsible on the trip and all. Don’t worry about it”, I said. “It’s going to be all right Sam”, he said, as he hugged me tighter, shoving his cock as deep as it could go into me, pressing his pelvis hard against my ass. For some reason, this made me feel better. His presence felt reassuring. The feeling of his warm body atop mine and the huge pole probing my insides started making me feel safe. We stayed still for a moment, enjoying each other. “Turn around”, he said as he withdrew his cock from my ass. I could feel it’s length slowly making its way out of me, feeling ever so long. When it was finally out of me, I moved on my back and held my legs to give him easy entry into me. He aligned his cock with my hole, pushed it in to the root and let all his weight fall on me. He still felt so light. He was looking me in the eyes and smiling. The feeling of his big cock fully embedded into me and stretching my colon was contrasting his boyish looks. I took a second to reflect that it was this young kid who was filling me up so much. He then started fucking me, this time with speed and strength. I could no longer hold it in and started letting out yelps every time he shoved his cock in. “Humph! … Humph!… Oh shit! Humph!… Yes, fuck me Will!… Humph!… AH!”, I yelled. He kept pounding my ass for the next 10-15 minutes, sometimes slowing down to stop himself from cumming to extend the pleasure. I was of course overwhelmed with pleasure and kept being vocal. Eventually, he started to really hammer me hard. That kid was breeding me with all his young might. He was close to release. I had already cum a few minutes ago from just being fucked but with this much stimulation, I knew all I had to do was touch myself and I would cum again. I looked for signs and when I saw him start to contract, I gave my cock a few wanks and sure enough, I came at about the same time as he fired his seed deep up my chute. After a few seconds of tension, he let himself fall on me, leaving his cock in my bum. I could feel it slowly softening but it’s long and beefy enough to stay inside as long as he kept his weight on me. “Thanks Will, that was awesome”, I said, as I put my hand on his head to caress his hair. He smiled mischievously at me, his cute dimples making him look so adorable. “So, who will you invite on our vacation?”, I asked. “Humm, I want to ask Jamie first, cause he’s my best friend”, Will said. “But if he can’t, I was thinking about Anthony”. I was a bit surprised, he was one of his friends but not one I saw the most often. “Oh, why him tho?”, I asked. “His dad is actually french and he knows how to speak it”, he said, as he looked at me smiling. “I’d rather it be Jamie but Anthony is cool too”. I was finding it cute that Will actually thought about choosing a kid who would make it easier for me too. I couldn’t speak french and this would definitely be a less stressful situation if he came along. “That would be great actually”, I said, hugging him tightly. He hugged me back and moved a bit, reminding me his cock was still in me. It felt so natural having this conversation, with his cock still resting up my bum. “Do you think his parents will let him go tho?”, I asked. “Humm… probably. He always seems to be able to go home later than us, so maybe his parents are cool”, Will answered. We stayed like this for a few more minutes until Will got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I followed him in the bathroom and got rid of the load he had left in me. I then joined him in the shower to wash off the sweat and we both went to bed clean. It was a few days later when I got home that Will jumped into my arms as I passed the door. He gave me quick kiss on the lips and smiled at me. I held him and put both my hands under his butt to support him. “What’s with you today”, I said, pleasantly surprised. “Anthony’s dad said it was okay!!!”, he answered, joyfully. “Wait what? What about Jamie?”. “Nah, he couldn’t”, Will said, looking bummed out. “And what about Anthony’s mom?”, I asked. “Oh, she… doesn’t live with them anymore. He only lives with his dad”. “He’s an only child right?”, I asked. “Huh?”, Will looked at me, confused. “He doesn’t have brothers or sisters”, I added. “Oh! No, he doesn’t”, Will said. “And you told him about where we were going? I mean, we plan on visiting Provence first, but we’ll still spend almost a week at a nude beach”. “Yeah yeah, I told him”. “And? He’s okay with it?”, I pressed on. “Yeah yeah”, he said, dismissively. I started working on dinner when mom came down the stairs, she was working the night shift tonight. “Hi Sam”, she said, opening the refrigerator and taking a glass of orange juice. “Hi mom, do you want coffee? I can make some”, I asked. “Nah, I’m good. I’ll make myself one. You can keep working on dinner. It smells great by the way”, she said. “Yeah, I’m so hungry. I’m happy you’re up so we can finally eat soon”, I said. “Oh, did Will tell you about Anthony?”, she asked, working on making herself coffee. “Yeah, he said he had the OK to come with us”. “Yes, I talked to his dad on the phone this morning. He was hesitant but I told him what a great responsible son you are and that you had all my trust”, she said. “Oh… well thanks”. “Sam, you have been helping me for years, and have always been taking over things that are beyond your years. I don’t think there’s a more responsible kid your age in this country, and that’s exactly what I told him”. “Hehe, I’m not a kid mom”, I said. “I know sweetie, but you are to me”, she said, smiling. “Still, Anthony’s dad would like to meet you, so I told him you’d go to his house tonight after dinner to introduce yourself”. I tensed up immediately when she said that. I was NOT a people’s person. I was fine with family and friends but hated having to interact with strangers. As I was washing the dishes, Will came to help. I was thinking about having to meet with Anthony’s dad and sure wasn’t looking forward to it. “I’m doing this for you Will, you know”, I said. “Huh? What? The dishes?”, he asked, obviously confused. “Oh?, no, sorry, I was thinking about having to meet Anthony’s dad. I don’t know him. I’ve never even met him”, I said, sounding tensed. “I’ll go with you! It will make you feel better”, he said, smiling at me. I looked down at his cute face and couldn’t help but smile back, feeling a bit more at ease. Later, it was time to go and we were walking towards Anthony’s house, William at my side on his skateboard. “It’s this house”, Will pointed a while later. It looked like a modest house that had seen better days. We got to the porch and Will knocked at the door. A man, whom I assumed was Anthony’s dad, answered the door. He was a fairly good-looking man in his forties, shorter than me at about five foot ten. “Yes?”, he asked. Will then shoved me aside and said: “Hi Mr. Ravelin, this is my brother Sam”. “Oh, hi William. Hello Sam”, he said, as he shook my hand firmly, “nice to meet you. Please come in”. He definitely had a french accent. We both went inside, removed our shoes and followed him to the living room. “Anthony!”, Mr. Ravelin said loudly, “Come down, your friend William is here with his brother”. I then heard little footsteps rushing down the stairs and he showed up in the living room, smiling. He was taller than Will and slightly above average height for a thirteen year old, at about five foot five. He had ordinary medium brown hair but his best feature were his beautiful, sparkling, azure blue eyes. He was of average build and good-looking, although not as cute as Will or as hot as Jamie. He still had a short nose and the features of a boy on the verge of adolescence. “Hi Will, hi Sam”, he said, as he sat down next to his dad on the couch. There was a short awkward moment of silence when Mr. Ravelin broke it: “So, you guys want to go on a trip to France?”, he asked, smiling with pride. “It’s great that you guys want to visit my home country. We used to go more often before but it’s much harder now. I thanked your mother that she would offer her place to Anthony. This is a great opportunity for my son to see a part of the country he has never been to; one that is very close to my heart because my parents are from the Provence region”, he said, as he smiled at his son. “Now, I was of course very reluctant to let my son go with some college kid, but your mother made a very strong case that you were indeed worthy of our trust”, he said smiling. “I understand you have been burdened with responsibilities from a young age and are far from your typical college guy”, he said, smiling warmly. “So, have you ever been to France?”, he asked, looking at me apprehensively. “Huh…”, I hesitated, feeling stressed. “No, it’s our first time there”, William answered in my place. “Yes.. but it’s always been a dream of mine tho”, I said, hesitantly. “Oh, fantastic! You are going to love it. Your first trip there will be one you will always remember”, he said, smiling at me. “It’s great that a young man such as you wishes to see the world. So many kids today just want to stay home and just play video games”. “Yeah…”, I simply said. “And how are you feeling about taking two kids and being responsible? Your mother told me how mature you are and that you’ve been taking care of your little brother a lot since she works on shifts”, he asked, looking straight at me. This made me feel uneasy. Again, Will answered quicker than I did: “Oh he’s going to be great! He’s the best brother and he can do anything”. “Hehe, thanks bro. Yes, everything will be fine, you can count on me”, I said, trying to come up with my best confident smile as I looked at Anthony’s dad. “Where will you be going exactly in those two weeks?”, Mr. Ravelin asked. Now I didn’t know how much he knew about the nude beach, it would just be awkward and I most certainly didn’t want to jeopardize his acceptance by talking about it. “We land in Marseille and stay there two days to visit. Mom told us the train in France is great to go around. So we’ll take it to visit some cities and villages in Provence. For the last few days, mom has a friend who’s offered us her condo on the mediterranean sea, so we’ll relax on the beach for the remainder of the trip”, I answered. “That sounds fantastic, really. I’m very envious. You guys will have a great time. Let me give you the coordinates of my cousin who lives in Nimes, he will be able to offer you a bed and maybe drive you around for sightseeing. I’ll let him know that you’ll contact him. He’s a great guy. Me and him used to be like brothers when we were kids”, Mr. Ravelin said, his eyes looking down and lost in memory. I felt relieved knowing we now had a contact over there. “Thank you very much. I’ll write to him…”, I said as I was interrupted by the phone ringing. Mr. Ravelin got up and answered the phone. “Yes? Hello?”. He then talked a few seconds and said : “Guys, I’m sorry, I have to take this call. Thank you for coming Sam, nice meeting you”. “Don’t worry Mr. Revelin, Sam will take good care of Anthony”, Will said as Mr Revelin went in his office, smiling at Will and closing the door behind him. “Man, this is so cool”, Will said. “I can’t believe your dad said yes and you’re coming with us”. “Hehe, yeah, it’s cool”, Anthony said, smiling. His voice was a bit deeper and huskier than Will. “It must be because your mom spent like two hours on the phone with him this morning”, he said, laughing a bit. “Yeah, she can be convincing”, Will said, smirking. “And what about you Anthony? Are you good with all this?”, I asked the young teen. “Yeah, it sounds cool. Beats staying here being bored”, he answered. “William did tell you about the kind of beach we’ll be staying at for the last week right?”, I asked, not wanting this detail to be a problem once we were actually there. He did blush at the thought tho. “Yeah… Will told me. It’s a nude beach. It’s going to be weird, hehe”, he simply answered. I wasn’t that surprised at his answer. Anthony was an easy going kid. He wasn’t the shy type. Nor was he the arrogant type. He was simply good-natured. That night, Will probably wanted to thank me because he fucked me with his big cock for almost an hour and made me cum three times before we finally called it a night. It was a few days later, when I heard my alarm and quickly turned it off. It was still dark outside. The day had finally arrived. Today was the day we were leaving for our trip. Will was still sleeping soundly next to me. I took a moment to look at his beautiful face. He looked so angelic as he was sleeping. Hard to imagine this kid anything but innocent and pure. But I knew better, my bumhole was quick to remind me that he, in fact, wasn’t; still feeling a bit sore from the previous night’s assault. The kid had drilled me spiritedly twice that evening, unsatisfied with simply taking me in my bed, he came back for round two in the shower afterwards and pounded my ass until we had no more hot water. But right now, he looked like any other kid. I caressed his cheek and whispered: “Hey Will, wake up, we have to get ready”. I kept caressing him, feeling the softness of his skin. He was remaining still, breathing slowly, sleeping. I slowly moved my hand down, feeling his chest. I rubbed his belly and eventually my hand made contact with his very hard cock. I pulled on the bed sheets to reveal his body. His penis was rock hard, resting straight on his smooth belly, making its way past his belly button. His cock was magnificent. I couldn’t help but take it in my hand. It was both hard and velvety soft. I sat up and bent down to take his manhood into my now hungry mouth. As I engulfed his member past my lips, I felt him stir and moan. He opened his eyes and looked at me. He smiled and put his head back on the pillow. I started working harder on his cock, deep-throating him and caressing his hairless balls. He was moaning every once in a while, letting me know I was doing a good job. It took me a while, but I eventually felt him tense as he shot out several spurts in my mouth. I swallowed his youthful seed happily and licked his cock clean. “Good morning”, I said. “Mornin”, he answered, smiling. “Get up, we have to get ready”. He didn’t protest and we both got up. We had convenientely prepared everything the day before so we got dressed, grabbed our stuff and put it in the car. Mom was up already and she would drive us to the airport. We drove over to Anthony’s house who was looking at us through the window. He opened the door and put his luggage in the trunk. He then went back to his house and kissed his dad before he came back and got in the car. His dad waved at us as we left. Once at the airport, we quickly got out of the car and kissed our mom goodbye. Finding our gate was surprisingly easy and we all chatted waiting for the signal to board the plane. The boys were visibly excited. So was I, but I was also seriously stressed out. I wasn’t scared of crashing or anything, I mean planes are safe, no I was just nervous overall. I was leaving my zone of comfort and stepping into the unknown. I think Will sensed it because he suddenly sat on my lap and hugged me. “Everything will be okay Sam”, he said, as he hugged me tight. I simply hugged him back, comforted by his embrace. He then kissed me on my forehead and went back to his seat next to me. This interaction actually made me feel better. We eventually boarded the plane and found our seats. Mine was next to a window and both boys started pestering me to exchange with them. I, of course, caved in, telling them they could split and sit there half the flight each. Will was the first to get the window seat after he won the game of rock-paper-scissors with Anthony to decide who would be first. He was fidgeting on his seat and smiling excitedly. I smiled, realizing he was still, very much, a kid. Anthony, on the other hand, was rather quiet. He looked tired. I couldn’t really fault him, it’s not easy for a teenager to wake up at 5am. The plane took off and we all started watching a movie on our screens. I had chosen an action flick and Anthony a comedy. Will was watching some animated movie. The flight was long but it never felt like it was. We were either watching a movie or chatting or playing games on our phones. I learned that Anthony was actually a really smart boy. I had never really had the chance to talk to him that much before, but that kid was really interesting to talk to. He was a movie buff and we talked batman escort about our favorite movies for hours. Will mostly frowned, usually not knowing what movie we were talking about. Anthony knew his stuff; he knew the directors, the actors, etc. I was actually impressed, his critical thinking and knowledge were beyond his years. The plane landed sooner than I thought. The flight hadn’t seem long at all. We retrieved our luggage (to my relief it had arrived with us at destination), and we made our way through customs. It’s not a huge airport and there was barely any lineup. Once outside, we immediately felt the warmth of the sun. It was already late in the afternoon because of the jet lag. We took the train that drove us to Marseille and took a taxi to our hotel. I couldn’t help but look around and marvel at how beautiful this city is. It’s like every building has deep-rooted history. Our hotel was such a building. It was even more beautiful inside. I was in fact surprised mom could actually afford this. Well, she had been reimbursed by her boss, so it was kind of free now, but still… It wasn’t a grand hotel or anything, but it was much nicer than I thought it would be. We checked-in at the reception where the clerk spoke perfect english. He gave us the card to access our room and we went to the elevator. I was surprised to see it couldn’t accommodate us three, as it was too small. I sent the boys first and joined them right after. I took the key card and opened the door to our room. Again, I was expecting something much bigger. The room was really cosy with one double bed and a single. Anthony threw his luggage on the single bed and lay down. Will imitated his friend and let himself fall on the double bed. I guess we were all a bit tired from the trip. We all lay down for a few minutes to decompress. “I’m getting hungry guys, how about we find a place to eat?”, I asked. We had a meal on the plane but it was hardly what you’d call satisfying. “Yeah, sure, let’s go”, Will said, getting up, jumping on his feet. The sun was now setting and it was getting darker. We walked around and found a restaurant we all agreed on. Will and I wanted to just find a fast food like McDonald’s but Anthony insisted we tried something different and local, and I’m glad he did because it was really good. We walked around the city but remained in the crowded tourists’ spots, as we had been warned not to venture around too much after dark by my mom. I was again impressed to see just how freakin pretty this city is. We walked for a while in these beautiful streets. We stumbled upon a skate park near the sea where we watched local kids do some tricks. Both boys were watching and pointing at tricks the other kids were doing. Eventually, it was getting late and we made our way back to the hotel. “Okay boys, shower time. Who’s first?”, I asked. “Me!”, Will exclaimed. He then darted over the bathroom and closed the door. Anthony chuckled and turned on the tv. I lay down on my bed but couldn’t understand a thing since it was in french. It was a documentary on some historic abbey. Despite my lack of understanding, I was still fascinated by the images. At some point I heard the door to the bathroom open and Will got out, holding his clothes in his hands, in front of him. It took a second for me to realize he was naked. He threw his dirty clothes on the bed and opened his suitcase. We now had a clear view of his nakedness. Will was going through his stuff, unfazed. I could see, from the corner of my eye, that Anthony was stealing glances at him. His eyes were moving from the TV to his friend ever so often. Was this the first time he was seeing him naked?, I wondered. If so, it was normal that he was curious. Will was far from the ordinary boy. His long fat soft penis was dangling lazily between his legs while he was going through his clothes and putting away his dirty ones. He finally retrieved a fresh pair of underwear and slipped it on. I turned my head toward Anthony who still had his eyes locked on Will. As he saw me, he quickly turned his gaze back to the TV. “Want to go next Anthony?”, I asked. “Nah.. you go ahead, I don’t mind being last”, he said, with some hesitation in his voice. “Okay”, I said as I got up and went in the bathroom. When I closed the door, I realized just how tiny the bathroom was. The shower felt good tho, it helped me relax after that long day. As I got out and dried myself, I wondered if I should imitate Will and just get out naked, or I should be more modest and keep my towel. I figured, that since we would all be going to a nude beach in a few days, there was really no point in being modest now, so I just hung my towel and got out of the bathroom naked. I got out and made my way to our bed. I retrieved my suitcase and found a pair of underwear. I could see Anthony stealing glances at me as well. My penis was soft and wiggling between my legs. I put on my boxer briefs and looked at Anthony. He was now looking at the tv but he now seemed to have a subtle smile on his face. “All yours Anthony”, I said. “Cool”, he answered as he got up. He closed the door behind him and I heard the water running shortly after. I went to the large window and opened it to take a look outside. I was fascinated by all these old buildings and watched people come and go below us. A few moments later I heard the bathroom door open and turned around to see a naked Anthony throwing his clothes on his bed. Despite the fact that he was taller and looked older than Will, his privates were not as advanced. It’s so fascinating to see naked boys at that age, since you can never know what hides beneath their clothes. Anthony had a beautiful uncut penis, about the size of mine except maybe a bit thinner, hanging below an almost hairless pubic mound. He only had a few delicate wispies, an obvious sign they were still very recent. Will was openly watching his friend get dressed. We all watched TV until it was late and we decided to try sleeping. We turned the lights and TV off and got beneath our bed sheets. It had been an exhausting day, but I was afraid I’d have trouble finding sleep since I didn’t have any weed to help me relax. Plus, there was no way I would get my daily dose of ass pounding from Will with Anthony not even a meter away from us. I turned over to my right side and could see Anthony lying down on his back with his eyes still open. I then felt Will hug my back. I tried closing my eyes and surprisingly fell asleep shortly after. I guess the day had worn me down. I was the first to wake up the following morning. Anthony was still lying on his back and breathing slowly. I looked at where his crotch would be and couldn’t see if he had a morning wood or not. One morning wood I could definitely not escape was my little brother’s. It was resting on my lower back, as he had his arm and a leg around me. I carefully moved and turned around to face him. My movements apparently woke him up and he opened his eyes, looking at me. He looked around and seemed confused for a moment. He then looked back at me and smiled. “Mornin”, he whispered. “Good morning”, I answered, whispering as well. “Is Anthony up?”, he asked as he sat up. I turned around and the boy now had his eyes opened. “Yep”, I answered, lying back down. I then felt Will get up and saw him dart toward the bathroom with very tented underwear. It made me chuckle but Anthony was transfixed by it. A minute or two later he got out of the bathroom with a much less obvious tent and started getting dressed. “Come on guys, get up. I wanna go look around. Plus I’m starving”, Will said, looking at both me and Anthony still lying lazily in bed. We both got up and Anthony was quicker to the bathroom. Unfortunately, he had his back to me when he made his way there, so I couldn’t see if he had a cute morning wood or not. Once we were all dressed, we got out of the hotel and started walking around. To say we had an amazing day would be an understatement. Now in daylight, the city was finally entirely visible and it was amazing. We walked for hours, visited some sites and ate at cool places. Both boys were wide-eyed discovering so many new things. We finally got back to our hotel quite late and very much tired. I was the first to take my shower, I had been hot and sweaty all day and just couldn’t wait to get rid of it. I was quickly followed by Will who was apparently as eager as me to wash up. I slipped on a pair of boxer briefs for bed. It was still warm in the room so I lied down on the double bed wearing just that and watched tv. Eventually Will finished his shower and came out naked. “Your turn Anthony”, he told his friend, who had a hard time hiding his gaze aimed at my Will’s groin. “Oh… yeah…”, he said, snapping out of it. He got up and went in the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Will looked at me and simply lay down next to me. “Humm, Will. Aren’t you putting something on?”, I asked. “Huh? Nah, it’s hot in here”, he answered. “Yes, I know, that’s why I’m wearing only underwear. But we have a guest, you could make him uncomfortable by staying like that”, I said. “Oh? Aw, man. But we’ll see each other naked all day in a few days, so what’s the point?”, he asked, frowning. “Well, we’re not there yet, so just put something on so he doesn’t feel weirded out”, I said, caressing his hair. “Fine”, he sighted loudly, “but I’m so horny”, he said, as he started playing with his growing cock. I looked at his hand slowly jerking his now hard cock and could also now feel just how horny I was. “Suck me off Sam, please”, Will asked, getting on his knees and shoving his big cock in my face. “But Anthony is in the shower, he could come out anyt… humph!”, I said, as he shoved his cock in my mouth mid sentence. He started face fucking me with about half his cock. I knew Will always took a while to cum and thought this would probably just frustrate him. Nevertheless, I kept sucking him, now taking more of it in as I started deep-throating his pole. “Oh yeah! I need this so bad”, he exclaimed at a high pitch with obvious horniness. I kept sucking with energy and gusto. Boy I missed his big cock, I was happy to have it in my mouth. A few minutes later tho, as predicted, we heard the shower stop and Will hadn’t cum yet. “We better stop, your friend will come out of the bathroom any second now”, I said. Will looked at me, obviously unhappy that his pleasure was cut short, denying him release. He wiped his cock on his dirty shirt and got under the covers, still naked. I figured he could sleep naked if he wanted after all, his friend would never know. A few seconds later, Anthony came out of the bathroom naked, just like his friend before him. He went to his suitcase, took a clean pair of boxers and quickly put them on. One thing I noticed before his cock disappeared from my view, is that it looked red and puffy. Clearly the mark that he had played with himself in the shower. I don’t know if Will noticed it but he said nothing about it. Maybe he should’ve done that as well. In fact, so should I. I got up and turned off the lights. I still had a semi erect cock but it was probably unnoticeable through my underwear, one advantage of having a small one I guess. I had trouble falling asleep, I just couldn’t seem to get rid of that horny feeling keeping me awake. After a while tho, I started feeling movement next to me. I slowly turned my head to see that Will was jerking off silently. He had pushed the bed sheets off his body and his hand was going up and down on his big cock. I didn’t know whether Anthony was sleeping or not, and really hoped he was. I didn’t want to move, in case it would wake him up or attract his attention. Will kept wanking off his cock for a few minutes in relative silence until he increased the pace. It was still quiet but if his friend was awake, he would no doubt know what was going on. This was the unmistakable sound of fapping. Will kept on for a while, going incrementally faster every minute. Eventually tho, he finally erupted on his belly, letting out a satisfied sight. He used a dirty shirt to clean up and pulled the bed sheets over him. Now I was still horny but there was no way I wanted to risk what Will just did. It took ages but I finally managed to fall asleep. When I woke up, the room was filled with light. Will was still sleeping soundly next to me. I looked at my right and Anthony was awake, his attention focused on his phone. “Morning”, I said softly. Anthony looked at me and smiled. “Good morning”. “What time is it?”, I asked. “Almost eight”, he answered. “Humph”, I said, as I stretched. The movement seemed to have disturbed Will who opened his eyes and looked around. “Morning”, I said, squeezing his belly playfully. “Mornin”, he said, as he yawned. I then got up and went to the bathroom to relieve myself. While I was doing so, I could hear the boys chatting. “Dude!, I could so hear you jerking off yesterday night!”, Anthony said. “Aren’t you scared you could’ve awaken your brother? He’s sleeping right next to you!”. “Hehe, I just had to do it, I hadn’t in two days! And he wouldn’t care, he’s cool”, Will answered. “Didn’t you have to jerk off?”. “Yeah, but I did it in the shower”, he answered. “Ah, good idea. But I take a while to cum, so it’s not so great in the shower for me”, Will added. “At home I end up emptying the hot water tank when I do that and mom and Sam don’t have hot water anymore if they want to shower, hehe. So I don’t do that anymore”. This made Anthony laugh. At that moment I flushed the toilet and got out of the bathroom. Both boys were still in bed. “Guys, we’re leaving the hotel today. Gather your stuff and get ready to leave soon”. “Okay, but I gotta pee first”, Will said, as he got up. He was naked and had a huge piss hard on. He didn’t even bother hiding it as he made his way to the bathroom, his hard, fat, eight incher leading the way. Anthony’s face was hilarious. He had a look of shock as he stared at Will’s cock passing in front of him. I couldn’t help but chuckle audibly as Will closed the door of the bathroom behind him. Anthony then looked at me with a stunned expression still hanging on his face. “Hehe, this boy has no modesty sometimes”, I said. “Yeah, no kidding…”, he added, still a bit speechless. We all packed our things and left the hotel after having breakfast. The plan was to take the train to Nimes, where we would meet Anthony’s uncle who had offered us a place to stay. I was really impressed by their train system and wondered why we don’t have ones like that. Michel, Anthony’s uncle, was waiting for us at the train station at our arrival. “Hello boys, I’m Michel, nice to meet you in person”, he said, as he came our way. He looked to be in his 40s, a bit on the fat side of healthy. He had dark brown hair and eyes. He wasn’t ugly nor handsome, really the archetype of the normal guy. He had obviously recognized us from the picture I had sent him. He shook my hand firmly and then bent down to give the boys kisses on the cheeks. “Did you have a good trip?”, he asked, taking the boys’ luggage. “Yes, thank you. The train ride was really quick”, I answered. “You’re going to love Provence”, he said with a genuine smile. Michel was giving us a bunch of explanations about the city as we walked. I really liked the guy, he had a contagious energy and passion as he was detailing the history of the place. “Wait, so you’re saying this used to be a roman city? Here?”, Anthony asked, obviously interested. “Oh yes! You’ll see, we are going to take a tour of the city, and you’ll see a real roman coliseum!”, Michel said, smiling. “Cool!”, both boys said in unison. We made our way to his apartment. I’m glad he came to pick us up at the train station because I would’ve had a really hard time finding the place. The apartment itself wasn’t very big. There were two bedroom, one of which was his, and a rather small living room, plus kitchen and a small dinner table. “It’s not much boys but it’s home. There is a double bed in the guest room and one of you can sleep on the couch, don’t worry, it’s very comfortable. “Can we have the double bed Sam?”, Will asked me. “Humm… yeah sure”, I answered, somehow disappointed he chose his friend over me. We put away our stuff and Michel served us some bread and cheese for lunch. We spent the rest of the day walking around with Michel, who took great pleasure in telling us the history behind every part of the city. The boys were of course utterly impressed when we visited the coliseum. I myself couldn’t help but feel moved that there were two millennia separating us from the roman civilization who lived here. It was very late when we got back to the apartment. We had dinner at a restaurant at like 7 and we got out of there it was already 9. The french eat much later than what I’m used to. “Michel, can I take a shower?”, I asked, feeling sweaty. It had been a hot day and I felt sticky. “Sure, you boys can all take turns, but don’t be too long, I would like to have hot water when my turn comes”, he said, laughing. I went first and took boxers and a shirt with me, feeling I should be a bit more modest here. Once I was done, I told the boys one of them could now go. Anthony went first and after, Will also went. I was relieved to see Will was wearing a shirt and boxers as he got out of the bathroom. Michel had given me sheets and I was getting ready for bed as he went for his shower. He got out a few minutes later wearing a bathrobe. “Now I suggest you boys don’t close the door if you don’t want to be too hot. The cool air will circulate from the living room. I don’t have an AC unit in this bedroom, like mine. Good night”, he said, as he closed the door to his room. As I was lying down, I could hear the boys chatting clearly. The door was close to the head of the sofa. They were talking about how they thought this city was so cool. Eventually tho, their chatting finally died down and it was silent. I was about to fall asleep when I heard: “Dude, did you jerk off in the shower tonight?”, I heard Will ask, whispering. “No, I had to hurry, did you?”, Anthony answered. “No, but I wanted to!”, Will said. “I usually, you know… do it before I go to sleep”. “Yeah, me too”. “Do you mind if..?”, Will asked. “Nah man, I don’t mind if you don’t mind”, Anthony answered. “Cool”. I then heard the sound of bed sheets being moved and soon after, the sound of two boys wanking off. “Dude, your dick is like… huge”, Anthony said. “Hehe, yeah”, Will said, obviously happy about it. “Your bigger than my dad”, Anthony said. “I’m bigger than Sam”, Will added, “Way bigger, hehe”. “Yeah… damn”. A minute passed where I could hear them both beating their meat. “It looks so… you know… like different from mine”, Anthony said. “What? No it doesn’t. We’re both uncut”, Will said. “Yeah but… it’s like… so big, it’s like different because of that”, Anthony said. He was obviously taking great interest in Will’s penis, well, who wouldn’t. I don’t think it meant anything at this point tho. “It’s not that different, here hold it, you’ll see”, Will said. “… damn, I can’t close my hand around it”, Anthony said. There was a moment of silence. Anthony was no doubt inspecting every inch of Will’s cock with his hands. “This thing will stretch whatever hole you put it in. It must hurt!”, Anthony said, now sounding horny. “Hehe, nah”, Will answered casually. “Wait, how would you know?”, Anthony said. “… eh.., let me hold yours to compare”, Will said. “Huh? Oh… ok. But it’s so small compared to yours. Do you think girls will like it?”, Anthony said. “Yeah, sure they will. It’s not that small. It’s almost as big as Sam”, Will said. “But he’s small too, I saw it”, Anthony said, sounding disappointed. “But dude, you can still grow, so who knows how big you’ll get man”, Will said. “I think it looks all right on you”. “Hehe thanks… keep doing that, it feels great”, Anthony said, as he started breathing harder. “Do me too”, Will said. For the next few minutes, I heard both boys wanking each other, breathing heavily and moaning once in a while. Anthony was the first to break the silence: “Ah fuck, I’m cumming!”. A few seconds later Will asked: “How was it? Better than when you do it yourself?” “Yeah!”, Anthony answered. “But you haven’t cum yet”. “Nah, I’m not far tho, I’ll just do it myself to speed things up”. A few minutes later, sure enough, I heard Will grunt as he came. “Aahh, now I feel much better. All right, good night”, Will said. “Nite”, Anthony answered. Now that whole experience had left me really horny. But if I had heard them, they would surely hear me. So I refrained from jerking off once more, not wanting to weird out Anthony. The following day was also amazing. Michel drove us around and showed us villages nearby. We even visited an abandoned castle. The boys were goofing around and pretending to fight with swords on the castle walls. We all had a great time. Michel was once again a great source of information as he taught us the history of the places we visited. We were lucky to once again have a warm sunny day to visit everything. Apparently it doesn’t rain much in the summer in this region. The boys complained a few times that it was hot and wanted to go swim but I reminded them we would have a whole week to do that in two days. With a whole day of driving around and walking, I was pretty tired when we arrived at the apartment late in the evening. We all took turns taking a shower, bayburt escort this time Michel insisted he would go first, which led me to believe he maybe didn’t have much hot water the previous day when he took his shower. I went after and hurried up so the boys would still have hot water. I really wanted to jerk off but just couldn’t take the time. Anthony went after me and was also quick. Apparently we weren’t quick enough since Will complained the water was cold as he got out of the bathroom, with a towel around his waist. We were all in the living room watching TV as Will got out. “That water tank must be tiny, it started getting cold like a minute after I started. I didn’t even have time to wash my hair”, Will said. “Just wait a few minutes and it will be hot again. It’s small but efficient. In twenty minutes you’ll be able to use it for more than enough time you need”, Michel said, smiling. “Oh, okay”, Will said as he sat down on a chair to watch TV. I don’t know if he had realized, but that towel was on the small side and didn’t cover up to his knees. Sitting down like he was now, you could see his junk hanging between his legs. If Anthony or Michel noticed, they didn’t say anything about it. “You can go finish your shower, there should be enough hot water now”, Michel said, half an hour later. “Cool”, Will said, as he got up and went in the bathroom. We heard the sound of the water and heard Will say: “Oh yeah! Much better!”. A few minutes later, we heard the water stop and Will get out of the shower. Michel then got up and knocked at the bathroom door. “Will, your towel is probably still wet, let me give you a dry one”, he said as he opened the bathroom door. He then entered and we heard him open the cupboard door. “Here, take this one, it’s dry”, Michel said. “Thanks”, Will answered. “Once you’re done we’ll put them with the others in the basket in the living room to be washed. We’re not going to have any towels tomorrow if I don’t wash them”. Michel then got out of the bathroom, and I noticed he seemed a bit red in the face. No doubt the sight of Will’s big cock made an impression. He sat down as nothing had happened tho and resumed watching TV. A minute later Will came out of the bathroom carrying all the towels. “Where do I put them Michel?”, Will asked. He got up and went over to the basked in the corner of the room. He took the lid off and said: “Right in here”. Will went next to him and put the towels in the basket. He finished by taking off the one he had around his waist and threw it in it as well. He then smiled impishly and made his way to the bedroom, now completely naked. He didn’t even bother hiding his junk. I swear this kid! He came out a minute later wearing boxers and a shirt, thank god. We all watched TV some more until Michel said he was tired and we should go to bed, since he had planned another day for us tomorrow. The boys went to their room and I took the bed sheets and lied down on the sofa. Michel wished us goodnight as he turned off the lights and closed the door to his room. A while later, as everyone had gone to bed, I was staring at the dark ceiling, trying to sleep, when I heard the boys chatting: “Dude, you’re really chill about being naked. It’s like you don’t give a shit if people see your stuff”, Anthony said. “Huh? Yeah, I guess. It’s no big deal. Don’t you?”, Will asked. “Yeah but, not like that”. “What do you mean? We’re going to be naked like for days soon, are you like shy?”, Will asked. “No, but I thought, like you know, they’re strangers, they don’t know me so why should I care. It feels different with people I know”. “Why? Shouldn’t it be like, the opposite? I don’t care if my friends or family see me naked”, Will added. “I guess you’re right. I mean I don’t care if YOU see me naked, cuz you’re chill and all, but, I don’t know, I wouldn’t want my dad to see me naked”, Anthony said. “Why not? He probably doesn’t care”, Will said. “I’m glad you’re cool with it tho. I don’t know if a lot of our friends would be chill enough to get naked in public”. “Yeah, I’m sure Nick wouldn’t ever do it”, Anthony said, laughing. “Yeah, no way he would. He’s such a puss”, Will added. Nick was shy thirteen year old. He wasn’t one of their friend I knew very well, since he wasn’t very talkative. “What about Justin? Do you think he would?”, Anthony asked. “Humm, I don’t know. He’s a bit cocky but he’s also a puss when it’s time to actually do stuff”, Will said. “I know one who wouldn’t mind. Jamie! hehe. He’s in my class in P-E and he’s always the first to get naked. He really doesn’t seem to give a shit”, Anthony said. “Yeah, Jamie isn’t shy. I saw him naked too, at the pool”, Will added. “He’s got a big one too, hehe”, Anthony said. “Nah, he’s not that big. I’m way bigger”, Will said, laughing. “Well, he’s bigger than me for sure”. “Yeah, but who cares, yours is cool. At least you can get a blow job easy”, Will said. “What? What do you mean?”, Anthony asked. “Well, look at my dick”, Will said, pausing. “Yeah? What?”, Anthony asked. “See, it’s long and fat. Because of that, it’s hard to get a good blow job. It gets tiring quick for whoever tries to suck me off”, Will said. “But you don’t have that problem”. “I guess you’re right… but wait, hey! How do you know that shit? Have you gotten a blow job?”, Anthony asked, curious. “…eh… yeah… I have”, Will answered sheepishly. “What!? Fucking hell, how?”. “Did you ever get a blow job?”, Will asked, not answering his friend. “No”, Anthony answered, obviously with some disappointment in his voice. “Dude, it feels awesome”, Will said. “Fuck, of course it would! You’re not shitting me, are you? You really got your dick sucked?”. “Yeah”. “But who?”, Anthony pressed. “I can’t say”, Will said. “Why?”. “Cuz I can’t. Just like I wouldn’t tell anyone we wanked each other off yesterday”, Will explained. “Ah… yeah, I guess you’re right. That shit is private”, Anthony said. “I’m so jealous tho”. “Why?”, Will asked. “Well… I’ve never had any”, Anthony said sheepishly. “Take my dick in your hand”, Will said. “Like that?”. “Yeah. Do you think it would fit in your mouth?”, Will asked. “Humm, I don’t know, why?” “If you give me one, I’ll give you one”, Will said, whispering. I then heard some movement on the bed and a second or two later: “Ohhh yeah, that feels good Anthony”. “Dude, it’s so freakin big, it’s hard to suck”. “Please continue, just like a minute and I’ll do you after… Oh yeah, humm”, Will moaned. After a minute of soft sucking sounds, I heard Anthony whisper: “My turn!”. After hearing some noise made by the boys moving around on the bed, I heard Anthony exclaim: “Ooohhh shit! Ohhh!” He was obviously having trouble keeping his voice down from the enjoyment coming from the feeling of his first blow job. “Ohhh fuck, this is so much better than jerking off!”, Anthony said. “Keep doing it, yeah, take it all! humph!”. After a minute or two, I heard Will say: “So, how is that?” “Fuck dude, it feels amazing”, Anthony answered with some obvious content in his voice. “Do me now”, Will said. I heard the boys suck each other for a while, until I eventually fell asleep. It was without surprise that when I woke up in the morning, they were both still asleep, it made me wonder just how long they pleasured each other last night. I was kind of sad I was left out but I also was thankful that Will kept this part of our relationship secret. I really missed his big cock plowing my ass tho, I was actually craving it. I hadn’t jerked off in days and could really use some release. Should I risk it? Both boys were asleep. Unfortunately, as soon as my hand reached my dick, I heard noise in Michel’s room. Dang it! He was probably up. Just as I thought, Michel came out of his room, wearing a bathrobe. “Good morning”, he said to me as he made his way to the bathroom. I heard him pee and it reminded me I also had to go. I got up and had a glass of water. When Michel got out of the bathroom, he looked at me for a second and chuckled. I looked down and you could definitely see I had a hard on in my boxers. Since I wear tight boxer briefs, my appendage probably had no more secrets for him now as it clearly defined the contour of my modest cock. I blushed and went into the bathroom to relieve myself. Great… another one who now knows my little brother has me beaten cock-wise, I thought. The boys finally got out of bed half an hour later, no doubt awaken by the sounds of me and Michel having breakfast. Since their bedroom door was open, they could not sleep in peacefully as they probably would’ve liked. We had another amazing day with Michel driving us in the countryside. This time we went to a national park with canyons and mountains, in which an azure blue river was flowing. We hiked in a trail that lead us to an amazing creek. I don’t think I ever saw water so blue. Michel explained that it was this hue because of the minerals in the water. This river had flown all the way here from the alps. “Dude, I so wish I had my bathing suit right now, I wanna jump in this water so bad!”, Anthony said. “Yeah, that would’ve been epic”, Will added. It was true that this water was incredibly inviting, plus it was so hot today. I too was feeling disappointed we hadn’t brought our swimsuits. “Hehe, you guys can just jump in in your underwear, no one ever comes here. Only people from around here know this place really”, Michel said. I then realized we had actually seen no one on the path. Michel took the initiative and started removing his clothes. He carefully put them on a branch of a tree and jumped in the water in his underwear. Both boys looked at each other. Will smiling widely and Anthony frowning. “Cool”, Will said, as he followed Michel’s example and jumped in the water in his boxers after having thrown his clothes on a bush. He was swimming around and diving underwater, a big smile on his face. “Come on guys!”, he yelled, waving at us to come join him. Anthony looked at me, still unsure. I just shrugged and started removing my clothes. Anthony followed my example, and finally jumped in the water to join his friend. They started splashing around and laugh while trying to dunk each other. As I set foot in the water, it felt cool and refreshing. Since I was really hot, it wasn’t hard to keep going until I had water above my waist, to finally dive forward and start swimming. “This water is so clear, when I open my eyes underwater, I can see so far”, Will said. “Yeah dude, it’s crazy. It’s super clear”, Anthony added. “This place is awesome to swim uncle!”. “Yeah, I know. I’ve known this place for ages. Your dad and I used to come here and do this when we were kids. We would take our bikes and drive almost an hour to get here”, Michel said. “Really? And you guys always swam in your underwear?”, Anthony asked, perplexed. “Haha, no. We used to skinny dip”, Michel answered, amused. “Oh cool. Can I do that too? I kinda want my underwear to dry before we get dressed”, Will said. Not letting anyone answer, he got out of the water and removed his boxers, showing us his cute butt. He wrung the water out of them and hung them on a small branch so they would dry. He then turned around and ran back into the water, making his big cock swing erratically before it disappeared from our view in the water. “Oh man, this feels better”, Will said, a smile on his face. “Anthony, dude, you have to try this. It feels so cool to swim naked”. Anthony was frowning, no doubt debating about following Will or keeping his modesty in front of his uncle. Will didn’t really let him decide as he dove forward and yanked Anthony’s underwear down, making him yelp. “Will, you bastard! Give them back!”, Anthony yelled as he swam, trying to catch his friend. Will was laughing and swimming away, to a part that was much more shallow. He now had water at his knees and could no longer swim, he was simply standing up with his prize above his head. Anthony didn’t dare follow him. Both me and Michel were finding it amusing. I then noticed Will had a little tuft of pubes above his cock. He obviously hadn’t shaved in a while, since his pubes were now about an inch long. His bush was now also more substantial than it was when I first saw it. They were dark brown, unlike his hair that was blond. “Dude, no fair!”, Anthony complained. “Hehe, doesn’t it feel neat tho. To be naked in the water”, Will said. Anthony seemed to think about it a moment. “Yeah… I guess it kinda does…”, he said, swimming around a bit. “It doesn’t matter man, no one is here but us. Take this as practice for tomorrow”, Will said, as he wrung out his friend’s underwear before he carefully put it next to his to dry on a thin branch. “What’s tomorrow?”, Michel asked, intrigued. “We’re going to stay at a nude beach”, Will answered as he dove back in the water. “What? Really?”, Michel asked, looking at his nephew who was blushing. “Yeah! mom’s friend lent us her apartment on the beach”, Will answered. “Oh, you guys are lucky then”, Michel said, smiling. “Have you ever been there?”, Will asked, without an ounce of shame. This kid, really, he just has no boundaries?! “No, hehe. I never did. I’m not the public type I guess”, Michel answered with honesty. “Now your dad on the other hand”, he said to Anthony, “he went there quite a few times if I recall, hehe”. “Wait what? My dad?”, Anthony asked, a bit stunned. “Oh yes, he was quite the show-off”, Michel said, laughing. This obviously came as a surprise to Anthony but he also seemed to now be a bit more at ease. “Well… it’s true that he’s never been very modest at home…”, Anthony said. On that, Michel got out of the water to dry on flat rocks on the side. I followed him since I was getting cold. He removed his underwear and wrung them to get rid of the water. He had an average three inch penis, undoubtedly shrunken due to the cold water. He then put them back on and sat down. I followed his example and wrung my own boxer briefs. My dick was very much shriveled and two inches long, poking outward. Michel chuckled as he looked me over. I quickly put my underwear back on and sat down. It seemed the boys were much more resilient than we were as they stayed in the water a good fifteen minutes before finally joining us. Will was the first to come out of the water, followed by a somehow shy Anthony who had his hands in front of his junk. Of course Will had no such inhibitions and never tried to hide his privates. I was surprised at just how little shrinkage Will was suffering. I could hardly tell he was just in cold water. His long beefy cock was rocking left and right like a pendulum as he walked over to us. He sat down on my left and Anthony sat next to him. Michel, who was to my right, then got up. “I have to pee, I’ll be right back”, he said. He then walked away and past around the large rocks behind us. I looked at Will who was still breathing hard, a smile on his face. “Your pubes have grown back”, I told him, smiling. “Yeah… I know. But I don’t have anything to shave them here. How come yours are still not grown?”, he asked. “I told you, I wax them. I have my kit with me. If you want I’ll do it to you tomorrow when we get to the apartment”, I said. “Cool, yeah”, he answered, smiling at me, showing his cute dimples as he did so. As Michel was coming back, Will got up and said he also had to go. Still naked, he passed Michel and tip toed his way on the rocky surface to go behind the rocks. “Your friend sure doesn’t seem to be the shy type”, Michel said to Anthony, who now had his hands on both sides of his hips, supporting his upper body. We had a view on his cute little pecker. It was no longer shriveled and looked a bit under three inches long and a circumference of about three inches. It actually looked a lot like mine now that I could see it up close, but thinner. “Yeah, I’ve noticed!”, Anthony answered, laughing. “I guess he’s just that chill. Guess I found someone even more chill that me, hehe. I have to start to get used to it. I mean tomorrow it will be with way more people and if dad could do it easily, so can I”, he said, looking determined. Michel smiled at his nephew who now seemed to be a bit more at ease with his nudity. Anthony then got up and went over behind the rocks to take a leak as well I suppose. We stayed there another ten minutes to get dry, two boys completely naked, a college guy and a grown men in underwear, lying in the sun, on the bedrock near the river. Then we finally got dressed and continued our hike. The rest of the day was still amazing tho. He drove us to a restaurant in a nearby village for dinner. It was in what used to be a renaissance chateau. It had lost its past glory but it was still well kept and the food was amazing. I was scared it would cost a fortune but was pleasantly surprised to find it was very affordable. We once again finished eating at like 9 and we drove back to Michel’s place, all very tired. Well all took a round of quick showers and Michel went to bed first, wishing us goodnite. I was also very tired and fell asleep almost the moment my head hit the pillow. I got up after being awoken by the sound of Michel making breakfast. I looked at my phone and realized we still had two hours before we had to catch our train. I got up and had breakfast with Michel. I went to wake up the boys afterward but they were already awake. They were just lying in bed lazily. “Come on guys, we gotta leave soon”, I said. “Hummm, nooo, I wanna sleep some more”, Will said, closing his eyes. Anthony imitated him and cuddled his pillow. “Okay guys, I know we still have some time but I just hate being last minute, you know. So please get up”, I said as I got out of the room. I made myself another coffee, expecting the boys to get out of bed. A few minutes later tho, they still hadn’t moved. I took the last sip of my espresso, got up and walked in their room. Of course they were still lying down eyes closed, they hadn’t moved an inch. “Guys, get up, jeez. You have to pack your stuff and eat breakfast”, I said, a bit exasperated. Again, no movement on their part. “Okay, that’s it, you asked for it”, I said, as I pulled the bed sheets off them and threw them on the ground. They were both naked with morning woods. Anthony quickly hid his condition, but not before I had a look at his hard on. It was about four inches long and slimmer than mine. It looked very cute on him. “Aaawww, Sam!”, Will complained. “Come on, get up doofus”, I said, as I got close to him and started tickling him. He immediately started fidgeting and laughing, his big hard cock rocking erratically. “Haha, stop Sam! Okay! Ahhh!”, he squealed. I kept tickling him until he finally sat up. “You win! Stop!”, he said, laughing, as I stopped. “We’re up now”. He got up and went to the bathroom. Anthony was putting on boxers and slowly started packing his suitcase. Once the boys were fed and were all done packing. We made our way to the train station. Michel insisted on accompanying us. Before we entered the station, he wished us farewell and gave us all kisses on both cheeks. This is a custom I was definitely not used to, but Anthony later explained it was pretty standard practice, even among guys. The train ride went well. I took the time to text Amy and send her a couple of pictures I had taken lately. We took a taxi at our destination to get to the condo. I simply gave the address to the driver and a few minutes later, we were there already. We entered the concrete building and started looking for our apartment. We didn’t have a key but she had given us the code to get in. She had an electronic lock on her apartment door. Guess it makes sense if your naked not to want to carry a key around. When we found it, I punched in the code was relieved to hear the door unlock. The apartment was a bit weird. I most definitely did not share her taste in decoration. It had a theme of purple and black, with a 70s vibe to it. Just as described, there was only one bedroom. The layout of the apartment itself was also a bit weird. The bathroom was not adjacent to the bedroom. It was at the other end of the apartment, separated by the living room and dining room. It was also as big as the bedroom. It had a large whirlpool bath and a shower. “Can I not get the couch this time guys?”, I asked as I saw the boys putting their luggage in the bedroom. “Oh, yeah. Sure man. I’ll take the couch this time around”, Anthony said. I put my stuff in the bedroom and went to take a leak in the bathroom once I was done. I noticed there were speakers on the ceiling and a stereo on a shelf. She was obviously a women who liked to relax in here, with music and a hot whirlpool bath. I got out of the bathroom and went outside on the balcony. We didn’t have a view of the sea but it was still nice to have a balcony. I looked around and saw some people walking naked toward the beach. It suddenly hit me that this was real. We were going to go around naked. I was suddenly very nervous about the whole idea. Do we get naked here? Is it okay to go around naked in the building or do we have to get undressed on the beach? I stepped back inside, lost in my thoughts. The inevitability of me being naked in public was slowly sinking in and I could feel my anxiety rising. The boys pulled me out of my thoughts as Will tapped my shoulder to grab my attention. They were now settled and wanted to go explore around. “Humm, yeah… I …”, I said, not knowing how to formulate my thoughts. bebek escort “Do we get naked now?”, Will asked. “I.. don’t know. I’m not sure how it works”, I answered. “Guys, there’s a note on the table”, Anthony pointed out. It was a message from mom’s friend: “Hello! Make yourselves at home. This is my humble vacation retreat. I’m happy to share it with friends. Here are some rules you have to follow: 1. Don’t make noise after 11pm 2. Keep the apartment clean 3. Use a towel to sit on if you are nude on chairs and the couch 4. The building is naturist, you can be nude in the public areas like the lobby, corridors and the pool 5. There is a small grocery store in the building to the north at walking distance for your food needs (use my grocery bags near the door) 6. Have fun and stay free! :)” “Well, that answers our question”, Anthony said. “Yeah, and it also reminds me we’ll need food”, I said, grabbing the grocery bags near the door. “You guys can go explore around, just make sure you’re back for lunch in about an hour”. “Cool!”, Will said as he quickly got rid of his clothes. “Let’s go Anthony!”. He smiled and removed his clothes just like his friend. They then both got out of the apartment, their little butts grabbing my attention as they left. It pained me to have to get food supplies instead of exploring with the boys but I was the responsible one and this had to be done. On my way down, I crossed the path of a young couple in the lobby. They were naked and nodded at me in a friendly way. An hour later, the refrigerator was full of food for a few days. I kept in mind I would have to feed two growing boys and probably bought more needed. It was still a bit early for lunch, so I started looking around in the condo. I looked in the drawers in the bathroom and was surprised to see a few dildos in the last one, not only that but also some butt plugs and an anal douche, which I thought would come in handy, since I had not brought one, not wanting to pass customs with that in my bags. I doubt it would be possible to have any sex tho, with Anthony around, I just didn’t see how. No doubt mom’s friend was kinky tho, with all those toys. I put on some music on her sound system and started working on lunch, some ham, baguette bread, Brie cheese and raw veggies. I remembered Michel making this simple lunch for us a couple of days ago and liked it. It was simple, not too heavy and made almost no dishes. I was wondering if the boys would be here soon when I heard the door open. Both naked boys came running in, a big smile on their face. “What are you doing still dressed Sam? This is a nude beach, so get naked already!”, Will said, trying to pull my shirt off. “Eh? Wait. I’m making lunch”, I said. “Put a towel on your chair and sit down guys, I’ll bring the food over to the table”. We all sat at the table and ate. “So, how is it?”, I asked the boys. “Dude, it’s huge”, Anthony answered. “Yeah, and it’s full of people, all naked!”, Will added. “Did you see any kids your age?”, I asked. “No, but we saw families with younger kids”, Will said. “We didn’t go far tho”. “There are so many naked girls!”, Anthony added. “I was kind of scared to pop a boner, I kind of had to chill at one point”. We finished eating quickly while the boys talked about how they thought this beach was neat. “Guys, I know we probably won’t use much clothes this week but I’m almost out of clean ones, so I’ll wash them. You should give me all your dirty stuff too”, I said. Anthony went in the living room and opened his suitcase. He handed me a bag of what I assumed were his dirty clothes. Will joined me in the bedroom and started going through his stuff. Of course it was a mess and he had trouble figuring out what was dirty and what wasn’t. I started helping him sort it out. I just loved seeing my little brother naked, in the light of day, doing something as ordinary as this. My eyes had trouble focusing on the task, they kept going back to his mid-section. His large penis was flopping about lazily. At one point I had my eyes locked on it and Will noticed. He grinned and said: “Sam, can you help me do my pubes? You promised!”, he said with a pleading look. “Oh.. right, yeah sure. Let me put all this in the washer and we’ll do it right after”, I answered. Once the laundry was started, I got my wax and cloth strips. I put the wax a few seconds in the microwave and made sure it wasn’t too hot. “All right Will, come lie down on the couch”, I said, as I put a towel on it. He lay down with a look of apprehension. Anthony sat down next to him, obviously curious. “Don’t worry, it’s not that bad”, I said, smiling at him. I applied some hot wax on his pubes and spread it evenly with a stick. I then took a cotton strip and pressed it firmly on the wax. I made sure to press it in by going back and forth on the cotton strip. I waited a few seconds, and pulled it out in one quick motion. “OOWW!”, Will exclaimed. “That hurts! Jeez!”. “Hehe, don’t be such a wimp. This is worth it, you won’t have to shave for weeks and it makes it much smoother”, I said. “Still… it hurts”, Will said, with the look of a sad little puppy. I didn’t give him time to think it over as I spread more wax on his pubes and repeated the procedure. Again he complained when I pulled the strip off but not as much. He didn’t have a very big bush yet and a few minutes later we were done, he now had a completely smooth pubic mound. I gave him some cream to sooth the sensitive area. Will was feeling his now hairless pubic area with a smile. “Man, this is way better than shaving. It’s all smooth now”, he said. “Anthony, do you want it done too?”. “Huh? Eh… I don’t know. I kind of just got my pubes”, he answered, hesitantly. “Hehe, yeah but doesn’t it looks a bit silly tho. You have some hair on like both sides but barely any above”, Will said, pointing Anthony’s wispy pubes. “Come on, we’ll both be smooth”, he insisted. “Humm, does it hurt bad?”, Anthony asked, still unsure. “Well, no, not that bad. I mean it’s surprising at first but it doesn’t even hurt anymore”, Will answered. “Oh… well.. okay then, do it”, Anthony said, smiling weakly at me. I proceded to do the same thing to Anthony, who complained less than Will. His pubes weren’t as coarse and still sparse. It only took four strips to get rid of them all. “How does it feel?”, Will asked, smiling at his friend. “Ehh… well… like four months ago”, he said, laughing. This made us both laugh. I put away everything and removed my clothes at last. Will smiled as he saw me now fully naked. He jumped in my arms and hugged me tight. I then put him down and caressed his hair. In hindsight, I’m really glad Will forced my hand in being naked so much, because it had become usual enough for me not to make a fuss about it anymore. “All right, let’s go”, Will said, taking the lead and opening the door. I took the beach towels and backpack and we headed out to the beach. As we got closer, I progressively saw people. I let out a silent sight realizing they were all indeed nude. There were all kinds of people, young, old, families, groups. They were all doing what any people would be doing on a beach really, except they were naked. Seeing this many people nude started to have an effect on me. I hadn’t jerked off in a week and had reached a point where I could really easily be aroused. Being naked in public certainly didn’t help. Fortunately I had the three towels with me and I let them fall on my mid section to hide my rising dick. “Let’s crash here”, Will said, as we were now close to the water but still in dry sand. I liked that spot since there was no one too close to us. The closest were more than 10 meters away. I gave the boys their towels which they put on the ground to lie down on. I was careful while putting mine down and lay on my belly to hide my now hard cock. “You guys wanna go swim?”, Anthony asked as he got up not a minute later. He now looked even younger with his completely hairless crotch. His young small cock resting on his grape-sized balls. “Yeah, I’ll be right with you. You go ahead”, Will answered. Anthony started walking toward the sea at a fast pace, his feet apparently a bit sensitive in the hot sand. “Hehe, I saw you Sam. You’ve got a stiffie”, Will said, smiling. “Well duh! I haven’t jerked off in days!”, I said, a bit exasperated. “I really miss… you know… I kind of wish we could be alone for a while”, I said, blushing. Will simply snickered and got up. He ran off after Anthony, leaving me alone with my hidden hard on. I looked around, looking at the people walking by, mostly couples and single men. I was looking at the guys passing by, curious to see so many shapes and sizes. Seeing so many people naked sure didn’t help my dick get soft. Even some of the girls caught my attention. After a while, my erection finally subsided and I was able to turn around. I had brought the sunscreen and started putting lotion on my body so I wouldn’t burn. Of course the moment I touched my dick it went back to full hard. I was getting really frustrated. I finished putting on the cream, hoping no one was looking my way and lay down on my belly again. A few minutes later the kids came back all wet. They lay down on their towels, a bit out of breath. Will then looked at me and grinned. “Still got the same problem Sam?”, he asked, obviously finding it funny. “Huh? What problem”, Anthony asked, sitting up and looking at me. “Sam’s got a stiffie”, Will blurted out. Damn that kid! Seriously, his lack of filters can sometimes be really annoying. “Will!!”, I said, a bit pissed. He just rolled off laughing. Anthony was also finding it funny. “Haha, chill out Sam. I also popped one in the water earlier. We saw that hot chick walk by, I had to sit down in the water to hide my boner. Will got hard too! Except his boner stuck out of the water so he turned around on his belly and kept swimming”, he said laughing. Will just grinned. “Yeah, well I’m not used to it more than you guys, seeing so many people naked around me… Plus I’m so sensitive at the moment, even a soft breeze is enough to make me hard”, I said, laughing uncomfortably. This made both boys laugh too. “Once you’re dry, use the sunscreen. You don’t want to have a nasty sunburn on your first day at the beach”, I said. A few minutes later I was happy to see both boys had listened to me and were putting on the lotion. They did each other’s backs and their bodies were now glistening. I noticed that Will seemed to now have a more defined six-pack. He had lost some of his baby fat on his belly and his abs were showing. No doubt pounding my ass regularly with a long cock like his led to this result, given how much travel his hips had to make to plow my ass with all its length. He was getting quite the workout out of it. This realization was definitely not helping my hard-on situation. I moved a bit, getting uncomfortable with my dick now harder than before. This unfortunately did not escape Will. “You should turn around once in a while Sam if you don’t want to tan on only one side”, Will said, laughing hysterically, finding himself funny. “Shut up twerp”, I said, laughing. “Hey, I’m not the one with the stiffie problem. You’re the twerp, twerp!”, he shot back, laughing. I rolled my eyes and looked around. A guy of about thirty was sitting down a few feet away from us. He seemed fascinated by my little brother because he kept stealing glances at him. Will was standing up and re-arranging his towel on the ground. His big floppy cock was dangling heavily as he moved. This man had a dick barely bigger than mine, no doubt seeing a kid like Will with such a big one had him feeling less adequate. Incredibly enough, I managed to get soft eventually, and went for a swim with the boys. We spent the rest of the day between swimming and lying down on the beach. I, of course, had a few more instances of uncontrolled erections but stayed in the water or lay on my belly when that happened. Eventually we realized the sun was getting low and the beach was much less crowded. I had left my phone in the apartment so I really had no idea what time it was. All I knew was that I was starving. Apparently so were the boys when I mentioned that maybe we should head back to eat. I was surprised to find out it was actually past 7pm when we got back to the apartment. We all got dressed since it was getting a bit chilly and I started working on dinner while the boys watched TV. We ended up eating pretty late. Once we were done, I washed the dishes and finally relaxed in front of the TV. About an hour later, I felt it was time to think about getting ready for bed. “All right boys, who’s got the first round on showers?”, I asked. “ME!”, Will said, getting up in a flash and going to the bathroom. “Don’t take too long, just in case”, I yelled. He was in for longer than I would’ve liked as he got out about a quarter of an hour later. His hair was still damp and he had a towel around his waist. I got up and went in the bathroom before Anthony could make his move. I needed a shower, and I most definitely needed to jerk off. I was so horny, from days of not jerking off, the sight of Anthony and Will naked all day around me, and all these naked people I saw on the beach. First things first tho, I carefully cleaned myself. When I got down to soaping my cock, it went hard instantly. I kept going down tho, I needed to get clean. I rinsed my body and used some more soap on my dick. I also started fingering myself. I wanted so bad to feel something up my ass. I went as deep as my soapy fingers could go. I unhooked the shower head and aimed it up my ass, sending water up my hole. I then fingered myself some more. I then put the shower head back on its hook and started jerking off while fingering myself. I started feeling good. But then, I felt the water get cold. You have got to be fucking kidding me!, I thought. This frickin hot water tank is even smaller than at Michel’s! I turned off the water, and got out of the shower even more frustrated than before. My dick had gone soft and I was cold. I took a towel and put it around my body. I slowly dried myself, cursing the tiny hot water tanks that seem to be common in these parts. I could’ve jerked off now but I was so mad the I wasn’t in the mood anymore, which didn’t change the fact that I was still sexually charged. I then thought about Anthony who wouldn’t be able to take a shower for at least another half hour. “Bad news mate”, I said, as I got out of the bathroom, “no more hot water, you’ll have to wait”. “Oh, okay”, Anthony answered. “I don’t mind, I like this show”, he said, as he went back to watching TV. I was now out of clean underwear too. I had washed my clothes this afternoon, but there was no dryer. Only a rack on which you could put your clothes to dry, and they were still humid. I sat down with the boys, sitting on my towel, wearing nothing. I needed to steam off, and after all, we had been nude all day together, so this was no longer unusual. Will still had his towel around his waist and Anthony was still dressed in shorts. About 45 minutes later, the TV show was over and Anthony got up. “Hang on, I have to pee before you shower”, I said as I came in the bathroom with him. I relieved myself while Anthony removed his shorts and boxers. There was really little discomfort left after spending a full day naked with them. “Hey Sam, do you think I could use the whirlpool?”, Anthony asked. “Humm, yeah, I guess”, I said. “Cool, I’ve never used one before”, he said. “How does it work?”. I spent a minute figuring it out. It was similar enough to the one I used at school so it wasn’t complicated to fulfill his request. “Hey, you should put some music on too”, I said, as I started the whirlpool. “It would cover the sound of the whirlpool and you could chill with your music. Here, you can plug your phone here”, I said, as I pointed to the audio jack. Anthony grinned and ran out to get his phone. He selected a playlist while the bath was filling out. He then pressed play and a hip-hop song started playing. The volume was kind of loud but I wasn’t too worried since the apartment is made of concrete. As long as it wasn’t blasting at ear-splitting volume, it wasn’t too bad. Plus it was still only ten O’clock, and the rule was eleven, so we were legit. “All right, take your time man, this is made to relax. Just chill and if the water gets too cold, put some more hot water in. You don’t have to worry about hot water now, so take your time”, I said. “Cool, thanks”, he said as he closed the door behind me. I went back to the living room and sat down next to Will. “Is Anthony in the tub now?”, he asked. “Ya”. I was surprised to see he then turned off the tv. I looked at him quizzically, wondering why he did that. “Sam, go to your room now, and wait for me on your hands and knees”, Will said, smiling. I obeyed, understanding immediately this was the perfect opportunity! I took position Will had asked and waited for him impatiently. I was so horny at that point I could barely stand it. I needed his cock now. Will entered the room and went to his bag to retrieve a small tube of lube. He then applied a generous quantity on his growing cock. God it was so big now that it was hard, I couldn’t wait to have it in me! He put his towel on the bed under his knees as he took position behind me. I felt the tip of his cock tickle my rosebud, he was rubbing it lightly just to tease me! I was loosing my mind with lust! “Please fuck me little bro!”, I begged. He snickered and pressed the tip of his cock against my hole. He then slowly increased the pressure and pushed it in. My ass ring then gave way, making the head of his cock pop inside and he lost no time as he pushed a couple of inches in. “Oowwww!”, I yelled. “Shiit!”. I hadn’t had it in me in days and it hurt! He gave me a few seconds to get used to it and slowly fed me the rest until I felt his hairless pubic mound on my bum. “Fuck it’s so big!”, I said. He didn’t give me much time to get used to his size as he started going in and out of me. With a few inches at first, then he rapidly switching to most of his cock. He was pounding me good with six inches of cock, always leaving a good two inches in me. “Ah!.. fuck!”, I exclaimed. “Yes! Oh yes! Fuck me!… fuck me Will!”, I asked. He, of course, obliged and started fucking me faster. It took only a few minutes of pounding before I came all over the towel under me. Still, I was still so horny I wanted more. Will didn’t loose a beat and kept going in and out of my hole, grabbing my waist to pound me harder. “Oh fuck yeah! You’re such a stud! Humph!”, I groaned. “Yeah? You like my big cock boy?”, Will asked, horned up. This was the first time he called me boy, for some reason it made me even hotter. “Yes! Humph!”, I screamed. Every time he shoved his huge cock in me I couldn’t help but yelp. “Humph!”. He increased his pace and started taking almost all his cock out of my hole, leaving only the very tip in and slammed it back in with all his weight. I was in ecstasy! Finally! And he kept on and on pleasuring me. “HUMPH! Oh shiiit! Yes!.. humph!… give … humph! … me… humph! … your… humph!… man-cock!… humph!”, I said. “Yeah, you like this cock eh?”, he asked, not missing a beat. “From all… humph! … the people… humph! … we saw… humph! … today!… humph!.. You… humph! … still have… humph! the biggest cock!… HUMPH! OW… AH!” I said, as he assaulted my hole with long powerful thrusts. At that moment I came again with a powerful orgasm. “Turn around”, he commanded, with his high-pitch boy voice. I did as told and held my legs up for him to assault my hole once more. He aimed his huge glistening cock at my bumhole and let it sink to the root. He then put his hands on both sides to support his body and resumed breeding me. This went on for several minutes, I was moaning loudly and thanked the fact that the music was covering my sounds. We then heard the sound of the whirlpool stop. Will was still plowing my ass but hadn’t cum yet. I was still letting out yelps after each thrusts but Will put his hand on my mouth to keep me quiet. “Hush”, he said, as he started hammering my ass hard, making me scream in his hand. A minute later he finally came deep in my ass and let himself fall on me. I gave him a kiss on his forehead with his cock slowly deflating in me. “That was amazing, thanks Will”, I said as I hugged him. He smiled mischievously and withdrew his cock from my hole. I could still feel my ass throbbing after such an assault. He wiped his dick with his towel and walked out of the bedroom. I wiped some cum that was dripping out of my ass and threw the towel near the washer. Will was outside on the balcony. I went over to the patio door when I heard Anthony come out of the bathroom, singing, a towel around his waist. I got out on the balcony and smelled the air. “It’s still so warm”, Will said. “Yeah”, I said, looking at the night sky. I looked at my little brother, his large cock not totally deflated, hanging at about six inches between his legs. He flicked his blond hair back and smiled. “I love you, you know that”, I said, as I hugged him. “I love you too Sam”, he said, hugging me back. We broke the hug, but I left my hand around his shoulders, like two buddies. Anthony then showed up by opening the patio door behind us. “What are you guys up to?”, he asked. “Just chillin”, Will answered. “It’s kind of nice outside”, Anthony remarked. “Yeah, isn’t it?”, I said. To be continued… ——— Liked this story? Please let me know your ota I really enjoy people writing to me about my story. Don’t hesitate to write and say a few words 🙂 Don’t underestimate the power your words of encouragement have.

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