9 Mart 2023

Sapphire Eyes


It wasn’t the purpose behind the trip, to end up on the floor of your family’s cabin dripping with sweat and surrounded by moans of pleasure. We wanted to get away, to eat real food and sleep in real beds before we were drowned in the end of the year final exams, papers and projects that are so important in collegiate life. We had intended to study between our swimming in the lake and napping in the sun on the porch, but after a dinner of alfredo sauce on pasta, garlic bread, brownies with ice cream and red wine, it was clear that the aphrodisiacs had taken hold and that we would not escape this night without succumbing to our lust.

You dominated me as I stared out at the moonlit lake, your arms around my waist and your lips leaving marks of fire on my neck and collarbone. You refuse to speak, you want me to stay under your power and the lack of words is so commanding. I am so completely yours and so under your control that my legs are going weak. I try to turn and look at you, but you keep me from moving. All I can see of your face is the transparent image reflected in the window.

Finally you speak, but only to tell me to Ankara bayan escort remove my clothing so that you have better access to my neck and collarbone, to my entire being. It drives me wild when you kiss me there, I melt inside every time you press your tongue and silver piecing into me, into my neck, and when you bite me I become even more weak than I was before and I fear that my legs are about to give out from under me. That’s all it takes for me to want you completely. TO see sweat dripping down your naked body as I give you pleasure is incredible. The strong woman that you are writhing with pleasure because of me and for me.

Now you tell me to lie on the floor, and I obey, but not before place a blanket beneath me so that we can keep what has happened here a secret. I feel exposed, but not in a bad way. I love the way you look at me, and although I am so exposed to your gorgeous blue eyes, you make me feel beautiful and completely desirable. You spread my legs and touch me, your fingers are magic on my skin and on my clit, you make me scream with pleasure because of the way you touch me there, like nobody else has. You replace Escort bayan Ankara your fingers with your mouth and tongue and begin to bite and lick me as your hands apply pressure to my sensitive hips. And I move beneath you, wanting more of you, needing more of you to touch me. I want to feel your skin against mine.

I make you remove your clothing before you continue. Your naked body is so strong and pale and I can’t stop staring at its beauty.

You return to me and continue what you have started, and I watch you, watching you do things to me that make me pull my hair and throw back my head to cry out.

Eventually you come up, and your face is drenched in me. I blush, my shy side in shock at how wet I have made your face, and I try to apologize but you silence me with a deep kiss.

And I see your eyes, your amazing sapphire blue eyes; you know I can never get enough of their beauty. The emotion they show is astounding and right now they are so dark and so fill with passion that I can’t stop staring into them.

And I want you, I want you more than I ever have before, and I want to cause you the same Bayan escort Ankara pleasure you caused me. And I want to hear you say my name in ecstasy. I want to feel you and taste you on my lips.

You allow me to have that chance, that chance to see you writhe and moan in front of me. And I touch you and caress you, biting your nipples and drenching the blanket beneath us in our juices. I bite and like and tease, I feel and taste you on my lips, just as you have tasted me. And you taste wonderful, I never thought it could, but it does and my shyness evaporates with that thought. This is my ultimate pleasure, watching you as I give to you what you have given to me.

And suddenly you begin to move like a wave, you can’t control your body, it sets me off and we both end up collapsed and exhausted on the floor.

The sun has begun to rise and a pink and yellow haze escapes over the lake and into the window of your New Hampshire house. We move into the bedroom where we fall asleep, you holding me against you, your warmth and love enveloping me, making me feel safe. This will be one of the last times I can enjoy these feeling of love and warmth from you, because soon your true love will return and I will have to give you back to her. Never again will I see those sapphire blue eyes dark with passion for me.

One single tear rolls down my cheek and then I drift to sleep.

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