18 Mart 2023

Sarah and Me – A Marriage Story


Once again I want to thank ScarlettKisses for her tremendous good editing work.


First time I met my wife to be was on a guided tour at an old theatre close to a castle outside the capital of the country. It’s almost 50 years ago but I remember as it being yesterday.

I was just passing the castle that afternoon when I noticed that there was a guided tour in about half an hour. Always having been curious of the inside of the building I decided to participate.

The group of the tour involved about ten people. Most of them were older couples but there was a good looking young girl, 18 years old (but that I didn’t know at that time) dressed in a white blouse and a knee-length skirt. When our eyes met she blushed. Oh god what sweet she was! It was quite self-evident that we walked side by side. I looked furtively at her.

When walking beside her I found that I was only slightly longer than she. Dressed in khaki shirt and jeans I can’t have made any lower impression on her. To that came also, though being 19 years old, I had no experience of girls at all. I think she assumed I was just an odd fish. I noticed that she glanced at me every now and then. True to say I hadn’t heard much of what the guide told the group. All my interest was occupied by the nice girl strolling by my side.

The guided tour ended as usual with polite applause. I don’t know where I got the courage daring to ask her if she would come along with me for something to eat. To my great surprise and happiness she accepted. Her cheeks were blushing red! I wanted to embrace and kiss her, but luckily I was too shy. If I had done it she surely would have screamed and fled.

However I took her hand when we went over to a nearby small restaurant. Her little hand was cool and soft. For me it was like being in heaven allowed to visit a restaurant alone with a girl. The restaurant was a simple pizzeria, the in-thing at those days. I looked at her and said “My name is Thomas. What’s your name?”

“Sarah, and I spend my summer with my parents here at a little holiday cottage near the castle. I’m interested in history, but modern literature is my favorite subject. However, that didn’t make anyone rich so I’m studying languages. What are you doing?”

I told her that I’m studying psychology at the university. “I’m very interested in the interplay between man and woman.”

“Very interesting! And now you will study me?” laughed Sarah cheekily. Her eyes sparkled.

“Yes of course. I found your behavior most unconventional. Just accepting to follow an unfamiliar man without any hesitation? What will happen next?”

“Don’t expect anything. You must not see me home or something like that. But if you want … we can be friends.

We finished our pizzas and strolled to the large park surrounding the castle. She was easy to get on with. Our small talks run as if we had known each other for quite a long time.

“Sorry but I have to leave you now. I have some homework to do for tomorrow” she said apologetically. “I hope to see you again. What about next Saturday?”

“Sure, it will be nice. Perhaps we can find an interesting movie.”

I got her phone number. Nothing else, neither kisses nor embracing.

Our dating continued. Sometime at her parents’ house but mostly in my rented simple flat in the city. We loved each other but were agreed about to be careful in the bed. No children before marriage. No marriage before we had finished our studies.


Two years later we could celebrate our passed examinations. She was graduated as a qualified secretary and I got my psychology degree. She got a well paid job as a secretary at a construction company. I got my psychology degree. I found an interesting employment at an institute for psychological investigations.

We had a very great sexual life together when we were able to find some alone time. However there was a fly in the ointment. Sarah started working closer to one of the engineers at the construction company. His name was Oscar. Sarah made no secret of her feelings for Oscar; the problem was that she was too naive to understand his feelings for her. She said that they often joked and laughed together. One day she had felt very childish and would do some sort of a practical joke by hiding behind a pillar outside Oscar’s room. The place was a bad choice as she had to climb a high beam.

The fact was that she wasn’t able to jump down but was forced to ask Oscar for help, of course he made use of the situation. He was rewarded with getting her stripped and had a complete sexual interlude on the desk in his office.

Sarah was remorseful about her stupidity to say the least when she told me about what had happened. I struggled with my bad feelings and thought for a second that I never could trust on her in the future. However knowing that leaving her now would make me unhappy. I loved her too much and forgave her. The condition was that she quit her job and promised to keep away from Oscar in the future.

Sarah and I got married some months tuzla escort later. We had bought a house in a residential district some miles from the city. Sarah was a very good house wife. She had her full liberty to spend the days as she wanted when I was at the institute. She had taken up her high school language studies. Every afternoon she kissed me as soon as I came inside the door after the day’s work. The dinner was always on the table and the nights were often spiced with hot love.

I’d never had such a delightful life.

We had also been good friends with a particular nice couple, Ruth and Arne, who lived in the house next to ours. Sarah and Ruth found that they were more than friends. Sarah discovered that she also was attracted by females. Her lesbian attitude gave her a new dimension of the life. Her visit to a massage institute together with Ruth was a tremendous adventure.


We always had longed to get away from rush of the city. When we found some acres with an undisturbed bathing beach far away from the capital of the country our dreams seemed to be coming to life. We started to get a house to be built. It was ready to move into the following summer.

However in January that year there were some troubles which could upset all our plans for moving to our new home.

Our marriage was once again hanging on a single thread.

I was away at a conference for a couple of days. Sarah was alone at home. One day when she was in the city for shopping she run across Oscar. As he was on his way to leave the country he wanted to exchange some words with Sarah one last time before he left.

As usual Sarah had some parcels and bags after her shopping round. Oscar offered his services for driving her and the luggage at home. As it was dinner time she had invited him to come in. Oscar was well aware that I was participating in the conference.

The dinner passed off with good food and a bottle of wine. The conversation got away with laughing and joking. They were evermore exhilarated. It was getting late and after having consumed the wine Sarah thought it better that Oscar stayed for the night.

Of course it resulted in a hot night in our bedroom.

When I returned home just before noon the next day Oscar had left. Sarah was out walking our dog. I found the rests of their dinner on the kitchen table and a well used bed in the bed room. When Sarah returned with the dog I raged against her and shouted: “I will never be in that bed anymore!” Then I jumped into my car and streak off.

It’s a part of the story that even I’d cheated on my spouse that night. The last night of the conference ended in bed with my female boss Liza. I was deeply remorseful in the morning when I left the conference. I couldn’t explain to myself how I could be so stupid.

When I found Sarah’s doings at home, my brain just as exploded! I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t remember where I went or what I did in the afternoon. Later Liza has told me that I had called her. She had found me at the new house completely unaware to take care of myself. She saw to that I got some mental care at the institute’s rest houses.

Sarah told me later that as a last alternative to find me she had went to see Liza. Liza had confessed our lovely night together. Sarah had been perplexed at my behavior. All her world collapsed. However Liza took care of Sarah as well and promised that matters for sure will sort themselves out in the end.

It was a very bad spring that year. Both Sarah and I were as birds with clipped wings. Having had long and painful talks about our failings we agreed to leave the old mess behind us and start a new life.

We set up a rule: We were allowed to have sex with other people, but the condition was that we were both present in the same room when it happened. Just as before we shouldn’t have any secrets from each other but inform each other if anything felt wrong.


Late that summer we moved to our new house. It was really a new life. The simple and calm county life healed our wounded souls. Surrounded by the lake and woods the house made it possible to live without clothes, at least during the warmer half of the year. A tremendous feeling which we dealt with only a few guests visiting.

We had a great sex life, both when being alone and when being together with a visiting couple. We found it strengthening our marriage to have so called wife swaps. It gave us much new knowledge about our own bodies and how to fulfill one another’s expectations.

A high point in our relation was obtained a year later when Sarah’s sister Rocy visited us. She was an exuberant sister full of ideas and always carried a camera around her neck. She was a famous artist; portraying nude people.

Her photo art exhibitions around the world had now rendered in a TV program recorded in a studio where Sarah was one of the actors. That in turn gave Sarah and me new friends.

It resulted in Sarah and I arranging a Midsummer ucuz escort celebration that year which we never will forget. Besides Rocy we had invited a couple Anne and George as well as a younger couple Marie and William. Those people we had got to know in connection with the TV recording. The constellation of young and old people gave all of us rich possibilities for sex experiments. It started almost at once when our guests arrived. But the high point was when we celebrated the Scandinavian midnight sun at the top of a hill. I had never before had so many sex partners since that day and night. All of us were fagged out when we returned to the house around five o’clock in the morning.


Sarah and I had many very good years at our new home as well as when being on vacation abroad.

Some ten years after our move to our idyllic house Sarah and I went for a holiday trip to the sunny southern. We had a couple of wonderful weeks at a good hotel. One of the last days we were informed about a small village really worth seeing. We were told that the village inhabitants were wealthy families living in large luxurious houses on a rock-ledge along the sea.

Curious as we were we drove the few miles down to the village. As we wanted to get best possible view of the place I parked the car just at the village entrance gate. Strolling along the main street the houses made a deep impression on us.

Suddenly Sarah whispered: “Oh god, there is Oscar!” I had never met him but Sarah nodded in the direction down the street. There was a man beside a sports car.

When he was aware of Sarah he shouted: “No, it’s not true! Is it possible?” He stepped out in front of us and hooked Sarah.

After some small talks he invited us to his large house. Sarah was doubtful and I understood her hesitant attitude. He had really made much harm to our relation in the past. However I couldn’t find any good reason to avoid the invitation.

I found Oscar to be an easy going man to get on with. His two servants Maria and Nils saw to that we were to feel at home. The time went fast and we accepted to stay for the night.

Oscar was a cunning man and the night ended with that he, once more, got Sarah stripped. He fucked her in front of me. True to say, I really liked to see my wife be treated in such a thoughtful way as he did. After he had forced his sperm loads in her it was my turn. From her loud expressions I understood that she was more than satisfied. Me too had got more than I thought was able.

Waking up next morning we found that Oscar had disappeared. Sarah and I had a lovely good morning fuck. We were quite engaged in our doings. We didn’t notice that we were filmed until we heard a man’s deep voice: “Having had a good night?”

It was Nils who stood there with a small TV recorder. He explained that Oscar had been forced to leave early for an important business case.

“What are you doing?” asked Sarah.

“Oh we thought you wanted a remembrance from the night. Oscar will mail a DVD for you later on.” He laughed and continued the filming when Sarah and I, nude and hand in hand were on our way to the bathroom.

Later in the day we were back at our hotel and collected our belongings. Then Nils drove us to the airport. When saying goodbye Nils hugged Sarah and kissed her on the lips! She held him tight and didn’t seem to have any objections.

“What was the purpose of that farewell kiss?” I asked her when onboard the airplane.

“Nothing special. But he is a handsome young man, are you jealous?”

I didn’t reply but started to talk about how refreshing it can be with a holiday trip.

Some months before Christmas we got the DVD. It was played many times.


In April next year we got an invitation for a wedding ceremony to take place at Oscar’s house. Curiously there was no mention of who was the bridal couple, but we supposed it to be Nils and Maria, the young couple who took care of us after the night last autumn. Maria had hinted that she soon would be married. The date for the marriage was set to be the last weekend of May.

Sarah thought it to be a good reason to have some nice warm days in the south. We had had a rather cold and nasty winter time here in Scandinavia. It would be really fine to get a foretaste of the summer. “You know Oscar promised us to live in his guesthouse next time we came over”.

“Yes, I know that and that you like the sunshine and the Mediterranean Sea. Probably you also want to see Oscar again” I said with a twinkle in my eyes.

But then I understood that it wasn’t the best thing to say. Sarah got a mad. “As soon as Oscar’s name is mentioned you are always thinking of the time long ago when I met him at the construction office. Your jealousy is indeed deeply rooted in your heart! As I always have tried to explain to you there is only one man in my life who I love and he sits just now in front of me.”

“Yes, it may be true, but you must admit that you liked him ümraniye escort fucking you as he did a couple of months ago when we were his guests. I have no objection to your fucking other guys, but you have to remember our agreement that I only accept such fucking when I’m in the same room. Doing it in my absence means you are cheating on me.”

“Of course I knew our mutual conditions and will never do such things behind your back. I love you and we have had tremendous good times together not at least in bed. Furthermore our midsummer party some years ago was a milestone for me discovering the fun of swapping partners and looking at you being together with other women. Such actions made me still more horny and longing for you cock deep inside me. Nobody is like you my beloved husband!”

What to reply to such a declaration of love? We have had a very good sex life indeed, sometime spiced with involving other couples always at our own house or at our close friends in their houses. We had never been interested in swinger clubs and the like.

“It will be okay with me to spend a weekend at Oscar’s, but I must admit that I have the feeling that he is trying to abduct my sweet wife. However, I will try my best to protect you or rather me from such an outcome.”

“You heard what I said and it would never be any love affair between Oscar and I, but still I like his good manners, his great cock and his thoughtfulness against you.”

We decided to accept the invitation. Sarah looked forward to the weekend and started to think about clothes to wear at such a party. She took advice from Anne, who had been her best friend since we had the midsummer party.

They had really found each other and spent one Friday night every month out enjoying themselves at a well reputable restaurant with a band playing soft music. Anne’s hubby George and I had given them our free pass as we trust them to take care of themselves.

The matter is that also Anne and I are close friends just as Sarah and George. On George’s advice Anne had been my client/patient as he thought it alarming that Anne had admitted that she liked to be sexually treated in a very hard way. One could say that she liked to be raped! By those hour long consultations or intimate talks at my institute she had given me a complete access to her innermost thoughts in general and with respect to her sexual demands in particular. I listened and gave some comments but I’d never given any advice. It’s up to herself to find the best solutions of her problems. Everything she has told me is covered by my professional secrecy. Nobody will get knowledge thereof, neither her husband nor Sarah. True to say I have friend entrusted myself to Anne when it came to my sexual nature.

It’s a complicated world to live in. I knew of Anne’s relationship/love to her George. His secretary at the law firm is my dear wife Sarah. I suppose she and Anne talk a great deal about George and me when they are alone.

In the middle of May I was involved in a complicated and important case at my institution. It would imply that I can’t join the wedding celebration until Sunday. Arriving on Sunday was too late as the wedding would take place on Saturday afternoon. When informing Sarah about the situation she was furious.

“You made everything to avoid me from seeing Oscar” she shouted. “I have really been looking forward to have a nice weekend in the sunny south! Now you are destroying everything” she yelled at me with the lump in her throat. Before I’d a chance to respond she rushed to the bedroom and slammed the door.

I was in a very bad mood especially as she mentioned Oscar’s name. I got it as her primary reason to take part in the celebrations was to have the chance to come close to Oscar. However I decided to take it easy and made myself a cup of coffee and sat at the dining-table in the kitchen.

After a while she returned and I offered her a cup too. She had calmed down and asked for forgiveness of her bad behavior. “You must understand that I have looked forward to be with you and have a relaxed weekend together. You have been very busy the last months and devoted much time to your job. Our sex life has suffered. I thought we’d have a complete break with our ordinary routines and find ourselves again.”

I preferred not to mention Oscar though my suspicion remained that he was an important reason for her desire to go, all the more as she wasn’t satisfied with our life together. I cursed my jealousy which always appeared when his name was mentioned.

I looked her in her red eyes filled with tears and said that I had a proposal. “I’d talked to George and explained the situation for him. I asked him if he would allow Anne to be your companion. I know that you two like each other very much and had seen your cuddling from time to time. I can tell you that George had no objections. What do you think?”

True to say I had a motive for having Anne to accompany Sarah, besides that the two ladies were close friends. They were quite intimate and I thought that Anne would have some restraining effect on Sarah’s eventual interest in Oscar. Anne’s watching eyes may also be valuable. No, I didn’t think Anne will tell me directly about Sarah’s eventual bad activities but by small talks gave me some ideas of how the days went on. Perhaps she would be more communicative with George if anything went wrong.

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