18 Mart 2023

Satin Sheets


You’re sitting alone on the couch in front of a fire, enjoying the warmth. It’s cold out side so you’ve curled up with a cup of hot cocoa. You’re just sitting enjoying the quiet crackling of the fire.

Suddenly a strip of red satin comes in front of your face and is tied across your eyes. You didn’t even know I was home. I pull you up from the couch and kiss you deeply on the lips. You open your mouth the speak but I press my finger to your lips,

“Shhhhhh, don’t talk” I whisper and begin to lead you away.

You don’t know where I’m leading you. You can guess that were headed down the hallway, its cold and rather drafty. We then turn left and enter a room that is significantly warmer and quite sweet smelling. I stop leading you and let go of your hand. I then begin to unbutton the shirt of mine that you’re wearing and slide it off your shoulders. You’re now standing before me, naked, with out any idea where we are.

I take your hand once again, and turn you to your left I move in front of you and grab your other hand as well, and step back pulling you with me. You hear a very quiet sound but aren’t sure what it is. You hear it once more.

I pull you closer and whisper, “Step down.”

You begin to step down and your foot breaks the surface of some very warm water. That is when you realize where we are. We’re in our bathroom and I have prepared a beautiful bath for the two of us.

I sit down at the end of the tub and pull you down into my lap so that we are sitting in tandem in the tub. I pick up a lather builder and begin to scrub you all over with extremely aromatic soaps that smell of roses and strawberries. I kiss the nape of your neck from behind and thoroughly wash you. After nearly a half an hour I help you out of the tub and dry us off with a huge warm towel before leading you into another room.

You’re pretty sure it’s the bedroom and your suspicions are confirmed when I lie you down on the bed. You lay there wondering what’s coming next. I kiss you on the lips gently without using my hands. You tesettürlü escort smile. I kiss the nape of your neck. You smile more. Then I stop. You’re still smiling but this is a different smile, not of pleasure, but of anticipation. All of a sudden you feel the wetness of my tongue in your mound, down between your legs. You jump slightly in surprise as I drag my tongue across your clit stirring a wanton desire deep within you.

I stop. And you wonder again what’s next. Next thing you know I begin tying your hands securely to the bed with soft silk cloth. You wonder where this is going you feel hopeless, restrained, and yet, you realize you have never been more aroused in your life. You wonder where I could be as you don’t feel me there with you. Then you feel the bed sink as it takes my weight in stride as I climb on. I am careful not to touch you as to leave you wondering. You feel something slightly warm touch your lips and instinctively open your mouth. You let the object slide in and get the succulent taste of chocolate in your mouth. You begin to suck the chocolate only to find what’s beneath it is rough and slightly cool to the touch. The subtle tartness strikes you first but it’s very familiar. But the combination of texture and taste gives it away…You bite into the most succulent and juicy strawberry you have ever tasted in your life. The combination of fruit and chocolate is heavenly.

You feel my weight shift as I reach for another. Again you feel the soft warmth of the chocolate on your lips and stick out your tongue it lick it off the berry. You then take in into your mouth and begin sucking the rest of the chocolate off. Your first thought is that this straw berry is quite a bit larger than the last.

As you continue to dine on the creamy chocolate you realize that not only is one larger but it lacks the texture of a strawberry as well. You’re quite confused. As you finish the chocolate and continue to ponder what this new fruit could be you notice türbanlı escort the slight saltiness and smooth texture. It is however not familiar as the strawberry was. Then this foreign delicacy begins to enter your mouth deeper and I push it in urging you on. You let it slide into you mouth all the time wondering what it is. You hold it in your mouth and run your lips and tongue across it trying to determine what it is, when you feel me reach behind your head and untie the blindfold letting it fall from your eyes. You find yourself in our bedroom lying in our bed witch has been dressed with the softest satin sheets. We are drenched in candle light and as your eyes adjust to the light you look to see what this delicious thing in your mouth is. You are slightly startled as you look and see nothing but me. Not my face. My belly.

You realize that for the past few minutes you have been gently and curiously sucking on my erect cock. This triggers an animalistic growl deep within your being as you become instantly aroused and very wet between your legs. In your blind, passionate desire you suck sharply and swallow the entire length of my cock into your throat. And begin nursing me wanting nothing else but for me to empty my fluid into your mouth so you can taste my juice as you tasted the juice of the strawberry. You suck on my member with conviction looking up at me and begging me for my cum with your eyes. As you continue your motions I reach down and free your hands giving you the opportunity to use them if you wish. You reach up and cup my balls as you continue to suck my cock. You then switch. You begin to gently suck and lick my balls as you stroke my shaft with your tight little fist. You feel my balls begin to tighten and realize that I’m going to cum. You return your mouth to my shaft and bob up and down several more times before releasing it and pumping my shaft wildly. I begin to grunt and moan as a stream of hot sticky cum launches itself from my penis and strikes you tüyap escort on your face just above your nose. The warm fluid drips down your nose and down your cheek beneath your eye. You then close your mouth around the head once more and continue to pump me as a release my huge load into your mouth. As I finish, you release me and bring a finger up to your face cleaning the cum from your cheek and the little bits that dribble from the sides of your mouth. You then insert your finger into your mouth and remove it completely clean as you swallow slowly and open your mouth for me as if to say “all gone.”

Then you suddenly and sharply push my chest knocking me back onto my back. Then you slowly crawl up my body past my still hard and throbbing cock up my body to my chest as you playfully nibble on my nipples and continue to climb up me looking just like a hungry jungle cat. You arrive at my face and plant a firm and passionate kiss on my lips while you sit down on my loins. You are so wet that my turgid cock slides easily into your tight awaiting pussy. You release me from the kiss at sit back as you begin a steady rhythm on top of me, my cock sliding in and out of your wanton love tunnel.

You pick up the pace and amplitude of your motions. You begin to bounce and thrash around on top of me fucking me wildly. You continue this as I reach up and caress your breasts I lick my fingers and pinch a nipple with one hand while I reach down to where you and I meet and begin rubbing and teasing your clit with the other. Your throw your head back causing your long flowing hair to fly around your face in a very sexy manner. You unleash a scream of utmost pleasure from deep inside as your already tight pussy begins to constrict around me making your passage even tighter. Your orgasm racks your body and causes you to tighten more still. The tightness is too much for me. And as you are racked my the most earth shattering multiple orgasm I cant hold it anymore and explode inside you with a force that you can feel with ease. You feel the force of my ejaculation and are astonished; the feeling drives you over the edge once again. You scream with wild abandon as you are raised to the heights of bliss.

After you come down from your pleasure you collapse on top of me. Both of us are too tired to move. We slowly fall asleep with you on top of me and my spent cock still buried deep within your pussy…

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