18 Mart 2023

Saving Stacy Ch. 05


After a refreshing nap and a luxurious bath together we decided to go out on the town. The only problem is that we need to shop for her first. So in a pair of my jeans and a button up shirt, with bare feet to boot, we head for the strip for a fancy dinner.

It was a great evening! We spoke of our previous lives and generally chatted like old friends should. We went back to the suite at the Sunset Station and enjoyed snuggling in the hot-tub where Stacy timidly had her way with me. I did not disappoint. As she reveled in the sensations of another orgasm’s afterglow, I asked her, “Stacy, have you really never had a real orgasm until yesterday?”

“No Ben, I never have. You have to understand… I was a worthless person. Disfigured, ugly, broken. Good only to be used and abused at the hands of my betters. Then ignored and degraded. Even Jeff, my last husband. He didn’t physically abuse me, but he did emotionally and verbally degrade me on a daily basis. He was a real pervert too. He could barely get it up and his favorite thing to do to me was have me tease his friends when they came over to watch the game or play cards. It must have been a power thing with him, because that was really the only time he showed any interest in me sexually was after his friends left. Again it was literally minutes and he was done. That is what ended our marriage.”

“One of his drunk friends finally cornered me in the bathroom and raped me. I yelled and screamed and they all came a runnin’ but then all they did was watch and laugh and jack themselves off while he unloaded himself into me. Afterwards they all went and popped a brew and finished watching the game. The next morning Jeff kicked me out onto the street – said I was an unfaithful slut and that he’d shoot me if I ever darkened his doorstep again. I was glad to leave”

“Wow” I said in disbelief, “You are a survivor! And let me be apparently the first to tell you how that type of strength is so attractive to me. I’m so proud that I’m hopelessly in love with you now Stacy! I can’t believe that you never satisfied yourself with your fingers, or a vibrator, a pillow, …something? Why not?”

“I guess sex had always been associated with pain and degradation Ben. Pleasure was never part of the equation in my mind. I was trying to avoid it at all costs.”

“I guess that makes sense, I replied. Well – do you want to know the rest of the plan?”

Stacy looked at me sideways and asked, “There’s more?”

“Oh yes,” I replied. “Much more! Here’s the thing – we’ve severed your emotions from your atrocious past, but that has just created a vacuum. Stacy I want to be the one to fill that vacuum – fill it full with our love. What these so-called men of your past didn’t understand is that the act of physical love was part of God’s plan to truly bind a couple together on all levels. Sure, there is still an element of control and trust, but also elements of sharing and love that must be present. It is not only an emotional thing, and even a spiritual thing, but also a chemical thing that binds our bodies and souls together. That is what sex should do – bind us – by our own consent. Hopefully forever! But it must be done right and I know exactly what it takes to do this. Stacy, are you willing to allow yourself to be bound to me and I to you?”

She looked deep into his eyes and thought, ‘What was he talking about? She had already given him her body… wantonly! Is he truly someone I can trust? He was quite sadistic with me the first night – but he has also genuinely talked with me and seems to understand and care about me as well. Is it an act? I’ve already given my body to him. I’ve given him complete control thus far. And I’m still here. In fact I feel wonderful, like never before. If he is just using me, then I have nothing şişli escort left to live for. If I walk away now, what do I have to live for?’ The answer was apparent. Nothing.

In a moment of clarity more clear that she had ever experienced, she now understood that it was trust Ben or die. Not an imagined thought, but a certain reality that this was her only choice.

Stacy opened her mouth to speak and almost laughed as she finally focused on Ben. He was nervously hanging on her response, like a lovelorn teenager who had just confessed his love for the first time. It such an engaging, heart-melting moment that she drew it out as long as she could. Finally she quietly pushed the words out. “Ben, I want to be yours. I am yours. But please understand that this is the end for me. I feel like death by your hand, or mine, is my only other option.”

Ben slowly nodded his understanding. He spoke, “The last lesson, and it will be one that we both must learn together equally, is a simple equation. THE GREATER THE TRUST, THE GREATER THE SATISFACTION. It is that simple. And believe it or not, sex is the perfect crucible to learn this lesson. Nowhere can trust have a more immediate, physiological, emotional and even spiritual reward, than within the act of physical love. The Trust = Satisfaction equation is chemically engrained into our DNA. It takes effect when we are most exposed and vulnerable. And the greater the trust that is required, the deeper and more lasting the binding becomes. Do you understand now what we will be doing over the next 5 days then?”

Stacy nodded as she felt the excitement build in her heart, and in her loins… “I think so. We will be having a lot of sex I take it? Will I still be free to leave of my own accord after the 5th day?”

Ben replied quickly, “Of course Stacy – I will be beyond disappointed if you do, but you have my word. And as for the sex, yes. Plenty! And it will be sex as you’ve never imagined possible!”

The next morning we awoke and decided to go find a nice brunch and do something fun. We ended up back at Black Mountain golf club with a set of rental clubs and a bucket of balls. Of course, I ended up buying her a nice golf outfit with a short skirt and matching panties. Her blouse was loose enough to tell she went bra-less. Which, if you stopped to observe closely, displayed the fact that one breast was much larger than the other. But both of her fantastic nipples found moments of prominent display as she moved and swung the clubs.

Stacy actually had quite a natural swing and was smoother than most amateurs. But as we neared the end of bucket, I would stand behind her and comment on her glorious ass and how it matched her golf swing perfectly. Than distracted her sufficiently to end up laughing together enough to attract some annoyed stares from the 18th green. It was wonderful to see her take such joy with something so simple as being together with me doing something silly.

Afterward we headed out the boulder highway in my rented convertible and just kept driving. Soon we were in the middle of nowhere. I took a dirt road out into the bush and parked a few miles from the road.

“Stacy” I said, “Today we uncover a new part of the map! Please take all of your clothing off except for your shoes and socks.” She smiled compliantly and within a minute her cloths were in a pile in the back seat. “You never sought the physical comfort a person can give themselves while you were surviving your abusive past. I will help you learn this talent and help you understand how deserving you are of all this pleasure.”

I reached past her to tilt the seat back and gave her a quick kiss and a smile. “Relax and do as I say. Close your eyes. Just think about the situation you find yourself in. taksim escort Naked, outdoors, next to a man who cares about you. Think about my eyes wandering over your body. Thinking thoughts about how I will give you pleasure. You’re wondering what I can possible do next to drive you to your next orgasm. Does that thought make you horny?”

Stacy replied, “Oh yes. Taking my clothes off for you already made me flutter inside.”

“Good Stacy. Think of my hands roaming over your skin. A light brush that sends shivers up your spines, a gentle tug on your nipples.” I grazed the back of my fingers lightly up her thigh and softly took her hand and placed it on her breast. “Let your hands be my hands Stacy. Let them go where you’d want my hands to go, do what my hands would do.”

As I spoke, she cupped her good breast with one hand kneading at it with a languorous tempo, while the other latched onto her other nipple and pinched it hard, with wild abandon. “What my tongue would do Stacy” She ripped her hand away from the deformed breast with a painful snap and the gasp that left her mouth open. Her gaping mouth was quickly filled by greedy fingers – all of them lewdly fucking her mouth as if it they my tongue thrusting past her teeth. She then pulled her wet fingers out and rubbed her good nipple with her saliva, all the while her other hand kept up its kneading motion.

“With my cock.” She immediately plunged her hands toward her now dripping cunt – spreading her outer lips with her right hand, she plunged 2 fingers of her left deep inside, stroking madly as her hips bucked and her ass slapped the seat with a resounding thump.

A low moan escaped her lips that increased to a growl emanating from deep within her body that quickly morphed into an ear piercing screeeeeemmmm……

The sound abruptly caught in her throat, while her hips were thrust skyward, frozen, arching, suspended in the air like the bridge we had just crossed. A choking, gasping sound repeated over and over making me wonder if she was having a seizure? Then finally a big gust of exhaled breath whooshed from her mouth as she deflated into the hot seat, melting into her own juices and sweat that glistened off the leather seat in the parching Nevada sun.

I started up the car and started back towards the main road. It was over a mile on the main road before Stacy came back to this world with a wry smile blissfully displayed on her lips.

She seemed comfortable sitting next to me in the nude enjoying the cooling breeze that brought her nipple back to attention. The occasional fellow-traveler that noticed her, showed appreciation in different ways, from waves to smiles, to the obligatory fist pump common to the jack-offs that chose that particular expression. She took it all in stride waving back and blowing kisses. I noted her hand returning to her crotch off and on through the trip, so I commented, “It’s a turn-on for you isn’t it?”

“Oh God yessss” was her quick reply. I smiled, she was getting a good start!

As we turned into our deserted subdivision, we noticed that one house near the entrance had a light on but only one. Stacy finally spoke up and inquired, “Isn’t it your turn now.”

I nodded and said, “I agree, do you have any suggestion or requests?”

She did some deep thinking and as we pulled into the driveway, she spoke up. “Yes I do! Right here on the front door step and I want to watch it up close! She jumped out of the car butt naked and pulled up a plastic chair right in front of the door blocking it completely. I sauntered up to her stripping my shirt off, pulling the shoes off and letter my trousers drop.

Without touching my cock, I just stood there letting the cool air and the erotic potential of the tableau work it’s topkapı escort magic. Working my muscles, I encouraged my cock to start it’s ascension.

Stacy leaned in close and said, “Ben, it starts so small. It can’t be more that 2 inches when you’re… a… otherwise occupied. And look at it grow! It’s like it has a life of it’s own! Oh wow … it’s already 5 or 6 inches and you haven’t even stoked it once!” She reached down and started to stoke herself again. That made my cock jump – so I grabbed it and within 4 or 5 strokes, I had grown to my full 9 inches, pointing right into her face.

“Ben – it is magnificent! Beautiful! And your balls – they are much larger than I honestly expected!”

“Thanks Stacy, they are pretty sensitive too, especially early during the process.” She reached down to my balls and touched them lightly.” She then asked me in the most sincere voice I’ve ever heard, “I want to see it cum – up close – cum for me Ben. I want to see your ‘Benjamin’ give me your cum!”

I mused on her play on words as I stroked my rod as long and fast as I could. Her eyes locked on my cock, inspecting the action from different angles. Before long I could feel my wad straining towards it’s release. When my first spasm shot my hot cum out, Stacy’s face was squarely in the target area. She jumped as it splashed across her cheek and chin, but she laughed out loud at her realization that she had literally been asking for it.

She actually moved her face closer as my orgasm pumped out it’s remaining load and then used her hands to gather my cum from her face and then tasted it. “Ya know – It actually has a good masculine and salty taste to it. I guess it tastes better when you want it, and want the man behind it!” She continued to gather the cum and rub it over her tits and even down on the lips of her wet pussy.

Quickly finished we both retired to the house and enjoyed some PB&Js in the nude. We both took a quick spritz in the shower and ended up back on the deck by the pool watching the sun set over the south west end of the strip and the regular glint of planes in the landing pattern for McCarren International.

“Thanks for trusting me today Stacy. Judging by your obvious success, you are starting to see a new world open up. What do you think you’ve learned so far?”

She spoke right up, “I deserve to have love – even from – and perhaps especially from my own self.”

I was nodding before she finished and said, “That’s a revelation you needed and it is a great start – but we have a long way yet to go. Lots of love and trust will still be needed.

Tell me, what do you think about me? Are you to the point where you are really going to trust me, no matter what? Are you even attracted to me? Can you see yourself with me after this week is up, or will you take your freedom and fly like the eagle that you are?”

Speaking slowly and thoughtfully she said, “Ben, I suspect I owe you my life. You reached down and pulled me from a dark pool swirling with despair. I can still feel the shadows of that dark place dripping from my soul. So the answer is yes, I trust you. I honestly think I could let you kill me and I’d feel like it would be your right. But I also trust you enough to know that you don’t want my life that way. You want me life to be with you. As for being attractive. Hell’a ya!”

She continued, “We are neither one of us spring chickens, but your caring for me is such a sexy thing! It bounces around inside of me and makes me feel so young again! I suppose you are like my first real love and as for your equipment, I find it hard to think about living without your glorious cock. I’ll want you to be part of me every day! And as for leaving you – why would I? How could I? I don’t really know how to use the word love, but I imagine that there is nothing I can use to describe my feelings for you but that word – LOVE! I like the way that sounds.”

I replied in a steeled voice, “Stacy, I hope you mean that because the next 4 days will test that statement. Are you ready for the next part of today’s lesson?”

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