18 Mart 2023

School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 04


nb. This was written in collaboration with Gunde. Many thanks to him.


In response to what his girlfriend had just said, Ian groaned and took a step back, easing his cock away from Charles, whose own member slipped away from Diamond’s chest to smack against his right leg, its crown impacting just above the knee to produce a loud “SPLAT!” that rang in Diamond’s ears while she kept her gaze fixed on Ian’s crotch. For unlike his colleague, Ian didn’t have his schlong swing down between his legs like that. Instead, it was pointing downwards, but already starting to resume its previous rigidity, its business-end fighting the forces of gravity. Even drained, Ian’s fuckpiece had been a good twelve inches long, bigger than any cock that Diamond had ever seen before arriving at the school earlier that day, and it was now growing again, with both Diamond and Miss Hart observing closely how its veins became more pronounced and the whole slab of meat began to throb, as if matching the rhythm of Mr White’s heartbeats. The closest thing that Diamond could think of to compare the rising of Mr White’s schlong with was that of a rubber glove being filled with water, and her jaw dropped as she followed its head coming closer and closer to her while simultaneously rising through the air. No, Diamond thought, screw the glove, the ascent of Mr White’s fuckpiece was more like the erecting of some vast stone obelisk by ancient pagans. When his cock was once again fully erect, Ian manipulated the muscles in his groin and abdomen, making the eighteen-inch pillar of manmeat twitch before thumping out a whooping great blast of precum that struck Diamond right in the face. Still googly-eyed at Mr White’s cock, Diamond didn’t even flinch.

“Well, this is embarrassing,” Charles eventually said, breaking the minute’s long silence that had reigned as Ian’s cock had stiffened again, his remark about the still soft state of his own member rousing the two size-queens from their reverie and causing Ian to chuckle.

“I’ve never met Laura’s young sister, you see,” Charles took it upon himself to explain to Diamond his lack of rigidity, “Though judging from Ian’s reaction, I’m sure she’s a lovely young lady.”

Diamond’s head bobbed up and down in response to what Charles was saying, though her eyes never wandered away from his dick. Even flaccid, it looked hugely impressive as it hung down an improbably long way down his legs, complimented perfectly in Diamond’s view by his beefy balls, which looked far from drained.

“I’m not,” Diamond eventually thought to say, doing so while wrapping both hands round Charles’ cock, “I’m a fucking slut…”

“Oh… definitely,” Charles murmured as Diamond began stroking his cock. Thanks to him being flaccid, she could actually get her fingers to meet round the shaft of his member, but after only a few strokes, she could feel her thumb and index fingers being pulled away from each other as his cock began to stiffen. Lifting Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell’s cock up into a horizontal position, Diamond leaned in and planted a sloppy kiss on its domed business-end.

“I just thought of the perfect headline!” Laura exclaimed, while she and Ian remained a few yards apart, both of them watching Diamond slip Charles’ cockhead inside her mouth.

“What?” Ian asked, over the sound of Diamond moaning contentedly at the taste of her own asshole mixed with that of jizz and precum.

“Diamond drains dual dongs! All in capital letters, of course,” Laura said, waiting to take in the change that came over Ian’s face before unleashing a naughty giggle that made his cock twitch, with a bolt of his precum sailing out the open doorway a few seconds later.

The ongoing conversation between the two teachers was nothing more to Diamond than a distant murmur in the back of her head as she remained devotedly focused on Charles’ stiffening cock, her muffled groans growing more pronounced as the thick, muscular cock was expanding back to full hardness in front of her, its crown pushing its way over her tongue until it ended up balanced on the tip of her throat. Only then did Diamond pull back and, smacking her lips and looking up at Charles with lust burning in her eyes, force his semi-erect dick down and burying its head between her tits, plunging it into her cleavage while arching her back and pushing her chest upwards.

“Naughty slut…” Now almost completely reinvigorated after having been on the brink of utter exhaustion just minutes earlier, Ian broke off the kiss that he’d swept Laura up into right after her comment, and gave her right asscheek a loving squeeze with one hand whilst delivering his praise of her character with a warm smile.

“That’s why you love me, baby,” Laura replied, leaning in to offer Ian a quick kiss and pressing her tits tighter against his chest while the two massive, caramel-coloured knockers were pushed apart by the girth of his plump, purple cockhead, which was soaking the pink mesh of her top with precum and applying enough pressure to cause it to snap in a few places in and around her şerifali escort deep cleavage.

“I can think of a few more reasons why,” Ian replied, bringing his left into contact with her bubble butt as well and squeezing both cheeks before first pushing them together, then pulling them apart whilst manoeuvring his right index down her ass crack until its tip was rubbing against her bunghole, at which point Laura released a soft, lustful gasp.

“Hmm, feels like someone’s had her ass fucked recently…” Ian observed with a smile, tracing his finger-tip round the gaping shape of his girlfriend’s normally so teeny asshole.

“It wouldn’t have been a thorough enough interview if I hadn’t!” Laura’s expression was equal parts sluttishness and pride, a combination matched by the tone of her voice.

“Oh, and did… what were their names, Matt and Tom, pass the test?” Ian’s question coincided with his finger making its way past Laura’s stretched anus, causing her to whimper with arousal while her pussy drooled juices all over his heavy, dangling balls.

“With flying colours,” Laura replied, and began to kiss her way down Ian’s neck, sinking lower in front of him, his cockend bumping against her jawline as her lips reached his chest. Meanwhile, Diamond was back on her knees, the bulbous, fist-sized crown of Charles’ cock pressing against her stomach, his cumslit leaking precum into her bellybutton while the massive length of vein-corded fuckmeat was thrust through her cleavage, swelling and growing in size and width while her lips were now pressed against its base, her tongue sliding over it in long, soft strokes as his pubes brushed against her nose. Having just ceased, gyrating her hips to work Charles’ schlong up and down through her cleavage and instead holding it in place, buried between her tits and poking out the other side, Diamond was eagerly kissing and licking the bottom couple of inches of Charles’ fuckpiece while savouring how its pronounced throbbing was making her huge, firm titties jiggle and bounce.

Then, Charles placed both hands on the sides of Diamond’s head, and with her now suddenly held firmly in place directly in front of and below him, it was his turn to start rocking his hips, pulling back to extract more than half of his cock from the deep, narrow cleft between Diamond’s ginormous knockers, the two tanned orbs of taut, succulent titflesh continuing to jiggle, sway and bounce up and down thanks to the rhythmic pulsating of Charles’ tumescent, jumbo-sized fuckmast, which he now plunged deeper down her cleavage, with the added affect of it being dragged across her face, smearing the contents of her dual loads all over her cheeks, chin, lips and eyes before he’d finished the down stroke and was pulling back up again.

“Fuck, this monster keeps getting in the way,” Tilting her head to look up at Ian, her lips just barely disconnected from his chest, which she’d showered with kisses, and referring to his dick, the crown of which was currently rubbing against her ear, leaking clear precum into her blonde hair and down the side of her neck.

“It does that,” Ian replied, grinning as his right index finger circling her distended ringpiece caused Laura to close her eyes and mumble dreamily.

“Lucky I know just how to take care of that,” Laura replied, and after pulling her head back, quickly proceeded to escape her boyfriend’s grasp to take two long steps back before showcasing her athleticism by raising her right leg up into the air, continuing to pull it up until the see-through eight-inch stripper heel of that foot was pointing straight up, and then finishing of the manoeuvre by lowering her leg again to trap Ian’s fist-sized cockhead between her thighs, sliding it up between them until it was nestled against her sex, dislodging the faux pink police tape and spreading her vulva wide to start drooling prejizz straight into her juicing snatch.

“Mmm, I love it when you have girls squirt all over you, honey,” Laura decided, and leaned as far forwards as she could, the size of Ian’s cock ensuring that her upper body had to be perfectly perpendicular with it in order for her to be able to snake her tongue out and lap with it at Ian’s belly, her tits thus encasing his cock and its business-end rubbing against her pink pussy, pushing its lips wider apart while she licked up the clear ejaculate that Diamond had pelted Ian’s pelvis with a short while earlier.

“Charles, how about another photo?” Ian called out to his fellow teacher, whilst manipulating his hips until his cockhead slid away from Laura’s and pushed through the gap between her thighs to appear underneath her ass just as he grabbed hold of her buttocks and began alternating between pulling them apart and pushing them together to further tease her anus.

“Sounds jolly good!” Charles replied, with much enthusiasm, as he repeated the lengthy process of feeding his reinvigorated eighteen-inch erection down between Diamond’s tits, snatching up dollops and ropes of jizz silivri escort along the way and pressing on until his belly was placed against her tilted-back forehead, with the boobed teen all the while moaning and groaning happily at having her tits fucked and the feeling of Charles’ steel-hard member against her body, his precum washing down over the etched musculature of her stomach all the way down to her crotch, where it mixed with the juices pouring out of her needy honeybox.

“Alright, in a minute then…” Ian finished off the short-lived conversation as Laura began inching her lips up over his stomach whilst inching her way closer to him, shuffling her feet across the floor and dragging her drooling slit along the length of his cock, keeping her body at an angle where her hypersensitive clit was never not in contact with the trunk of his throbbing, glistening wet member.

“Good!” Charles hollered, before he pulled back and disentangled his cock from the gap between Diamond’s titties, from which it sprung with quite a degree of force, the giant slab of fuckmeat suddenly shooting upwards and its crown just narrowly missing Diamond’s jaw before ending up bouncing gently in the air, directly in front of her pert nose and plump, luscious lips. After a few moments of staring down the length of Charles’ cock, taking in every vein and marvelling at the size of it as it projected out from between the thin, discreetly muscular science teacher’s legs, Diamond plunged her head forwards, wrapping her lips around it and tilting her head to the right while pushing further forwards, causing her left cheek to form a bulge that perfectly recreated the shape of the cockhead pressing against it on the inside. Charles groaned, and a ripple surged through Diamond’s left cheek as her mouth was filled with precum which gushed down her throat and spilled out over her lips, onto her chin and running down her slender neck.

“Fuck, Mr W-S, you’re such a stud,” Diamond breathed out, imitating what Zoe had said to Ian earlier, after first popping the business-end of his dick out past her lips and swallowing down the deposit of precum that he’d left behind in her mouth.

“Thanks awfully,” Charles replied, his hands on his hips as Diamond slid her velvety lips over his cockend once more, this time not stopping until his pisshole was rubbing against the back of her throat.

“Fucking slut…” Ian gasped to Laura as her lips reached his neck, the statuesque blonde no longer leaning down in front of him but standing upright, her thighs clamped round the base of his cock as its head was positioned far beyond her juicy, heart-shaped ass.

“Thanks!” Laura replied, and the two of them kissed, mashing their lips together and sharing Diamond’s juices between them as Ian opened his mouth to let Laura’s tongue enter it and be met by his, his hands returning to her booty.

“Now, think we should take that photo you were talking about?” Laura asked as she broke off the kiss, her naughty smile motivated by the fact that the digital camera’s cord was currently wrapped round her right wrist, and thus dangling underneath Ian’s cock as she used that hand to jerk him off as she kept on grinding her honeypot against the base of his fuckpiece.

“Uh-huh,” Ian nodded his head, and his cock swelled and bucked as a plume of precum suddenly left his pisshole to cut through the room in a straight line, only just beginning to drop towards the ground as it sailed out through the doorway.

“Want to tell me about it first?” Having followed the path of the blast of prejizz until it disappeared from view, Laura turned towards her boyfriend again, “Or should I just hand you the camera?”

Without waiting for Ian’s response, Laura moved her hand towards the tip of his pussy-pleaser and, in a deft display, slipped the camera down her wrist and off her hand and threaded it around his cockhead, from which it was now dangling.

“Actually, you’re taking the picture,” Ian explained, with a smile.

“Like this? That could be tricky,” Laura replied, and rubbed her huge boobs against Ian’s chest over the gurgling, sucking sounds emanating from Diamond as she worked Charles’ cockend down her gullet.

“Actually, I’m supposed to be in it.”

“Oh… I’d better get off then,” Laura replied.

“Keep rubbing your clit like that and you will,” Ian deadpanned, making Laura giggle before lifting her right leg again and spinning clockwise, seamlessly dismounting his dick until her right heel touched the floor again, leaving her standing next to him.

“Want the camera?” Ian asked, and flexed his pc muscle hard enough to make his cock jolt upwards, then did it again, and again, making the camera cord slip over his cockhead until it was finally flung off it, prompting Laura to reach forwards and snatch it up as it hung in the air.

“Show-off!” Smiling back at Ian over her shoulder as she now stood roughly a foot and a half in front of him, Laura chuckled at the look that he sent her.

“Charles,” şirinevler escort After kissing Laura again, Ian was on the move, steering straight for Charles and Diamond, his cock leading the way while Laura admired him from behind, “the picture will be a two-page spread in the school magazine, page two, right after the cover of us and Diamond.”

“Sounds excellent,” Charles replied, his cockhead forming a lump halfway down Diamond’s throat that was easily visible from the outside, and the top half of her neck now looked substantially thicker than the bottom half. Less obvious was the fact that her eyes had crossed, which seemed in keeping with the muffled groans that made it halfway up her throat.

“The headline…” Ian paused for effect, letting the silence stretch out to cover a couple of seconds before continuing, “is, again all capital letters, ‘For five minutes’.”

“Even more excellent!” Charles replied, getting the idea completely and being spurred into retracting his cock from Diamond’s throat, then moving sideways towards his right until he was standing to Diamond’s left, his cockhead visible but left between her lips and with her pink tongue trapped between its underside and her bottom lip.

Ordinarily, one of Diamond’s favourite shots in a situation like this had, as demonstrated by the cover of the now utterly ruined copy of PORNSLUTS that Charles had been enjoying when she first met him, been that of several cockends all vying for space on her outstretched tongue. But on this occasion, she realized as a tingle danced its way up her spine before switching to her throat and resulting in a moan that sent hot air washing over the business-end of Charles’ cock, she’d probably need a tongue almost long enough to reach her clavicle if she was to make room for both him and Ian on it.

“Laura, you’re the one with the camera,” Ian said as he walked up on Diamond’s right, “so where do you want me?”

“Balls-deep in my ass,” Laura didn’t miss a beat, and her reply resulted in a jet of precum sailing over the top of Diamond’s head and past Charles’ hip on its way towards one of the walls.


“Sorry, how about balls-deep in my pussy then?” Laura giggled, and snuck her free hand in underneath the tape to toy with her slit by running her fingers up and down over her swollen vulva.

Shaking his head and sighing, Ian next pinched the bridge of his nose whilst unleashing a slow, bemused chuckle, and it was Laura’s turn to deadpan with a simple “What?” when he finally looked at her.

“Just drop it down anywhere you like,” Laura finally instructed Ian, “I’m sure this little slut won’t mind.”

“Not so little…” Charles groaned out as his gaze fell upon Diamond’s tits bursting forth from her chest like a pair of torpedoes, glistening due to the combination of various fluids in which they were covered, though the predominant one was the vast amounts of balljuice that she’d managed to coax from Messrs White and Woodcock-Splatterwell, a cum-rope dangling precariously off her left nipple, having somehow managed to remain in place as he’d titfucked her from above.

“But definitely a slut,” Ian said, while letting his cockhead fall down to rest in a line running from Diamond’s forehead down to her nose, from which it was pouring precum into her left eye and onto her jizz-drenched cheek.

Sitting with an upturned face and with long, gluey ropes of cum dangling from her jawline, her shoulders, her tits, even her right ear, with her body completely exposed and the majority of her face obscured underneath two flared, fist-sized cockheads, Diamond shot the camera a nasty look as Laura snapped several pictures, the teen porno-babe soon using her hands to squeeze her rock-hard jugs together for the benefit of the camera.

“One more if you would, Laura, please,” Ian said, lifting his cock off of Diamond’s face, with Charles following his lead, so that the two purple crowns hovered in the air a couple of inches above the hornily grimacing blonde’s face, both of them connected to it and to each other by a messy conglomeration of ropes of cum and precum.

“Everyone’s going to fucking love these photos,” Laura decided, her voice dripping with raw lust as she eyed Ian’s fuckmast.

“You just enjoy showing me off,” Ian teased her, and made his cock twitch, snapping the cum-ropes and having them splat back down on Diamond’s cheeks and chin, one of them even falling into her gaping maw.

“Says the guy who gave me this for my last birthday,” Laura retorted, her free hand tugging gently at her ‘WHORE’ choker.

“Speaking of which,” Ian began, and carefully took a step to the side to ensure that his cum-cannon wasn’t levelled at Charles, “Anything you think I should give your sister for her birthday? Keep in mind that I don’t have much time to buy her a present…”

“How about eighteen inches of hard, beautiful cock in her every hole till she can’t walk, think or see straight?” Laura suggested, and watched Ian’s cockhead drop lower before unleashing a particularly large blast of prejizz that went flying towards her crotch. A girlish squeal of lust left Laura’s lips, only to be overpowered by the loud, drenched “SPLAT!” that reverberated off the walls as her crotch, belly and thighs were utterly soaked in precum in the course of an instant, leaving the “CAUTION, WET” tape to peel off her and fall unceremoniously to the floor.

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