18 Mart 2023

Screwing the Boss’ Wife


This is a quick story, I just felt like trying out this scenario so I just wrote it quickly. If the story is appreciated well enough i’ll turn it into a series.


“Hurry up, we don’t have very much time!” Kate said as I was undoing my shirt.

She didn’t even bother to sit down to take off her heels, she just stood one leg to take the other shoe off then the next. She hurried towards me and got down on her knees and started undoing my belt and trousers as I pulled off my shirt.

“Holy shit you’re keen.” I said as I sat in her husband’s office chair.

“I’ve been thinking about this all morning. I couldn’t wait for the dumb bastard to leave the office for his lunch break!” She yanked my trousers down to my ankles.

“Jesus Christ you’re hot when you’re horny.”

She stuck her tongue out and started licking my hardening shaft through my boxers before I could even get comfortable in the chair.

“Holy shit Kate, I love when you do that.”

I groaned as she pulled my boxers down just past my balls and stuck the head of the shaft inside her warm, wet mouth. Her face buried in my lap, I leaned over to raise her tight black skirt over her ass cheeks so it was halfway up her back. I took a nice handful of her delicious looking ass and spanked her. The slight pain she must have felt made her moan on my dick and the vibrations I felt were making my balls clench.

I started playing with her ass cheeks using both hands while she was working on my lap, getting me ready for the screwing to come (forgive the pun). I had been admiring that ass ever since I first saw her, before I talked to her and certainly before I started doing her otele gelen escort during her husband (and my boss’) lunch breaks… And evenings, nights, weekends… Just whenever she could leave the dumbass and come screw me instead really.

Did I feel bad about it? No! I mean the guy was… IS the worst boss you can imagine, I mean literally the stereotypical asshole boss. In addition his wife is a complete stunner so there you go.

So there I was grinning, looking at a picture of himself next to some other guy in a suit, while his wife was sucking me off.

“Oh fuck, Kate, my cock feels so good inside your mouth.” I groaned as she took me in as far as she could.

Kate continued to work my throbbing erection with her mouth and tongue until she finally came up.

“I need you to fuck me right now.” She said as she sat on the desk in front of me.

She had just untied her hair as I pulled her black V neck jumper off revealing her breast in a dark purple lacy bra.

“Not even wearing a shirt today? Gee Kate you’re getting friskier everyday.”

“Well it’s just time wasting!” She retorted grabbing my face and pressing it against her busty, pale breasts.

I was holding her by her waist while I let my tongue wander around the soft skin of her breasts. Once she undid her bra letting her breasts fall a little, I dove straight for her hardening nipples and lapped at one then the other, cupping whichever mound I wasn’t toying with.

She looked me in the eyes as I stood up and placed the head of my erection inside her. She immediately looked down as I slowly embedded myself pendik escort completely inside her. Her back arched and breathing quickened as I reached as far as I could.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck yes,” she moaned as I drew back slowly.

My hips started thrusting faster and soon my hipbones were slapping against her parted thighs. I flicked away a bunch of stationary onto the floor from the desk and lay her down on her back and started licking at her breasts again whilst I was thrusting my erection deep inside her wet, split lips.

“Holy shit, don’t stop,” she wrapped her legs around my back.

I intensified my pace to the point where my balls started to slap lightly against the bottom of her slit. She started to squirm as I was pounding her in a fierce paroxysm.

With one movement I undid the knot of legs behind my back.

“Kneel on the chair, facing away from me,” she did as I said.

I stood next to her and worshipped her ass while she tugged at my throbbing erection. I spanked her until I saw hand prints left on both cheeks. Although we had never talked about anything to do with the asshole, I decided to suddenly shove my ring finger inside her tight little ass.

“Fuck!” She screamed,

Her jerking me off faster and harder reassured me that she didn’t find it painful and rather enjoyed it. Therefore I kept playing around with my finger before leaving it and moved back behind her.

I grabbed her hair into one hand, slid my shaft completely inside her already tightening pussy and yanked at the pony tail I had created.

“Oh! Yes, do me hard in my husband’s chair.”

She rus escort had never been this aroused, I guess the introduction to ass play led to that. As I began rocking my hips faster and faster inside her, there came a loud slapping noise between my thighs and her ass cheeks. My God did that sound drive me crazy, I pounded her ferociously and after a few minutes of this intense thrusting, I felt my balls starting to clench.

Suddenly she jerked violently and bit into the leather chair she was kneeling on. Her screams muffled as I kept at her.

“Oh my God you made me cum so hard!” her cry was half muffled.

Her evident satisfaction sent me over the edge and I pulled out of her to release myself on her smooth, bare ass and back. I shook violently and let out a loud moan as streams of hot, white cum were splashed on her.

“Mmmm, we almost came together,” she said panting.

She used her index so collect some of the white liquid which was rapidly cooling on her skin. She brought it to her mouth and sucked on it.

“Mmmm, as good as always… Shame I couldn’t get it in my mouth today,” she added with a wink.

“Jesus, you were horny today, huh?” The question is more of a statement than anything.

She nods as she sucks more cum from her fingers.

Once she’s had enough cum she asks:

“You free tonight? I want my pussy eaten and I was suck you until you cum on my face. Oh and also, we have to do something about my ass cause that sneaky little finger sure felt good.”

“You’re ready for another round?” I ask surprised.

“Well duh! I can’t get enough of you.”

“Ok then my place at eight tonight.”

“Nine,” she retorts.

I agree on nine. With that settled she jumps off the chair and bends over at her waist to give my softening member a sort of goodbye kiss which sends spasms and surges of pleasure through my body.

Once dressed we both sneak out the office and before we part our separate ways, I grab a handful of the delicious ass I just came on.

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